Hillary Clinton and Ephialtes of Malis: Two of a Kind

Just as I was wondering what to write in this evening’s blog about today’s recent F.B.I. announcement, Big Brother’s best friend proved the hero and e-mailed me with his highly educated, well-considered and well-informed observations on the matter.

David’s Wandering Mind

06 11 2016

Sun, 06 Nov 2016

Sinking to New Lows

This week will prove extremely interesting. Most interesting will be the timing of the FBI arrest and indictment of Hillary Clinton on charges from misappropriation to possibly treason and any number of racketeering charges in between.

The question now is not if, but when. The next question will be how many counts of how many different criminal charges exactly.

One also has to wonder where she will be tried. Personally, as much of this goes to her time as Secretary of State, and her position of trust within the US Government, I vote for a military tribunal (but it certainly won’t be). With a military tribunal, she would get the fairest treatment. The service members she betrayed will give her a much fairer shake than she gave them. Also fairer than any civilian court possibly could. It is unlikely a civilian court could hear some of the evidence, so only the judge will hear it given its sensitivity, and a civilian court would not understand the severity or consequences beyond that of the deaths of intelligence assets and service members.

Unfortunately for her, members of a military tribunal would understand the consequences of her actions both on the US as well as its reputation on a global scale. Meaning, her punishment would fit her crimes.

As it looks right now, the terms: Ephialtes of Malis (a Greek who betrayed his homeland, in hope of receiving some kind of reward from the Persians, by showing the Persian forces a path around the allied Greek position at the pass of Thermopylae, which helped them win the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C.), Quisling, Judas, and Benedict Arnold will soon be accompanied by Hillary Clinton.

How could this have happened? With wealth comes power and entitlement. Is this a problem? Insofar as Hillary used her position to manipulate many key players in Washington and even the press corps, absolutely. Negative press was suppressed. Even the timing of information from places like CNN (referred to by the right as the Clinton News Network) and PBS was orchestrated by Hillary. So much for our supposedly impartial news reported not by journalists so much as spin doctors under the guise of journalism.

This election shows just how low things have sunk in Washington. Republicans, terrified of their own shadows, sit on their hands doing nothing while tyrannical bullies like Hillary lay waste to America the Beautiful.

How do we fix this? The same way we fixed the Presidency under the 22nd Amendment. With fixed terms. We need to remove the rot within our system by insisting on fresh perspectives. Career politicians are not in our best interests.

Another method of ensuring that Congress act in our best interests include insisting that Congress “eat their own dog food.” Obamacare would never have passed if Senators and Representatives were forced to use it like the rest of us are. And why is the IRS enforcing ObamaCare? Their mandate is tax collection.

Put limits on political action committees. Anyone who believes these PACs have the average American’s best interests at heart is sadly mistaken. Unions and corporations that buy votes are not doing so to benefit their workers.

Limit Executive Orders and what the President can use them for. Executive orders should not replace legislation. EOs should not be used to get around Congress as President Obama has used them. If the President can’t get a piece of legislation passed, there might be a reason for it. Circumventing the 2nd amendment by making the sale of certain ammunition illegal is not only a bad idea, it effectively makes the President a dictator. We have three branches of government for a reason. The President is supposed to enact and enforce laws passed by Congress, not pass laws by Executive Decree.

We also need Congress to step up in certain areas. The 2nd amendment means very different things in the Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey than in the State of Texas. I’m sure folks from any state would be enraged if they drove through N.J. and were arrested and imprisoned because they had an out-of-state vehicle and an out-of-state license to drive. Yet that’s what happens when someone has a firearm and tries to transport it through N.J. They are subject to arrest and imprisonment on firearms-related charges for the firearm they legally possess and can legally carry in their own state. How is this NOT a violation of the 2nd amendment? This goes for NY and California among others. Anyone legally licensed to carry in one state should be able to legally carry in any other state. Why should this be any different from a driver’s license? Step up, Congress, and level the playing field.

This downhill slide needs to be stopped. It is untenable. The 2nd Amendment must mean the same in all states or it is meaningless. Ditto for the 4th Amendment, which police officers have found ways to subvert. And we’ll never be able to rely on the information coming from our news outlets as long as their political agendas come straight from one party or another (are you listening, CNN?).

I am tempted to suggest that anyone who wants to run for public office should first have served at least 4 years of active federal service in the U.S. military. This may not be a panacea, but it would go a long way to restoring faith in our democratic system. Writing a blank check to the U.S. Government for up to and including your life, and being sent into harm’s way to protect this country gives one a very unique perspective on our freedoms. I trust my brothers and sisters in arms (past and present). I do not trust my legislators (sad to say). They should have to go through the “gas chamber,” the way we did.

If this Presidential election has taught us nothing, it should show us the value of integrity. The kind lacking in Washington. We need to bring it back. We need legislators who understand the American people and career politicians do not.

Thanks, Dave, to you and all our heroes, the serving, the veterans, the wounded, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the Armed Forces. – Belle


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