Hillary Clinton – Stealing the American Dream

In the last hours of the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton is literally taking center stage, claiming the she will defend Americans’ right to pursue the American Dream.


This isn’t the first time she – and her husband, Bill – have made a sudden, last-minute shift to the center to appeal to Independent voters who, uncertain about voting for a woman with such a history of collusion, corruption, and cronyism, might be tempted by a fashionably dressed, well-coiffed woman with cornflower blue contact lenses into believing her message about the American Dream.


She’s learned, critics say, her husband’s art of ingratiating himself with undecided voters, moderate Republicans, even former Republican presidents, not to mention bird-brained waitresses and googly-eyed White House interns.


Staring into her eyes, they seemed to be hypnotized into forgetting the empty industrial parks, abandoned shopping malls, and rusting factories whose jobs have gone to China, Mexico, and India. They’re blind to the illegal immigrant drug-dealers brazenly standing on our small town street corners.


They take for granted the Sustainable Housing Developments, built by HUD grants, that have popped up all over our suburbs, filled with wealthy Democrat voters (in the case of New Jersey, emigrants from over-crowded Long Island) who, along with the illegal voters, who are welcome with open arms and promises of no registration checking, will seal New Jersey’s fate forever as a “Blue” (the color is really “Red”) state forever.


We have a genuine heroin crisis here in Passaic County, brought on by three decades of illegal immigration, begun when then-President Clinton, Hillary’s hubby, decimated not only ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) but the DEA (the Drug Enforcement Agency). According to Roger Stone and Roger Morrow’s book, The Clinton’s War on Women, Bill Clinton was not only a cocaine addict, but facilitated the importation of drugs from South America into Arkansas.


Hillary headed the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation whose mandate was to subvert our legal justice system to bring about “social justice” decisions in the United States through tax-payer funded lawsuits against corporations and our own legal system. This legal system would lead to unbelievable lawsuits:


  • A suit was filed against Disneyland over children being traumatized on a backstage tour by the sight of their beloved cartoon characters unmasked
  • A girl sued a county school board for $1.5 million after being allowed to play football, only to be injured in the first scrimmage
  • A teenager won a $50,000 award from his school when he snagged on his teeth on a basketball net while making a slam-dunk, losing tow teeth
  • A California law allows to children to live on their own as adults
  • A Florida judge granted an 11 year-old the right to “divorce” his parents
  • It was Hillary’s LSC that forced the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority to hire former heroin addicts and alcoholics based on “minority” discrimination
  • Hillary directed a grant of $20,000 to the Christic Institute which published bizarre conspiracy theories in which virtually every ill on earth could be traced to “secret teams” at the CIA involved in the narcotics trade.


Publicly, the two-faced Hillary supported, as the junior senator from New York State, the Defense of American Marriage act, while privately she encouraged alternate lifestyles and the theory of three genders. As a freshman at Wellesley College, she was introduced into the “colorful” world of bisexuality by her lesbian roommate, Eldie Acheson, granddaughter of Dean Acheson, secretary of state under Harry Truman.


Bill Clinton appointed “Eldie” assistant attorney general. She was public policy and government affairs director at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force until January 2007, in which capacity she led efforts on Capitol Hill to secure funds for the LGBT community.  Although she left that job after her appointment in 2007 as vice president and general counsel of Amtrak, she continues to be a strategy advisor to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, representing the group in key meetings on Capitol Hill.  Acheson is married to Emily C. Hewitt, the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims, which hears monetary claims against the U.S. government.


Hillary was fired from the Watergate Committee, denounced by her boss as dishonest and unscrupulous. She secretly removed documents from staff files and withheld critical evidence that proved Nixon had a right to legal counsel.  She advocated, as part of the Children’s Defense Funds, a child’s right to sue its own parents.  Hillary argued that a “child” should have the right to make important decisions about its health care, education, and finances independent of its parents.  While I agree that parents often don’t consult their children when it comes to decisions about their future careers, the government shouldn’t be influencing those decisions, either.


While First Lady of Arkansas, she rolled out an educational program that would later inform the agenda of Common Core. As First Lady of the White House, she approved the pornographic decorations on the Blue Room Christmas Tree, despised her First Lady role in hosting the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, and egregiously attempted to exceed her very limited mandate as First Lady by trying to have her husband appoint her co-president, attorney general, and an official presidential advisor.


She finally settled on being appointed to head the National Task Force on Health Care Reform, which brought upon her and her husband the outrage of Congress and the nation. Her universal health care plan was deemed an expensive overreach of the government.


Then, there was her penchant for keeping records, or files, on everyone she met, a habit she learned from her then-boyfriend Bill Clinton. He met all these people and memorized their names and phone numbers instantly.  Hillary, however, had to create a rolodex (a gadget that kept index-sized cards of people’s names and phone numbers).


Hillary didn’t have a very good record at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. But one small, scarcely noticed case would not only bring in money but give her a good education in the up-and-coming invention called the “personal computer.”


Vince Foster, prior to his death, according to Joyce Milton, author of The First Partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton, A Biography:  “…singled out her work for the data processing software giant, Systematics, Inc.


“’We did not have any intellectual property specialists when she joined us. She became sort of self-taught in all of this.  And you don’t find a lot of intellectual property sub-specialists in Arkansas.  Quite frankly, the rest of us thought of it as a foreign language.’


“Ironically, Alltel, the telecommunications company that now owns Systematics, refuses to confirm that Hillary Clinton every represented it. After some prodding, a company spokesperson told me that even if the First Lady had done work for Systematics, ‘that would be proprietary information.’


“In 1995, moreover, Alltel went so far as to hire a San Francisco libel specialist, Charles O. Morgan, to threaten legal action against anyone who claimed that Vince Foster had been an attorney for Systematics.’


“Alltel has reason to be sensitive. One of the most convoluted and persistent of all Internet conspiracy theories, a variation on the long-running Inslaw scandal, turns on claims that Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton…were responsible for getting Systematics to write a ‘back door’ into its banking software, making it possible for the government to monitor private banking transactions.  Supposedly, Foster – and perhaps Hillary – later became double agents, selling the computer codes to Israeli intelligence.”


Milton dismisses these outlandish notions of Hillary posing as a double agent. Milton isn’t even sure Hillary was smart enough to learn about computer codes.


“The relationship [with the Rose Law Firm],” Milton writes, “began with a 1979 lawsuit that was a forerunner of the BCCI banking scandal. The Worth Bank and Systematics, then part of the Stephens family’s financial empire, were sued in connection with the attempted takeover of a Washington, D.C., bank by the same group of investors later associate with BCCI.


“Joe Giroir, Webb Hubbell and Hillary, who apparently did much of the research on the case, represented Systematics and succeeded in getting the company dismissed from the suit. In 1983, Hubbell was again hired by Systematics to take on a competing software firm in an intellectual property case.  According to Charles R. Smith, who writes on computer encryption issues for Insight magazine, Hillary also did work for Systematics in connection with a 1990 contract that a subsidiary of the firm received to build something called a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility at Fort Gibbons, Ga.


“While none of this supports the conspiracy theories that have been woven around the Rose-Systematics connection, it does suggest that Hillary may have taken a more active interest than previously suspected in formulating the Clinton Administration’s often controversial policies on computer encryption issues like the Clipper Chip, which was intended to give the government the capability to monitor everything from wireless phone calls to electronic data transmissions.”


Supposedly, Hillary picked the brains of some of Systematics systems administrators and computer programmers. Later, she would hire experts to outfit her with the latest in illegal home servers to keep her records on her various “-Gates,” Clinton Foundation quid pro quo deals, and various other shenanigans off the public record and, allegedly, subpoena-proof.


Hillary knew a good deal more about her home server and her computer devices than she lets on. Don’t believe the “I’m-just-a-Luddite-old-fashioned-Grandma” routine.  If this information about her past is correct, she knows more about computers than the average grandmother.


Don’t believe Hillary’s Election-Eve, American-as-apple-piecrust promises once she becomes president. Ed Klein, in his book Guilty As Sin, gives us Hillary’s more-of-the-same agenda:


  • More taxpayer-funded “free” stuff for favored Democrat groups
  • More national debt
  • More business regulations
  • More government-directed crony capitalism
  • More layoffs
  • More unconstitutional executive orders
  • More illegal immigrants
  • More Islamist terrorism
  • More scandals
  • More favors for big-bucks contributors
  • More Washington grid-lock
  • More racial division
  • More criticism and persecution of law enforcement
  • More crime and disorder
  • More Obamacare and higher premiums
  • More downsizing of the armed forces
  • More late-term abortions
  • More out-of-wedlock children supported by welfare
  • More gun control
  • More federal control of public schools
  • More “multi-gender” bathrooms
  • More liberal, Marxist Supreme Court justices
  • More political correctness
  • More assault of free speech on college campuses
  • More chaos in the Middle East
  • More humiliation from China, Russia and Iran
  • More, in other words, of the last eight years of Obama


Hillary Clinton isn’t offering us The American Dream – she’s offering us The American Nightmare.






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