President-Elect Trump and the Illegal Immigrants

Only a week after his election, President-Elect Trump has apparently already backed off on or backed away from some of his campaign promises. As I recall, he promised he would do so, making me wonder, at the time, whether he was the candidate to vote for.


But then, a month away from the election, he began speaking like a true American, someone upon whom we could depend. Was he the candidate average Americans had been waiting for, the one who would send the illegal immigrants – all of them – packing, bring back our jobs, and repeal Obamacare?


The media has made great hay over what seems like his walk-back on Obamacare. However, the supposed “walk-back” involves something none of us were happy about – the pre-existing conditions clause in our health insurance policies that excluded those with pre-existing conditions (which is just about everyone over 40) from being covered.


Obama, yes, to his credit, was responsible for that. Shame-faced Republicans admitted that they backed such a clause on behalf of their clients in the insurance industry, not their individual constituents.  Trump gave him credit for it, although not much else concerning health care insurance.


So much for his walking back Obamacare. Thank goodness.


Praising Obama and Hillary as “good people” was not so good. While it’s understandable that Mr. T wants to appear magnanimous, there’s a difference between gracious civility and patting demonstrably bad politicians on the back.


Does Mr. Trump recognize that his election was a repudiation of Obama and of Hillary Clinton? Reluctance to thrash an already well-beaten opponent is commendable.  Hillary lost.  The loss was marginal; that is to say, it was a close race.  But beaten she is, truly and if not soundly, at least obviously.  Her life’s dream was to become President of the United States.  That dream is gone, as are the means of support for the Clinton Foundation.  No power, no donors.


The American people who voted for Trump are calling for him to name a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s e-mail server, the Clinton Foundation, and Benghazi. He hasn’t even named his entire cabinet yet.  He has also yet to name over 4,000 bureaucrats to their offices.  What happened to “draining the swamp”?  Corruption – and huge national debt – develop from an oversized, out-of-control, unaccountable bureaucracy.


These are the regulators who make doing business in the United States prohibitively costly and make life in the United States moribund. President-Elect Trump needs to downsize the federal government, beginning with either the elimination or severe downsizing of the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, and the Environment Protection Agency.  That’s just for starters.


Then, he needs to deport the illegal immigrants. All of them; not just the criminals, the drug-dealers, and the rapists.  The illegal immigrants present a serious dangerous to the electorate of the United States.  They’re the people who can and will vote into office politicians who absolutely do not share the American dream.  Illegal immigrants drive down wages and earning power.  They dramatically raise the cost of social services.  And they refuse to assimilate into the existing American culture.  LaRaza declared war on America years ago.  Their goal is to take over California and the southern states of Arizona, New Mexico, and even Texas.


The results of this presidential election are a potent reason for deporting them, no matter how innocent they may seem: millions of illegal votes were cast in favor of Hillary Clinton in California, and probably Chicago.


Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Tyrone Smith (both former Navy SEALS) were “good men.” Customs Enforcement Agent Brian Terry was a “good man.”  So was federal agent Jaime Zapata.


According to the FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform):


Tessa Tranchant was an innocent “good person” who was killed when an intoxicated illegal immigrant rear-ended her car at a stoplight. Drew Rosenberg was a second-year law student who was riding his motorcycle when an illegal immigrant for Honduras ran him over three times.  Grant Ronnebeck was shot to death in Mesa, Ariz., by an illegal immigrant over a pack of cigarettes.


Sarah Root, 21, from Omaha, Neb., met a similar fate to Tessa Tranchant when she was rear-ended by another illegal immigrant from Honduras who was street-racing. Sarah had just graduated from Bellevue University with a 4.0 GPA. Omaha is in Douglas County, Nebraska, which has sanctuary policies that impede local law enforcement’s ability to cooperate with ICE officers.  The illegal was charged with motor vehicular homicide but posted bond to get out of jail and was released.  He is still on the run.


Eleven illegal alien members of the Salvadoran MS-13 gang have been convicted of a series of crimes including murder. Jorge Enrique Moreno-Aguilar, Juan Alberto Ortiz-Orellana and Minor Perez, all from Maryland were convicted in mid-May of murder and conspiracy in a racketeering enterprise. (MRC-TV May 24, 2016) New Jersey gang members Santos Reyes-Villatoro, Mario Oliva, Roberto Contreras, Julian Moz-Aguilar, Hugo Palencia, Jose Garcia, Cruz Flores, and Esau Ramirez were convicted in late May in New Jersey of various murder, racketeering and firearms crimes.


Illegal aliens, Reinol Vergara and Edson Benitez, pled guilty to second degree murder for the death of a 90 year-old Minnesota man they beat and tied up while they stole from his home, leaving him to bleed to death. (Breibart News May 11, 2016)


Then there was the British illegal alien who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump himself at a campaign Rally in Nevada.


These victims were all “good people”. Can President-Elect Trump distinguish between the “good” people were killed illegal and the not-so-good people who implemented this incursion of freedom-hating criminals.  Does he put Hillary Rodham Clinton in the same category as Sean Smith, or even her “friend” Christopher Stevens, whose pleas for help she ignored?  Does he put Barack Hussein Obama in the same “good” category as ICE Agent Brian Terry?


President-Elect shouldn’t be afraid to “disturb the peace” by backing away from his salubrious praise of Obama and Hillary Clinton. The nation will not plunge into a bloodbath of chaos if he tells the truth about them, as he did all along during his campaign.  The prospect of assigning a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton will, in fact, help restore American’s faith in the true justice system and in those we elect to high office.


Let President-Elect Trump try out a few sentences like these:


“President Obama and Brian Terry are (and were) good people.”


“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Drew Rosenberg were good people who had a lot in common – a love of the law.”


“Hillary Clinton and Sean Smith served their country equally well.”


Or President-Elect Trump could just find a chalkboard and scrape his fingers down the slate.





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