Trump for President: A Fait Accomplis

Never Trumpers, you gave it your best try, but last night, the Republican Party nominated Donald J. Trump as their candidate for president in the 2016 election. It’s not the end of the world – necessarily.  Or perhaps it will be.  Whatever, the case, you have little recourse now but to vote for The Donald, vote for a third party candidate, vote for Hillary Clinton, or stay home, which is pretty much the same thing as staying home or voting for Third Party.  Or for Hillary.


Many players are to blame for what you consider a travesty of the electoral process. The Electoral College, which allows electors too much leeway in casting their votes for a candidate other than the one voters elected them to select.  The Republican Party, for nominating, year after year, unelectable candidate after unelectable candidate who drives down the middle of the road, which lately has been more or less in the middle of the Left lane.


You can also blame indoctrinated Millennials who have drunk the Progressive kool-aid (and smoked the Woodrow Wilson Weed) and voted for social-issue Republican candidates who in favor of illegal immigration, abortion, raising the minimum wage, gay marriage, green energy, reducing the military, and not following through in the Middle East. They also favor higher taxes on everyone, including themselves and legalizing their favorite, brain-melting recreational drugs, which accounts for their laxity in electing Liberal Republicans.


We know the Media is to blame. They’ve served as the Progressive Propaganda machine for decades, when television was still in black and white, ladies and gentlemen wore hats (women wore gloves as well), and computers were the size of small houses.  The Internet has been both a boon and a bane to average citizens.  They can get more public information, unfiltered by a biased media and immediately with the click of a mouse, but at the hazard of their personal information.


Beware you who believe that you are safe if you simply sign-off the Internet and work off-line or even turn off your computer altogether: as long as the Internet wire is plugged into your modem, a hacker can (and will) invade your personal computer and all the firewalls in the world will be of no avail.


Let us not overlook, either, the role cross-over Democrats have played in the primary elections. In open-ballot elections, where Democrats could vote, Trump won.  In closed elections, he either didn’t win or didn’t win enough to keep the other contenders from gaining electors.  Nor should we overlook the contribution of illegal aliens who, in some states, are given open (and even welcome) access to the voting booth.  So much for our patriotic firewall.


Will Trump keep his campaign promises? Have any of them?  Does he mean business when talks about national security?  I believe he does.  Being a denizen of the New York metropolitan area, I’ve listened to him many mornings on WOR-AM 710, with the now-retired John Gambling.  He’s been very consistent on this message.  He even wanted to rebuild the Twin Towers as they were.  Cooler heads, fortunately, prevailed on that matter.  His intentions were good, but would have had a devastating effect on grieving family and friends and on the general populace of the Metro-New York and New Jersey area, who watched the Twin Towers fall in person.


I still don’t buy that stuff about Atlantic City. Although it’s true that he was over-leveraged in A.C., Atlantic City had many problems and many failures.  To place all those problems and failures on man’s shoulders without examining the whole of Atlantic City and its history is an unfair burden to place on a single individual.


A more legitimate problem is his financial support of his now-opponent, Hillary Clinton. Unless Congress and the FBI do a turnabout, or the general populace wakes up to her greater and much more serious character flows, the Democrat Party will nominate her as their presidential candidate.


Alas, that the Trumpsters did not listen to the Tea Party back in 2009. Alas that the GOP RINOs were able to inflict so much damage on the nascent Tea Party (if they’d listened to me, it wouldn’t have happened) that their reputation was ruined and their chances of effectiveness reduced.  I told you so, guys.


The Trumpsters trust him, however. He sounds like a tough guy and that’s who they want.  Maybe this is the kind of president we need.  The other kind certainly hasn’t worked:  we’re the laughingstock of the world.


In any case, Trump more or less won the primaries legitimately. The GOP did well (I guess) not to challenge him.  Personally, I can’t help thinking this is not going to end well.  But if the illegal alien drug dealers can be sent packing, the Islamic terrorists sent to hell, and the Iranian nuclear deal sent to the furnace, it’s about the best we can hope for.


So once more, Conservative voters must dip their feet into murky political waters and trust that they won’t be betrayed.









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