Hillary Clinton and the Woman’s Voice

Her grating voice, her shrill screaming should be enough to embarrass any woman. Then, there was the “Nasty Woman” campaign speech by Elizabeth Warren.  If that wasn’t enough to give women second thoughts about voting for Hillary, then nothing would.


Hillary Clinton is said to be drawing young single women and college educated women. Presumably, the polls mean the “Career Women”.


I’m a woman. I’m single.  I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications.  No husband or children. But I am a Conservative, all the same.  No college professor would have ever convinced me that a career path was the better way to go.  That a husband and family, at best, were inconveniences to be dealt with through divorce and daycare.  Hang onto the husband long enough to produce some authentic children, then divorce the guy, take the house, and live happily ever after trying to break through the male ceiling of Corporate America.


What I love best America is our freedom of choice. A woman is, and always has been, free to choose her career path.  My mother was fighting for her right as a woman to equal pay to man’s before Hillary was even a glimmer in her father’s eye.  Mom didn’t need government help to get that raise in pay, the position itself being considered a “man’s” position.  She gambled on her own merit as a reporter, her work ethic, her integrity, her honesty, and her Bronx-inspired gutsiness.


In those days, those sorts of women were a minority. Not only did most women not want to be the president of a company, but they wanted to be homemakers.  They wanted to be wives and mothers, to raise the children and take care of the home.  World War II forced them into the workplace.  But the post-World War II Baby Boom proves that they were all too happy to return home once their husbands returned from the war.  Many men did not and those widows eventually remarried.


Motherhood was the greatest honor they could have. Not a sign on an office suite door.  Yet with Women’s Liberation in the Seventies, women were lured out into the work force, if only part-time.  My mother was glad to get out of the house.  She took a job as a bus driver and was soon driving the Atlantic City route just like the men.


Our family income certainly a nosedive by the time by younger brother was born. Gone were the new cars every other year, the fur coats, the Broadway shows, the vacations.  Now it was hand-me-downs from family friends, a mortgage, hot dogs and beans for dinner, and one beat up car from the 1920s that we called “The Purple Car”.  No springs attached.


My father was ultra-conservate. Mom was a bit more moderate socially, but definitely a fiscal conservative.  They recognized what the press dismissively called “The Red Menace” as a real threat to freedom and the American way of life.  They were furious when LBJ passed the chain immigration act.  They were suspicious of the language of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The campus hippies were KGB plants meant to ply our foolish American youth with drugs and radicalize them.

The poster child for this movement showed up on the cover of Life magazine – Hillary Rodham. I hated her immediately.  I despised what she stood for.  I examined the cover.  She looked like a hippie, only cleaner and less funky.  Was she a poser?  Her pants were certainly loud, but they looked like they were made of silk.


Hillary is no friend of men, as we know. She’s no friend of women, either.  She’s no friend of the family.  She’s a Marxist.  Marxists despise what they called the “Nuclear Family.”  A nuclear family, removed from the pressures of the city – it’s crime, it’s unrest, it’s claustrophobic politics – could insulate themselves from Marxist political pressure and teach their children their own values.


What the American suburbs couldn’t insulate themselves from was the wave of drugs. The park near the local high school took on the then-popular name of “Needle Park.”  It’s still Needle Park today.  It’s been Needle Park since Bill Clinton stripped ICE and the DEA of their powers at our borders.


Hillary came from a stable family. Bill did not.  His father was not Roger Clinton, Sr., an abusive alcoholic who was unable to have children.  His father, rumors say, wasn’t even William Blythe, killed in a car crash before Bill was born.  They say Bill’s real father was a Dr. Wright of Hope, Ark.; that his mother had a very provocative career as a nurse and everyone in the town of Hope knew who Bill’s real father was.


Hillary followed Clinton’s family pattern. She was rightly furious about her husband’s philandering.  But rumors (again, just rumors) have it that Chelsea is the daughter of convicted felon Webster Hubbell, a White House counsel during the Clinton Administration.


Is this Hillary’s idea of family values? She promotes hare-brained theories about multiple genders.  She’s an advocate of supplanting parents with government-appointed attorneys as guardians.  She experimented with the Arkansas educational system, where gifted children were made to feel guilty for their successes.


Hillary is set to follow Obama’s footsteps in universal healthcare and housing. Premiums on health insurance are set to increase by triple digits.  Our jobs have been driven out of the country by an economy over which Hillary and the Democrats ran rampant.  Those people who can’t find work will find themselves in a world of trouble when it comes time to collect Social Security.


A pundit on television stated that certain women are driven not by issues but by personality. What does Hillary’s personality tell them?  She’s foul-mouthed, bad-tempered, exercises poor judgement, blames others for her mistakes, lies with impunity, manipulates the press, and intimidates enemies with smear campaigns, string-pulling, and physical threats.  Some people have disappeared or died on her watch.


Hillary has no regard for law and order, or for those who enforce it. We won’t be safe with her in office.  Were you stupid enough to try drugs when you were young?  Well, the drugs are now going to be commonplace, right in our school corridors and on our playgrounds.  They’ll be legal and it’s all a genuine conspiracy to wreak revenge on the politics of the 16th Century.

In his last act of office, Hillary’s husband, Bill, granted pardons to hundreds and hundreds of serious criminals. The current officeholder, Barack Obama, just told the millions of illegal immigrants stationed in our country to go ahead and vote today – that he wouldn’t do anything to stop them.


Hillary will continue on this path. Heck, she paved the way for it when she was young.


Pundits keeping saying that “THIS is the most important election of our time.” They’ve all been important, because they’ve all been an incremental step in destroying our country and paving the way for its takeover by Marxists.  They want your children, they want your homes, they want your money, they want your freedom.


In their book, (“The Communist Manifesto”) individual freedom is considered not only a selfish act, but an actual crime. Millions of Russians were imprisoned in gulags when they discovered that Communism was just a massive takeover by a criminally brutal bureaucratic government.


Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly said that he sure would be glad when this election cycle was all over. I wouldn’t be too sure of that.  Depending on who wins today, we may be looking back at today and wondering what else we could have done to prevent this.  If Trump wins, there may well be riots in the street.  That will be their reaction to a Trump win.


What are we going to do, if Hillary wins?







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