Trump Mixes Red and Purple

Oh my god! It’s been a week since the 2016 election and President-Elect Donald Trump still hasn’t selected his entire cabinet and filled the other 4,000 or so bureaucratic positions in his White House?  We’re doomed!


Maybe his moving crew has to wait until they can crow-bar out the old Obama staffers, remove some walls from the densely-crowded Executive Mansion, restore the rare China-silk wallpaper Hillary Clinton had removed back in the 1990s.


But the press is panicking that the transition isn’t proceeding smoothly. Why did Trump demote Chris Christie to a secondary advisory position?  Who’s going to be Secretary of State?!  Who’s going to be Secretary of the Treasury?!  We’ve got to know – RIGHT NOW!!


Or the editors will eat the reporters alive. They want raw meat.  Blood and guts.  Panic.  Hysteria.  Chaos.  Who could this newcomer be thinking of appointing to the cabinet posts?  This is very serious business.


A couple of Trump’s first appointments – Keith “Bad Boy” Bannon and Reince “The Purple RINO” Preibus – couldn’t have been a funnier pairing. When Trump tells you he’s going to bring people together, he’s not kidding.   Trump has named Preibus his White House Chief of Staff and Bannon as his senior counselor/chief communications strategist.


Trump loves a good fight and also believes in hedging his bets. They remind me of my older brother’s best friends, the class valedictorian and the captain of the football team.  They hated each other.  But they had to behave themselves and when my mother would drive all of us somewhere, my brother would sit between them.  The class valedictorian was okay with it.  The football star was highly incensed at being jammed into a car with the class egghead (who went on to join the U.S. Army).


We can depend upon the fact that President-Elect Trump will brook no mutinies in his White House, which probably explains why Christie has been demoted. Christie is not known for playing well with others.  He would make a natural attorney general, all the same.  Or perhaps head of Homeland Security.


Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has stated that he has absolutely no interest in becoming the Attorney General. The A.G. is a job for a younger man (or woman).  He says he wants the job of Secretary of State.  He’s certainly earned whatever position he wants, campaigning faithfully for Trump.  At first glance, he seems to be a peculiar choice for that position.  But Trump needs a tough negotiator, not a Washington dandy, to represent the United States in foreign policy matters.


Meanwhile, the press his harping about Trump’s “lack of transparency” because he hasn’t snapped his fingers and magically made the cabinet nominees appear. He and his transition team must read through piles of resumes and determine who is best suited for which position.  One nominee may have served on the Armed Services Committee.  Another might have been on the Committee for Foreign Relations.  Maybe one candidate actually served in the armed forces and that may or may not put him one notch above the others.  Those are the factors the transition team must take into consideration.


The nominees, unlike in the Clinton Administration, must be able to pass national security background checks.  Trump isn’t going to just let anyone waltz into the secure portions of the White House, where they can eyeball sensitive information on desks or computer screens.


The press also need not worry that some behind-the-scenes faction is making the actual decisions on who goes where. Trump brings mega-credentials to the White House as a Chief Executive Officer.  When he started out in Atlantic City, he had a team of incredibly whip-smart executives helping him to run his businesses.


He’s learned his lesson, there: he’s not going to permit all of his most talented people to fly together in one helicopter or airplane ever again.


The press needs to back off while Trump puts his team together. Pestering them is rather like asking construction workers trying to lift a steel beam into place whether the beam will be part of a conference room, a customer service center, or an executive suite.  They want to see the blue prints while still dangling from the scaffolding.


Here’s a newsflash for the media: Trump isn’t a television celebrity anymore – he’s President-Elect of the United States and he’s busy.  He’s trying to revamp an extremely damaged building whose previous occupant pretty well trashed the place, with a divided construction crew.


Yes, he’s in charge. Absolutely.  So get a grip, already.






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