Protecting the Country, Not the Government

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09 10 2016

Sat, 10 Sep 2016

The Bill of Rights

To many of us, particularly military veterans, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not only the supreme law of the land, but inviolate laws that apply to all. This document is what made America what it is: Land of the Free.  Without it, we are nothing more than a cheap knock-off of any other 3rd rate country.

All military people, and indeed most of those holding a high public office, vowed to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We did not vow to protect the government of the United States.  Let me be very clear about this: the U.S. Constitution, not the U.S. Government, is what true patriots hold sacred. Patriots love the United States of America (our country) and the U.S. Constitution. We understand the difference between love of country and love of government. They are not the same.

Many of us who swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic despise those who are abrogating our rights under the various amendments to the Bill of Rights. Make no mistake, domestic enemies of the Constitution are still enemies of the Constitution.

They need to be asked politely but firmly to endorse and support the Constitution or emigrate to a country without the rights they are fighting against. These domestic enemies of the Constitution have gone so far as to call patriots like myself terrorists.  Well, if you are a domestic enemy of the Constitution, then you are my enemy.  But to label me “terrorist” to further your attacks on the Bill of Rights I find cowardly on your part.  And I will fight you tooth and nail.

To my way of thinking, the Bill of Rights is very clear. The 2nd amendment reads in part: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What part of that is unclear, Hillary?  State of New Jersey?  Brady Anti-gun Coalition?

Now these anti-gun nuts have smart lawyers who keep pointing to the first clause that introduces the 2nd amendment that talks about a militia and insists we don’t have one, so the entire amendment is pointless. I have never seen an entire contract thrown out in court just because one clause was deemed invalid.  In fact, that clause is removed (as I did above) by the court, and the rest of the contract enforced.

We need to just get back to basics and push the federal government to enact laws reinforcing (not abrogating) our Bill of Rights. Bills that would force N.J. and other states to accept that our law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, at all times, in all places.  To be surrendered only under exceptional circumstances (like on an aircraft where the consequences of a firearms discharge — accidental or otherwise — in an aircraft at 30,000 feet would be catastrophic).

Those who don’t love the Constitution and the Bill of Rights either don’t understand it or just need to leave. Without the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there is no America the Great. They are the cornerstones of our freedoms.

I picked on the 2nd amendment on purpose as it the one most under attack by our domestic enemies of the Constitution. But I have seen examples of the abrogation of all but the 3rd and 10th amendments to the Bill of Rights, and it sickens me.  We are better than this.  We are better people and a better country.  But we are backsliding fast.  We need to reassert our rights and ensure they are applied equally.  This is how we keep America great, Donald.  Not by building walls, but by getting back to those rights that were granted to every U.S. Citizen under the Constitution.


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