Trump University and CPAC

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney (2012) touched off a firestorm yesterday when he took current presidential candidate and front-runner Donald Trump to task for running an alleged diploma mill bearing Trump’s name: Trump University.


The long and short of it is that some 5,000 former students have sued Trump University for fraud, claiming that they hadn’t been instructed in the manner promised, they were not given the materials for which they had paid, and, in the end, did not receive the promised posed photograph with The Donald himself.


Apparently, what they got (and probably deserved) was a picture with his photographed cardboard cut-out (every company has such a cardboard cut-out of the company president). The judge in the case threw out Trump’s motion to dismiss the case, so the trial will proceed.


When Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly described the case for the audience, she related that the judge compared Trump to Bernie Madoff, the infamous pyramid-scheme financier. Trump was livid.  He promised that everyone would learn the truth about Trump University in “three years.”


Three years? Well, that’s a comfort, as we await the verdict on the truly criminal Hillary Clinton.  Will we have the verdict on her before the election or will she be conducting business from her Big House Oval Office?


The winner in last night’s GOP debate was Ohio Gov. John Kasich. While Trump promises to deliver jobs to America, Kasich has already delivered jobs (hundreds of thousands of them!!) to the Buckeye State.  Kasich promoted himself on his Reagan Era resume, dealing primarily with the budget.  Perhaps it didn’t impress budgetary pundits, but it awoke ordinary Americans.


Ted Cruz came in a very close second with humorous jabs at Trump and muted jabs over immigration at opponent Marco Rubio. He had many “best” moments but the very best moment was at the very end with is closing statement in the very last sentence when he reminded us all of the importance of taking our military off the ROE leash.


Marco Rubio was in fine fettle, pestering and annoying Trump into irritation. Don’t be too hard on Rubio for these schoolyard hijinks; remember that it was Trump who began them.  Why is it parents always overlook the misbehavior of the elder child and scold the younger?  Justice, it seems, is blind.


Rubio made one tactical error in attacking Trump on his general business dealings. Attacking an obviously wealthy and successful man for relatively minor failure is never sensible.  Attacking him for using that accumulated wealth to influence politicians on behalf of those businesses is very good politics.


But while we’re browbeating Trump over Trump University and donor abuse, let us not overlook the activities of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) Convention in Denver.


CPAC is a fundraising campaign for the Conservative candidates. This party gives wealthy donors the opportunity to hobnob with their favorite political stars.  Glenn Beck describe the donors, many young, all dressed up in their Sunday finest.


They’re dressed up, like the Trump University students, for their photo ops with the candidate of their choice. That’s what they’re really paying for. That’s what they get in exchange for their thousands of dollars.  A mere trifle, wouldn’t you think, for much needed financial assistance.


Not when the next set of primaries is TOMORROW!!!


What they’re getting is a very expensive photograph of themselves with the losing candidate. They’ll be able to pass the photograph on as an heirloom to their great-grandchildren.


“See, kids! Here’s your great-grandpa with Ted Cruz!”


“Ted Cruz? Who was he?”


“Why, he was a 2016 GOP presidential primary candidate.”


“But I thought President Trump won the election in 2016? He was the 45th president.”


“Well, yes, he did and he was. But Great-Grandpa donated thousands of dollars to Mr. Cruz’ campaign to help him.”


“But he didn’t win. Does the mean Great-Grandpa lost all his money?”


“No, he didn’t win. He had to go to the CPAC convention, so he missed campaigning in the next set of primary states and he and the other Republican candidates lost all those delegates to Pres. Trump, who went on to win the election.”


“So all you’ve got is this picture? Dad?  Dad?  Where are you going?”


What are these guys thinking? That they can ignore any state, take it easy for a few days, and then just beat up Trump at the convention in July and get the delegates back?


I’m no Trumpster. Neither am I a #Never Trump enthusiast.  Never say “never” because you’re liable to be compelled to eat your words.  Hillary Clinton might just wind up in jail and then who’s the choice?  A former Communist Hippie who lived out of a filthy trailer?


I’m all for my guy, Cruz, but I expect him to get his butt out there – the way he did in Iowa – and hustle himself around for every single vote. Trump, whatever you want to say about his character (and I would agree with much of it) is out there hustling for the votes!  He canceled his appearance at CPAC and got back out on the campaign trail, where he belongs.


That’s where Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich (wherever HE is – maybe he’s sensible enough to be out there campaigning) need to be – out on the trail, not posing for selfies at CPAC!

This post has a reading level of Grade 8.2


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