Trump and the P-Word

From the time I got up this morning, I was up and running. Feed the cat.  File some more photos.   Answer the phone.  It was my younger brother, who lives with our 92 year-old mother.  He was taking some much needed time off with his girlfriend.  But Mom had fallen down in her bedroom the night before, knocking her hips, knees, ribs and other body parts against the door before hitting carpeted floor.  Would I run on over to her house and stay with in case she got up (which is usually not until noon, by which time he would be home)?


My brothers are big, husky guys. They can lift Mom if she falls down.  I can just about carry my groceries into the house before having to sit down.  So I drove on over as soon as I could.  We underestimated Mom’s determination to get up, especially when she thought she might not be able to.  She was up when I got there.  But it was okay because I had laundry to do.  And some housekeeping for her.  And some grocery shopping.  This was not the day for writing blogs.  So, my guest blogger will be filling in for me today, on the subject of locker room talk and talk of Donald Trump.


David is that one-half of my older brother’s best friend team, the valedictorian half. David speaks, like seven languages.  No, wait; that was in high school!  He probably speaks more languages by now.  He’s former Army Intelligence, he’s worked with the Department of Homeland Security, and he’s stuck a helmet on his 180-plus IQ brain and jumped out of airplanes for the Army’s Golden Knights.  He’s currently a systems analyst at a major university.  He’s pro-Second Amendment, pro-military (of course) and pro-Trump.


This is the Army, Mr. Brown

You and your lady went to town

She had you worried

But this is war

And she won’t worry you anymore.


David’s Wandering Mind

Tue, 11 Oct 2016

The Trump Tape

OMG. Hey, did you know Trump likes women? Wow, who’d have guessed? Probably a bunch of limp-wristed Hillary supporters. And like most men, in private with other men he is comfortable talking around, he even talks about men’s favorite subject: women.

I’m certainly glad there are no tapes of some of the barracks discussions that took place while I was in boot camp in the Army. Some of those discussions made Trumps remarks sound like so much kindergarten “cooties” talk. Trump’s remarks didn’t cause my eyebrows to lift, even a little. Barely registered. I still can’t understand what the bruhaha is all about.

Yet so many men are outraged for women. Their rhetoric rings hollow. My college-age daughter even asked me why folks are making a big deal about it. Granted, as the only female in her particular class (a male-dominated field), she is subject to hear things guys wouldn’t normally say in mixed company. But as she put it, they’re just a bunch of horn-dogs who haven’t gotten laid in a while and won’t for a while longer.

You do have to admit that Hillary couldn’t have released this “scandalous” tape at a more fortuitous moment. A 10 year old (plus) tape she’s been hanging onto for how many months? But did she really think it wouldn’t backfire? As attorney of record in the cases where her husband, then Arkansas governor, was attacking women and she was making huge settlements with them on his behalf, it really is hypocritical of her.

Is there any evidence Trump actually grabbed anyone’s genitalia? I think that would have come to light by now. But Hillary did all she could to hide her husband’s sexual attacks. Most men who did what her husband did (that she did her best to cover up, so was obviously well aware of) would have become registered sex offenders.

This is a pattern of abuse. The Clinton’s have flaunted the law their entire adult lives. Anyone who mishandled classified material as badly as Hillary would have long since been in prison (those who don’t believe it happened must believe the FBI agent lied under oath to Congress when he said she did). But this entitled family does as it wants and isn’t subject to the laws the rest of us are. Does anyone really want another entitled Clinton in the White House?

I’ve seen Presidential race after Presidential race. I’ve never seen one so devisive to a country. Both candidates are to blame. Neither has actually addressed any of the issues. No question has been answered to my satisfaction.

I do give credit to Trump on one thing: he at least found something positive to say about Hillary when asked. Hillary, who still believes most Americans are irredeemably deplorable, couldn’t find one single decent thing to say about Trump. It is obvious what she thinks about most Americans. But that only has me even more convinced than ever that Hillary will NEVER be suitable Presidential material. I’m amazed she wants to represent a country of deplorables. Isn’t she afraid we’ll drag her down?

It is unfortunate we are stuck with probably the two worst candidates in history to choose from. And while there may be other choices on the ballot, it’s like the head of the Presidential Debate committee said: one of these two will be president. So the other “choices” on the ballot may just as well be Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. Sure, you can vote for them. But even if they won the popular vote, the electoral college would only choose between Donald and Hillary.



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