Another Conversation About the Divided GOP

Really? We’re talking about the divisions in the Republican Party – again?


No one has to tell Tea Party members there’s a divide between the Republican Party and its Conservative members. Hillary’s party effectively smeared their candidate, Donald Trump, with a single incident of what they have overblown as verbal sexual assault and what normal people consider some unsavory “locker room” talk.


The New York Times has trotted a chorus line of aggrieved women who claim Trump “octopussed” them at various points in history, providing no proof, no evidence, and no legal charges. This was a case of trial by the press.


The gambit has worked; Trump’s numbers are down and the Democrats are celebrating the demise of the Republican Party in much the same way Nikita Kruschev once promised that Americans would tear down their own flag (they did, back in the Sixties).


We suffer from a miscommunication by Ronald Reagan back in the Eighties when East and West Germans heeded his call to tear down the Berlin Wall that Communism was dead. He couldn’t have been more wrong.


The reports of Communism’s death were greatly exaggerated. It’s the reason why 91 percent of older voters believe Communism is a threat, while only 55 percent of their Millennial grandchildren and great-grandchildren believe it’s a threat.


Bill Clinton, that Rhodes Scholar, was sent to Oxford during his junior year at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. None of his college transcripts have been made available, so no one knows what sort of student he was.  However, classmates and friends say that he was at best, an indifferent scholar.


But he was an active in campus politics. According to Unlimited Access by Gary Aldrich, “During Mr. Clinton’s attendance at Oxford, and his subsequent trips around Europe and Asia, he had no apparent source of income aside from his scholarship, and it is unknown how this tour was funded.  However, it has been established that he served as a “quasi” ambassador for a leftist organization in Washington, D.C., known as Vietnam Moratorium Committee, or VMC, an organization founded by one Sam Brown, among others.  It appears that Mr. Clinton’s sole purpose at Oxford in the Fall of 1969 was to organize student protests against the United States for the VMC.”


Our future president led a protest against the United States embassy in London in 1969.


The Democrats have successfully employed Saul Alinsky’s Rule No. 4: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.  “You can kill them with this,” Alinsky wrote, “for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church [or Christians] can live up to Christianity.”


Of course not. That’s why the salvation of Jesus Christ, grace, is a central tenet of the Church.  We are not perfect.  The devil (to whom Alinsky dedicated his book) knows this.  It’s nearly impossible for Man to be perfect.  Man is flawed.  But it’s quite easy to be evil.  Flaws mean nothing if you have no rules, respect no rules, and flout existing rules.


That’s why Hillary Clinton nearly got away with denying Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the Watergate hearings and has gotten away with breaking every rule in the book herself.   What does it say to voters, in this era of Black Lives Matter and Law Enforcement Lives don’t, that Hillary abused her own Secret Service agents, marginalized the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and eventually had them removed from the White House.


If you care about law and order, and the lives of our dedicated law officers, Hillary shouldn’t even be a consideration in your choice for President of the United States.


Alinksy’s fifth rule: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.  “It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule.  Also, it infuriates the opposition who then react to your advantage.”


This rule is perfectly comprehensible to the millions of Gen Xers, Gen Yers, and now Millennials who turn to Comedy Central for their politics and news.


Controlling the media, education, and the unions are all planks of the Communist Party. With these tools in hand, they can enact a tyrannical, centralized, bureaucratic government.  Obama has just signed a bill that will give a world government control over the Internet.  Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks website has been shut down.  If Hillary wins, we bloggers, professional and otherwise, will be censored and eliminated.  Free speech, already dying on college campuses, will die if Hillary is elected.


So what is Congress doing about it, specifically the Republican Party, doing about it? What they’ve always done.  Absolutely nothing.  They’ve embraced every politically correct concept that the Democrats have manufactured.  Illegal immigration?  Check.  Climate change?  Check.  Gay marriage?  Check and double check.  Legalization of marijuana? Got it.  Obamacare?  Well, we won’t repeal it, but we will “change” it.


Weak, moderate Republican candidates enabled the Clintons to grab the White House in 1992 and hold onto it. We had strong representatives in Senator Newt Gingrich and the late Fred Thompson (he led the investigation on Filegate).  But the Clinton’s numerous media lackeys beat the political drum about Gingrich’s accepting speaking fees while in Congress (which it turns out, was legal) and he lost the next election.


The Media named the tune and the Republicans danced, especially on illegal immigration. The Democrats hauled out the “racist” cards and the Republicans crumbled.  We have to be willing to cross the aisle, said Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican candidate for president.


Many Republicans knew he was too old and too moderate, but were left with no choice but to vote for him. More voted with their armchairs; they stayed home and Obama, the unabashed Communist won.


In the 2012 election, the Republicans tried a younger, healthier-looking candidate. But as far as the base was concerned, he was tainted by his association with universal healthcare in Massachusetts, where he was governor.  Democrats scared off the blue-collar independents by painting Romney as a job-killing corporate headhunter whose ambition was to make millions.


That wasn’t true. He was a company fixer, not destroyer.  But when he had the chance to take a swing at Obama, he held back, trying to play the gentleman and lost the election.


In seeking the so-called independent voters, the GOP has agreed to open primaries, which allow Democrat operatives to manipulate the Republican primaries. They agreed to motor voter registration, and then to issuing driver’s licenses to foreign nationals, making it possible for them to register to vote without all the bother of becoming U.S. citizens.  Finally, they turned a blind eye to egregious voter fraud procedures in local precincts that made not even the pretense of checking for citizenship.  Citizenship has become the new code-word for “racism” and “nativism”.


The Republicans will never win the Hispanic vote. Ever.  That’s what’s really robbing them of the all-important voter.  With waves of illegal immigrants flooding over our borders and local police unable to arrest them, the election is wide open for fraud.


The illegal immigrants are either “refugees” from Communist-oriented Central and South American countries or from the Middle East. They don’t seek freedom.  They seek the largesse of a wealthy country.  They will vote Democrat forever.


As for women, the P-word audiotape was an easy hit for Hillary. She’s had women in her pocket ever since her student days at Wellesley.  The majority of women simply don’t care about politics.  They’ll tell you they “hate” politics.  What they mean is they don’t care about what’s going on in the Middle East, not even when women and girls are being slaughtered.


They don’t care about the $20 million debt. They’re heavily in debt themselves.  They don’t care about the trade deficit with China, especially if it means they can buy cheap goods for their families.  They don’t care about the Keystone Pipeline, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, or the re-opening of relations with Communist Cuba.


They don’t care about Hillary’s e-mails. They don’t care about Benghazi.  They have no idea what Rosatom is.  They have no idea how high our corporate tax rate is or that it’s the main reason companies have fled the United States.  Hillary tells them it’s because they don’t want to pay their “fair share” of taxes, and that’s good enough for them.


It’s why Hillary has gotten away with so much in the past and is getting away with it now. They don’t watch Fox News.  They probably don’t even watch the Mainstream Media.  They watch Oprah.  They watch the Kardashians.  They watch The View.  They watch Access Hollywood Live.


The housewives are worried about cooking, raising their kids, and losing weight. The younger women have heeded Hillary’s siren call to Women’s Liberation the same way their grandmother’s did.  We’re back to the Sixties.  I saw a young woman in the vet’s office last week wearing a pair of jeans that were more holes in front than fabric.  The back part of the jeans were completely intact, which means the holes were a “fashion statement.”


That is the state of our filthy culture today. It’s a replay of the Sixties.  Sex, drugs and rock n’roll.


In the meantime, the Republicans have basically surrendered. If there was any fight in them, it has long since been enervated by a relentless media culture that celebrates sexual deviance, immorality, and indecency.  That is their book.  But they hold Conservatives to their own.


Conservatives actually preferred a very different candidate than Trump. He was just as feisty as Trump.  But the GOP hated him for challenging their cravenness.  So they refused to support him and Trump steam-rollered the guy.  The blue-collar voters, originally Democrats, having fled the Jackass Party, joined on the Trump Wagon.


The cross-over vote in the primaries put Trump over the top. But once Hillary’s campaign dropped the October surprise bomb, his numbers plummeted, to no one’s great surprise.  Trump’s a fighter but right now the always-suspicious poll numbers are not in his favor.


Our compromised GOP was of no help in Trump’s crisis. Fortunately, the voice of the Trumpsters resounded and most of the GOP leadership sheepishly returned.  Lost in the chaos of the sex tape challenge was an extraordinarily good speech Trump gave at a Florida rally.


The Democrats and their Media agents have us living in an atmosphere of fear. If we were truly free, we’d have nothing to fear.  Instead, we are trammeled by onerous regulations, an unaccountable bureaucracy, and a lurid culture that silences us with the terror of politically-correct retribution.  Enemies of Hillary, the Candidate, can depend upon vicious retaliation.  What will happen to free speech if she becomes president?


If Trump can keep focused on his issues, Hillary’s many, many breaches of law, procedures, and etiquette, and speak as well as he did in Florida, he may get his numbers up. His win will be narrow.  Many Republicans will be unhappy at having to make such a choice.


But the alternative is unthinkable. If you knew the real Hillary, not the prevaricating, hypocritical concoction with the botox smile that insists every charge made against her is a lie, you’d realize there’s a big difference between a slip on a hot mic and a disdain for real decency, law, order, freedom, and the U.S. Constitution.


All the face-lifts, hair styles, make-up, and high fashions can make a silk purse out of a sourpuss empress wannabe.


The GOP are indignant at the “civil war” in their own party.   Yes, it is a  “civil war” which began when the party leaders became “them” versus “us.”

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