Flushing Gender Identities

Today is National Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. This “holiday” began in 2004 and coincides with Obama’s writ, essentially coercing school districts across the nation to allow access to school bathroom by mental delusion rather than biological reality.


Granted, it’s illegal to make it illegal for transgender students to use the opposite-sex bathroom and gang-shower in the locker room. But the federal government can still blackmail schools into complying by withholding federal education funds from non-compliant schools, the way they did with Common Core.


There is nothing new under the shower head about genderless bathrooms and locker rooms. Since the 1960s, Progressives have been agitating for Unisex bathrooms.  The adults of the day, however, were educated prior to the 1960s.  They hadn’t succumbed to pot, heroin or speed.  In other they had common sense; they had their wits about them.  Unisex bathrooms promptly went down the toilet.


Our current culture has accepted new customs that would have appalled adults as early as twenty years ago. Forty years ago, no one wanted to see a transgenderite in the middle of their transition, sporting both male and female attributes.  O what brave new world with such deviants in it.


Fear of lawsuits has caused school districts to knuckle under and allow such travesties to take place. Progressives have rewritten the manual on normal and gleefully defecated, figuratively speaking, on decency.


Towards the end of the 1961 film, West Side Story, leading man Tony tells the androgynous character Anybodys, “You’re a girl! Go be a girl!”  Today, everyone from parents to media maniacs would tell her, “You’re whoever you think you are, not what parts you have at your disposal to answer Mother Nature’s call.”


Enough citizens with common sense are outraged and alarmed at this overturning of the natural order of necessary rooms. You go to the bathroom designated for the type of person you were born as.  No attachments, no mutilations, no wigs, mustaches or Adam’s apples.


For such a small minority to overturn what Progressives derisively term “norms” is an incredibly selfish and irresponsible revolution. The problems that can – and will arise – from such mixing are legion.


Predatory men will be able to enter a women’s room and prey upon young girls. Or they can lay in wait in their own stalls for senseless tomboys to march into the Men’s Room.  Whoa to the hapless man who has no designs upon women who so much as looks at such a woman or girl in the Men’s Room.  Trial lawyers must be salivating.


Also of concern is the problem of hygiene – of women being forced to watch girlie men using urinals in the Ladies’ Room and having to explain it to their daughters. Families, for the sake of economy, are generally forced to use one bathroom (some more affluent households may have a separate bathroom in the master bedroom).  Having to use a shower after a brother has gotten through with it, or has simply used the toilet requires hazmat gear.  Waiting for female household members to finish preparing themselves for the day requires endless patience and very strong kidneys from male household members.


Families all across the country can tell you it’s no fun sharing the household bathroom with family members. Why on earth would they want to share a bathroom with strangers of the opposite sex, then?


Then there’s the muddle-headed problem of middle school and high school students sharing non-gender bathrooms and locker rooms. You can see where that’s going to lead, can’t you?


“Phobic?” the Progressives taunt. You’re darned right we’re afraid.  What parent is ever going to let their opposite-sex child enter a public restroom alone?  Even back in the Sixties, our parents didn’t let us go in alone, boy or girl.


The government needs to get out of our public bathrooms and school locker rooms. Just exactly where is the justice in inconveniencing and endangering the majority of people for the sake of a minority of lunatics who can’t accept reality?


Let the Transbies wear Depends.





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