Obama Helping Hillary: Putting the Cart Before the Donkey

Barack Hussein Obama was about seven years old, attending a madrassas school in Indonesia when Hillary Diane Rodham made the cover of Life magazine for her scathing attack of Senator Edward Brooke, a liberal Republican and an African American during her commencement speech as president of the Class of 1969, Wellesley College in Massachusetts.


The Senator was stunned (Hillary’s father, Hugh, was furious). Only two years earlier, she’d campaigned for him as president of Wellesley’s Young Republicans.  Dropping her prepared text (the president of Wellesley College was furious), she savaged him from the podium.


“Senator Brooke,” she charged, “part of the problem of empathy with professed goals is that empathy doesn’t do anything.” She was punishing him for only making a casual reference to the Vietnam War and growing racial tensions.


According to biographer Christopher Andersen (and others) in American Evita: Hillary Clinton’s Path to Power, (HarperCollins/William Morrow, 2004) “Hillary [in her address] offered nothing more than the muddled, sophomoric peace-and-love dogma that was prevalent on campuses at the time.  And predictably, when it was over, Hillary’s mesmerized classmates leaped up to their feet and cheered.”


Shortly afterwards, Life magazine featured Hillary on its cover. Hillary had become the poster girl for the Hippie Generation.  Hillary was a somewhat modified hippie; she didn’t go barefoot – she wore sandals.  But she didn’t wear make-up, dresses, or deodorant.  Her hair was a frazzled mess.  She wanted boys to notice her for her intellect, not her looks.


“…Life magazine proclaimed her one of the eloquent new voices of a restless generation,” Andersen tells us.


It’s a strange thing that, later at Yale, Bill Clinton who never saw a pretty girl he didn’t like, would be attracted to her. Her attraction to him was his popularity, something she didn’t enjoy herself, although she did have a circle of friends at the all-women’s college of Wellesley.


The former Goldwater Girl who, after turning to political socialism through her pastor at First United Methodist Church, introducing her to migrant workers in the Illinois farm fields and meeting Martin Luther King, Jr. personally, rejected her father’s Republicanism.


While at Wellesley, Hillary joined every radical cause going. A good student, she ran for student offices and generally won.  During her senior year at Main Township Public High School, she even performed in school musicals and plays.  Yet, when she ran for class president in her senior year, Andersen tells us, she lost on the first ballot to a boy.


“She called up Reverend Jones to complain bitterly of her opponents’ ‘mud-slinging’ – and vowed never to take the high road again if it meant losing an election.”


“In the beginning,” Andersen writes, “Hillary defended the presence of U.S. troops in Vietnam. But as a sophomore, she underwent a change of heart.  Realizing her beliefs ‘were no longer in sync with the Republican Party,’ she resigned as president of the Young Republicans.”


Back home for the summer in Park Ridge, Ill., Hillary was not surprised by the Republican nomination of Richard Nixon in Miami; “it had been all but a foregone conclusion. The Democratic Convention in [nearby, to the south] Chicago was another matter.  When Hillary saw news reports of protesters flooding the streets of the city, she and a friend, Betsy Johnson, were determined to be part of the action.


“Telling their parents they were off to the movies, the two young women jumped in the Johnson family station wagon and headed for Grant Park, the center of the protests.


“A rock hurled by a protestor screaming profanities narrowly missed Hillary’s head. But like other student activists, she preferred to be ‘shocked by the police brutality we saw.’”


“Back at Wellesley, Hillary decided to write her thesis on the work of Saul Alinsky, the leftist firebrand whose 1947 book, Reveille for Radicals, was regarded by many as the bible of the protest movement.  Colorful [read:  profane], outspoken, and often outrageous, Alinsky [who had ties to the Mob], believed the only way to effect change was by confronting those in power – with protest marches, strikes, and sit-ins.


“Hillary was an ardent admirer of both Alinsky and Marxist theoretician Carl Oglesby, who denounced America’s ‘ruling class’ and had nothing but praise for Ho Chi Minh, Castrol, and Mao. While she never took issue with their goals, Hillary did not agree with their assertion that change could only be initiated from the outside.  For her trenchant analysis of Alinsky and Chicago’s Action Program [which Obama would join some 20 years or so later], part of the larger War on Poverty [instigated by LBJ], Hillary received an A-plus.  Hillary’s political science professor, Alan Schechter, deemed all her work not merely insightful but ‘brilliant’.


“Alinsky was so impressed with Hillary that he offered her a chance to work with him after graduation, but she turned him down. Although he told her she was throwing her life away – and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of the poor and disenfranchised – Hillary applied to several of the country’s top law schools.


“’The only way to make a real difference,’ Hillary countered, ‘is to acquire power.’”


“She may have questioned Saul Alinksy’s overall strategy, but she embraced many of his tactics [as Barack Obama would a generation or so later]. The agitator emeritus believed in a win-at-all-costs approach in the battle for power, and that that required in zeroing in with laser-like intensity on one’s enemies.  Advised Alinsky:  ‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.’”


No sooner did Hillary sign up for classes at Yale University than she “introduced herself to the leaders of the protest movement at Yale. With unrest growing on the nation’s campuses, she was intent on playing a key role.

“Hillary got her first break in April of 1970 when the murder trial of Black Panther founder Bobby Seale was about to start in New Haven [where Yale’s campus is located]. Seale and seven other Panthers had been charged with ruthlessly killing one of their own, Alex Rackley, but not before torturing, beating, and scalding him.  Afterward, said police, they mutilated the body.  The Panthers had suspected Rackley of being a police informant, and believed he had tipped of the authorities to a New York bombing conspiracy.


“New Haven braced for rioting as thousands of angry Panther supporters flooded into New Haven. Another Panther leader, convicted cop killer Hughie Newton, was freed from San Quentin in California on $50,000 bail and showed up to support Seale, calling for full-scale revolution against ‘Fascist Amerika.’  Jane Fond also arrived in two to whip up the crowd, raising her hand in a Black Power salute.


“Like many members of what was now called the New Left, Hillary admired both Newton and Seale. (Seale had already gained fame as one of the Chicago Eight, the group tried for leading the disruption at the Democrat National Convention.)  She suspected that Seale had been set up by the F.B.I. and, doubting whether he could ever receive a fair trial, prepared to take part in a huge May Day rally in support of the Panthers.


“Hillary remained sympathetic to the Panthers, even when their supporters were suspected of setting fire to Yale’s International Law Library. While she joined the bucket brigade of faculty and students to douse the flames, Hillary was thinking of ways to aide Seale and his cohorts.


“In their trademark black leather uniforms, storm trooper boots, dark glasses, and black berets, the Panthers cultivated a swaggering, menacing image that, according to one former member, appealed to the ‘strong masochistic streak’ in the New Left.


“The party had been formed out of an Oakland, Calif., street gang in 1967 by Seale and Huey Newton. Panthers, many of whom had done prison time for serious crimes, brandished weapons and patrolled the streets in armed cadres, focusing on cases of police brutality that they said proliferated in the ghetto.


“Although it was Stokely Carmichael who coined the slogan ‘Black Power,’ and booted whites out of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the Panthers were the first to blatantly reject the notion of peaceful protest. They also differed from other reform-minded groups such as the Congress of Race Equality (CORE), King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and the Urban League in that theirs was an openly Marxist organization with a forthright revolutionary agenda.


“The Panthers had remained a local Bay Area phenomenon until October 1967, when a single bloody incident thrust them center stage. Newton, the party’s self-proclaimed ‘minister of defense’ was leaving a party celebrating the end of his probation for a knifing incident when he was stopped by Oakland policeman John Frey.  There was a struggle, and within minutes Frey was dead – victim of five gunshot wounds, including two in the back at close range.  A back-up officer was wounded, as was Newton.


“With the help of such fellow Panther ideologues as Seale and convicted rapist turned Soul on Ice author Eldridge Cleaver, the Newton trial became a cause celebre.  At Yale and other campuses, posters went up on dormitory walls showing Newton sitting on a rattan throne, a rife in one hand, a spear in the other.  Hillary was among the thousands of students who proudly wore buttons that demanded that California authorities FREE HUEY.


“Newton’s defense team would argue that there was a distinct possibility that the backup officer, not their client, had actually shot his partner in the scuffle. In what would soon become a standard tactic, they contended it was not Newton who was on trial but the system.


“Newton was found guilty of manslaughter, but the conviction was overturned on a technicality. The new darling of the Left, Newton went to live in a glass-walled penthouse overlooking Oakland’s Lake Merritt.  There, he and Seale held court, guzzling vodka and expounding endlessly on the coming revolution before a rapt audience of students, journalists – and several of Hollywood’s leading directors, screenwriters, and actors.


“Hillary sympathized with the Panthers, and saw them as a legitimate political force to be reckoned with. They were, in fact, fast becoming a criminal menace.  In addition to dealing drugs and taking protection money, the Panthers would be involved in numerous shoot-outs with police across the country.


“As for the handsome, charismatic Newton, he turned out to be a chronic alcoholic and abuser of drugs. In 1974, he would flee to Cuba after being accused of fatally shooting a 17 year-old prostitute in the face because she failed to recognize him and of pistol-whipping a tailor for affectionately calling him ‘baby.’  Three years later, Newton returned to face the charges, which were dropped after both trials ended in hung juries.  Later, he served time for a parole violation and for misappropriating funds raised by the Panthers for one of their Oakland community projects.


“”In 1984, Newton received a Ph.D from the University of California at Santa Cruz, but only after allegedly threatening to kill his professor if he didn’t receive passing marks. Ad there would be continuing skirmishes with the law until August 1989, when Newton was shot to death after being locked out of an Oakland crack house.


“In 1979, however, the Black Panthers were lionized by Hillary and her like-minded friends. It was a cocktail party held in the Panthers’ honor at the Manhattan apartment of Leonard Bernstein that formed the basis of Tom Wolfe’s best-selling book, Radical Chic.


“’Chic’ was not the word to describe Hillary Rodham – far from it. She was practical, focused, and, though she would scrupulously avoid mentioning it in later years, committed to doing whatever she could to aid Bobby Seale and his fellow Panther defendants in their murder trial.”


After a speaking engagement in Washington, D.C., to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the League of Women Voters, anguished over the Kent State Killings, she “railed against the war, Richard Nixon, and Capitalist America.”


“When she returned to Yale, Hillary signed up for a project begun by one of her professors, outspoken Leftist Thomas (cheerfully referred to by students and faculty alike as ‘Tommy the Commie’) Emerson. Hillary was assigned the job of making certain that there would always be a law school students on hand at the Panther trial to monitor the proceedings and point out any civil rights abuses on the part of prosecutors to the American Civil Liberties Union.


“Hillary and her fellow students did not confine themselves to compiling information for the ACLU, however. Emerson introduced Hillary to famed radical lawyer Charles Garry, a member of the Panther defense team, and soon her band of student watchdogs were feeing whatever information they gleaned directly to the Panther attorneys.  In later years, Hillary would take pains never to mention her friendship with Garry, whose clients included People’s Temple founder Jim Jones and Angela Davis, as well as Newton and Seale.


“Incredibly, Hillary dismissed out of hand the evidence against Garry’s clients, which included signed confessions from two of the defendants and a chilling audiotape of the victim’s ‘trial’ by his fellow party members before he was summarily executed.


“Nor did it seem to matter to Hillary that the Panthers were waging a campaign of intimidation directed at Yale and the surrounding community. ‘If Bobby dies,’ Bobby Seale’s supporters chanted as they marched through the campus, ‘Yale fries!’  At one point, Panther David Hilliard showed up at a campus rally to proclaim, ‘there ain’t nothing wrong with taking the life of a mother-f#$&ing pig.’”


“In her memoirs, Hillary would praise Yale President Kingman Brewster for his leadership during this period. That ‘leadership’ consisted of shutting down classes and throwing open the doors of the university to demonstrators.  Basically calling for the Panthers’ acquittal regardless of the evidence, the esteemed Brewster expressed doubts that radicals could receive a fair trial anywhere in the United States.


Hillary also admired Yale’s left-leaning chaplain and luminary of the anti-war movement, William Sloane Coffin. He declared that the Panthers’ “white oppressors” should back off – that it was “morally wrong for this trial to go forward.”


At the risk of energizing Hillary’s voters, seeing Obama trying to bolster radical support for Hillary is rather strange, since her radical bona fides pre-date his by some 20 or 30 years. He wasn’t in Selma, Ala., and he certainly wasn’t in New Haven, Conn., for the now all-but-forgotten Black Panthers trial in 1967.


Her disdain for America, for freedom, for law enforcement goes all the way back to her college days in her salad days at Wellesley and Yale. Is it any wonder that she was already experimenting with computer security back in Little Rock even before she became First Lady of Arkansas?


Are we really surprised at her arrogant disdain for the top law enforcement assigned to protect her in the White House when Clinton was president? Screaming at them, intimidating them, and calling them foul names?  Can we honestly trust her to support law and order in the United States, especially given the recent riots in cities like Baltimore and the lawlessness in Chicago?


We have listened to her screaming rants during this presidential campaign and what we here is the same Hillary of 1969, the same calculated, ambitious radical determined to take the reins of power not as a president of the United States but as a Third World dictator.


Turning our country into a Third World banana republic took the weight of a black candidate, Obama, calculating on a considerable degree of white guilt, to accomplish. Although he’s a later student of Marxism and Alinsky, it’s really Hillary who stands as the original poster child of radical progressivism and Marxist ideology.


No doubt her followers will be glad to hear this news. On the other hand, a confused American public does not realize the extent of Hillary’s radicalization and criminality, to say nothing of her evil temper, cleverly disguised by Hollywood-strength makeovers and facelifts, softened by the propagandist media, and cloaked by her Good Ol’ Southern Boy husband’s moderate stance at pleasing everyone he can – politically and otherwise.


Nor in the wake of police shootings during Black Lives Matter protests will the decent citizens of America countenance a woman who defended cop killers back in the 1960s becoming leader of the free world.


Her followers are clamoring for the end of America as we know, for which whippersnapper Barack Obama has paved the way. It is now only for Hillary to seal the deal and achieve her crowning ambition of becoming the First Woman President of the United States, philandering husband, a tidal wave of e-mails, and the U.S. Constitution.


The only thing standing in her way is that big lug, Donald J. Trump, who is proving more difficult to surmount than she had planned, thanks to WikiLeaks and a public truly angered by on-going corruption and dismissive lies.


The truth matters. We can’t go back to the 1950s, thanks to technology.  But thanks to technology, we no longer have to suffer as the Silent Majority.  Don’t be fooled by the twisted order of Democrat politics:  Even though he became President (next Tuesday will tell Hillary’s tale), Obama is actually following in Hillary’s footsteps, which suggests that she’ll make an even more damaging president (if that’s possible) than Obama.


The Secret Service must be quaking at the thought of Hillary’s possible return to the White House.



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