Huma, Hillary’s Hand-Maiden, in Hiding.

October is full of surprises this election year. Yesterday, news came that F.B.I. Director James Comey announced that he would reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and alleged breaches of national security.  The announcement came after the F.B.I. discovered links to Clinton’s e-mails during an investigation in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal.


F.B.I. sources studying Weiner’s cell phone found his wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary’s campaign deputy chief of staff and go-fer-girl, shared Hillary’s secret e-mails with her husband.


The whole scandal just becomes stranger and stranger.


According to Ed Klein’s best-seller, Guilty As Sin (Regnery Press, 2016), sources told the author that “they were joined at the hip” much to the dismay of Hillary’s daughter, Hillary, who wants to be Mom’s Number One.


“Some of Hillary’s old acquaintances who were interviewed for this book considered Huma to be Hillary’s ‘girlfriend.’ Exactly what that meant, however, depended on whom you talked to.  There were those who thought Huma and Hillary were involved in an entirely innocent relationship.  ‘It’s an older-woman-younger-woman-mother-mentor kind of thing,’ one of them explained.


“There were others who thought that Huma and Hillary were involved in a love relationship, but one that was entirely platonic.   And then there was the small minority who concluded without any hard evidence that the relationship went beyond that.


“Of course,” Klein continues, “no one except Huma and Hillary knew the exact nature of their relationship. The only evidence anyone had to go on was Huma and Hillary’s behavior in public.  They were constantly seen whispering in each other’s ear.  They giggled like schoolgirls at each other’s antics.  Hillary rearranged Huma’s hair and frequently patted her on her lower back.  They laughed about the effect these intimate gestures had on those around them.


“Huma has been by Hillary’s side for the past twenty years and she had developed an uncanny ability to anticipate – and fulfill – Hillary’s needs before Hillary was aware of them.”


That is the job description of a personal assistant.


“When Hillary lost things or forgot names or dates, which happened more frequently nowadays, Huma was always there to remedy the situation. When Hillary was unhappy with her campaign staff, Huma” told the offending aides off.


“Everyone knew that when Huma spoke, she spoke for Hillary. No one – not Bill, not Chelsea spoke with that authority.


“’Whenever I’ve stayed overnight in Chappaqua, I’ve seen just how close Huma is to Hillary,’ said one of Hillary’s oldest friends. “Huma wakes her in the morning and curls up on the bedroom couch in a bathrobe while they go over messages and plans for the day.  Huma reads Hillary their horoscopes and a selection of gushing letters that Hillary receives from young girls who admire Hillary and want to be like her.”


Klein writes, “Huma had a lot of experience dealing with people like Hillary – vulgar people who thought they could get away with things.”


“’She [Hillary] has had screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work,’ one of her campaign workers told the author in an interview for this book. ‘People have walked out from her Brooklyn campaign office and while they were on the campaign trail with her.  At one point recently, she was berating a low-level campaign worker for making a scheduling mistake.  The girl had the nerve to walk away from her, so Hillary grabbed her arm and twisted it.  I know that Bill has tried to calm her, but that only makes her more angry.’”


“Why Huma was drawn to people like [Anthony] Weiner, or for that matter, Hillary was a question only she could answer. But she put her experience of living and working with such challenging people to good use.  She understood what made Hillary Clinton tick, and how to talk her down from the adrenaline high that fueled her bitter, self-pitying rages.”


Still, it appears Hillary’s neediness was too much even for the long-suffering Huma. Another friend describes an embarrassed Huma drawing away from Hillary, using an incoming phone call to escape from Hillary’s fawning and petting.


Yet Hillary insisted on Huma being in attendance even in high-level, top-secret meetings at the White House.


“’Valerie [Jarrett] says it’s absolutely embarrassing how much Hillary fawns over Huma and insists that she be in on any meeting, even at the White House,’ said a source who spoke to Jarrett on a regular basis and dined with her in Washington. ‘Huma has to be there, or very nearby.’”`


In another Ed Klein book, Unlikeable, (Regnery Press, 2015), he describes Huma as “Hillary’s Shadow.”


“…Huma kept tabs on Hillary’s personal needs – lodging, transportation, meals, and snacks. She made sure Hillary was dressed appropriate for the weather.  And carried Hillary’s Blackberry, which would become a major prop in Hillary’s e-mail drama.


“Over the years, the two women developed a strong personal bond, and Huma rose in the ranks to become Hillary’s deputy chief of staff. More than an aide, Huma was, with the exception of Bill and Chelsea, the closest person to Hillary.  Hillary never went anywhere without Huma.”


Huma was well-compensated for her devotion. “People said that Hillary treated Human as an adopted daughter,” Klein writes.  “But she went much further than that.  Following Human’s maternity leave, Hillary allowed her to continue drawing a State Department salary of $135,000 as a ‘special government employee’ while at the same time she sat on the board of the Clinton Foundation and also worked as a $355,000-a-year outside adviser to Teneo, a strategic consulting firm founded by Doug Band, himself a former adviser to President Bill Clinton.


“Huma’s double-dipping was certainly unethical if not downright illegal. Some people speculated that Huma needed the money because Anthony Weiner [her husband] was out of a job and broke.  Others said she needed the dough to support her pricey lifestyle, which included designer frocks by Oscar de la Renta, Catherine Malandrino, and Prada, and handbags by Yves Saint Laurent.  And some people said that Human had simply caught the money bug from Hillary.


“Huma’s years of loyal service were richly rewarded when Hillary announced that she was running for president and anointed Huma as one of her chief surrogates.


“’For all intents and purposes,’ a Clinton campaign aide told Politico, ‘[Huma is] no. 3 on the campaign, after [campaign chairman John] Podesta and [campaign manager Robby] Mook.’”


Klein writes in Guilty As Sin:  “In many ways, Hillary trusted her three top aides – Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan – more than her own husband.


“’Bill looks out for Bill first and foremost,’ she told a close friend. ‘And it’s always been that way.  But I know in my heart that Huma, Cheryl, and Jake will be loyal to the end.  Especially Huma.  Nothing will shake her loyalty.  Huma would go to Sing-Sing before she would rate me out to the F.B.I.’”


“Huma Abedin came down the stairs in Chappaqua, rubbing her puffy eyes and looking a big disheveled.


“’Did you get your power nap?’ Hillary asked.


“She placed both hands on Human’s neck and began massaging her shoulders.


“’Huma smile, but looked embarrassed,’ recalled one of Hillary’s oldest friends, who had been invited along with a group of women to spend the afternoon with Hillary, and who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the Chappaqua get-together was private.   ‘Huma’s tough but there are times when she can look like a shy little girl, especially when Hillary displays an interest in her in front of other people.’  Huma went over to a corner of the room to check on Hillary’s e-mails.”


According to some of Hillary’s friends, Chelsea is jealous and suspicious of her mother’s relationship with Huma.


“Chelsea Clinton was respectful of Huma when her mother was around, but she treated Huma with undisguised contempt when Hillary wasn’t present. In fact, Chelsea seemed happiest when her mother chewed out Huma for doing something that displeased her.  Hillary was aware of Chelsea’s feelings, and she dismissed the whole thing as a case of natural sibling rivalry.


“But the highly-charged emotional triangle that existed among Hillary, Huma, and Chelsea was more complicated than that.


“’Unlike Hillary’s relationship with Huma, her relationship with Chelsea is remote and somewhat cold,’ said one of Hillary’s friends. ‘Chelsea is not a warm person.  I’ve never seen them embrace or kiss on the cheek or show any signs of affection, except when they’re in public and putting on a show.’”


Chelsea wasn’t the only one to notice the close relationship between Hillary and Huma.


“Staffers at Hillary’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters said that Huma was closer to Hillary than anyone other than Bill and Chelsea – and that it was a toss-up when it came to Chelsea. Huma’s skill managing Hillary was one of the main reasons she had risen from the post of ‘body woman,’ general assistant, to the pinnacle of Hillary’s campaign, outranked only by two people – campaign chairman John Podesta and manager Robby Mook.


“Her cozy relationship with Hillary paid off for Huma in other ways as well. When Hillary was secretary of state, she approved paperwork that permitted Human to draw a salary…as a ‘special government employee’ while Huma freelanced as an independent operator at the Clinton Foundation, where her fluency in Arabic (she grew up in Saudi Arabia) came in handy soliciting donations from Arab governments.


“Huma’s flagrant conflict of interest didn’t stop there. She was also a paid advisor at Teneo, a firm that was founded by a former Bill Clinton operative [Doug Band – whom Chelsea fired when she took over the running of the foundation].  Teneo represented clients from the Middle East who conducted business with Hillary at the State Department.


“As a result, just three months after the launch of Hillary’s presidential campaign, Hillary and Huma were the subjects of two separate but interconnected F.B.I. investigations – into Hillary’s e-mail practices and her suspected pay-to-play corrupt relationship with the Clinton Foundation.”


James Comey is said to be under intense fire and criticism at his own agency for not following-through on the original investigation. Democrats claim that it was unfair to re-open the investigation eleven days before the presidential election on Nov. 8.


Conservatives, on the other hand, consider the matter justice long delayed. Reports indicate that Huma is in hiding.  Hillary conspiracy followers suspect that Huma could become Body No. 48 in the list of mysterious accidents and disappearances.


No one would miss Anthony Weiner, though.



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