Note to Cruz and Rubio: Don’t Fight for Second Place Tonight

Florida, the big winner-take-all state, is on the minds of everyone: Donald Trump, the Cruz campaign, the Rubio campaign, the GOP, the Media.  Everyone is panicking.


And they’re forgetting about tonight’s GOP debate. Or more precisely, they’re forgetting about the Saturday primaries and caucuses.


Cruz is calling for Rubio to give it up before Florida, so they don’t split the vote and hand it to Trump. While there may be some sense in that, fighting over the Sunshine State tonight will hand all those Saturday primaries to Trump.


Remember: On Super Tuesday, they significantly reduced Trump’s lead.  In Cruz’s case, I believe it was to 2.3 percent.  Trump tried to boast that he had big wins.  But he didn’t.  He didn’t win big in Virginia; he nearly lost.  Rubio won something of a victory, even though he lost, and that was because he took on Trump on Trump’s own ground.


The other factor was Cruz challenging Trump on a somewhat higher level, equally effective, though different and lost on Trumpsters. But not on Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska.  Cruz, too, held Trump to narrow margins.


Now is not the time for these two to fight over the scraps from Trump’s table. You don’t want a dog-fight match tonight, while Trump looks on triumphantly. Save that stuff for the campaign trail and discuss it quietly behind closed doors, not in public.  Cruz and Rubio are fighting over who will get to hold the ball, while Quarterback Trump is still running down the field with it for the Big Touch-Down.


That being said, between Sunday and Monday, one or the other must concede, because a divided vote will almost certainly hand Florida to Trump. The GOP despises Cruz; Rubio hasn’t won enough delegates to be a serious contender.  Enter Mitt Romney, the 2012 loser who failed because he didn’t swing hard at Obama when he had the chance.


Rubio’s campaign is hinting at a brokered convention later on. He – and the GOP – couldn’t make a bigger mistake.  Not only would it infuriate the Trumpsters – some of whom appear to be unreliable Independents and Crossover Democrats – it would anger the American public in general.


Nothing says “back-room deal” to Americans quite like a brokered convention. Americans are still honorable enough to recognize that the victory should go to the victor, not the oligarchic selection.


No one with any sense wants to see Trump doing his victory dance in the End Zone. Cruz must work harder to beat Trump on the issues, the way Rubio is beating Cruz on rhetoric.  Jobs, jobs, jobs.  Even more than immigration or security, Americans have either lost their jobs or are worried about losing them.  I lost mine four years ago this month.  So I empathize.  I know where those people are coming from.  (And I don’t have a family to support or a mortgage to pay).


Attacking Trump on Atlantic City, as I’ve said repeatedly, is useless. It’s foolish to challenge on obviously successful and wealthy man on the basis of four bankruptcies in a city where bankruptcy was the fashion.  But Cruz can take him on other economic grounds, which he has been doing.


Fight! Yes, both Cruz and Rubio should fight tonight.  Fight, fight, fight!  But not with each other.  Not yet, at least.  But certainly not tonight.


Meanwhile, an unhappy GOP and Republican Senate are busy hatching schemes behind closed doors, trying to find a candidate that suits them rather than the people. They will never learn and that intransigence will doom them.  Or worse, it will doom the American people to a basically one-party system where candidates share a mutual view on every issue and the decision will only amount to which one can better carry forward the Socialist/Communist agenda.


Let us end this post on a semi-amusing note. Chris Christie’s job in Trump’s campaign, apparently, is “to be seen and not heard” at Trump’s side.  Now, all candidates bring warm-up speakers with them.  But once the candidate takes the podium, the others speakers step aside (if there’s room, I’ll grant you) and out of the camera shot so that the focus is solely on the candidate.


Instead, Christie stood right at side, as though Trump had given a German shepherd a command to sit. So Christie “sat” unblinking, unmoving.  One Twitter wit posted this:  “If you need help, blink twice.”


From a New Jersey perspective, Christie supporting Trump spells danger for the Garden State’s suburban voters. Christie is a Regionalist.  He favors abolishing counties, consolidating towns, and creating 21st Century company towns with high-density housing and high-education jobs.


Donald Trump is first, and foremost, a real estate mogul. Imagine the money he could make from razing northern New Jersey’s vast suburbs and replacing them with huge, high-density apartment buildings (or condo complexes).  Big!  Luxurious!  Maintenance-Free! Close to Mass Transit and good-paying jobs!


With bureaucratic rules! No pets!  No flags!  No land!  Just space!  You don’t actually “own” anything of value!  Crowding!  Communal committees!  Crime!  A quarter of the residents will be Section 8 (in New Jersey, that doesn’t mean crazy, it means welfare) illegal immigrants!


I live in a condo. It suits me.  But if Trump were to offer to “buy me out” (according to the by-laws, the rest of the condo must agree to the sale unanimously), I’d accept any reasonable offer.  We live on the Heroin Trail.  We have electric, not natural gas (during Hurricane Sandy, when the power went out, people froze; however, owners do have the option of converting to gas, if they can afford the transition).

We don’t have individual laundry rooms like newer condos. We either must drag our laundry over to the laundromat next door (which is hang-out for drug dealers) or drag our laundry down a long flight of concrete steps to the communal laundry room in each building.


And the shopping center upon which we depended has lost its anchor store.


That’s what a Trump/Christie alliance would mean for us. To me, Christie looked like he was hypnotized, like he’d drunk the Trump Kool-Aid. Another ridiculous photo showed him laughing girlishly up at Trump.


But Christie drunk the Moderate Kool-Aid years ago. I’m more concerned about my Tea Party pals drinking the Trump Kool-Aid.  Guys, Trump’s the same businessman who bought our politicians.  He donated $50,000 big ones to Rahm Emmanuel, for goodness sake.


He’s going to go back on his word about immigration. Whether he confesses to the New York Times interview or not (and he certainly won’t, nor will they divulge for fear of being sued), he’s going to double-cross us all on immigration as well as many other issues.  Jobs.  Trade with China.  Maybe not the Middle East.  There, Trump may be sincere.  But his poor judgment will prevail and we’ll find ourselves cowering in our Cold War-era bomb bunkers.


He is quite dishonest. The other day, I caught him on Twitter boasting that he’d won “Big” in Virginia.  He didn’t; he only won by 2.8% and his wins were even narrower in Vermont and other states where Cruz came in second.


Trump is a neon sign, all flashing lights and no substance. Neon is a colorless, odorless, inert monatomic (single atom) gas, with about two-thirds the density of air. Although neon is a very common element in the universe and solar system (it is fifth in cosmic abundance after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon), it is very rare on Earth.  The reason for neon’s relative scarcity on Earth and the inner (terrestrial) planets is that neon forms no compounds to fix it to solids and is highly volatile.


No wonder Mom got tired of seeing him every day on her Atlantic City runs.


This post has a reading level of Grade 7.1






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