Observations on the Third 2016 Presidential Debate

Having received an evening photo assignment that ran later than expected, I watched last night’s third 2016 U.S. Presidential Debate at a friend’s house.


I was on a roll the moment Hillary came onto the stage in that all-white pantsuit get-up? The female in me immediately took notice.  What’s she doing in an all-white outfit?  Doesn’t she realize that’s going to make her look fat?  The photographer in me thought:  that white outfit’s going to bleach her face right out.  The wag in me thought:  she looks like one of those Sunday morning televangelical preachers.


Donald Trump gave a solid performance, I thought, especially on foreign policy. He had Hillary on the ropes about Syria.  He spelled it all out for the audience, precisely how Syria came into the hands of ISIS.  Hillary denied it, of course (doesn’t she always).  But there was no way out.  ISIS and Syria – she owned it.


Mike Wallace tried to catch Trump on a fact check about Aleppo in Syria. Only it turned out Wallace got his facts wrong, not Trump.  But Wallace made up for it at the end of the debate by making that ridiculous demand of Trump that he pledge not to contest the election.


Evidently, Wallace wanted Trump’s word that he would do the “gentlemanly” thing and concede without a recount – or a fight – the way Richard Nixon did in the 1960 Presidential Election. Nixon actually won, when some uncounted votes were discovered in Chicago, enough to put Nixon over the edge.


Wallace forgot, though: Trump is not a “gentleman.”  Remember?  Nor is he a fool.  Only a fool would make such a pledge and Trump told him that he would let him know when the election was over.


The Fox News Team made great hay over Trump’s refusal. If I’ve had doubts recently about Fox News, it was confirmed last night.  There is now no television news network to which Conservatives can reliably turn for news.  Where did Wallace learn his civics lessons – The Bird Brain School of Journalism?


Wallace took Trump to task (again) for the Gropegate Scandals, which Trump emphatically denies. When he was through grilling Trump, who handled the questions matter-of-factly, Wallace turned to Clinton.


Wallace: Secretary Clinton, I want to clear up your position on this issue because in a speech you gave to a Brazilian bank for which you were paid $225,000, we’ve learned from Wikileaks, that you said this. And I want to quote. “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.” He was almost apologetic as he asked the question. She claimed that she was talking about energy ‘if we read the rest of the sentence.’  But the sentence ended with a period after “open borders.”


“My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”


It couldn’t be plainer than if she written the words in red on her frosty white suit.


My personal favorite moment was when Trump told her that Syria had “outsmarted” her. He repeated himself and I’m pretty sure that’s when she lowered her eyes and did that darting-deer-eyes-in-the-headlights thing.


Later on in the debate, Trump remarked what a nasty woman she is. Members of the audience booed and feminists were livid.  If only he could have followed up on that remark (she had the floor at the time, so he couldn’t, and the debate finished soon afterwards).


Looking at that miserable, foul-mouthed woman and recalling how she abused the military, the F.B.I., and the Secret Service with her volatile outbursts, her rudeness, her vindictiveness and thinking of where I had just come from – a Cub Scout celebration of First Responders – police officers, firefighters, and National Guardsmen – I couldn’t believe she was even on that podium.


Hillary graduated from college in 1969, making the cover of Life magazine for savaging a black, Republican member of Congress. She was a self-styled hippie who didn’t wear make-up, deodorant or socks (apparently).  When she and Bill came to the White House, they brought their hippie friends with them.


They turned the Executive Mansion in Washington, D.C., into a carnal house. The Uniformed Secret Service agents had to warn a Naval steward about to bring Bill some refreshment that he ought to think twice about opening the Oval Office door.  He did – and there was Bill entertaining a female friend (not Monica) on the executive desk.


The F.B.I. agent whose job it was to investigate and interview the incoming administration’s underpaid staff about their backgrounds found many willing to readily admit to doing pot and even more dangerous drugs. One even tried to draw him into a debate about legalizing drugs like heroin. As for Hillary’s accusations that Trump was an admirer of Russian President Putin, which made Trump an accessory (in her mind) to national security crimes, I wondered why he didn’t rebuke her for using an unauthorized, non-secure personal computer for official business as Secretary of State? Come again?  Who posed the risk to National Security?  Who opened up the United States government to the risk of hacking by unidentified enemy states?


Why didn’t Mike Wallace point that out to her? He was the moderator, after all.


After Trump has finished serving his term(s) as President of the United States, I hope he (and his children) consider the idea he had of starting his own television network.


We certainly cannot depend upon Fox News anymore.


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