Hillary Pulls Ex-Beauty Queen Out of Bimbo Box to Taunt Trump

Before an aging beauty queen from 20 years ago and a speeding commuter train in Hoboken, N.J., sent it careening off the headlines, the big news of the week was the continuing House Investigation of the Clinton E-Mails.

Clinton was in big trouble. On Sept. 22, according to a report by online news provider ARSTechnica, a US House committee investigating Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server voted along party lines to hold the Democratic presidential candidate’s former IT aide in contempt of Congress.

Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department IT technician who helped set up Clinton’s private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State, did not appear before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during its hearing investigating the server. However, Pagliano was subpoenaed.

Then, this week, at the House Judiciary Committee Hearing, Fox News Insider reported that F.B.I. Director James Comey was grilled for his lapse in granting immunity to “why he granted immunity to Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson and other Clinton aides and State Department staffers without consulting Congress.


“When you granted immunity to these five individuals, you took them out of the reach of prosecution for crimes committed related to destruction of or withholding or other crimes pursuant to congressional subpoenas,” Congressman Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) stated.

“Comey said that he didn’t think any of those individuals were given ‘transactional immunity,’ basically total immunity, which Issa scoffed at.

“’Oh really?’ Issa said. ‘Now, we [are] not allowed to make your immunities public, but I’m going to take the privilege of making one part of it public. I read them. You gave immunity from ‘destruction’ to both of those attorneys [Mills and Samuelson].’”

So Hillary did what the Clintons have always done when they’re on the hot seat: she reached into the Bimbo Box and pulled out Alicia Machado, 1996 Miss Universe and murder accomplice.

Poor old Donald Trump fairly spluttered about how he had tried to help this ridiculous woman out at the time, even inviting her to work-outs at the Trump gym in Mar-a-Lago and seeking all sorts of physical training for her as well as dieticians.

Miss Universe’s response after the debate? A screeching rant that kept Trump up all night writing frantic, defensive tweets, while Hillary coolly laughed in her sleeve at her opponent.

Thanks to Miss Universe – and the Hoboken train – the media and the public forgot all about the shenanigans of Hillary’s duplicitous attorney, what’s-her-name, Cheryl Mills. Instead, they’re scratching their heads over why the Media and Donald Trump are so exorcised over an overweight, felonious former beauty queen.

The Clintons – in Bill’s two terms as President – managed to rack up an impressive number of scandals (some involving, some involving her, some involving both of them) by the time he left office in 2001: Castle Grande; the FBI files on Republican opponents; Travelgate; Whitewater and the Rose Law Firm; and, of course, the Bimbo Brigade, culminating with the sensational Monica Lewinsky affair.

Kenneth Starr, a special prosecutor, had opened up an investigation into Hillary’s Whitewater dealings, including the disappearance and reemergence of her legal billing records and the Vince Foster suicide, in which some authors state plainly that Hillary was engaged in a romance with her married partner at the Rose Law Firm and Bill’s childhood friend. Their relationship as partners in the Rose Law Firm and the Arkansas’ Governor’s Office’s financial dealings with Rose Law firm clients caused serious conflicts of interest.

By 1998, Bill had his choice of impeachment for violation of Federal Election Commission rules, accepting foreign donations during his second presidential campaign, or for lying about violating his marriage vows. No one would send him to jail for following his natural proclivities and he chose the latter.

Monica Lewinsky proved the most convenient choice to get him into – and out of – trouble. Just as Miss Universe took the glare off of the House Investigations into Hillary’s dirty dealings, introducing the subject herself during the first 2016 Presidential Debate just the other night, Monica’s blue diverted attention away from Bill and Hillary’s mounting legal problems (and debts).

Instead of being scandalized, the public sympathized with a stand-by-your man, pinked-up, housewifey Hillary. ‘It’s none of anyone’s business,’ she declared on a carefully staged segment of “Sixty Minutes” on CBS.  The public agreed and admired Hillary for standing by her marriage, if not exactly her man.

Hillary’s feminist acolytes were not pleased. But the radical pose must give way to the radical means.  If she was ever to ascend to the Presidency, she could not do so on the coattails of a disgraced, impeached husband-president.  The “Bimbo Eruption” was the lesser of two evils, as it did not involve any jail time at all, only a temporary disbarment for Bill, in which he could not practice law.

Hillary’s “secret police” went behind the scenes, threatening any ex-bimbo who dared to tell any bedroom tales to the press. The SP’s threatened Kathy Willey, making her 13 year-old cat disappear and obliquely threatening Willey’s children.  Juanita Brodderick pursued her lawsuit as did Paula Jones.

Today, Hillary had the nerve to criticize Trump for picking on a poor, defenseless woman, in the middle of the night. She certainly could not have been referring to herself – Hillary is about as defenseless as a porcupine.

But this isn’t about former beauty queens. It’s more about a political train about to careen headlong into the main terminal of American democracy – our federal republic – and bring the roof down.

Only someone who’s ridden a train into Hoboken Terminal realizes just how dark that train station is. An overworked engineer could very well have mistaken the terminal for the train tunnel a few miles west, through some, though not all of the east-bound New Jersey Transit Trains must pass.  The Pascack Valley Line does not go through that particular tunnel.


But it’s not improbable that the engineer, a veteran of the train line, had taken those other routes through that tunnel. His train on Thursday was late because it was short a car.  There has been talk of his having dutifully worked overtime.  He may well have mistaken the smoky darkness of the Hoboken Terminal for the train tunnel farther West.  A long tunnel, engineers have used that “open space” to speed up to make for time.

Hillary is now the socialist engineer who’s been tasked to take over from socialist engineer Obama, who drove us into the darkness in the first place. We’re about to find out that we’re not headed for the light at the eastern end of the tunnel, but the brick wall at the eastern end of Hoboken terminal.

They’ve deliberately ignored the signals at the entrance to the yards. They’ve ignored the 30 mph speed limit through the yards and instead of slowing down to the 10 mph speed limit requirement upon entering the terminal, but opened up the throttle to disaster.

Radio pundits have been asking today why we keep falling for their lies. One reason is a propagandist media.  Unless you happened to be watching Fox News, you wouldn’t have realized how much legal trouble Hillary was really in.  Most people were at work during those morning hearings (there is an advantage to unemployment, after all), and knew even less about it than your average television viewer.  Otherwise, they’d have been immediately suspicious.

Should Trump have been more careful and circumspect in response to Hillary’s bating? Certainly.  But there’s still time to drop it (like, right now) and counterpunch.  She’s got a bellyful of troubles and she knows it and is hiding it.  She’s trying to distract Trump – and us – from the truth.

It’s time to forget about ancient beauty queens (although, if Hillary really wants to open up the door to history, we bloggers will be happy to oblige her; we’ve got plenty of material) and get back to the present and Benghazi and the e-mails, controversies certain to sink her campaign if we can just focus.

Hillary’s feminist hypocrisy in defending fat beauty queens and philandering husbands (maybe bill would like an introduction to Alice) is a sideline that Trump should let us loyal helpers attack.

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