The Real Barack Hussein Obama

The other night we were watching Fox News after dinner. One of the commentators said that she thought Obama was merely “pollyannish” in regard to his Middle East foreign policy.


The next day, the news came out that this past winner, the State Department (under Obama) flew $400 MILLION in shrink-wrapped cash, in non-U.S. denominations in an unmarked, unchartered plain to Iran in exchange for four hostages Iran accused of being spies.


Is this the action of a naïve President or a criminal President? Paying ransom for hostages is against the law.  The Democrat Congress certainly ran Oliver North through the federal wringer for doing so and had hoped to impeach Pres. Ronald Reagan for the audacity of using money Iran paid us (for what turned out to be fake aircraft parts) to combat communist regimes in South America.  One of the supporters of those regimes was none other than current Secretary of State John Kerry.  Another was Edward Kennedy (were he and JFK actually related?).


Iran is a dangerous regime which has funded more Islamic terrorist groups than any other nation on earth. Nonetheless, Obama has also just signed an ordered allowing even more Syrian refugees to enter the United States, and they’re headed right here for New Jersey.


I may have defended the Muslim’s point of view about our dismal lack of morality, and how we need to shape up. But I only meant that we need to get back to our Christian/Judaic God, Jehovah, so that we’re on firmer ground to do battle with these people who are trying to rob us of our nation and our freedom.  No one ever won a battle from as weak ground as that upon which we now stand.


Some Trump supporters are beginning to have a case of the nervous jitters about their candidate after the Khizir Khan episode. Those of us who would have preferred Ted Cruz tried to tell you so.  You enjoyed Trump’s free-for-all bash-and-smash smear campaign of Cruz, and anyone else who opposed him.


But now, the Media bashes Trump in the one instance in which he really didn’t do or say anything wrong (and I am generally loath to defend him) and you’re ready to throw him under the bus. You said you wanted him to speak his mind and speak the truth.  The Media doesn’t; that’s why they attacked him so readily.


Instead, you’re claiming they baited him and that he was foolish to fall for it. He should have kept quiet.  He should have been more circumspect.  He should have been more politic.  About what?  Because he noted that a Muslim woman was behaving like – well – like a Muslim?  That’s an attack?!


What’s more, he made the comment in quite an understated way, especially for Donald J. Trump. Still, stick to the issues.  Address the problems and the solutions.  Excuse me, but one of the “problems” is a huge influx of Muslim immigrants, fleeing a war Obama exacerbated and even helped support, brought here by the likes of none other than Khizir Khan himself, who specialized in securing special visas for wealthy Muslims. Khan started this whole thing, at the behest of the Democrat Party, of which he is a Hillary minion.  Not Trump.


So now, at the urging of the feckless Republican Party, Trump has been forced to back down on his policy regarding Muslim immigrants, one of the few issues on which he could be trusted to be sincere. Good going, RNC.  But we expected no less of a party whose one, former leader was backed by George Soros, and the other leader who was married to the daughter of the head of the Chinese Communist Party.


Trump supporters talked tough, but at the first bellow from the multi-horned Media Megaphone, they head for the cracks in the wall. Now you believe it, when it’s almost too late to do anything about it – the election is less than 90 days away and Hillary is now 10 points in the lead.


Hillary, a lying, scheming criminal whose senior thesis was on Saul Alinsky, a guy who dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer.  To paraphrase a National Review wag, “The only way she can get out of going to federal prison is by becoming president.”  An incompetent Secretary of State responsible for the deaths of a United States ambassador and three of his security guards (not to mention those who were injured).  A woman – a mother, for gosh shakes -– who approves of aborting viable fetuses right up to the ninth month of pregnancy.


She’ll gladly carry on Obama’s destruction of the suburbs, our educational system, our economic system, and our sovereignty as a nation. As First Lady, she went on a tour of Middle Eastern countries, donning a scarf in deference to their customs.  Customs such as granting custody to a husband in case of divorce, honor killings, denying education to women and girls, and not even allowing them to drive a car.


Has it really taken eight years to wake up to Obama’s real, Marxist agenda for the United States of America? Apparently, we’re still asleep – or drugged out of our minds to consider Hillary Rodham Clinton as his successor, who will carry on this agenda.


Obama isn’t pollyannish. But we are, God help us.











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