A Brokered Convention: The GOP’s Nuclear Option

A remarkably subdued Donald Trump acknowledged losing Texas to Ted Cruz last night. Maybe it was because he didn’t win BIG in other states where he did win, like Arkansas, Virginia and Vermont.  Maybe he realizes people are finally waking up to the fact that Conservatives realize he’s not one of them (well, he told you so).


Maybe it was the chastening he got from Marco Rubio, who found his voice in the past week and gave back to Donald the sewer-rat dishes he’d been serving.  Maybe he realizes that those 20,000 Democrat and Independent voters in Massachusetts cannot be relied upon to support him in the general.


That’s a lot for a confident, swaggering, 6’3” billionaire to assimilate.


Still, Trump dismissed Marco Rubio’s single-state win last night. But Rubio was breathing on his heels in Virginia and nearly deprived The Donald of the Old Dominion State.  No comfortable margins for the Wise Guy from Queens – he only won by 2.8 percent and only won a quarter of the state’s delegates.


In Vermont, it was John Kasich nipping at Donald’s heels. Donald only won by 2.3 percent in the Green Mountain State, having to share half the delegates with Kasich (6 each).


Then there was Arkansas. Again, no comfortable lead for Trump.  Ted Cruz chewed up his lead, reducing the margin to only 2.2 percent.  Trump got 16 delegates; Cruz won 14, with Marco Rubio taking home 9.


In Tennessee, Trump enjoyed a wider margin, due to the divide between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Ted won 14 delegates, Marco Rubio, 9.  Trump won Georgia definitively, thanks to the help of GOP powerhouse Newt Gingrich.  Even if you combined Cruz’ and Rubio’s delegates, they still amounted to 32 delegates versus Trump’s 40, even while having a superior percentage of the voters –   48.1%.


What keeps Trump alive is a combination of the Conservative divided between Cruz and Rubio, and the sway of some very unreliable crossover Democrats and Independents. Trumps crows about winning the Democrats and has stated in the past his disdain for Conservatives, particularly those of the Tea Party persuasion.


What helps Cruz and Rubio is that both, in their own ways, have recovered their mojo. Now that they’ve found it, they don’t want to surrender the battle.  Who can blame them?  Their consortium, with the addition of Kasich is what’s helped keep Trump from running away with the delegate count.


But the winner-take-all state primaries are approaching. No one is talking about the primaries and caucuses on March 5 (Saturday).  One should never overlook an opportunity to gain any delegates they can, no matter how seemingly trivial.  It could make a difference because those March 15 voters in Florida and Ohio are watching.


At stake are Kansas (a caucus – 40), Kentucky (a caucus – 46), Louisiana (a primary – 46), and Maine (a caucus – 46). On March 8, there are the primaries in Hawaii (a caucus – 19, Idaho (a primary – 32), Michigan (a primary – 59) and Mississippi (a primary – 40).


Altogether that’s 288 delegates.


Although the Republican Party is panicking and Cruz and Rubio snarled publicly over the scraps from Trump’s raided feast table, it’s not quite time yet to unfold the parachutes and bail.


Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich each represent a portion of the electorate that the other two would find it hard to win. Together, just like last night, they may be able to amass enough of those 288 delegates before the big match-up on March 15 to solidify the contest against Trump.


They can fight over who’s top dog later. Rubio is certainly going to have a problem winning over Florida, since he let them down when they sent him to the Senate, where he joined the wrong Senate fraternity.  Like angry parents who’ve discovered that their son has been “partying” instead of studying, Floridians are furious with him.


It’ll take a miracle to get them to forgive him. Florida’s ministries may be of service in Rubio’s cause, preaching forgiveness of the prodigal son.  That would also help Cruz with the Evangelicals who evidently haven’t learned the lesson of false prophets who make accusations of “liar” with forked tongues.  With Trump shifting ever further to the Left, maybe they’ll recognize who the true Conservative is.


Some U.S. Senators have frankly announced that they have no use for either Cruz or Rubio. No, of course not.  Cruz might just order their comfortable, cushy Senate seats to be replaced with Mission style benches and tables, very hard on backsides.  Instead of reclining while they vote “Present” during difficult votes, trading pleasantries with their comrades across the aisle and planning their lobbyist-sponsored vacations, they’d be squirming nervously in their seats.


So, they’re talking seriously, instead, about a brokered convention, of replacing Cruz, Rubio and Trump, too, with some candidate more to their own liking, more in tune with how the Country Club Congress operates when the doors are closed against public intrusion.


Speaking plainly, they’re out of their minds. We know they love their special interest goodies.  But they’re mistaken in assuming the people are merely sheep who will flock to their call, vote as ordered, and go home.  If Trump legitimately wins the nomination, that makes him the candidate.  That’s a reality Congress had better wake up to, especially Senate.


The people are listening to your talk, Senators. They’re on Twitter, too.  You may not see them and they may be too timid to make any reply to what you say or the Media reporters tweet.  But they’re all the same, listening to the reports of the plots you’re hatching.


You thought they were angry during the Tea Party rallies? You thought they were angry when they began supporting Trump?  They may well decide to drop their support of him voluntarily, as they learn more about his true nature.  However, if by the convention they’re still confident that he’s their man and you rob him of that vote, there’s going to be a new meaning to anger.


There’s already fierce talk in the streets about your notions of a brokered convention. Your counterparts in the Democrat Party did it to their voters against Hillary and they took it mildly, mainly because they were women and you discounted them.


The Democrat voters really are sheep compared to the Republican Conservative voters. They will go quietly into that good night and let you get away with robbing them of the legitimate heir to the Republican throne.  What are they going to do about?


I shudder to even imagine. But it’s serious.  You can at the very least count on more Tea Party rallies – if you’re lucky.  But the voters who are in Trump’s camps (those who aren’t what Rush Limbaugh calls minions of “Operation Chaos”) really were never Tea Party members.  They came to the rallies.  But they didn’t like the Tea Party’s measured, reasonable response to the iniquities of Congress.  They thought we were like the politicians – all talk.


The people wanted action.   However, they were willing to listen to us and were happy when we suggested they carry signs to express their personal sentiments.  Republican “consultants” then convinced Tea Party organizers to dispense with the home-made signs as rube-ish rubbish that lead to unfortunate, if singular, expressions of racism or some other –ism that could taint the Tea Party brand.


The next debate is coming up tomorrow night. Let’s hope the Team can hold it together against the Mighty Trump and not take his bait and fall to bickering with one another.  Don’t do it guys – I’m telling you.


The last double-teaming effort with Cruz and Rubio worked very well. You people out there, leave Rubio to the trash-talking.  He’s learned to do it better than the earlier Rick Perry and Jeb Bush.  Rubio now understands more fully the rules of street-fighting.  He should keep in mind that the principled street fighter always lets the enemy make the first move.  If Trump plays the innocent schoolboy and keeps to himself, then let it be so.  Don’t be lured into attacking first.


Cruz has the calmer demeanor in debate, one that discombobulates Trump. He doesn’t know how to respond to someone who can’t be baited into a brawl.  The come-back is important, but so is coolness.  Cruz has coolness in spades that can leave Trump sputtering.


Cruz is learning to address the issues and not simply recite the Constitution, which doesn’t go over well with blue-collar types who don’t know it or the highly educated who are insulted by the notion that they don’t. Yes, it’s important to remind them their Constitutional rights are at stake.   But somehow or other, I think both groups already know that.


We need to hear from Cruz on favorite issues like immigration, foreign policy, and the military. But most of all, people are worried about their jobs and that’s where Trump has held the advantage.  We need to know what a President Cruz would do to lower the taxes that are driving businesses out of the country.  How would he convince Congress to take up such measures?

We need to know what a President Cruz would do about the increasing trade problems with China and India that are costing us American jobs.


Work as a team for a little while longer, Messrs Cruz, Rubio, Kacich, and Carson. You’ve subdued the lion; now you must defang him.  You won’t do that by ripping each other apart, not right now.


As for the GOP: You deserve the thumping you’ve received.  You’ve cheated and lied to us, misrepresented us, and mocked us.  But a day of reckoning is approaching.  You’ll be folded into the great mixing bowl of the Democrat Party, hardly distinguishable one from another, while the Conservative Party will be standing tall.


The days of confusion are coming to an end.


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