Donald J. Trump Wins 2016 Presidential Election

Many political pundits, pollsters, politicians, and Democrats are scratching their heads this morning as the news broke at 3:30 a.m. EST, that Donald J. Trump was elected the next President of the United States, winning the Electoral College with 277 votes, which he gained by flipping blue state Pennsylvania.


If they’d paid any attention at all eight years ago, his victory wouldn’t be a mystery. The American people were, as our new president-elect calls us, “a movement” in search of a leader.  Trump was a natural-born leader, with a tremendous, resonant voice and a genuine, sincere love of America, in search of a movement.


My good friend and I watched the election night coverage right from the beginning, at around 7 p.m. We started out with Fox News, but I simply couldn’t abide their gloomy forecasts and insisted on switching the channel to Fox Business News, for which I’ve developed a new-found love.  God bless you, Stuart Varney.  And Charles Payne and Neil Cavuto, too.


I had faith in Donald Trump. I had even more faith in the American people.  I could sum up the issue in one word:  Obamacare.  As I sat anxiously watching the results come in, I prayed and prayed.  Obamacare was such an all-consuming nightmare.  Surely the American people would repudiate it?  My experience at the voting booth, where people I think who hadn’t voted in a presidential election since Ronald Reagan in 1980 suddenly were four deep in the tiny building that served as our polling station.  For my district, I was voter number 487.  And it was only noon.


This was never going to be a landslide for either candidate. We were, and still are, a divided nation.  The votes are still being counted, but Hillary is still in the lead by some 285,000 votes.  Some districts and counties aren’t finished with the job.


One of the pundits on Fox Business predicted – probably correctly – that Hillary would win the popular vote because of California. In the Golden State, illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities are free and welcome to vote in our elections.  So the popular vote may not actually be hers after all.


The funniest, most gratifying Conservative moment was when Fox Business News showed the Dow futures market tanking, at one point, at minus 900. The Asian Markets were panicking as well.  I thought with satisfaction that perhaps all those wealthy, Wall Street hedge fund brokers, whom Hillary shamelessly courted, were getting ready to plunge 71 stories from the top of 40 Wall Street (ironically called The Trump Building).


As for the Asian markets, they clearly saw the writing on the wall. Were they preparing their ceremonial swords for hari-kari?  The American people don’t take kindly to being cheated, having their pets poisoned, and having their jobs stolen, not matter how cheaply China markets it plastic, breakable toys.


So how did all those pollsters and pundits get it wrong?


They took the American people for granted. They couldn’t see us from 40,000 feet sailing from the Left Coast to the other Left Coast, what they’ve called for decades, “Fly Over Country.”  They just figured they could get away with bankrupting our country economically, legally and morally.  What were the little American people going to do about it?


Donald Trump, they sneered, was just a joke. That was another mistake they made:  underestimating him.  True, he didn’t have any political experience.  But that was the point.  Our own party had sold us out.  I suspect blue-collar Democrats felt the same way.  Someone dubbed Trump the Blue-Collar Billionaire.  That’s just about right.


Donald Trump is very, very rich. On the other had, he’s not actually right up there at the top of wealthiest Americans. He’s number 324.  That’s a respectable number.  I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy to be listed as the 324th wealthiest individual in America.  For him, that’s a humbling number.


Trump, in spite of everything, worked hard for his wealth. Sure, his father helped him out.  That’s what fathers (and mothers are for).  Long ago, he gave up building casinos for building golf courses.  Golf being an incurable addiction, even more all-consuming than mere gambling, Trump and his family are set for life with their golf courses and resorts.


Although Trump won the Republican Primaries, he was struggling to win over women and the college-educated. We might have cringed, but the sensible among us didn’t join the NeverTrump crowd.  He was the candidate.  Either he’d be cured or he’d be endured.


Fortunately, in the last month of the campaign, a miracle occurred. Well, several miracles occurred.  Obamacare premium spikes kicked in.  FBI Director Comey reinstated the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails (two days before the election, he would rescind that order and declare that there would no investigation into the e-mails).  Elizabeth Warren spoke in a rally about the “nastiness” of women voters.  They now see where that got them.


And presidential candidate Donald J. Trump emerged from his cocoon as the natural, patriotic leader many of us already knew he was, giving perfect speeches, with complete sentences, facts to back up his assertions, and anecdotes to give humanity to his facts. His naturally resonant voice boomed across one assembly hall or outdoor venue after another, proclaiming his love for the American people and devoting himself to their causes.  If you have to have someone speak for you, you want someone with a resounding, bass voice.  Trump had the necessary gravitas.


He spelled out his agenda in order and in detail. He also turned his campaign from a campaign of the self to a campaign of the selfless candidate embracing the causes and concerns of the American people.


We must give a salute to his female – note to feminists – a woman – campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway – for organizing Trump’s campaign. Gone was the reality television star of the spring.  Here was our candidate, in fine form, introducing Americans to what they never thought they’d ever hear or see – a path to freedom and prosperity for average Americans.


I know a certain former co-worker who is eating crow for lunch today. At a retirement party for my former boss, he said he was certain Trump would lose.  He said he “knew things” and was privy to many way, way, way behind-the-scenes sources.


I stood beside my former boss and simply listened as my boss told him he was wrong, that Trump was going to win.


I wanted to tell this silly, young guy that I knew things, too. He’d gone on to work in those lofty Wall Street towers.  He’s making a lot of money, whereas I am broke.  Once he made the move into Manhattan and Columbus Circle, he lost touch with the real power – the American people.


For eight or nine years now, as a Tea Party member, I’ve been listening to the real sources of power. They were rumbling and roiling, like an ache in your innards. They were an energy just searching for an outlet, for someone who would speak for them.


The Tea Party wasn’t enough for them. These were blue collar men and women.  They didn’t really want to study the Constitution, although they certainly supported and defended our legal foundation.  They wanted something done about the reality before them.  Businesses and factories were closing all across America, but here in tiny little jobless Jersey, it was perhaps more obvious because you couldn’t drive more than two miles before you came across an abandoned industrial park or a shuttered shopping mall.


Obamacare was bankrupting many families. There were families who found that either the Obamacare premiums, or the penalty for not having a policy, exceeded their actual income.  Doctors were planning on going into other fields.  My own doc is on vacation.  If it hadn’t been for Donald Trump winning the election, he might not have ever come back from “vacation.”


In the last month, evidently President-Elect Trump had an epiphany: it was all about the American people.  We’re the bosses, the force that has made America great, the reason America needs to embrace freedom and Constitutional justice.  We’re the reason our wonderful military and law enforce puts their lives on the line every day, and for which every right-thinking, decent American is eternally grateful.


We wanted our country back. We wanted our jobs back.  We wanted our individual freedom back.  That’s what the politicians and pundits didn’t understand.  We don’t want government to take care of us.  We don’t need government to take care of us.  We don’t want government establishing careers on our backs.  Let them go get real jobs.


Yes, this was a tight race. We are still a divided nation.  So long as one side of the country embraces freedom and the other embraces collectivism, we will continue to be a divided country.  For the next four years, we must take advantage of our freedom and prepare to pass it on to the next generation and the generation after that.


The fight isn’t over and never will be. Our preparation to defend freedom begins with educating the next generation.  We can’t do that until we can get their attention.  Somehow, we must break the stranglehold recreational drugs have over them.  A tough fight, but one that Mr. Trump’s promise of returning drug-dealers and other criminals will go a long way in winning.  Get the drugs out of our schools, off of our streets, and out of our kids’ hands.  We need to slap them upside the head, as the saying goes.  The science that tells us marijuana has a long-term, debilitating effect on the brain must be allowed to come forward.


Next, we must return American history to our schools, scrubbed of revisionism, entitlement, and, frankly, Marxism (it comes disguised in many forms: entitlement, “white privilege”, political correctness).  Schools must once again teach history, not social studies.  Social studies is a course for college freshman, not first-graders nor even high school seniors.  If students really want to study cultures, let them take a course in anthropology when they get into college.


But that’s getting far into the future. Let us relish this day when someone named Donald J. Trump used his celebrity to turn the spotlight on American freedom.


And won.






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