The GOP Campaign and Cataclysmic Dissonance Clusters

Some of my musician pals read my blog posts. I invite them to join me on Twitter as well. The blog is tame compared to the Twitter posts.


Anyway, they were sitting together in the baritone/eupher section at last night’s rehearsal. One commented on my considerable dislike of Donald Trump.  I had to shush him quickly.  My guy pal was coming up right behind me.  He knows I don’t like Trump and prefer Cruz.  But in the interests of peace and harmony, I don’t tell him about the extent of my dislike for his candidate.  I certainly don’t tell him the full extent of my activities on my blog and even more so on Twitter.


I don’t tell him how I sometimes go right up to The Donald’s own tweets and give him raspberries. He’d never speak to me again if he knew and we’ll still be here after Trump has gone the way of all crossover Manchurian candidates.  He’ll find out about Trump’s true nature on his own without my having to tell him.  What little I’ve said (to him) has made he him at least think twice if not give up his Trump addiction altogether.


Last night, our community band entered into Serious Music Season. Our Spring Concerts are always devoted to Serious Music, which usually involves classical composers, which is fine.  But inevitably, we are driven by our director to play what is called “Post-Modern Music.”


Heavens above. A better term for this clashing, dissonant noise would be “Pre-Apocalyptic Music.”  Constantly changing time signatures, tempos, dynamics, and worst of all, cataclysmic dissonance clusters.


Normally, composers endeavor to write harmonious music on the major scale. Occasionally, minor scale music can be moving.  Think “Schindler’s List.”  But combine minor scale music with dissonance –  chords thrown out of natural order into strange combinations – the first, second and seventh notes (clashing enough) thrown out of order, with the first note shifted up an octave to clash with the seventh note just below it.


Then, add other instruments using derivations of that chord in the same general sequence.


For non-musicians, what it amounts to is a lot of sound and fury with no reason.  The reason Post-Modern composers use it is precisely because it upsets people.  They want to upset and annoy people, much in the way that news reporters knew that agonizing visual reports from the field in Vietnam would upset American voters and cause them to stop supporting the war against Communism.


Please, stop!  Just make it stop!


Trump is very well aware of the “virtues” of cataclysmic dissonance clusters” even if he doesn’t know exactly what the term refers to.


Pundits have been debating who is to blame for the current state of the Republican Party. An historical examination indicates the blame goes as far back as George H.W. Bush.  The Republican National Party, in a futile effort to win the Hispanic vote, opened their doors and widened their tents to allow Democrats to crossover party lines and vote in their primaries.


The result was that the Democrats overwhelmed our primaries and caused unelectable candidates to be nominated, or middle-of-the-road candidates like George W. Bush (“I’m a uniter, not a divider” whom Democrats could unabashedly bash all the while securing his GOP nomination during the Primaries.


In open primaries, Donald Trump is always victorious. Where the GOP primaries are closed, one of the other candidates (generally Cruz) wins.  This is not an impossible conundrum to solve.


Hence, Donald Trump wins the GOP Primaries and its nomination, according to the polls, and loses the general to Clinton, or if she’s actually indicted, loses in even larger numbers to Bernie Sanders.


Donald Trump enjoys the fruits of a plurality in a four-man race. So now we have the second front-runner demanding that the other two kindly remove themselves from the campaign so that he can win the nomination.


Ted Cruz is the closest candidate in number of delegates to Trump. He does, indeed, seem to have the best chance of beating Trump, at least in closed primaries.  What is Cruz going to do in the open primaries, though?  How does he expect to beat a man who can count on voters from the other party, who donated to the 2008 presidential campaign of the very woman he plans to vie with in the general election, and whom he was photographed with accepting a campaign donation himself?


Trump is a rat, a first-class, gold cuff-linked, verbally abusive, lying rat who has made this campaign the lowest of rat races in at least a century. You can’t beat a rat by being a rat yourself.  You beat someone by beating them, by out-debating them, by outwitting them, and by out-maneuvering them.


Marco Rubio did a first-class job of irritating Trump into distraction, leaving open the path for Cruz to club Trump with facts, arguments, and language that isn’t even in Trump’s limited vocabulary. Cruz wound up having an impressive night and won primaries in the follow-up, while denying Trump all the delegates.


Now is probably the time to go all out on Trump before he can regain his momentum. Today’s news of his campaign manager roughing up a female reporter won’t go down well with a now more dubious public.  Let’s hope that campaign manager roughs up a few more people.  That, too, like Rubio and Kasich ending their campaigns, would be a noble, if painful and dangerous, sacrifice.


If Cruz wanted the other two out of the campaign, he should have done so quietly and more diplomatically and not gone on the attack, putting up the backs of his supporters. Anyone looking at the numbers can plainly see that with the delegate count so close, now is the time for Cruz to strike.


But he’d better beat Trump tonight and beat him decisively. Cruz has been handed a couple of blessings this week, especially with Trump’s campaign manager misbehaving towards a reporter friendly towards his own camp.


If we’re hearing some cataclysmic dissonance clusters, Cruz might be the root note (the key in which the chord is played) fighting with the diminished 7th (Rubio), but Trump is the master conductor directing this symphony with a lot of ringers (what we call musicians who are not regular members of the band or symphony) filling in Trump’s trumpet section.


The other fodder for Cruz is the pictures of Trump’s regulars pledging allegiance to Trump. Trump shrugs it off, of course, as all bullies do.  But what do you call that?  Some call it fascism.  Others call it nationalism.  Some are making comparisons to Hitler.  We know what’s wrong with Trump; what’s wrong with these people, some of whom appeared to be saluting Trump?!


Rush Limbaugh said that Trump’s supporters cannot be dissuaded from voting for him, in the primaries. No, because they’re spoilers.  Their job is to see to it, to the best of their abilities, that Trump is nominated so that he can lose to the Democrat contender in November.


Given that Trump himself donated to Hillary’s presidential campaign in 2008 indicates that Trump himself may be a spoiler, taking advantage of Conservative frustration with RINO complicity, to demolish the two-party, or multiple-party system. To a businessman like Trump, a one-party government would be corporate paradise.  No-bid contracts?  Politicians ripe for the purchase?  Government bail-out, too-big-to-fail programs?  What more could a businessman like that ask for?


Get this right, Ted, Marco and John. Or maybe it’s just Ted and Marco.  Recognize and remember who the real enemy is.  Take out this garbage, and maybe you won’t have to worry about who wins Florida.


Get it right, right now. Tonight!



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