America on the Precipice



My friend and I were on our way to perform in a concert. We were listening to Mark Levin on WABC-AM.   Levin was defending Ted Cruz’ speech the night before at the Republican National Convention.


Levin said because Cruz had the next-greatest number of delegates, he had a perfect right to speak at the convention. Cruz was actually not there at Trump’s pleasure.  Although political wisdom might say otherwise, Cruz was also under no actual obligation to endorse Trump.  Levin said that Trump himself had nullified that requirement.


At that point, my friend snapped off the radio. I immediately turned it back on again, at my peril since it was his car we were in, not mine.   I simply felt that Cruz deserved a fair hearing, despite my friend’s enthusiasm for Trump.


I also meant to remind him that Melania’s speech was a complete plagiarism of a Michelle Obama speech, written by a former Hillary Clinton screechwriter. The speechwriter offered to resign, but Melania told them not to apologize, that she was a great fan of Michelle’s.


Good grief.


On the way home, we listened to Trump’s acceptance speech on the radio. It was a good speech, at least the part we heard.  He hit on all the issues that most concern average Americans – jobs (or the lack thereof), the trade deficit, crime, terrorism, and our declining influence in the world, thanks to Obama and Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State.


Trump carefully enumerated Clinton’s mismanagement of the State Department and quoted the real statistics of the American economy and our unemployment numbers. Obama complained that Trump painted an overly-dire picture of America.


Did he?


Here are some pictures of our “neck of the woods,” or what’s left of them. Currently, it is summer and the trees, in full leaf, camouflage the very real ravages of over-quarrying our hillsides.  The quarry has left enough of the hillside to mask the “progress” they’ve made on those verdant hills:  Washington, Bloomingdale, and Federal.  Riverdale Hill, for all intents and purposes, is basically gone.  Only the ridges remain, showing the fragile façade of nature.


I’ve taken some liberties with the first picture (up at the top of the page), turning it into an oil painting and photoshopping in the American flag for dramatic effect. This is what is left, more or less, of Riverdale Hill.  I took this photo in November of 2012.  Obama had just been re-elected.  The photo serves as an allegory of the first four years of Obama’s administration.


The second picture is of the same quarry, but a different jagged precipice (attached to which is the Wal-Mart Shopping Center and a “consumer village” of condos with a grand view of the towns which the developers are destroying).


I remember when this was still a viable hill that reached all the way down to the railroad tracks on the Hamburg Turnpike. The pass between the two hills (Washington and Riverdale) was narrow, admitting of only two lanes, with the Pequannock River on the other side of the road.


If you look closely, you can see the poor scraggly tree near the top (it’s somewhat blocked by the power lines), trying to hang onto life.


This, I maintain, illustrates the state of America since Obama took office. The quarry was supposed to cease operations some years ago, so that the entire hill wouldn’t be destroyed.  However, if all politics is local, and politics is a corrupt business, then local corruption probably played a signification role in the continuation of this devastation.


(It’s a bleak picture. This November, when the scenery turns bleak once more, I intend to take follow-up photos of the same sites.)


However, Sustainable America began almost as soon as Obama took office. The mandate was to regionalize the suburbs of large cities like New York and incorporate all those small towns into one large region.  Sustainable housing development was implemented to comply with United Nations mandates to preserve the environment.


You can see what a good job they’ve done. Here is an aerial map of the region where the quarrying has taken place (albeit over a period of some 60 years or more, initially).  The main area, Federal Hill, looks like a large area of land, which it is.  However, much of the green you see is hillside, which Tilcon intends to blast into oblivion.  Tilcon will do the demolition job for the town of Bloomingdale, which will then be able to build affordable housing, high-density housing units there.  At the bottom of the screen, the area that looks like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is what’s left of Riverdale Hill.



The photo is about three years old. Tilcon has made considerable progress on Federal Hill or what is known as “The Meer Tract.”  Where you see the words “Bicoastal Acquisition” is where they are at now.

Last night, Trump declared that if he is elected, he will “save” America. There isn’t much of America left.  Her bedrock moral foundations have been eaten way and demolished, just like on the map.


The destruction has been hidden by Media dissemination. You can’t see the destruction for the rainbow flags they’ve been flying.  Trump’s daughter (I believe) introduced a gay Republican Congressman to prove his politically correct bona fides.  New Jersey’s own 5th District Congressman has taken much media flak, even from the GOP itself, for declaring that he would not support a homosexual Republican candidate, even though he had at one time done just that.


What happened to make him pivot? His constituents got wind of it, probably.


Liberal policies on social issues (illegal immigration, global warming, gay marriage, Common Core, the legalization of drugs, confiscatory taxes, damaging business regulations) have done to the United States what the quarry has done to Federal Hill and the town of Bloomingdale: introduced the seeds of destruction.


In the past, I’ve written about the thunder of war being wreaked upon my former hometown as I sat here in my own condo listening to the window rattle as the demolition teams blew up Federal Hill. The sound of the mountain sliding down as a result was sickening.  I said it was war and you can see the craters in the above photos.  Not to mention the cloud of iron oxide particles that have ruined the paint on all our automobiles.


As the quarry – and the Bloomingdale mayor and town council – ignored the protests of the residents and Tilcon went on with its merry business, so have Obama and RINOs alike ignored the protests of the American people.


The councilwoman leading the charge to destroy the town denied and denounced to the local reporter any charges that she didn’t “care” about Bloomingdale. They remain deliberately blind to the plight of the towns of Pompton Lakes and Wanaque, on the other side of Federal Hill, which are already feeling the effects of “affordable housing.”


Bloomingdale’s mayor and town council are counting on “ratables” from the new development. Only they gave a tax break to the Avalon Bay developer.  They plead the case of the Mount Laurel ruling, which requires towns to build affordable housing and take into their municipalities residents who will contribute nothing to the town and cause the cost of social and municipal services to rise.


They claim the town will enjoy lower property tax rates. Residents will also see their property values reduced.  Bloomingdale must be delusional if they think their town will attract responsible homeowners.  Its schools have some of the most deplorable suburban test scores in the state.  Its schools are horrible.


The residents of Avalon Bay are transplants from Long Island with no families or children. They’re renters, furthermore, and by law, pay no municipal taxes.  The only hope is that they’ll frequent businesses that will magically spring up in Bloomingdale and Pompton Lakes.  I haven’t seen any signs of businesses blooming along Wanaque Avenue in Pompton Lakes, for all the affordable housing that has been built in the last 20 years that I’ve lived here.  Businesses are closing up shop, in fact.  Our own condos have lost some serious value, for all the taxes we pay to live here.


Future residents will not pay property taxes for property with no property. They’ll simply rent and leave the taxes – and the tax breaks – to the developing property owner.  Neither will the illegal aliens flooding into the United States pay any taxes.  They will not assimilate.  They have no intention of trying to get along, as a whole.  They will do what they did in Mexico – sell drugs.  Drugs are the only business that is booming in this area of northern New Jersey.


Future residents will be only too happy to buy cheap consumer goods (particularly electronics) from China or any other country where labor is cheaper. They’re sitting pretty on the top of the hill.


Riverdale Hill is already a splendid example of the Socialist/Communist society into which Obama has already transformed our nation. At the top of what’s left of the hill, expensive condos are perched with spectacular views of the river valley below.  When the destruction is complete, the low-income housing will arise into which the illegal aliens, the drug dealers, and what’s left of suburban, Middle Class America will be squashed.


Our property values demolished, it follows that modest houses like my mother’s (already outdated – we couldn’t afford to expand the house) will also be demolished. Larger mini-mansions with greater acreage will take their place on that hill for the high and mighty to Occupy Bloomingdale, looking down from the Knolls Road curves upon the hoi polloi who have voted them into power.


Only the very rich and the very poor will be able to afford to live in New Jersey, much like the Long Island the Long Islanders are now fleeing to live here. Good luck to them on the curves of Knolls Road.  As boulders crashed down onto Jeffrey Drive below almost 60 years, I predict over-sized SUVs will now crash down the hill, since Long Islanders are notorious for their unwillingness to slow down.  Not even the enormous barrier that has been constructed on those curves will prevent them from going over the cliff.


Pity the poor Trumpsters who trust Trump to protect America from this onslaught. He’s a real estate developer, for Pete’s sake.  He’d be the first to approve of tearing down Federal Hill.  The site where the infamous mutiny occurred is already history.


At this point, Conservatives now have no choice but to vote for him. He’s not a monster by any means.  I don’t approve of the #Never Trump movement.  #Never Trump means #Forever Hillary.  Still, the level-headed must shake their heads at the notion of a former casino owner becoming President of the United States (and a former centerfold model who venerates Michelle Obama, the First Lady).


One consolation, from living in the metro New York area and thus listening to his political views on local radio stations, is that I believe he’ll keep his word about national security. His promises about illegal immigration are questionable.  His promises to get America Working again are at least hopeful.


Maybe Trump does mean well. But take the condition of Federal and Riverdale Hills as word for it:  Obama hasn’t left him much to work with.









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