Cruz’ 2016 RNC Speech: What’s In a Name?

Ted Cruz, in his speech last night to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, mentioned Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s name. Once.


He acknowledged Trump’s existence. But after that, he didn’t endorse him.  He didn’t attack the candidate, but he didn’t praise him, either, as Trumpsters had hoped.  Cruz praised the policies for which Trump is most noted:  building a border wall, fighting terrorism effectively, balancing America’s trade with other countries, particularly China, and bringing jobs back to America.


But he didn’t endorse him.


Trumpsters spent half the speech on tenterhooks, waiting with bated breath for the mention of their hero’s name. Instead, Cruz said, “I urge everyone in November to vote their conscience up and down the ballot.”


The response reminded me of a scene from the 2001 film, The Lord of the Rings, in which the character Bilbo Baggins tells his birthday party guests: “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”  Author J.R.R. Tolkien tells us further:  “This was unexpected and rather difficult.  There was some scattered clapping, but most of them were trying to work it out and see if it came to a compliment.”


Trumpsters fumed as they looked from one to another in perplexity. All this time, they thought that Cruz’ endorsement of Trump was guaranteed with his congratulations of the nominee and agreement with his main policies.  They were beyond disappointed.


Instead, Cruz went on to talk about such noxious and incomprehensible ideas as liberty, freedom, and the U.S. Constitution. What did he mean by suggesting that anyone who didn’t support the U.S. Constitution is not worthy of the voters’ consideration?  He called for holding public officials accountable for failing to listen to the American people.  Trump admits himself that he’s not very good at listening.


Some of Cruz’ comments were obviously aimed at Hillary Clinton, but for some reason the Trumpsters confused her with their own, beloved candidate and took as a personal insult criticisms more likely meant for her than Trump.


Delegates – the New York delegation, it turns out – booed Cruz when he suggested voting for a candidate who stood for “shared principles,” “freedom,” and the U.S. Constitution. Imagine that:  booing the U.S. Constitution.


The New York delegation began chanting, “Endorse Trump!!” and “We want Trump!!” Ever the gentleman from Texas, Cruz told them he appreciated their enthusiasm.  They booed even louder.


Right on cue, at the end of the speech, Donald Trump appeared at the back of the room, drawing attention from the end of Cruz’ speech both from the delegates and the Media. He waved and made love to the frenzied crowd, as Cruz was booed off the stage.  That’s what divas do. That’s what famous First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy admitted doing, a lesson she learned at Vassar, going to the center of a room to draw everyone’s attention to her.  In this case, Trump upstaged the speaker by appearing at the farthest point from him, forcing everyone to turn completely around, essentially turning their backs on Cruz.


Cruz gave a solid, patriotic speech. Compare that with Melania, whose speechwriter had at one time worked for Hillary Clinton, it is said, who plagiarized one of Michelle Obama’s speeches word for word.


The only explanation for the crowd’s reaction to Cruz is a more general criticism on his part of the Republican Party in general and his legendary fights with RINO Republicans in the Senate. They hate him passionately for this reason and are now willing to countenance a candidate they scarcely gave a thought to 13 months ago, if only because Trump exercises a brutal sort of campaign tactics that make him popular with the very masses they themselves have angered and betrayed.


Politics makes odd bedfellows , indeed. The GOP soundly denounced Cruz today and predicted his career ended last night with this “ungracious” speech of his.  The singular man who rows against the tide never reaches the shores of popular opinion, where ravens caw from the safety of gnarled trees.  Behind those trees hide the populist voters who know no more of the U.S. Constitution than their pugnacious candidate.


Cruz’ speech about freedom, the Constitution, and responsibility were absolutely Reaganesque. Much good those words will do, though, if Democrats succeed in shutting down our borders to allow illegal alien voters, from a country noted for its communist history, into the country, guaranteeing their support for the Democrat dependency platform.


Or if more Middle Eastern refugees are allowed onto American shores, with no hope of vetting them. A Texas court just voted that it is illegal for the Texas State Police to report illegal aliens whom they’ve stopped for traffic violations.  Or something like that.


Or if our country continues to bleed jobs because of our onerous federal and state taxes and regulations on business. Favoring China may bring consumers more cheap goods, but no matter of how cheap they are, if you don’t have a job, you won’t be able to purchase much more than bread and butter.


Words, words, words, Trumpsters are so sick of words and false promises from RINO politicians. But wait a minute.  Cruz is a Conservative, not a RINO.  Yet they’re booing him at the behest of RINO politicians, including party chairman Reince, the RINO, Preibus.


Conservative voters, as well as the non-commital strongman voters looking for a hero, not a president, there’s not much choice now other than Trump. Staying home, or voting for a Third Party candidate, will only guarantee that Hillary will win in November.


We’re stuck over the same barrel we’ve been stuck since the late 1980’s when George H.W. Bush, a decidedly moderate candidate, caved in to a solidly Democrat Congress and raised taxes, thereby losing the 1992 election to Bill Clinton. As a result, Clinton decimated the border patrol (doesn’t ANYBODY remember that?!), allowing millions of Mexicans to take up residence in the United States.


We were told to pity them, that they were simply seeking work. But the work in which they engaged as the cultivation and sale of illegal drugs in makeshift meth factories in our woodlands and suburbs.  They need more clients.  That’s one reason why our suburbs are being torn down and replaced with “Affordable Housing,” a business proposition from which it would not be surprising to find that Trump himself will benefit.


We cannot protect the U.S. Constitution if we cannot physically, morally, legally, virtually, and practically secure our country from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Without that security, the Constitution won’t be worth the paper on which it is written.  Obama and the Supreme Court have already done a thorough job of shredding it these last seven years.


Still, some of us do care about the rule of law (which our law enforcement officers and military do a better job of protecting than our elected representatives). Cruz’ speech last night was the speech Trump should give tonight (but probably won’t; hearing his name chanted seems to suffice in his opinion for substantive support).


Reince Preibus and others accused Cruz of narcissism in his speech. Are they kidding?  He used some personal examples, which is simply standard speechwriting, not egotism.  Of course a speaker uses personal anecdotes, as well as third-party stories, sometimes quotes from authors, a few cultural references, and maybe a joke or two.


Mix all that into the foundation of your speech and you’ll keep your audience’s attention. You need to use a few more words than “amazing!” “fantastic!” and “great!” and insults to satisfy an intelligent audience.


If Trump truly wants the rest of us to listen and not simply chant his name, as Cruz so aptly observed, he might consider “plagiarizing” Cruz’ speech from last night.


Word for freedom-loving word.







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