Political Thugliness

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are in a contest to prove who is the more earnest provocateur of violent action and who is now the bullied victim.


Trump, whose rallies more often than not are said to descend into chaos, was forced to cancel his rally in Chicago on March 11 after disruptors, organized by Moveon.org threatened a riot on the floor of the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as out on the surrounding streets.


Jedidah Brown, a noted Black activist running for alderman in Chicago, was wrestled away from the podium, while activists waved Bernie Sanders signs and provoked fistfights on the floor. Security broke up the fights.


Meanwhile, after Trump’s plane landed, he cancelled the rally. The Chicago Police Department denied that it was the source of his information about the unrest; other reports indicate that the Secret Service informed him of the situation at the university.


The stadium was then cleared and the disruptors declared victory at having silenced the pugnacious Republican primary candidate. Some said Trump brought the violence himself by making violent statements such as, ‘I like to punch that guy in the face!”


Others denounced the disruptors’ interference with Trump’s rally, saying that it deprived Trump to his First Amendment rights as well as those of followers in Chicago who wished to hear his speech. The right of free speech does not extend the right to deprive another citizen of their free speech.


However, Trump’s belligerence is not what brought the disruptors to the University of Illinois at Chicago. In fact, they were there all along.  Bill Ayers, the former Weather Underground leader of the Sixties, was at the site earlier, invoking students to riot.


Their objection is to Trump’s stand on illegal immigration and Islamic Jihad. Present along with the George Soros-funded MoveOn.org disruptors were illegal immigrants, Black Lives Matters, and activists accusing Trump of racism in regard to Muslims.

Subsequently, Trump was forced to cancel a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio due to security concerns. In Dayton, Ohio, a man, whom Trump thought (apparently mistakenly) was a member of ISIS, jumped a fence and rushed the podium. The person who tried to rush the stage has been identified as Thomas Dimassimo of Fairborn, Ohio.

Dimassimo has been charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct, said Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer.  Dismassimo reached the stage before being tackled by four burly Secret Service agents. Other agents bound up onto the stage to protect Trump.  The activity shook the podium and Trump.  Initial coverage by Fox News did not reveal exactly what happened.  Footage was recovered later from a participant who recorded the incident with a cell phone.

At yet another event, disruptors were dispersed amongst the throng of rally-goers. As they revealed themselves, Trump ordered them out.  One disruptor continually blocked the Fox News camera and at one point, even shook it.

As long as there have been politics, there has been violence and there have been disruptors. Even Abraham Lincoln had shills who threatened to beat anyone at the polling places who didn’t pledge support for Lincoln at the door.  We remember the disgraceful conduct of disruptors along the inaugural parade route when George W. Bush was elected President the first time.

We saw no such activity during Bill Clinton’s inaugural parade.

Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy were the perpetual victims of thugliness throughout his administration. Reagan’s critics were rentless and vulgar.  But Reagan won by a landslide in the 1980 election and again in 1984.

In the 1960s, the targeted president was Lyndon Baines Johnson, one of the nastiest, ugliest and most ruthless presidents ever to occupy the White House. The Chicago Riots of 1968 at the Democratic National Convention guaranteed that Johnson would not win a second term in office.

And the Vietnam War, a war which the United States could have won in a short period of time, prolonged, was lost through a televised propaganda war in which Americans viewed bodies and body counts, witnessed their beloved flag being burned, and were besieged by a series of violent riots and demonstrations conducted by the predecessor to MoveOn.org and Black Lives Matter, the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society.

Then, as now, Americans wanted it over. Not the war.  Americans wanted their country to win the war against Communism and we could have.  But they couldn’t win the war against a biased media campaign.  They could nothing about the demonstrations and the street theater.  The only way to make it “go away” was to surrender.

The grandchildren of the Hippie Movement has come to finish what their Communist grandparents began. They sport the old peace signs, clothing, and attitudes of the past, like children who’ve rummaged through America’s attic.

To the grandparents and parents who raised their children to love America, not hate it, Donald Trump appears to be their champion. They fear the hordes of Central American illegal immigrants (who care nothing for freedom; they’ve been inculcated in Communist doctrine for generations) and Muslim “refugees” (whose European invasion Americans have witnessed with dread and horror).

MoveOn.org and its many factions want a war. They want a war against white, suburban America.  Americans don’t want a war, but they do want protection.  Trumpsters simply don’t see that protection in the youthful-looking Marco Rubio or the scholarly Ted Cruz.  Nor do they take particular comfort in the Establishment Republican, John Kasich, who touts the necessity of Common Core, as though rigorous testing will make better students of our scholars.

If the curriculum is deconstructive (and it is), then the result will be – and has been – that most students will fail the test. Common Core isn’t simply the PARCC (The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) test.  A rigorous test without a rigorous curriculum spells failure for students.

This year, PARCC has the gall to bray that the test is 90 minutes shorter. It doesn’t say whether the math test questions require simpler answers or that the language arts samples are shorter.  The test itself is just shorter, leaving in less time for students to complete it.

That’s why you don’t want to vote for John Kasich. Which leaves a frightened and angry public, much like the Americans of the Sixties without what they consider a viable champion.

But what a champion. A poorly-informed, vocabulary-challenged foul-mouthed, name-calling, mud-slinging, wrestling match promoter who donated to the probably 2016 candidate’s 2008 presidential campaign.  He readily admits that he’ll make deals with the Democrats, that the wall probably won’t be as high as he claimed, seldom mentions freedom or the U.S. Constitution, and urges his followers to make pledges to him rather his making pledges to them.

Some claim that Trump himself has deliberately staged these near-riotous rallies or is at least enjoying their fruits. He gets to play the tough guy many Americans have been wishing for, he gains more sympathy, and gets even more air-time.  So do the disruptors, incidentally, who are media hungry and enjoy taking advantage of the wealthy Trump’s media-heavy events.

He provides the stage, they provide the punches.

Ironically, both sides are claiming the status of victimhood. Hillary Clinton brays that the bullied (the disruptors) should stand up to the bully (Trump).  Trump echoes the sentiment, in reverse.  Hillary, who once punched a playmate in the nose, is a risible champion for the bullied.  She launched the first crusade for universal healthcare and otherwise advocates Obama’s redistribute the wealth plans, which will, in fact, bully the money out of the hands of those who earned it into the hands of those didn’t and won’t.

This all started out with Trump and Chris Christie bullying Marco Rubio in order to (successfully) silence him as he denounced Obama’s ties to Communism. He fought back until Trump was subdued, not silenced altogether.

Bullies tried to outshout and outpunch bullies in the public forum does not bode well for American democracy. The First Amendment guarantees the right of every American’s voice to be heard.  That does not include those who haven’t earned it (illegal immigrants) or those who don’t respect it (Islamic Jihadists).

That right belongs to us. We have the right to be able to listen to any or all or none of the candidates at the microphone and decide for ourselves what’s best for America, ourselves and future generations.

This post has a reading level of Grade 10.3. We’ve made it to high school, at last.

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