The Islamic War on the West

With each Islamic terrorist attack, the state of war in which we find ourselves becomes more apparent. Last night, Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer were debating whether Obama “understands” the nature of this conflict.


Krauthammer claimed that while Obama understands it, he underestimates it in terms of past historical world wars. O’Reilly dismissed all claims that Obama simply doesn’t understand that this is a religious war, which the Islamists started.


Theories of relativity are useless to the victims of Paris, Brussels, Orlando, San Bernardino and countless other cities around the world and their families. They’re dead and the President of the United States shrugs.


Obama mumbles words of sympathy, makes token signs of showing strength in the face of Islamic terrorism, then orders our free press not to use phrases such as “War on Terror” or “Islamic Terrorism.”


Take Obama for what he is: an anti-Western, anti-Capitalism (in other words, Communist), anti-White, anti-Suburban, anti-military tyrant.  He’s of the firm view that the United States and its gas-guzzling, energy-consuming (tax-paying) consumers are responsible for all the problems in the Middle East.


He can’t say so of course, but he secretly believes the West is getting what it deserves. Just ask any of his bureaucratic minions, with Liberal jobs-for-life.  They’ve got nothing to lose by expressing these very sentiments for him.  Just ask his Chicago buddy, William Ayers.


Two brands of Muslims are fighting one another, the Sunnis and the Shias. Think of the Shias as the city-dwellers.  They’re the Persians (now Iranians) who want to see a worldwide caliphate.  The Sunnis are the camel-riders.  They believe they’re descended from the original followers of Mohammed.  The Shias want to institute Sharia law.  Actually, so do the Sunnis.  Both want to institute their brand of Islam.


There are said to be two Qu’rans. The one was a peaceable tome written to appeal to the Jews and the Christians of Mecca.  After they rejected Mohammed’s offers and drove him out of Mecca (where he wrote the original Qu’ran), he wrote a second version, more violent than the first, in which he urged the killing of infidels.


Until these two books can be reconciled, there will be no religious peace in the Middle East, or anywhere else. That is how a Muslim can claim to be “peaceful” and another shout “Allah Akhbar” and run down crowds of families at a fireworks display in Nice, France.


That is how Obama gets away with excusing such atrocities by claiming that “that’s not Islam.”


Given the dual nature of Islam’s founder, the fact is both brands of Islam are “Islamic.” Both sects want to see a caliphate.  One simply wants the quick and dirty way, while the other prefers the boiled frog method.


Some media are trying to blame this incident on a bout of depression over a failed marriage. The only trouble is, as the police fired on him (in the cab of the truck), his last words were, “Allah Akbar!”


So yet another city (again, in France, not known to be a particularly religious country) mourns its dead, and another city trembles in fear lest it be next on the Terror Hit list. Word is that Ankara, Turkey, is already that next city.  It may even be a coup.


ISIS is on the march through the Levant. Innocent people are dying at the hands of jihadists.  Police departments and intelligence agencies are on high alert.  Yet Obama is oblivious to the fact that Islam is at war with the world.


When someone declares war on you, you’re at war whether you want to admit it, whether it’s politically convenient, or whether it’s constitutionally viable or not.




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