An Addendum on Trump’s Presidential Victory

In my last post, I wrote that I had faith in Donald Trump. What I meant was, I had faith in him as I was watching the election results last evening and into the early morning, not that I was among the original “faithful.”


I was reminded to modify this statement by the bellowing of Michael Savage (who I suspect reads this blog), who led “the parade” from the beginning.


As my readers know all too well, I was not onboard with Trump’s candidacy in the beginning. I didn’t care for his primary campaign style, to put it charitably and thought his campaigning needed some polishing.  Even his wife, Melania, thought he needed to act more presidential.


I cringed at what I viewed as self-destructive behavior. Or at least, campaign-destructive behavior.  He couldn’t act this way if he was going to represent us as President of the United States.  I was satirically critical.  I laughed about his spray tan.


The photographer in me, however, felt guilty, knowing that the cause of the spray-tan look was his bright red ties. How could I make fun of someone who looked just the way countless other men had looked in my studio back at my former company?  I complained about the red ties frequently.  My boss insisted that the red ties were good for attracting attention.


My primary guy was Ted Cruz. But Trump won the primaries fair and square.  I was not a NeverTrumper.  I was never, ever a NeverTrumper and often advised Twitterers not to take such an inflexible position towards the candidate.  He isn’t THAT bad.


In fact, after the primaries, I reflected on how often I had listened to him on WOR radio. I was impressed by his genuine concern for the nation and the direction it was taken.  He didn’t sound like the boss from The Apprentice, or a wrestler or a boxer or a bathing beauty ogler.


He sounded like a concerned American.


Gradually, he shed his Apprentice persona and began taking on the mantle of President of the United States, especially within the last month. I joined the parade late, it’s true, but I was a member of the band since he was nominated.


I became a genuine supporter within the last month, listening to his resonant voice expounding on the greatness of America and Americans. Now that was a guy I could vote for without cringing or hesitating.


So, yes, I was a little late in coming around. But yesterday I pressed the button for Donald Trump.


And I didn’t have to hold my nose at all.


Congratulations, Mr. Trump!

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