Hillary Pulls Ex-Beauty Queen Out of Bimbo Box to Taunt Trump

Before an aging beauty queen from 20 years ago and a speeding commuter train in Hoboken, N.J., sent it careening off the headlines, the big news of the week was the continuing House Investigation of the Clinton E-Mails.

Clinton was in big trouble. On Sept. 22, according to a report by online news provider ARSTechnica, a US House committee investigating Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server voted along party lines to hold the Democratic presidential candidate’s former IT aide in contempt of Congress.

Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department IT technician who helped set up Clinton’s private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State, did not appear before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during its hearing investigating the server. However, Pagliano was subpoenaed.

Then, this week, at the House Judiciary Committee Hearing, Fox News Insider reported that F.B.I. Director James Comey was grilled for his lapse in granting immunity to “why he granted immunity to Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson and other Clinton aides and State Department staffers without consulting Congress.


“When you granted immunity to these five individuals, you took them out of the reach of prosecution for crimes committed related to destruction of or withholding or other crimes pursuant to congressional subpoenas,” Congressman Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) stated.

“Comey said that he didn’t think any of those individuals were given ‘transactional immunity,’ basically total immunity, which Issa scoffed at.

“’Oh really?’ Issa said. ‘Now, we [are] not allowed to make your immunities public, but I’m going to take the privilege of making one part of it public. I read them. You gave immunity from ‘destruction’ to both of those attorneys [Mills and Samuelson].’”

So Hillary did what the Clintons have always done when they’re on the hot seat: she reached into the Bimbo Box and pulled out Alicia Machado, 1996 Miss Universe and murder accomplice.

Poor old Donald Trump fairly spluttered about how he had tried to help this ridiculous woman out at the time, even inviting her to work-outs at the Trump gym in Mar-a-Lago and seeking all sorts of physical training for her as well as dieticians.

Miss Universe’s response after the debate? A screeching rant that kept Trump up all night writing frantic, defensive tweets, while Hillary coolly laughed in her sleeve at her opponent.

Thanks to Miss Universe – and the Hoboken train – the media and the public forgot all about the shenanigans of Hillary’s duplicitous attorney, what’s-her-name, Cheryl Mills. Instead, they’re scratching their heads over why the Media and Donald Trump are so exorcised over an overweight, felonious former beauty queen.

The Clintons – in Bill’s two terms as President – managed to rack up an impressive number of scandals (some involving, some involving her, some involving both of them) by the time he left office in 2001: Castle Grande; the FBI files on Republican opponents; Travelgate; Whitewater and the Rose Law Firm; and, of course, the Bimbo Brigade, culminating with the sensational Monica Lewinsky affair.

Kenneth Starr, a special prosecutor, had opened up an investigation into Hillary’s Whitewater dealings, including the disappearance and reemergence of her legal billing records and the Vince Foster suicide, in which some authors state plainly that Hillary was engaged in a romance with her married partner at the Rose Law Firm and Bill’s childhood friend. Their relationship as partners in the Rose Law Firm and the Arkansas’ Governor’s Office’s financial dealings with Rose Law firm clients caused serious conflicts of interest.

By 1998, Bill had his choice of impeachment for violation of Federal Election Commission rules, accepting foreign donations during his second presidential campaign, or for lying about violating his marriage vows. No one would send him to jail for following his natural proclivities and he chose the latter.

Monica Lewinsky proved the most convenient choice to get him into – and out of – trouble. Just as Miss Universe took the glare off of the House Investigations into Hillary’s dirty dealings, introducing the subject herself during the first 2016 Presidential Debate just the other night, Monica’s blue diverted attention away from Bill and Hillary’s mounting legal problems (and debts).

Instead of being scandalized, the public sympathized with a stand-by-your man, pinked-up, housewifey Hillary. ‘It’s none of anyone’s business,’ she declared on a carefully staged segment of “Sixty Minutes” on CBS.  The public agreed and admired Hillary for standing by her marriage, if not exactly her man.

Hillary’s feminist acolytes were not pleased. But the radical pose must give way to the radical means.  If she was ever to ascend to the Presidency, she could not do so on the coattails of a disgraced, impeached husband-president.  The “Bimbo Eruption” was the lesser of two evils, as it did not involve any jail time at all, only a temporary disbarment for Bill, in which he could not practice law.

Hillary’s “secret police” went behind the scenes, threatening any ex-bimbo who dared to tell any bedroom tales to the press. The SP’s threatened Kathy Willey, making her 13 year-old cat disappear and obliquely threatening Willey’s children.  Juanita Brodderick pursued her lawsuit as did Paula Jones.

Today, Hillary had the nerve to criticize Trump for picking on a poor, defenseless woman, in the middle of the night. She certainly could not have been referring to herself – Hillary is about as defenseless as a porcupine.

But this isn’t about former beauty queens. It’s more about a political train about to careen headlong into the main terminal of American democracy – our federal republic – and bring the roof down.

Only someone who’s ridden a train into Hoboken Terminal realizes just how dark that train station is. An overworked engineer could very well have mistaken the terminal for the train tunnel a few miles west, through some, though not all of the east-bound New Jersey Transit Trains must pass.  The Pascack Valley Line does not go through that particular tunnel.


But it’s not improbable that the engineer, a veteran of the train line, had taken those other routes through that tunnel. His train on Thursday was late because it was short a car.  There has been talk of his having dutifully worked overtime.  He may well have mistaken the smoky darkness of the Hoboken Terminal for the train tunnel farther West.  A long tunnel, engineers have used that “open space” to speed up to make for time.

Hillary is now the socialist engineer who’s been tasked to take over from socialist engineer Obama, who drove us into the darkness in the first place. We’re about to find out that we’re not headed for the light at the eastern end of the tunnel, but the brick wall at the eastern end of Hoboken terminal.

They’ve deliberately ignored the signals at the entrance to the yards. They’ve ignored the 30 mph speed limit through the yards and instead of slowing down to the 10 mph speed limit requirement upon entering the terminal, but opened up the throttle to disaster.

Radio pundits have been asking today why we keep falling for their lies. One reason is a propagandist media.  Unless you happened to be watching Fox News, you wouldn’t have realized how much legal trouble Hillary was really in.  Most people were at work during those morning hearings (there is an advantage to unemployment, after all), and knew even less about it than your average television viewer.  Otherwise, they’d have been immediately suspicious.

Should Trump have been more careful and circumspect in response to Hillary’s bating? Certainly.  But there’s still time to drop it (like, right now) and counterpunch.  She’s got a bellyful of troubles and she knows it and is hiding it.  She’s trying to distract Trump – and us – from the truth.

It’s time to forget about ancient beauty queens (although, if Hillary really wants to open up the door to history, we bloggers will be happy to oblige her; we’ve got plenty of material) and get back to the present and Benghazi and the e-mails, controversies certain to sink her campaign if we can just focus.

Hillary’s feminist hypocrisy in defending fat beauty queens and philandering husbands (maybe bill would like an introduction to Alice) is a sideline that Trump should let us loyal helpers attack.

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Hillary Digs in Her Snout on the Miss Piggy Controversy

When you’re sick with a cold, the last thing you want to do is watch a presidential debate between Miss Piggy and He-Man. Since Donald Trump announced that he would not engage in debate practice with a Hillary stand-in, I could pretty well guess how the debate would go.


I was right. The whole debate boiled down the next day to the merits of “Miss Piggy,” the former Miss Universe Pageant winner who was fired for gaining too much weight during her reign.  Alicia Machada, the former Miss Venezuela, carries much heavier baggage, however, including aiding a would-be murderer by driving the get-away car and threatening to kill a judge.


Hearing about it the next morning, I had to re-confirm the facts as my ears were stuffed up from my cold. Were they talking about the Miss Universe brouhaha from 1996?  Twenty years ago?  Was Hillary that desperate for sludge that her secret police had to go back in time to dig up this ridiculous skeleton?


She rationalized the attack by claiming that the incident pointed out Trump’s objectification of women.


As long as we’re playing “It’s Academic” (a 1960s game show in which Clinton was a back-up player), let’s take a look at Hillary’s role as a model for women.


As a student at Wellesley College, and later at Yale University in the Seventies, Hillary Diane Rodham forswore make-up, leg and arm-pit shaving, dresses, hair-combing, and even deodorant in the name of feminism. This was the hippie trend back in the Sixties.  Going barefoot was all the rage.


Deodorant was a marketing invention of the Big Hygiene companies. The same for shaving, and apparently, shampooing one’s hair.  Dresses were the invention of men to keep women in abject vulnerability and humility.


According to Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Barbara Olson, who died in the September 11th attacks when her plane slammed into the Pentagon, Hillary had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the beauty parlor.


Her initial appearance as First Lady of Arkansas was so shockingly unkempt to the native Southerners that Bill Clinton’s polls began to slip and there was fear he wouldn’t win a second term. In fact, he did lose, but ran again a few years later and won two more terms in Little Rock.


Little Rockers were offended by Hillary’s northern arrogance and feminism. Mary Lee Fray, his campaign manager’s wife was tasked with making Hillary look more “feminine.”  Mary Lee’s other job was keeping the revolving door revolving to make sure that Hillary and Bill’s many female friends never encountered one another.


While a student at Wellesley College, one of Hillary’s many campus campaigns was to change the dress code so female students didn’t have to wear skirts or dresses to the dining hall. According to Mary Lee Fray, later, Hillary didn’t have the figure for a dress anyway.


She also supported the dorms of the all-women’s college to visits by men.


According to Olson, citing an interview with Hillary’s mother, Dorothy, “As a high school student, Hillary had always been indifferent to cosmetics. ‘When she was fifteen or sixteen and the other kids started to use makeup and fix their hair, she wasn’t interested,’ Dorothy recalled.  ‘That used to annoy me a little bit.  I used to think, why can’t she put on a little make-up?’  Still, it wasn’t until she went to Wellesley that she adopted a hippie Leftist look.”


Later, Olson describes the courtship between Bill and Hillary.


“Bill, ever the connoisseur of women, was worldly and political enough to see beyond the Southern-born underpinnings of his Arkansas upbringing. He recognized that Hillary’s long, unkempt hair, her sandals and frayed jeans, and her owlish frames represented her sense of how she fit into Yale and her statement of how she wanted to be perceived there.  As a girl, her mother Dorothy recalled, Hillary had thought ‘make-up was superficial and silly.  She didn’t have time for it.”  She wasn’t going to compete on her looks or her charm. Her appearance was her statement, a declaration of her need to appear serious.


But even Bill knew that Hillary’s look was going to play well in Arkansas, where he hoped to begin his political career. It would be a public problem and he assigned Mary Fray “the task of finding ways to mute the hippie Hillary with a few traditional southern touch-ups.”


During Bill Clinton’s second bid for the Arkansas governorship, a powerful legislator had advised Bill during the last bid, which he lost, “Hillary’s gonna have to change her name, and shave her legs.”


For career, political, and ideological reasons, Hillary did not take Bill’s last name when they were married. But now, when it was matter of winning by one or two points, it didn’t seem to Hillary the height of wisdom to flout Southern customs and virtues.  At least that was Hillary’s version of the matter.


But Olson tells a different story.


“Whether Bill and Hillary did or did not have such a conversation, the president’s account [no doubt, very much edited by his wife] falls short of the truth. In fact, it was such a testy issue between the two that Bill had to go to others to lobby his wife to change her name.  He buttonholed Webb Hubbell on a golf course, and persuaded to talk to Hillary about what everyone knew as “the name issue.”


“To compete with Gay White [the wife of Bill’s Republican challenger], Mrs. Bill Clinton [as she demurely allowed herself to be introduced as at the official announcement] ordered a total makeover from the wisp of hair at her crown to her polished toenail[s]. When it was complete, Hillary looked more feminine, more like a traditional first lady.  Her hair had been lightened and she had a new wardrobe provided by a fashion consultant.  ‘I had been trying to wear contact lenses since I was sixteen,’ Hillary said.  Suddenly, she was miraculously able to make the change, liberating her face and eyes from the owlish [eyeglass] frames.


“Hillary’s makeover continued for the next twenty years. Hillary read the autobiography of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who wrote that some women should lighten their hair after a certain age.  Soon thereafter, Hillary’s hair became lighter and lighter.  In fact, she experimented with so many hair styles that in the 1990’s, a website was dedicated to tracking them all.


A Hollywood power couple, Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, came to the Clinton’s rescue in 1988.


“They produced the campaign film, A Place Called Hope, a distinctly Reaganesque portrayal of Bill Blythe-Clinton’s life.  Harry created a series of whistle-stop torus that high-lighted the Clinton’s light-hearted interaction with people.  Linda brought in [professional Hollywood] hair and make-up stylists, lightening Hillary’s hair even more, and making her look like an appealing middle-class housewife.”


The young woman who had once entertained the notion of becoming a United States Marine was now First Lady of Arkansas and destined to become First Lady of the United States.


But as Bill Clinton was about to inaugurated President of the United States in 1992, the façade disintegrated. Time Magazine reported that as he and Hillary stood on the steps of Blair House (the official guest house of the White House), the pair got into a screaming match with Bill yelling “F*#^ing B*tch!” and Hillary responding, “Stupid Motherf*#^er!”  Secret Service agents and nearby well-wishers cringed.


What was it someone wrote or said about eight years ago about putting lipstick on a pig?




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Protecting the Country, Not the Government

Today’s blog is courtesy of good soldier, good patriot, good friend, and military veteran, Dave Bandel. You can read more of Dave’s “wanderings” at: http://david.bandel.us/


David’s Wandering Mind

09 10 2016

Sat, 10 Sep 2016

The Bill of Rights

To many of us, particularly military veterans, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not only the supreme law of the land, but inviolate laws that apply to all. This document is what made America what it is: Land of the Free.  Without it, we are nothing more than a cheap knock-off of any other 3rd rate country.

All military people, and indeed most of those holding a high public office, vowed to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We did not vow to protect the government of the United States.  Let me be very clear about this: the U.S. Constitution, not the U.S. Government, is what true patriots hold sacred. Patriots love the United States of America (our country) and the U.S. Constitution. We understand the difference between love of country and love of government. They are not the same.

Many of us who swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic despise those who are abrogating our rights under the various amendments to the Bill of Rights. Make no mistake, domestic enemies of the Constitution are still enemies of the Constitution.

They need to be asked politely but firmly to endorse and support the Constitution or emigrate to a country without the rights they are fighting against. These domestic enemies of the Constitution have gone so far as to call patriots like myself terrorists.  Well, if you are a domestic enemy of the Constitution, then you are my enemy.  But to label me “terrorist” to further your attacks on the Bill of Rights I find cowardly on your part.  And I will fight you tooth and nail.

To my way of thinking, the Bill of Rights is very clear. The 2nd amendment reads in part: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What part of that is unclear, Hillary?  State of New Jersey?  Brady Anti-gun Coalition?

Now these anti-gun nuts have smart lawyers who keep pointing to the first clause that introduces the 2nd amendment that talks about a militia and insists we don’t have one, so the entire amendment is pointless. I have never seen an entire contract thrown out in court just because one clause was deemed invalid.  In fact, that clause is removed (as I did above) by the court, and the rest of the contract enforced.

We need to just get back to basics and push the federal government to enact laws reinforcing (not abrogating) our Bill of Rights. Bills that would force N.J. and other states to accept that our law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, at all times, in all places.  To be surrendered only under exceptional circumstances (like on an aircraft where the consequences of a firearms discharge — accidental or otherwise — in an aircraft at 30,000 feet would be catastrophic).

Those who don’t love the Constitution and the Bill of Rights either don’t understand it or just need to leave. Without the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there is no America the Great. They are the cornerstones of our freedoms.

I picked on the 2nd amendment on purpose as it the one most under attack by our domestic enemies of the Constitution. But I have seen examples of the abrogation of all but the 3rd and 10th amendments to the Bill of Rights, and it sickens me.  We are better than this.  We are better people and a better country.  But we are backsliding fast.  We need to reassert our rights and ensure they are applied equally.  This is how we keep America great, Donald.  Not by building walls, but by getting back to those rights that were granted to every U.S. Citizen under the Constitution.


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9/11 – Fifteen Years Later

The 15th milestone of 9/11.  This is the day we begin to ask:  “Where did the years go?”


We look in the mirror and wonder where that young man go who didn’t need glasses, whose hair was still dark and full, whose figure was still trim. That woman in the mirror gazes with dismay at that sagging face, the gained weight, and the relentless wrinkles.


For the children of 9/11, the future is brighter. They’re no longer the toddlers or schoolchildren wondering what was going on that beautiful Tuesday morning, why Mom look worried, or why Dad came home so late, covered in dust.


We’ve moved on. The victims of 9/11 are frozen in the time of their photographs, most taken even before 9/11, making them seem even more removed from our world, lost not only in life but in time, while we must trudge on into an increasingly changing world from the one they knew.


Back then, we had a chance of stopping our world from going to hell; only we didn’t know it was going to go to hell until the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center. By the time that same tower came crashing down, 90 minutes later, we knew.


A period of American solidarity, felt around the world, followed the tragic events. Everyone was an American in those days, even if they were a businessman from Japan or a resident of Munich, Germany.  The victims were people just like us.  Not heroes, exactly (although some were).  Certainly not villains deserving of such a fate.


Just people going to work that day.


The Progressives were flummoxed. What to do about such solidarity?  It was bad for their business.  You couldn’t very well convince a people this united in freedom that they were “victims” of Capitalism’s voracious, cold-hearted “greed.”  They couldn’t be convinced that their boring, bourgoise lives were meaningless under Capitalism.  Tell that to the families of the victims of 9/11 or the survivors.


Not only were their lives not meaningless, but envied in the suburbs of New Jersey, Long Island, and Westchester and Rockland counties. To have a job in the World Trade Center was quite a distinction.  Even if you were “only” a janitor or a file clerk, you were a janitor or a file clerk in the World Trade Center!  To say nothing of the working class cops, firefighters, and first responders on and off-duty that day who answered the 10-alarm fire that day in New York.


If they’d had a choice, who among them wouldn’t have given everything for that chance to return home to the “bourgoise” lives they led, which the Marxist condemned? Lives of family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, cooking the dinner, helping with the homework, doing the laundry, shopping for groceries.


What if they never marched in a Progressive rally to agitate for this cause or proselytize for that cause? What if they never did anything more than vote in one election a year, or every four years.  So what?  They lived lives of peace and contentment.  They went to church or synagogue, donated to charities.  Some, no doubt, volunteered to help the homeless or worked a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.  Others didn’t.  And so what if they didn’t?  If that wasn’t enough, too bad.


They led lives of peace and that’s about as good a thing as you can say about anyone. Isn’t peace what it’s supposed to be all about?  Still, they died in violence and horror because a group of men on the other side of the ocean had an axe to grind.  These radical Islamists couldn’t stand the notion of Americans living in peace and prosperity when others weren’t.  Neither could American Progressives or their propagandist media.  But they had to keep quiet during the period of mourning.  Hillary Clinton and gang of like-minded 9/11 families prevented Pres. George W. Bush from speaking during either the 1st or 2nd anniversary of 9/11.  Politics had entered the fray.


Hillary Clinton who, on a 9/11 anniversary ten years after the event, would ignore the pleas of the Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens for more security at the Benghazi consulate. Instead of ordering immediate help, Clinton passed the buck and blamed the attacks (albeit at the insistence of Obama, a decidedly Marxist president) on a vague video.  Stevens and three others died.


Only when the e-mails were leaked did America learn the truth. Clinton has now “disavowed” that she ever believed the attacks were the result of anti-Islamic video and that she “knew” it was a terrorist attack.  If so, why didn’t she order the military to rescue our stranded ambassador?  Why didn’t she advise Obama, whose ultimate responsibility as commander-in-chief it was.


During the first anniversary, Clinton and her 9/11 mob accused Pres. Bush of “politicizing” 9/11 by coming to speak at Ground Zero. Yet, on this 9/11 anniversary, she had the gall to place a political advertisement (or her PAC did so for her) attacking her opponent (and Fox News had the indiscretion to air it, even before the last bell – to signify when the North Tower feel – was rung).


She was at today’s 9/11 ceremony, wearing her angry face. But according to Fox News, at least two sources reported that she was forced to leave early due to “a medical emergency” in which her “knees buckled” and she “fainted.”  It’s a fair and relatively cool, breezy day here in the metro New York area.  Humanity requires us to pray for her.  No one would want to be that ill or see anyone else in that condition.


Humililty requires her to face up to the truth. If she does not, then it is up to Congress and/or the F.B.I. to see that justice is done, for the sake of those who died in Benghazi and all those extraordinarily ordinary people who died on September 11, 2001 in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa.



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The Towers of York – A Ballad

I.                    Not Today (Yesterday)

Many yesterdays ago, in a feverish time

When Hell bent the world in a peaceful sign,

High over York rose a towering display.

Alas for that hope evil was born to betray.


At his birth seers warned, “The end of the world is today.”


Travel’d we there to gaze at the sight,

To witness this twin silver monument to might.

It soared to the clouds, to conquer the sky.

While others exclaimed, I only could sigh,


“Shadows fall over a day far from today.”


Fearfully I stared at the façade’s Gothic arch,

Then up the sleek girders gusted by March.

“What think you,” asked they, “of buildings so tall?”

Said I, with a shudder, “York’s Towers shall fall.”


“How say you so, miss?! They rose only today!”


“Peevish nonsense,” cried they, “from a girl of thirteen!

‘Tis but dizzy heights imagination has seen.”

Dazzling towers I’d view’d that rose to great heights.

But no pinnacle had crush’d the heart with such fright.


“The Towers will fall! I’ve seen enough for today!”


A bright future those slender arches belied;

Beyond their façade lay the ruins of pride.

Above their cold shadow, silver met the gold sun.

But its weight poorly borne, frail beauty’d succumb.


“Pray God, should they fall, let it not be today!”


Up we sped through the tower, my mind ill at ease,

Fears foster’d in magnitude by brothers who tease.

In mind’s eye did approach future terror on wing.

‘Twixt heav’n and earth, no refuge to cling.


Mist-vanish’d fate’s bolt would not strike today.


“How come you to think of such gloomy disaster?

Give us some reason for this Armageddon of plaster!”

“Perhaps an explosion, like the ones that wrack Eire;

A bomb in the basement, or maybe the spire.”


“One tower may explode, but not both in one day!”


“To accomplish that feat would need an army of men

To go unseen from floor one to one hundred and ten!”

“A storm then,” tried I, “with a wind of such power

To shatter the glass and send it down in a shower.”


“The sun shines brightly! There’s no danger today!”


“Its supports are outside,” one yielded, “’tis true.

A fire could melt it, but could a fire melt two?

For lightning to strike twice would be quite a plan.”

Said I, in a caution, “Don’t underestimate Man.”


“We promise the Towers won’t fall – not today!”



Man builds empires up to the sky;

The physical materials God does supply.

But the material world’s the Devil’s to rule.

Against Man’s ambition, he plots chaos most cruel.


Man can’t reach Heaven with towers of steel

Nor trade for God’s love by making a deal.

Yet York’s Towers won’t fall by God’s loving hand –

The spiteful Devil shall knock down our castles of sand.


“The Towers won’t fall. What more can we say?!”


Away in disgust my audience drew.

‘Twas impossible for a girl to know what I knew.

Not for my pleasure did I divine the Unknown.

Sight came unbidden, unwillingly shown.


“They won’t see the truth. Oh no, not today.”


II.  Signs of the Times (Today)


Now it’s today and people are weeping.

From the inferno, the hopeless are desperately leaping.

One tower wobbles, wagging its finger,

“Calamity’s upon you, dare not you linger!”


At Hudson’s last bridge, they look’d for a sign;

Their target in sight, with Fate they align’d.

Like a bird in whose reflection an enemy glares,

They slamm’d through the glass with their innocent fares.


To fight such a blaze needs an army of men

To climb from floor one to one hundred and ten.

Ten claxons clang for the World Trade Center;

Into the fiery maw, only the bravest dare enter.


Heroes and victims pass on the stairs.

Fate’s the precarious splitting of hairs.

Gasping for breath and toting their gear,

Those who go up must set aside fear.


York halts in horror to stare at the sight;

Billows of smoke turning day into night.

How, on this perfect day of sky blue,

Could tragedy strike, such hatred spew?


Stop up your ears to the thunder of rubble,

To the explosion of rage bursting our bubble.

To safety the panicking crowds madly run

From the hideous cloud that wipes out the sun.


All that is left of the towers I saw

Is the skeleton clinging to life by a claw.

Nothing is left to bury the dead.

Their ashes have buried the city instead.


The shadow of silence befalls our great land;

All music and laughter – even our band.

Not a bird, not a plane, not a single sweet note.

Every sound but crying has the enemy smote.


Six weeks has it taken for peace to return.

Even now, the smoldering ruins still burn.

“How could this happen?” ask we, wringing our hands.

“America was surely the safest of lands?”


Long is the story of sorrow and grief,

Of how America fail’d to keep out the thief.

Of closing our eyes and our ears to the fey.

Of saying too often, “Oh no, not today.”


Into our country fanatics were welcome,

No matter how dang’rous their activities made them.

Political correction corrupted the rules,

Allowing them to march onto our planes with their tools.


The mind guards fast an obstinate gate

Against the grim specter of unthinkable Fate.

When safe in the present Men warnings ignore,

The future’s a battlefield scarred by war.


III.  The Test of Time (Tomorrow)


The long years have passed and now it’s tomorrow.

Fate’s spared us to finish the tale of our sorrow.

The fall of York’s Towers caus’d the breaking of hearts,

Suffr’d even by those with the smallest of parts.


On that terror-fill’d day, York stood not alone;

Against other symbols was death being flown.

Anxiously, Americans scanned the blue sky

For zealots who were praying to Allah to die.


For three harrow’d days after the fall,

O’er York hung bleak a dust-poisn’d pall.

For three days more, the cold North Wind flew,

Restoring the sky to that morning’s true blue.


In funerals and ceremonies to honor the dead,

Sad songs were sung and eulogies read.

The Towers deflated to a six-story pile;

An anguish to clear in air cindr’d vile.


One sleepy dawn came a low distant thunder;

With a roar it rent the stricken silence asunder.

The eagle was bound for strife-ridden lands,

Bringing justice’s wrath to those hid in the sands.


The grief-stupor’d nation awakened at last.

The Ground Zero flag flew from Ted’s mast.

No more taken for granted the Stars and the Stripes;

Freedom’s banner wav’d defiant in all sizes and types.


On went the descent of the now-aging year,

Yet the season of fall was loth to appear.

Springtime’s red robin, driven off by fall’s crows,

Returned to the garden and sang in the boughs.





Straight through the winter robin sang a bright tune.

The rose bloomed at Christmas as though it were June.

A balm of peace offr’d at the gift-giving season.

God’s mercy and pity transcend human reason.


Travel’d we back to gaze at the site;

Gone is the twin silver monument to might.

Where once lofty arches loomed fragile but fair,

Naught now remains but columns of air.


‘Tis lighter and warmer, but the shadows are chill;

Disbelief and mute awe do the empty void fill.

In the ruins the echoes of footsteps still clatter

And the wind carries whispers of long-ago chatter.


“Sixty years when I’m old?” asks a young voice from the past.

“Will that be how long York’s Towers will last?”

“More like thirty;” says the elder, “’tis I who’ll be gray.”

Twenty-nine years and six months, give or take an odd day.


When view’d from the past, tomorrow’s but today.


Always in mem’ry may York’s Towers arise;

Remember their splendor and not their demise.

May those who were lost be found in God’s glory

And granted a happier end to this story.


The Towers of York – A Ballad

Copyright Ó2001 Carole J. Rafferty


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Hillary “The Choker” Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused his primary opponent, Marco Rubio, of being a “choker,” meaning someone who tightens up before a performance or a debate. But the real queen of “Chokers” is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.


She blamed yesterday’s two-minute long choking fit at a rally on Trump. However, her coughing fits are legendary.  Perhaps that’s why she spent 272 days avoiding press conferences.  When she did finally stage a press conference, she held it at the back of a noisy airplane.


The press conference was a masterpiece of political staging.


“Mrs. Clinton, what do you have [roaring of jet engines] the recent [more roaring] of e-mails?”


Clinton, frowning.


“What?!” she shouts back. “What e-mails?  I’ve already told you [roaring of engines] about [roaring] I know about e-mails!”


The noise was convenient for any denials before any future investigatory panels about any questions she may or may not have heard and may or may not have answered aboard the jetliner.


By contrast, Trump’s presser aboard his own Trump jet was completely intelligible. His jet’s engines could barely be heard in the perfectly sound-proof cabin of his immaculately designed billion-dollar personal jet.


Hillary reminds one of the character, Gollum, in the book and film series, The Lord of the Rings.  The ancient creature Gollum, a predecessor of the hobbits, then known as Smeagol murdered his cousin, Deagol, for possession of the Ring of Power.  Afterwards, he was cast out of his society.  For five hundred years, he hunted and foraged for food, and sometimes resorted to outright murder, stealing babies from their cradles.


In time, he developed a sort of tic, a gagging in his throat. In trying to speak or swallow, especially when caught in a lie, he would utter a garbled word, “Gollum.”  Soon, that became his name, forgetting his former name in his state of a split personality.


Hillary’s tic is more of a “gack!”


“I don’t know anything about – gack! gack! gack! – any – gack! gack! gack! – e-mails! gack! gack! gack!


“I never knew – gack! gack! gack! – the information in my – gack! gack! gack! – e-mails was – gack! gack! gack! – confidential.  I didn’t know that the – gack! gack! gack! “c” meant – gack! gack! gack! – “confidential.”


Naturally. Why it could have meant “Conspiratorial.”  Or “Crooked”.  Or “Culpable.”  Or “Criminal.”  Or “Corrupt.” Gack! Gack! Gack!


Hillary has a long history of lies for which she will eventually have to atone. Cattle futures. Gack! Gack! Gack! Whitewater. Gack! Gack! Gack! Travelgate. Gack! Gack! Gack! Pardongate! Gack! Gack! Gack! Even Watergate. Gack! Gack! Gack!


Stealing White House furniture and antiques. Gack! Gack! Gack! An affair with and the murder of Vince Foster (she may not have been directly involved in his murder – she probably didn’t hold the gun, but there are many questions that were never answered). Gack! Gack! Gack!


Then there were the many quid pro quo dealings while she was a Senator from New York. Gack! Gack! Gack! Just ask her presidential opponent, Donald Trump. Gack! Gack! Gack!

What were she and Bill doing at Trump’s wedding to Melania? Gack! Gack! Gack!


There’s also her role in Rodatom, selling American uranium to the Russia. Gack! Gack! Gack! Twenty percent of America’s uranium supply. Gack! Gack! Gack! And she accuses Trump of playing with Putin?! Gack! Gack! Gack!


And of course, there’s the ultimate crime of Benghazi. GACK! GACK! GACK! She scruples not to put it all on Obama. Gack! Gack! Gack! He’s the President and no doubt he was ultimately giving the orders. Gack! Gack! Gack! But she was the Secretary of State at the time and she carried out the orders, even though she claims she did her best to find out what was going on and send the requested aid to the consulate in Benghazi. Gack! Gack! Gack! Her answer comes with a caveat, though. Gack! Gack! Gack! The CIA’s responsibility it was to send helps.  Yes, my precious.  Poor, poor Hillary.  Ambassador Stevens was Hillary’s friends, yesss, he was.  Why would poor Hillary wants to hurtses her friends, Gacker? Gack! Gack! Gack!


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is one of those alphabet bureaus whose executive guidance is somewhat – unclear. The CIA is a civilian foreign intelligence services of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT). As one of the principal members of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and Cabinet.

The CIA is currently directed by John O. Brennan. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is the United States government official – subject to the authority, direction, and control of the President – required by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 to:

  • Serve as principal advisor to the President, the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council  about intelligence matters related to national security;Serve as head of the 16-member United States Intelligence Community ; and direct and oversee the National Intelligence Program.


Further, by Presidential policy directive signed in October 2012, the DNI was given overall responsibility for Intelligence Community whistleblowing and source protection through Presidential Policy Directive 19.


The CIA is now subservient to this post-9/11 agency, which in turn, reports directly to the President of the United States. So Hillary is correct in that the buck stops with Obama.  But that doesn’t let her off the hook, exactly.  The question, which the Watergate Committee of which she was a member asked regarding President Richard Nixon, remains:  what did Hillary know and when did she know it.


She claims she refused to go on national television and blame the embassy attack on a video. Some other people refused as well, apparently including James Clapper.  The task finally fell to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, to use the video defense, which was a lie.


Obama may well be at the bottom of Benghazi. He should pay for this crime, which involved running guns from Libya to Turkey to Syria, and is the real reason Stevens was in Benghazi (a notoriously dangerous city).  However, Hillary shouldn’t put away her prison orange jumpsuit just yet.


She was still complicity in the Benghazi, in using not one but twelve different devices in which she sent unsecure e-mail messages, in addition to multiple unsecured personal computers at her home. She’s now guilty of lying to Congress (a crime attested to by the head of the FBI, although he refused to pursue any prosecution), sending classified e-mails over an unsecure server, and receiving and using foreign funds for campaigning and quid pro quo “legislation.”




No wonder she avoided press conferences for 272 days and when she did, she held it in the back of a noisy jet. And gags on every lie she tells.


Obama is guiltier. But Hillary is guilty enough.  Can you imagine her trying to take the presidential oath of office.


“I, Hillary Clinton, do solemnly swear – Gack! Gack! Gack! – that I will faithfully – Gack! Gack! Gack! – execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability – Gack! Gack! Gack! – preserve, protect, – Gack! Gack! Gack! – and defend – Gack! Gack! Gack! the Constitution – Gack! Gack! Gack! – of the United States.


God help us all.


Gack! Gack! Gack!


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