Obama Punishes Russia for Hillary’s Loss

Convinced – rightly – that Russian hackers were responsible for the WikiLeaks explosion of information about Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds as a U.S. senator and secretary of state, using her family foundation in lucrative quid pro quo deals that led to her loss in the race for president, Obama has placed sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation. Or whatever the country is called these days.


Obama has also boasted that if he’d been allowed to run for a third term as president, he’d have easily beaten Donald Trump in the election.


He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s one of the major reasons people voted for Donald Trump. Despite his administration’s quotation of false unemployment numbers, the people who were on the unemployment line, or worse, were out of both benefits and a job for a long time, unable to find work in a decidedly bad economy from their point of view, knew just how high the unemployment numbers were.


A drive around the local industrial parks tells the story better than the New York Times does.  Empty office buildings, factories, and abandoned homes don’t lie.


Then there was the increase in the number of illegal immigrants and their concomittant crime. Just the other day, I heard on the police band radio that my friend gave me for Christmas that a prowler was on the loose in my elderly mother’s neighborhood (!).  Her doorknob has been severely loosened.


Twice, the police dispatch sent a patrol car into the neighborhood. Yesterday, on a yet third call, a truck was found abandoned at an intersection in the neighborhood, its engine still running and its doors wide open.  The truck had license plates from a southern border state.


This year also saw an increase in the murder of police officers, thanks to the agitation of Black Lives Matter. Originally, a somewhat sympathetic group arising out of the murder of a very large black man on Staten Island (we can deny his death was a murder, but there is a suppressed video of him asphyxiating on the sidewalk), the movement devolved into a black racist organization calling for the outright killing of law enforcement officers.  Obama lent his official support to this group.


Then, there’s the matter of Syria. The city of Aleppo has just about been wiped off the map, its Christians citizens either murdered or forced to flee.  With the city gone, its remaining citizens, Christian and Muslim alike, have fled to Europe, overrunning European cities and governments, bankrupting those countries’ social services, causing havoc with endless violence, and creating a new, European breeding ground of Islamic terrorists.


Conspiracy on the part of ISIS is not hard to imagine. Make the Middle East an inhospitable place to live and force the Muslim refugees to invade Europe, taking the continent over more or less by default.  Earlier in 2016, Obama, with Kerry as his mouthpiece, lifted the sanctions against Iran.  Iran is free from inspections.  While technically not yet allowed to build more nuclear weapons, their capability is intact and like Germany between the two World Wars, will merrily flout what sanctions still exist.


Of course, there are also the numerous flaws of the candidate, Hillary Clinton, herself. She was a terrible candidate, with a harsh, croaking voice, a cold receiving-line style out on the campaign trail, and an inescapable history of mistakes, scandals and arrogance.


What difference did Benghazi make, she asked? Quite a bit as it turned.  Voters hadn’t forgotten about Benghazi.  Her glib lies and denials didn’t simply sail over the tops of voters heads as she assumed.  The slime slithered down in the cracks and crevices of America’s social media.


Videos of her kept popping up. The newspapers and the media dutifully toed the line for her, but the news got out anyway, thanks in good part to WikiLeaks.  In response, Obama signed the Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Bill into Law, claiming that a foreign entity (Russia) had interfered in an American election.


What an irony that Americans had to depend upon the mother of all communist countries to learn the truth about its own Democrat politicians. As if we didn’t know all along.  He signed the bill on Dec. 23.  The signing went unnoticed as movie fans were distracted, worrying about the fate of their favorite space princess.  [The editor had seen the notice that day and was preparing a blog for it, but sadly got distracted along with all the rest.]


According to Geopolitics.com: The Portman-Murphy Bill Promotes Coordinated Strategy to Defend America, Allies Against Propaganda and Disinformation from Russia, China & Others

U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) today announced that their Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act legislation designed to help American allies counter foreign government propaganda from Russia, China, and other nations has been signed into law as part of the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report.

The bipartisan bill, which was introduced by Senators Portman and Murphy in March, will improve the ability of the United States to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation from our enemies by establishing an interagency center housed at the State Department to coordinate and synchronize counter-propaganda efforts throughout the U.S. government. To support these efforts, the bill also creates a grant program for NGOs, think tanks, civil society and other experts outside government who are engaged in counter-propaganda related work. This will better leverage existing expertise and empower our allies overseas to defend themselves from foreign manipulation. It will also help foster a free and vibrant press and civil society overseas, which is critical to ensuring our allies have access to truthful information and inoculating people against foreign propaganda campaigns.

“Our enemies are using foreign propaganda and disinformation against us and our allies, and so far the U.S. government has been asleep at the wheel,” Portman said. “But today, the United States has taken a critical step towards confronting the extensive, and destabilizing, foreign propaganda and disinformation operations being waged against us by our enemies overseas. With this bill now law, we are finally signaling that enough is enough; the United States will no longer sit on the sidelines. We are going to confront this threat head-on. I am confident that, with the help of this bipartisan bill, the disinformation and propaganda used against us, our allies, and our interests will fail.”

The use of propaganda to undermine democracy has hit a new low. But now we are finally in a position to confront this threat head on and get out the truth. By building up independent, objective journalism in places like eastern Europe, we can start to fight back by exposing these fake narratives and empowering local communities to protect themselves,” said Murphy. “I’m proud that our bill was signed into law, and I look forward to working with Senator Portman to make sure these tools and new resources are effectively used to get out the truth.”

NOTE: The bipartisan Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act is organized around two main priorities to help achieve the goal of combatting the constantly evolving threat of foreign disinformation

The bipartisan Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act is organized around two main priorities to help achieve the goal of combatting the constantly evolving threat of foreign disinformation from our enemies:

  • The first priority is developing a whole-of-government strategy for countering the foreign propaganda and disinformation being wages against us and our allies by our enemies. The bill would increase the authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to include state actors like Russia and China as well as non-state actors. The Center will be led by the State Department, but with the active senior level participation of the Department of Defense, USAID, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the Intelligence Community, and other relevant agencies. The Center will develop, integrate, and synchronize whole-of-government initiatives to expose and counter foreign disinformation operations by our enemies and proactively advance fact-based narratives that support U.S. allies and interests.
  • Second, the legislation seeks to leverage expertise from outside government to create more adaptive and responsive U.S. strategy options. The legislation establishes a fund to help train local journalists and provide grants and contracts to NGOs, civil society organizations, think tanks, private sector companies, media organizations, and other experts outside the U.S. government with experience in identifying and analyzing the latest trends in foreign government disinformation techniques. This fund will complement and support the Center’s role by integrating capabilities and expertise available outside the U.S. government into the strategy-making process. It will also empower a decentralized network of private sector experts and integrate their expertise into the strategy-making process.


If you’re thinking what a bunch of malarkey, well that only goes to show how far Marxist influence agents have penetrated our government, our schools and universities, and our media since, not even the Sixties, but the Thirties.


Now they need Mother Russia to cover for them as they find themselves exposed to the naked light of truth and public skepticism. Putin, it is said, has laughed off the whole idea that he was somehow responsible for Trump’s election.  Hillary Clinton’s Rosatom deal, which she denied and attempted to have hushed up, was more of a factor in her loss than any relationship Putin might or might not have with Donald Trump.


Putin engaged in a disinformation campaign to have America elect a decidedly Capitalist billionaire instead of a devoted Socialist/Marxist whose college theses was on Saul Alinsky? No wonder Putin is laughing.


But this Propaganda Bill is no laughing matter to Americans. Obama’s aim is not foreign agents of influence; it’s the Conservative pundits right here in America whom he wants to silence.  He wants to stifle any writer who would use the WikiLeaks information to discredit Hillary Clinton and any number of her coterie, including John Podesta, her 2016 campaign manager.  The target is what the Lefties call the “Alt-Right Media”.


That would us, guys and gals. Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebook Conservatives, Tea Party Conservatives.  Anyone who rebels against Big Government and its Death Star of taxes, regulations, and censorship.  Anyone who dares to criticize illegal immigration, gay marriage, alternative gendership, and the legalization of drugs and abortion, all holy grails of the Left.


We’re the “Deplorables,” Hillary deemed us. We want to undo decades of “social justice.”  Our president-elect will tear up all of Obama’s executive orders, return criminal illegal immigrants to their own countries, increase border security, repair our friendship with Israel, put an end to the education-devastating Common Core program, and bring jobs back to suburban America and more importantly, to urban areas, where jobs are desperately needed.


The word has gotten out and the Left is secretly trembling. They had to go into therapy after the election.  Colleges supplied their Millennial students with coloring books, therapy dogs, and hot cocoa to console them in the aftermath of Hillary’s election.


One sign that Trump’s election was very good economic news was the soaring of the stock market. Today, it’s hovering just under 20,000 points, which will be another milestone for the Dow Jones.  The last milestone – 10,000 – was reached in 1999.


Obama and his minions can’t handle all this good news. If there’s much more of this good news, they’ll be jumping off the tops of their Long Island and California mansions.  Or their student dorms.  But please don’t do that.  There is hope, you know, just like in Rogue One.  Freedom and prosperity are good things.  A rising tide raises all boats.  The poor won’t be so poor (not that they were ever actually that poor here in America).


The poor will find jobs. So will the rest of us.  Once we can get back to work, we’ll be contributing taxes.  That means we can fix our infrastructure.  We’ll be able to afford our own health insurance, once President-Elect Trump and Congress implement a new health care system that allows mere mortals to purchase their own policies at affordable prices without bilking the young or bankrupting the old.


That’s a tall order, but Trump has a good chance of pulling it off. You won’t need to be on your parents’ insurance plan.  You’ll be able to grow up, get jobs, and pay for your own health insurance.  At young ages, you really only need hospitalization and catastrophic illness.


You’ll be able to buy cars, your own homes, raise families, and retire securely. Life goes by that fast.  You don’t want it to blindside you.  Sixty comes awfully fast.  Just ask Princess Leia.  The government, it turns out, isn’t much help at all.  People like myself – the Baby Boomers – will be forced to work (if we can find someone to hire us) well past retirement age.  If we live that long.


Even if we do live that long, the only jobs open to us are service jobs in box stores, supermarkets and fast-food restaurants where we’ll be standing on weakening knees and hips all day. Our tea party can tell you how our co-founder, Tea Party Pat, died at age 70, working herself to death, pretty much the way Carrie Fisher (who was ten years younger) did.  She had a full-time job, a disabled child, and was working on the Tea Party.  Her heart just gave out.


Our unemployment is good news to the government. The years we haven’t worked, Social Security doesn’t have to pay for.  What payments we do get will be diminished.  That’s what Obama has done for us – or to us, to be more precise.  You children don’t want that to happen to you, believe us.


We’ll be well-rid of Obama and darned lucky we had Donald Trump as an alternative. This election had one of the lowest voter turn-outs in history.  He won the Electoral College but not the popular vote.  However, if you discount the illegal votes in California and New York, Trump probably did win the popular vote as well.


Those Moderate Conservatives who hid in their closets on Election Day will thank us one day for our votes.


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Debbie Reynolds – R.I.P.

It seems like only yesterday that we were bidding farewell to our favorite galactic princess, Carrie Fisher.


Wait a minute – it was yesterday.


A day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died of a sudden heart attack, on Dec. 27, Debbie Reynolds collapsed at her son Todd’s home from what was assumed to be a stroke on Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles. They were planning Carrie’s funeral and her son, Todd Fisher, told reporters that Reynold’s last words were that she wanted to die and be with Carrie.


Reynolds was 84. Experts generally concur that Reynolds died of what is known as “Broken Heart Syndrome”; there’s no blockage, but the heart fails and seizes all the same.  Not unlike, somewhat ironically, what happens to Star Wars character, Padme, Princess Leia’s mother at the end of Star Wars III.


This would be the second time Reynolds’ heart would be broken by her daughter. Fisher, riding high on her new-found fame with her role as Princess Leia disowned her famous mother when she was in her twenties.  Disparaging her mother’s name – and the virtue that rightly went along with –  Fisher launched on a career of drugs and wild parties that would leave her ultimately broken down and the resident of rehab clinics and mental health facilities.


Perhaps it’s unkind to speak so poorly of Fisher, who recovered from her various drug addictions and treatment for bipolar disorder. The star went public about her mental illness, shedding daylight on mental illness for many patients who hid in the shadows of stigma.  As Princess Leia, she was a role model for many young girls growing up during the Star Wars era.


However, there was no Princess Leia with Fisher’s real mother, Debbie Reynolds. The inspiration certainly didn’t come from the characters Anakin and Padme, certainly, meaning no disrespect to those actors.  Fisher brought a feisty verve, nerve, and dry humor to the role that just couldn’t be found in acting school.


Debbie Reynolds was born in El Paso, Texas, on April 1, 1932, the daughter of a carpenter for the Southern Pacific Railroad. She got her start in show business when she won a beauty pageant at the age of 16, impersonating Betty Hutton.  Her first credited movie role was in The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady, about a vaudeville family whose father refuses to allow the daughters to go into show business after their mother dies an early death.


She was 18. Two years earlier, she’d landed her first movie role, uncredited, in June Bride (1948).  She was 16. Debbie was 5’2”; her daughter was 5’1”. Carrie was 17 when she began working in her first film, Shampoo, with Warren Beatty.  At 19, Carrie auditioned for Star Wars; by the time the film came out, she was 20 and a star.


Debbie went on to appear in a number of small films before getting her big break as the female lead in Singin’ in the Rain in 1952.  She wrote that the dancing wasn’t easy:  “Donald O’Connor began dancing at two months, Gene Kelly began dancing at three years.”


Kelly was upset when he found that studio boss had contracted Reynolds, a non-dancer, for the movie. Reynolds told the UK’s Sunday Express in 2013 how Kelly fumed at her lack of experience and showed little sympathy when she danced so much during filming that her feet bled:


“My feet were bleeding from all that dancing and when I point it out, Gene would say, ‘Clean it up!’ He was very sentimental like that.


But Reynolds was undaunted by Kelly’s perfectionism, nor was she unnerved by the prospect of starring in big-time musical with a skimpy. She told the American Film Institute in 2012, “I was so dumb that I didn’t feel you could fail.  I felt [the part] was me and I marched straight ahead.”


Reynolds was pushed to extremes by the grueling rehearsal schedule for Singin’. She was left so weak that her doctor demanded that she be given a break from filming.  But the studio chief at the time had other ideas.  He told her to report to work and that the studio doctor would give her “vitamin shots.”


“These were possible the same ‘vitamins that ruined Judy Garland,” Reynolds wrote in her 2013 memoir, Unsinkable.  “My doctor insisted that I stay in bed.  That decision may have saved me from a life on stimulants.”


In spite of Kelly’s incessant criticism and unaware of the challenge ahead, Reynolds wrote, “I didn’t know that I couldn’t do it. So I did it, and I was terrific.”


Kelly also gave Reynolds her first on-screen kiss. When the time came, though, Kelly, who’d taken a shine to Reynolds after all, went a bit too far.


“The camera closed in. Gene took me tightly in his arms…” Reynolds wrote, “and shoved his tongue down my throat.


“’Eeew! What was that?!” I screeched, breaking free of his grasp and spitting.  I ran around frantic, yelling for some Coca-Cola to cleanse my mouth.  It was the early 1950s and I was an innocent kid who had never been French-kissed.  It felt like an assault.  I was stunned that this thirty-nine year old man would do this to me.”


The film shoot for the song “Good Morning,” took 15 hours to complete, leaving Reynolds physically exhausted. “My feet were bleeding from hours of abuse,” she wrote.  “I couldn’t move.”


However, Fred Astaire came to her rescue. He found her hiding under a rehearsal piano, sobbing.


“You’re not going to die,” he told. “That’s what it’s like to dance.  If you’re not sweating, you’re not doing it right.”


Following Astaire’s rehearsals, Reynolds realized Astaire’s effortless-looking dancing was not so effortless on closer inspect.


“I watched in awe as Fred work on his routines to the point of frustration and anger. I realized that if it was hard for Fred Astaire, [then] dancing was hard for everyone.”


Reynolds married singer Eddie Fisher in 1955. The couple was immediately proclaimed “America’s Sweethearts.”  Carrie Frances followed the next year, and Todd (named after family friend and show businessman Michael Todd) in 1958.  But Todd died in an airplane crash that year.


Todd was married to film superstar Elizabeth Taylor. The two couples were friends.  Taylor was devastated by the death of the love of her life (she would have six or seven more).  The ever-generous, if somewhat naïve Reynolds took care of Taylor’s children and sent her husband, Eddie, to actually live with Taylor until she could recover.


Todd was barely in his grave when Fisher left Debbie for La Liz. Fisher’s musical career basically ended, and within five years, so did his marriage to Taylor, who left him for Cleopatra co-star Richard Burton.  Taylor’s career didn’t suffer, although her reputation did.


Reynolds went on to two more disastrous marriages and the other really big movie in her career, The Unsinkable Molly Brown in 1964.  She already had some other successful films under her belt: The Tender Trap, Tammy and the Bachelor, and How the West Was Won.


Molly was actually the more defining role of her career.  Based on the real-life story of Molly Brown, a gutsy Titanic survivor, the movie was a showcase for Reynolds’ guts, gusto and lusty voice.  The scene leading up to the first number, “I Ain’t Down Yet” is simply priceless as Reynolds, face down in the dirt, spits the sand out and blinks her twinkly baby blues to prove that she (or rather, her character) is still in the running.


A strong woman portraying another strong woman who would give birth to another strong woman who would portray a fictional strong woman.


Reynolds would need all that strength to survive three husbands, the latter two of whom left her bankrupt. In spite of the financial ruin, Reynolds kept on going, touring, starring in countless television shows and keeping the roof over her and her children’s heads.


Daughter Carrie would prove the greatest challenge to Reynolds. Flush with her own success and enamored of Sixties and Early Seventies immorality that sneered at the kind of virtue her mother represented, Carrie began doing drugs at least as early as the Star Wars films, if not sooner.  By her twenties, she was no longer speaking to her mother.


“I didn’t want to be the daughter of Debbie Reynolds,” Fisher wrote in a later memoir.


Too bad for her. The estrangement broke Reynolds heart.  Fisher gave birth to her own daughter, by agent Bryan Lourd, Billie, in 1992.  By 1998, she went into rehab and eventually reconciled with her own mother.  Carrie lived in a house next door to her mother’s and her mother was there to nurse her through her difficult times with mental illness.  The pair became inseparably close until Fisher’s death this week, followed by Reynold’s own death the next day.


Fisher was also known for her writing abilities, with great humor and insight, another talent she apparently acquired from her famous mom.  Debbie was very proud of Carrie’s success, introducing herself as “Princess Leia’s mother.”  Indeed.   Debbie even coaxed Carrie into singing a duet with her (a slow version of “Happy Days Are Here Again) and like any mother would, as soon as she got Carrie to sing, she deferred to her daughter, stroking her cheek fondly.


Here are a few witticisms from Debbie:


“Singin’ in the Rain (1952) and childbirth were the two hardest things I ever had to do in my life.”


[Asked what her favorite film is] “I think one of my favorite films is Dark Victory (1939) with Bette Davis. Why? She was so wonderful in that film. And . . . maybe I just want a good cry once in a while without having to go through a divorce.”


As for her daughter, this is what Carrie said:


“I always wanted to do what my mother did – get all dressed up, shoot people, fall in the mud. I never considered anything else.”


Larry King, appearing on Fox News this evening, said of Carrie that she was “a chip off the ol’ show business block.”


Debbie Reynolds was among a bevy of 1950s Hollywood stars who made the cinema glorious – Debbie, Doris Day, Grace Kelly – they were ladies in every sense; a generation that is, if not completely gone, at least missing one more jewel in its crown with the passing of Debbie Reynolds.


She was the girl-next-door, even when she was down in the dirt with the boys of Unsinkable Molly Brown. She was a role model for my generation of girls, those of us of the Sixties playground who still believed in ladies, femininity…and princesses, and yet also admired strong women who didn’t need a man’s help – or the government’s – to make it in the world.


Carrie Fisher died too soon of a heart attack or heart failure, likely from overwork. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds died too sadly of a broken heart.


God bless Debbie Reynolds and all the beautiful ladies of the Fifties cinema. Never again will such ladies grace the silver screen with their modesty, their femininity, and their grace and charm.  Debbie Reynolds was a burst of sunshine from a time when the world still believed in happy endings and bursting out in joyful song.

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Carrie Fisher: R.I.P.

If I had known a week ago, when I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, that actress Carrie Fisher would die of complications from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, when I reviewed the movie, I would given out the spoiler that Fisher appears at the very end of Rogue One, as her younger self, Princess Leia.


Thanks to the marvels of technology, the moviemakers discovered that they were able to transpose an actor’s face onto someone else’s body. In the case of the character Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars IV:  A New Hope, they took the long-since dead Peter Cushing’s face and placed it on actor Guy Henry’s body.


The effect is eerie, unsettling, and absolutely amazing. In the case of Princess Leia, as it turns out, they took 19 year-old Carrie Fisher’s face and placed it on Carrie Fisher’s own approximately 60 year-old body.  Unless you come from a galaxy far, far away, watching Rogue One, you can hardly be surprised at Princess Leia’s appearance.  In fact, given the storyline, you should rather expect it and would have been disappointed if she didn’t turn up at the end.


That was before Carrie Fisher’s death on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Movie-goers post-mortem were shocked to see her and tweeted that they wished they’d been given a spoiler-alert on this one.  One movie-goer saw the film on Tuesday.  They came out of the movie delighted, only to learn that Carrie Fisher had died.


When the news broke last Friday, all of us fans were hoping and praying that she would recover. Someone surviving a sudden heart attack is not unheard of and the patient can survive if they receive treatment pretty much instantly.  Evidently, she did.  Two passengers on her flight knew CPR.  However, Fisher really didn’t respond to the treatment.  In order words, she still wasn’t breathing.


According TMZ.com, the pilot of the plane radioed that he had a female passenger in distress, asking that a medical team stand by on the tarmac. Fisher was in such bad shape that the EMS performed “advanced emergency” resuscitation on the spot, presumably using an electronic defibrillator in an attempt to get her heart started.


Twitter was instantly alive with RIP Carrie Fisher hashtags. But the indomitably hopeful insisted on waiting until the news was official.  Fisher’s brother, Todd, and her daughter, Billie Lourd, sent out cryptic messages stating that the actress was in “stable” condition.  But soon, Todd told the press that the Associated Press report was inaccurate: his sister was neither better or worse, and that doctors weren’t telling them anything.


As the Christmas holiday approached, no more news than that was available. One could still hope – heart attack victims take at minimum 24 hours before they’re considered out of danger.  Why the actress’ family or the hospital didn’t list her condition as “guarded” can only be owed to the proximity to Christmas.


Would Carrie Fisher have wanted to ruin everyone’s Christmas? Carrie Fisher, who was always full of fun and vivacious wit?   Once the twenty-four hour period passed with no news, the situation became worrisome.  Was the family keeping silent until after the holiday was over?


That prospect became more and more likely.


Still, for those of us who were of Carrie Fisher’s generation, who were teens or a little older when Star Wars first came out, it was like a part of lives was slipping away. Mortality was looming over us.  None of us was nineteen, anymore.  We wanted to hope just a little longer.


Carrie Fisher famous mother, Debbie Reynolds, finally took over the public relations duty, apparently when Fisher’s brother and daughter balked at the idea of lying to an adoring public, especially the children.


Princess Leia was in stable condition, Reynolds firmly told us. Well, okay, then.


But the next day, the bad news struck. Carrie Fisher was dead at age 60.  She had never regained consciousness after the heart attack aboard the plane.  Fisher had had a busy autumn, leading up to her untimely death.


To celebrate her 60th birthday in October, she held an all-night party.  Most of us would be happy to celebrate all night – in bed.  Then she finished up her work for the next Star Wars film, as yet unnamed, other than Star Wars VIII.  She also did the work for the cameo appearance in Rogue One.  Then, while she was in London, she filmed a television episode, and went on tour to promote her new book, A Princess Diarist, in which she admitted to having an affair with Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford when she was 19, and he was a married 32 year-old with two kids.


That was some schedule for a sixty year-old. She had also undergone a dramatic weight-loss to do the two Star Wars films.  That’s really her in Rogue One, not some other actress with a face transplant.  Then she got on the plane, evidently with her daughter and her precocious French bull terrier, Gary, for a ten-hour flight from London to Los Angeles.


Some television medical experts suspect that during the long flight, Fisher developed deep vein thrombosis, a potentially life-threatening blood clot that, if loosened or not treated, will sent the clot directly to either the heart or the brain (usually the heart), causing instant death.


If Fisher didn’t move during that entire flight and then suddenly got up, perhaps to use the facilities, it could have dislodged the clot. Her heart may also have been weakened from her rigorous schedule.  In her last posted tweet, she wrote of the weight of the motion capture suit and how she thought it would be the death of her (rather than being strangled by her bra, as she wrote in one of her memoirs).


Whatever caused her death – overwork, anorexia, a drug-filled past – she’s gone now, and the galaxy of Star Wars fans is sadder for it. In the last few years, fanboys had been giving Fisher grief for the grave sin of growing older.  Her answer was the middle finger.


Now she has died and left a hole in the Star Wars universe. She completed filming Star Wars VIII.  But Disney revealed that she had been scheduled – spoiler alert! – to appear in the final Star Wars film, Star Wars IX , which is scheduled to come out sometime in 2019.


Some fans are already angered at the notion that they might use advanced CGI to reprise her role in that last movie. Still, it’s three years away.  No one raised a fuss about resurrecting Peter Cushing.  Someone else is now in the R2-D2 costume since Kenny Baker passed away (this year).


Three years from now, we might not be quite so unnerved by the proposition that a dead actress could be resurrected to finish her role. It’s a weird concept:  death imitating art.  For all we know, George Lucas and Mark Hamill won’t be here, either (God forbid).  Harrison Ford wasn’t taking any chances:  he had himself killed off in The Force Awakens so he can kill off his other iconic characters –  Rick Deckard and Indiana Jones – before he himself dies.


Lucas waited too long to make the prequels and the final installment of his series. He didn’t count on his leading lady dying prematurely (60 is a little young to be taking leave).  At the time, he was Star Wars’d out and wanted to work on other projects.  He left the rest of Star Wars to the future.


The prequels could have been filmed last. And, as I’ve written before, Star Wars didn’t need sequels after the original three movies – it needed to fill in the huge hole in the center, the gap between Star Wars III and IV.  They needed to be filmed while the original movie’s stars were still young – and alive.  Still, the technology is now available to make them young again.


Carrie Fisher had an incredible career as a writer, almost as legendary as her iconic role as Princess Leia. She co-starred in a number of movies, including The Blues Brothers, Hannah and Her Sisters, and personal favorite, When Harry Met Sally.


But it was her autobiographical and semi-autobiographical books that gave her fame as a writer. She was beautiful and witty, her sardonic style making people grieving over her passing laugh out loud in spite of themselves.  That’s probably the way she would have wanted it.


Fisher was Hollywood and inter-galactic royalty – a true princess. She was also a Liberal.  But it’s cruel to speak ill of the dead.  To loyal fans who didn’t care about her politics, she’ll always be the double-bunned galactic princess, firing away at Imperial Stormtroopers with her eyes closed, hitting the target every time.


Fisher had many funny lines in Star Wars, bouncing off co-star Harrison Ford. But the best, and unintentionally comedic line, came from Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) in the next-to-last scene of the movie.


As he’s climbing out of his X-winger fighter, a cheering crowd comes running towards him, with Princess Leia joyfully leading the charge.


“Luke!” she yells happily.  “Luke!”

“Carrie!” he shouts back, as they embrace and he twirls her around.


My mind always goes back to that theater in August of 1977, when I first saw the movie. I looked at my brother and he looked at me and shrugged.  “Carrie?” I mouthed.  “Who’s Carrie?”

I thought the character’s name was Princess Leia.


The audience, equally puzzled, fell silent. Up front, some young guy asked his friend the question on all our minds.


“Who’s Carrie?”


“Carrie Fisher. The actress who plays Princess Leia,” the friend replied.


Still…who?! (Which is what Princess Leia asks when Luke Skywalker introduces himself.)


Over the years, Carrie Fisher, despite her other roles, became indistinguishable from Princess Leia. She’ll always be the heroine role model for generations of young girls and women who admired the Princess’ feisty come-backs, wit, and courage.  She was beautiful, funny, and spunky.  After I saw the prequels, I wondered how Padme and Anakin could have produced such a firecracker.


Only Debbie Reynolds could have given the world such a daughter, for anyone who remembers “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” Watch that movie, and you’ll know where Princess Leia really came from.  Thank you, Debbie Reynolds, for giving us your daughter, Carrie, and ultimately, Princess Leia.


Goodness knows how Disney thinks it’s going to replace Carrie Fisher. That’s impossible.  They might find her equal in beauty (I have a former co-worker who could be Fisher’s double).  But it would be hard to replicate her comic timing, her deep alto voice, and her irreverent outlook on life.


“We have no time for our sorrows,” Princess Leia tells a general on Yavin IV, as the Death Star approaches.


“Movies were meant to stay on the screen, flat and large and colorful, gathering you up into their sweep of story, carrying you rollicking along to the end, then releasing you back into your unchanged life. But this movie [Star Wars] misbehaved.  It leaked out of the theater, poured off the screen, affected a lot of people so deeply that they required endless talismans and artifacts [merchandise] to stay connected to it.”  From “The Princess Diarist.”


And finally, from a post on WebMD in which she answered questions about her battles with fame, drinking, drugs, and bipolar disorder:


“Have I gotten past it? [Being Princess Leia]  I wasn’t aware that I had!  I am Princess Leia, no matter what.  If I were trying to get a good table, I wouldn’t say I wrote “Postcards [From the Edge, her best-selling novel]”.  Or, if I’m trying to get someone to take my check and I don’t have ID, I wouldn’t say:  ‘Have you seen ‘[When] Harry Meet Sally’?


“Princess Leia will be on my tombstone.”



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U.S. Lack of Resolution Over Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution

Over the past decade, the United Nations has issued 223 resolutions against Israel. Against Syria, they only passed 8.


John Kerry, soon-to-be former Secretary of State, has spent over an hour defending the United States’ abstention from voting on the most recent United Nations’ resolution condemning Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian “territories,” urging that Israel vacate the area. The abstention virtually allowed the measure to pass uncontested.


According to the New York Times, “Applause broke out in the 15-member Security Council’s chambers after the vote on the measure, which passed 14 to 0, with the United States ambassador, Samantha Power, raising her hand as the lone abstention. Israel’s ambassador, Danny Danon, denounced the measure and castigated the council members who had approved it.

“Defying extraordinary pressure from President-elect Donald J. Trump and furious lobbying by Israel, the Obama administration on Friday allowed the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemned Israeli settlement construction.


“The administration’s decision not to veto the measure reflected its accumulated frustration over Israeli settlements. The American abstention on the vote also broke a long-standing policy of shielding Israel from action at the United Nations that described the settlements as illegal.”


The Times described the resolution as the resolution as merely a paper tiger rebuff, “not expected to have any practical impact on the ground”  while still calling it a major rebuff to Israel, “one that could increase its isolation over the paralyzed peace process with Israel’s Palestinian neighbors, who have sought to establish their own state on territory held by Israel.”


“Would you ban the French from building in Paris?” Danon asked them.


“The resolution,” the Times reported, “describes the settlement building as a ‘major obstacle’ to peace and demands that Israel stop the construction, which most the world regards as illegal.”


That’s funny to us suburbanites here in northern New Jersey who are watching – and listening – as our hills are blasted to smithereens by non-government organizations with incestuous ties to our government to make way for a large invasion of Democrat-voting and welfare-absorbing immigrants who will change our neighborhoods forever, among them, Islamic terrorists posing as Middle Eastern refugees.


While it might sound like we sympathize with the Palestinians, actually we sympathize with Israel. Palestine is about as legitimate to our minds as California and Texas are Mexican states only in the sense that those states have been illegally occupied by Mexicans and Marxist-oriented illegal aliens from even further south.


The Jewish people and their God, Jahweh/Jehovah, conquered – yes, conquered – that area many centuries ago. The Jews claimed the land from profane, idol-worshipping tribes back in the mists of time both militarily and spiritually.  That pagan and Muslim worshippers dispute the Israeli claim – only made legal in 1948, when Israel was officially declared a state – speaks to their commitment to endless warfare.


Israel would commit to peace. But the Palestinians will never do so.  To even think of a dual state is ridiculous.  The current resolution would deprive the Israelis of access to their spiritual capital of Jerusalem.  Although Muslims and certain Christian sects claim that God has forsaken Jerusalem, more enlightened minds recognize the importance of Jerusalem and the sacred right of freedom.


Islam is so tyrannical that is now forbidden even here in America to criticize it, much less support Israel in its right to exist. No two-state solution will ever resolve this conflict.  The Muslims are dedicated to the destruction of the Jews and any Jewish state.


China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States make up the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. Angola, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay, and Venezuela make up the current ten non-permanent member states.


That China and France voted in favor of the resolution is hardly a surprise. The votes of France and the United Kingdom speak to their increasing problems with a rising Muslim populace and the violence they bring with them.


Angola essentially became a communist country by 1976. Egypt is Muslim, as are Malaysia and Senegal.  Spain is another country with serious Islamic problems.  The South American countries of Uruguay and Venezuela also display Marxist tendencies.  That leaves on Japan and New Zealand as westernized democracies that are living under the growing threat of Chinese domination in the Pacific.


The list of Israeli “friends” is not merely short; it is not non-existent – at least until Jan. 20th, when Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States.


According to the Times, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, who had scrambled in recent days to stop the measure from coming to a vote, issued a blistering denunciation afterward.


“’Israel rejects this shameful anti-Israel resolution at the U.N. and will not abide by its terms,” Mr. Netanyahu said in a statement. “At a time when the Security Council does nothing to stop the slaughter of half a million people in Syria, it disgracefully gangs up on the one true democracy in the Middle East, Israel, and calls the Western Wall ‘occupied territory.’ ”


“Mr. Netanyahu immediately retaliated against two of the countries that sponsored the resolution. He ordered Israel’s ambassadors to New Zealand and Senegal to return home for consultations, canceled a planned visit to Israel next month by Senegal’s foreign minister and cut off all aid programs to Senegal.


“The vote came a day after Mr. Trump personally intervened to keep the measure, which had been originally proposed by Egypt, from coming up for a vote on Thursday, as scheduled. Mr. Trump’s aides said he had spoken to Mr. Netanyahu. Both men also spoke to the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Egypt postponed the vote under what that country’s United Nations ambassador called intense pressure.


“But in a show of mounting exasperation, four other countries on the Security Council — Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela — all of them relatively powerless temporary members with rotating two-year seats, snatched the resolution away from Egypt and put it up for a vote Friday.


“The Obama administration has been highly critical of Israel’s settlement building, describing it as an impediment to a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has long been the official United States position, regardless of the party in power.


“Mr. Trump, who had urged the administration to veto the resolution, has made clear that he will take a far more sympathetic approach to Israel when his administration assumes office on Jan. 20.


“Mr. Trump’s comments on the resolution amounted to his most direct intervention on United States foreign policy during his transition to power. Minutes after the Security Council vote was announced, Mr. Trump made his anger known in a Twitter posting, saying: “As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th.”


“A range of senators and congressmen from both parties also denounced the resolution, a reflection of the deep loyalty to Israel shared by Democrats and Republicans. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York said, “It is extremely frustrating, disappointing and confounding that the administration has failed to veto this resolution.”


That is what happened while we were preparing for Christmas and mourning the death of actress Carrie Fisher, whose Star Wars character, Princess Leia, at least, like her Star Wars mother before her, was a champion for freedom.


Obama made very clear early on in his presidency that he was no friend of Israel – or Great Britain, for that matter. He’s no friend of a market economy, Capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, white people, suburbanites, property rights, or any other freedom.  The word is simply not in his vocabulary.  He is an Islamic sympathizer, if not an outright practitioner of Islam.


He boasted the other day that if he had been allowed to run for a third term, that he would easily have beaten Donald Trump. Obama’s failed, unpopular policies – with his own Obamacare and his promotion of illegal immigration leading the way – are the very reasons Trump was able to handily beat Hillary Clinton.


Trump will hack down just about every single executive order Obama issued. Obama’s legacy will be in tatters by the time Trump is through with them.  This most recent United Nations resolution, which Obama supported and even promoted, is one more in a long line of Obama failures.


The fact that John Kerry had to spend such a lengthy time defending the United States’ abstention in the vote, criss-crossing himself trying to claim Israel as an ally while still condemning that nation’s alleged “occupation” of “Palestinian” territories, proves just how unpopular this move is with the American public.


Kerry could have spared us the lengthy apologia and just sung “Let Peace Begin With Me.” Let us hear the Palestinians sing that song – in whatever language they choose.  Then we might put some stock in the notion of a two-state solution.


Until then, let us sing “Hatikvah” (“The Hope”).


And may the Force be with Israel.

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Joy to the World: Christmas 2016

If you were a prisoner and someone freed you from your cell, telling you that you were hereafter and forever absolved from all your crimes, providing you didn’t commit any more calumny, wouldn’t you be happy?


More than happy, you’d be thrilled. You’d be doing handsprings down the street, rejoicing all the way home, singing and dancing your heart out.  Once you got home, you’d call all your friends and family together and have an enormous party to celebrate your freedom.  Your family and friends would hang streamers and bring food – lots of food – and play music.


If somebody told you that it was December 25th and that before the time of Christ the festival, which actually began on Dec. 21st, at the winter solstice, this celebration was in honor of Saturn, otherwise known as Satan, what would you say to that party-pooper?  You’re right.  If this is the Day of Satan, I’m not going to celebrate?


Or would you tell them that that was over 2,000 years ago in honor of a fake god conjured up by Noah’s grandson, Nimrod, in order that people would worship him, Nimrod, as a god? And what’s more, even if those idiots back then celebrated a fake god – or did celebrate Satan, the Master of Evil, that was their problem?


That’s what Jehovah’s Witnesses and others claim. In fact, they happen to be right.  Saturnalia is the winter solstice celebration of Saturn, or Satan, as he was known then, on the darkest of the year.  That figures, doesn’t it?  Sounds about right, pagans celebrating Satan on the darkest night of the year.


But then along came Jesus Christ, thousands of years after Adam and Eve were tempted into sin by Satan, and not long thereafter, Nimrod rebelled against God and went up and down the Levant convincing people to celebrate Satan instead and those God drowned in the Great Flood.


Jesus, as we know, certainly wasn’t born on December 25th.  No one is really sure when he was born.  Some say he was born in September.  The Jehovah Witnesses think he was born in the Spring, about the same time of year, practically to the day, that he was crucified.


Jesus told his followers that they were free from their captivity in sin. That is so, and it follows that his believers, descended not from desert nomads but from northern European climes with different flora, foliage, and customs than those in the Middle East.


My Jehovah Witness friends were appalled when I (accidentally) mentioned participation in Christmas concerts this season. Ooops.  The original JH friend who came to my door always promised that she would never pressure me into doing something – or ceasing to observe something – in which I did or didn’t believe.  If it came to that, the lessons would stop.


She was fine with my status as a musician. But her companion began to scold me, promising that she would ‘break’ me of my addiction to this homage to Satan the way she did for a nephew.   Music at any other time of year was fine, but not at Christmas.  Good thing I didn’t tell her that I was a bell player, because they also believe that bells of any sort are signals to Satan to come on in.


Music was the deal-breaker. I don’t know if I’ve now become one of those heretics of whom Jesus spoke, wiping the dust of my home off the disciples’ feet as they left.  I hope not.  But I’ve never considered music-making at Christmas-time Satan worship.  Playing Christmas music is one of greatest joys.  When I’m alone, I’m as likely to sing a Christmas carol in the midst of July as I am at Christmas.  “O Holy Night” and “O Little Town of Bloomingdale” – um, I mean “O Little Town of Bethlehem (to get to our house, you have to make some hairpin turns until you reach the top of the hill and then wind around another s-turn that hangs out precariously on the side of a cliff, from which you can see the valley below).


Christmas is a celebration of Jesus. Thanks to the drunken Romans, the early Christians chose Saturnalia to celebrate his unknown (as far as anyone knows) birth date.  Early Christians were serious dudes and ladies.  They saw what inebriation and orgies and so forth did to the Greeks, Romans, and assorted pagans.  Jesus taught them to reject these practices.


Pagans today are sorely distressed that Christians have usurped their holiday. Didn’t the Bible predict that Jesus would conquer Satan and death?  They want their Saturnalia back, groups like the Jehovah Witnesses want to return it to them, but modern Christians aren’t having any of it.


That’s because Christmas is a celebration – of Christ’s birth, our freedom from sin through Jesus Christ, and our salvation. That’s what people who have been freed do – they celebrate.  Jesus was a humble man (and more) who would not have wanted his birth to be celebrated.  However, Christmas (as I already noted) is about more than just his birth, but our freedom.


Still, we have a funny way of showing our gratitude, turning Christmas into a materialistic shop-a-thon trying to prove our love of our friends and family by maxing our credit cards to the limit with jewels, expensive gadgets, and (if the car advertisements are to be believed) luxury automobiles.


Good Christian men (and women) rejoice and also remember the poor. There are more of us poor now than ever, though we live like kings and queens compared to people in Third World countries.


We’re also way too angry. Especially at this time of year, which is kind of strange.  We wouldn’t be so angry if we didn’t stress ourselves out so much trying to prove how much Christmas “spirit” we have by overshopping, overspending, and overeating and drinking.  Shouting and cursing because we didn’t get a parking spot at the mall, or our spouse overcooked the potatoes, or the kids spilled eggnog on our expensive white rug is hardly the way to honor Jesus Christ.


Even if you’re not into attending church – families are more likely to attend than single people – at least open up the Bible. You’d be surprised what you’d learn.  The entire Old Testament of the Bible after the first five books is all about the predictions of Christ’s birth. Even so, the very first mention, albeit an oblique reference, is at Genesis 3:15 – “And I will put enmity between thee [the serpent – who in some older versions of the Bible is Adam’s first wife Lilith who, being the equal of the Man because she was created from the same dust as he instead from his rib, also wanted to be equal with God and so was turned into a snake.  The name in Hebrew and Arabic, Layill, means “night”] and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”


The tradition of the empty manger before Christmas tells us a good deal about the importance of avoiding materialistic celebrations of Christ’s birth. No matter how beautiful everything looks (and sounds) – the Christmas tree, the wreaths, the holly, the decorations – it all means nothing without Him.  You might as well be celebrating the Saturnalia.


I don’t believe that means we shouldn’t celebrate, though. Even if it is technically the wrong time of year, perhaps it really is the right time, after all.  Maybe we were meant to conquer Satan, internally as well as externally, in Christ’s name.  If the pagans are mad about our Christmas celebration, we must be doing something right.


As long as we don’t forget about Jesus and God, our Father in Heaven, maybe it’s all right, after all, to make a little merry on this day when the Sun begins its journey (in the northern hemisphere, at least) back towards fullness.


Joy to the world, for Jesus came and released us from our captivity in sin. Let us rejoice!


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Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie Review for Fans

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opened this week, and the Force was with it. Well, sort of.  There are no Jedi Knights or light-saber duels.  But then taking place literally just before the original Star Wars movie, or Star Wars IV:  A New Hope – this new film is described in the first opening paragraphs of that movie’s opening “crawl”:


It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.


During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.


This movie is their story. The movie opens with no scrawl – or musical fanfare – but simply gets down to business.  One of the nice things about this Star Wars film is that the producers supply helpful subtitles to indicate to the audience which planet the characters are on.  Who knows?  Maybe someday they’ll also introduce subtitles for their galaxy of strangely-named characters as well.


The Rebel Alliance is somewhat disorganized and at odds with itself about how to proceed against the Evil Empire. An Imperial pilot has defected, with a message from, Geren Urso, the Imperial scientist who created the Death Star, stating that Urso deliberately designed the Death Star with a flaw which can (and obviously will) lead to the battle station’s destruction.


Bodhi Rook, the pilot, isn’t the only Imperial defector. Even droids are fleeing the evil Empire.  K-2SO, an enforcer droid re-programmed by the Rebel, helps Jyn Urso (played by Felicity Jones), Galen’s now-teenaged daughter, and a rebel pilot Cassian Andor (Diego Luna).  Andor is assigned to assassinate Galen, whom the Rebels do not trust.


The team is sent by Rebel Alliance leader Mon Mothma to the planet Yedha, to free the Imperial pilot, who has been taken prisoner by an extremist group of Rebels. The extreme rebels take Jyn and Cassian prisoner as well, where they meet Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen), a blind former Jedi warrior who notices a Force necklace made of Khyber stones, the material necessary for a Jedi Knight’s light saber – and for the Death Star weapon.


Once inside, they meet with Galen’s old friend and Jyn’s caretaker after her mother was murdered and her father forced to return to the service of the Empire, Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker). He plays her father’s hologram message for her, revealing the secret, which she must now use to persuade the skeptical Rebel Alliance to steal the plans to the Death Star.


The race is on, because the Death Star has now successfully completed tests on small targets and soon will be ready to make a full-scale, planetary test, presumably on the Rebel Alliance’s base on the planet Yavin’s moon (once they locate it).


Jones is appealing as the teen-aged heroine defending her father’s reputation and urging the Rebel Alliance to action. Diego Luna as Cassian lends the film a bit of flair and intrigue with his Spanish accent.  Is he a hero or a villain?  Often, film critics demand emotional complication between action film characters, if the actors can spare the time between laser-gun blasts.  You do feel an affection for the characters by the end of the film.  Not on the same level as Han, Luke and Leia.  But then, the expectations are different.  When you see the film, you’ll understand why.


We’ll give away no secrets of the movie. Suffice to say that long-time, die-hard fans will be happy to see more than a few familiar faces in this film.  Chief among the faces is Grand Moff Tarkin, the character played by Peter Cushing in the original film back in 1977.  Cushing died in 1994.  But thanks to advances in film technology, his character is brought to life, using another actor’s body with Cushing’s face eerily and remarkably photoshopped onto the actor’s body.  He looks like Cushing and sounds like Cushing.  Another character is also transformed (we won’t say who) but the scale of face to body isn’t quite as accurate as it ought to be, with the face looking abnormally large. Well, the technology is still in its infancy and that character only appears for a moment.


Another character who reappears is Darth Vader. This should come as no surprise because, with the making of the three prequels, “Star Wars” really becomes Darth Vader’s story.  Back in the day, before the second (or fifth movie, depending on how you count them) – “The Empire Strikes Back” – even hit the screen, there was word in the Stars Wars fandom universe that Lucas had three sets of trilogies in mind.  Stars Wars, which would become “A New Hope” would be the fourth of the nine films.


The first set of trilogies (which we’ve now seen) would deal with the rise of Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker). The second set would, as we learned later, would deal with his children and their showdown with him, after the destruction of the first Death Star.  The fate of the third set of films was murky and unclear.  Fanboys and Geekgirls debated whether Lucas – and the original three stars – would live long enough to make these films, set in what then was considered the distant future.


After seeing the third film in the second set (“The Return of the Jedi”), the future of a third set of films was hard to imagine. “Return” had a happy ending and a definitive resolution.  The emperor was dead, and his empire presumably defeated along with him, and Anakin Skywalker redeemed by his son, Luke.  What more did you need to know?


What fans really wanted filled in was that gap between Anakin’s downfall into the Dark Side and the ultimate rise of the Rebellion against the Empire. How did the Death Star come to be created and who stole the plans (as it turns out, “Rogue One” answers that question, in part)?


What about the children of Anakin Skywalker, Luke and Leia? We know what Luke was told about his father’s fate (two lies).  But what about Leia’s upbringing?  What was she told about her parents?  From the movie, “A New Hope” we know that she had at least one previous encounter with Darth Vader.  How did that story go?  As for Leia’s adoptive father, Senator Bail Organa, Obi-Wan and Yoda presumably told him of Anakin’s allegiance to the Emperor and the Dark Side.  What in the world must he think the first time he encounters Darth Vader?


And what about the Imperial Senate? Those who’ve studied Roman history know how that worked out.  But Star Wars fans want to know how the Rebel Alliance came together.  The Imperial Senate was only disbanded in “A New Hope”?  What did they do in the meantime?  How did they react to being turned into an Empire?  How did they feel about having to answer to an Emperor?  How did their constituents react?


Who became the Rebel Alliance? The Separatist Planets?  Did other planets, enthralled by the Empire, also “rebel” against the Empire?  Children who have watched the animated series “Stars Wars Rebels” know the answers to some of those questions.  Sort of.  But adult fans don’t.


The “third” set of films actually should have been the second set, the dark second, second act, detailing Darth Vader’s career and the creation of the actual Rebel Alliance. That would have been the correct dramatic construct for the series.  The deeply unsatisfying “Stars Wars VII:  The Force Awakens” did nothing to inspire true Star Wars fans.  Rather, it created a generational divide between those who grew up with Star Wars and “separatists” wanting to jettison the old generation, beginning with the Han Solo character and create entirely new characters totally unconnected with the original, beloved series. Incidentally, there’s the subject of another center movie (which, to their credit, the producers are reportedly considering) – the young Han Solo and how he, Lando Calrissian and the Millennium Falcon (animated series fans already know the story of Calrissian and that revered spaceship) came together.


Star Wars fans were “lost in space” once “The Force Awakens” came out. Unless there’s a family connection (and separatist fans are yearning to break the family ties) other than that sorry excuse for a villain Kyro Ren, or Ben Solo, a younger Skywalker to carry on the “Light” side of the force, the next installment will hardly be worth watching.  We know Mark Hamill will be in the movie and supposedly, he doesn’t disappoint.  But still.  We want hope, not disappointment and without the family connection, we can’t hope for much.


Darth Vader and the two robots, C-3PO and the irrepressible R2-D2, are the true center of the films. They anchor the films in the Stars Wars legend.  Using “heart” to describe Darth Vader wouldn’t be quite correct.  Not only does he play an important role this film, rather than a mere appearance, but Imperial clods once again intrude on his privacy. (Don’t they ever knock?  If I were Darth Vader and one of these knuckleheads intruded on my private bath, which one does in this, I’d put the chokehold on them).  The unclothed, and detached, Darth Vader gives the intruder a decidedly dirty look.


The producers should consider renumbering the films, once again, and give Rogue One its proper place in the Star Wars canon as an important film. Let us hope we can look forward also to “second act” films about a young Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, a young Luke and Leia (around about the age of four, when Luke would have ordinarily been recruited into the Jedi order), and the ongoing problems of an “Imperial” Senate facing an increasingly insupportable form of government and its dangerous, corrupt emperor.


Why do we need to look further beyond the Star Wars timeframe for the further adventures of the Star Wars gang? Some things can’t be helped, like aging actors, directors, and composers (this is the first film not scored by John Williams, who is now 84, and pretty much retired after a notable career as a film and television theme composer – he composed the themes for the TV series, “Lost in Space”).


As for this movie, fans who complain that there are no new characters will not be disappointed. Some critics have argued that there wasn’t enough time for them to develop.  Well, excuse me, but perhaps they weren’t old enough or weren’t born yet, when the original came out.  Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher were relative unknowns.  The best-known was Carrie Fisher, and that, only because of her mother.  She was 19 when the movie came out.  Harrison


Ford is now worth $230 million. But their chemistry was right for the film and for the times, and thanks to the supporting cast of the robots, Chewbacca, and, of course, Darth Vader, they all became household names by Christmas of 1977.  Later on, after everyone has pretty much seen this movie, we can discuss why the characters of Rogue One shouldn’t be forgotten.  The characters in The Force Awakens, except for Kylo Ren, deserve a chance, depending on the attitude of the writers.  Kylo Ren just isn’t in the same league as his grandfather, Darth Vader, and I just can’t help thinking so.


Thanks to technology, though, it seems old and even deceased actors can be resurrected.


Go see “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.  It’s the movie they should have made in the first place (after the prequels came out).


One last note about “Rogue One.” Despite incessant rumors, which were finally silenced by Disney, one character who never makes so much as a remote appearance in this film is Donald Trump.  Not even a hint of Donald Trump could be detected.


And in any case, if he ever does make a cameo appearance in a Star Wars film, it should be as a hero, not a villain.






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Electoral College Hijinx – Cut It Out

If the Russians hacked the election in favor of Trump, how did Hillary come up with between two and four million extra votes? That’s the question sane people are asking all across the country.  Meanwhile, Obama did another muffled microphone interview (the effect is that he comes across sounding serious and very deep thinking) about the Russian hacking and the Electoral College.  Out in California, a good friend says that the Liberal women are still mourning Hillary’s loss.  Good time to be a California therapist.

While I recover from Christmas Concert week (I’m all jingle-belled out – plus I’m going to see Rogue One this afternoon), here is my good friend, David B., to make sense of all this craziness.


Reality Check

I don’t really know how, perhaps one of my “friends” is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, but on my Facebook feed these 47ers posts kept popping up (I’ve blocked this obnoxious feed and reported it as fake news). I took a quick glance at it, the Huffington Post articles it pointed to, and some of the liberal comments and I’m stupefied. It is obvious the Huffington Post and liberals need to stop reading nonsense and start looking around and thinking.

Well, I guess thinking really isn’t their strong suit. They are still living in some alternate reality where black is white, gravity repels things, and think the world is coming to an end. Yes, the “Trump is a misogynistic bigot and will destroy America” and crying of “Trump is in league with the KKK” sounds loudly throughout the East and West Coasts. The only nonsense I haven’t heard them spout is that Trump has become the Grand Wizard. Just because the KKK supported Trump doesn’t mean he’s a KKK member or is even tolerant of them. But KKK support of Trump somehow morphed into Trump supporting them when he has said no such thing.

I’m kind of confused here. So Trump and all his supporters are racist. Let’s examine that for a few sentences. Trump has appointed Ben Carson to be head of HUD. Either my TV and PC are having serious video issues or Ben Carson isn’t white. Since when do racists choose non-white individuals to important posts like HUD? There are plenty of competent white males to choose from. Ditto for the misogynist accusation. I would have thought his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, would have put an end to that. For a misogynist, Trump has surrounded himself with women. And by the way, from all accounts, Trump pays his women the same as he pays a man in the same position. What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, the Russians hacked the vote and helped Trump. In fact, the only hacking found was done from an IP belonging to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Do the Liberals know something they’re not sharing? Perhaps DHS is a Russian agency now. Hillary was the one who sold our uranium to Russia, and Russia paid $2 million to the Clinton Foundation (which was used to fund Hillary’s campaign). So how does this get morphed into Russia wanting Trump elected. My head is spinning.

I haven’t even addressed ISIS. Funded by Hillary, supported by Obama, but Trump gets labeled an ISIS supporter. I can’t even wrap my head around this. These lies are still being spread by the Huffington Post and being believed by liberals despite all evidence to the contrary. Amazing. Even someone with the IQ of a rock should be able to see the illogic in all the lies still being spread.

Finally, the ultimate lie: Hillary won the popular vote. No, I believe if you start by removing the Hillary votes from non-US citizens (some 2.6 million who voted in California alone), then find out how in Detroit, Hillary got more votes in 37% of Detroit’s voting districts than there were voters who turned out and remove those stuffed ballots (where else did this happen?), you’ll find Hillary was not really so popular, at least not with U.S. citizens.

If it were up to me, I’d see news agencies fined $100,000 for each lie they publish. Huffington Post would be out of business tomorrow and CNN by the end of the week. MSNBC would not be far behind, and by the time they were gone, the rest would likely decide that outright lying was not beneficial to them. But who knows, perhaps liberals would simply pony up to pay the fines as they ponied up money for Jill Stein to prove Hillary had ballots stuffed in Michigan and still lost.

I haven’t seen division like this in my lifetime over a Presidential election, and I can remember back to the days of LBJ and allegations of folks buried on his ranch. But some folks, like the billionaires that own the media outlets, the Hollywood elitists, the George Soroses of the world, and corrupt politicians, won’t be happy until they start an armed insurrection. If they can’t have it their way, they’d just as soon cut the baby in half. Just can’t believe so many Liberals are being duped into following them down this path of destruction based on lies.



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Backtracking on the Election Hacking

Obama held a news press conference today to make one thing perfectly clear: Russian cyber hackers and “domestic propagandists were responsible for hacking the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election.  But he wanted to make perfectly clear that the hacking had nothing to do with voting machine hacking.

No, no, no. He meant propaganda “influenced” three million more voters (as Michael Savage pointed out on his radio show this afternoon) to vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald J. Trump.  No.  Wait a minute.  That doesn’t work out, either.  Does it?

The cry of “The Hackers Are Coming! The Hackers Are Coming!” led Green Candidate Jill Stein to demand a recount in Wisconsin and Michigan, with disastrous results for the Democrat Party.  The recount revealed major voting fraud in Detroit, Mich., in favor of the Democrats.  The Wisconsin recount gave Donald J. Trump an additional 138, or was it 152, additional votes.

This was a national emergency (for the Democrats) leading Obama to call an emergency press conference to set the record straight. This “hacking” of voters’ minds was a clear case of a Russian/Right-Wing Conservative conspiracy to turn the vote towards Donald Trump.

Oh yes. The Russians and Right-Wing Conservatives are well-known political bedfellows.  Never mind Bill Clinton’s trip to Moscow.  Never mind his wife’s uranium deal with Rosatom.  No, no, no.  It was blogs like this little blog (which somewhere around 2009 or 2010, somehow managed to make Russia Today’s Top 20 Most Dangerous Conservative Blogs) that twisted voters’ minds, leading them to run amok on Election Day and vote for Trump.

Listen, if Hillary and Obama and the others are so concerned that the Russians may have “hacked” the election, by all means, let’s have a recount of every state, beginning with this one. Let us, indeed, recount the votes in Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken, Paterson, Passaic, Hackensack, Trenton, and Camden.

Then move on to California, where illegal aliens really have run amok and the sanctuary cities openly encourage the illegal immigrant vote. What would happen to Hillary’s 3 million popular-vote advantage then?  You bet Obama, as the de facto head of the Democrat Party, wants to discourage a recount.

What Obama wants is to overturn the Electoral College vote and he’s ginning up support for it by claiming Russia is behind the discrepancy between the popular vote and the Electoral College.

Were the Electoral College to be overturned, the new voting map would look something like this:


States with large cities, filled with illegal aliens, blacks, young useful idiots, and other Democrat “minorities” would overwhelm the elections. That is why the Founding Fathers – Alexander Hamilton among them – proposed the Electoral College, so that populist cities like New York City and Los Angeles could not inflate and dominate the rest of the country.

Charges of propaganda on the part of Democrats are absolutely risible considering their influence in Hollywood and in the culture in general, as well as the mainstream networks and big city newspapers.

They must face the fact that they didn’t see two things coming: the survival of the Tea Party and the silent contingent of discontented, unemployed suburbanites behind them, and the advent of Donald Trump, the most unlikely presidential candidate in all of U.S. history.

Of course, the Democrats never “face” anything – they just continue to deny, deny, deny. Must be the pot in their heads or something.  If you can’t win the game, change the rules until you do.  Why in the world would the Russians, for instance, back a Conservative (albeit, unpronounced) candidate who believes in freedom?  Especially a former Soviet KGB agent who wants to see the Soviet Union restored?

Putin himself has reportedly declared the charges ‘ridiculous.’

The Democrats are reaching. Or rather, they’re overreaching in their ambition to overturn the Electoral College.  The United States is not, and never was intended to be, a pure Democracy, for a pure Democracy lacks the restraints to prevent tyranny from overruling the people.

Before any Electoral College votes are changed, there must be a recount in every state.

Beginning with California.

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Who the Heck Hacked the 2016 Election – And Who the Heck Cares?

Someone has to take the responsibility for Hillary Clinton’s loss last month in the presidential election – and it sure isn’t going to be Hillary herself. In a repeat of her monotonous claims of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” (originally in regard to the Paula Jones case back in 1996), Hillary has now determined that it was the Russians who “hacked” the election.  Her supporters allege that the information came courtesy of the C.I.A.


So what does that mean to the vast deplorable conspiracy that voted for Donald J. Trump? Does she mean that a secret network of computer hackers got hold of our voting machines and changed our votes?  Well, that’s rather old school.  That’s how John F. Kennedy won in 1960, with Chicago’s then-Mayor Richard Daley, tipping about a 1,000 votes in Kennedy’s direction.


No.  She means that the Russians “hacked” our brains with WikiLeaks e-mails about collusion between Hillary Clinton’s State Department, the Democrat campaign donors, and the Clinton Foundation, causing us to vote – against all reason and sanity – for Donald Trump.


As if we needed any urging by Vladimir Putin to vote for Trump. We should give Julian Assange and WikiLeaks some sort of Congressional Medal of Honor for doing what the Liberal Media egregiously failed to – provide us with the truth about the HillBillary campaign and their crooked foundation.


College students all over the country are coloring away furiously in their coloring books, drinking their hot chocolate, and hugging their teddy bears over the Democrat loss last month. They whine about the three million popular vote gap and Trump’s Electoral College win.


In spite of Jill Stein’s recounts in the swing states, Trump picked up an addition 152 votes in Wisconsin. The recount also uncovered numerous instances of voter fraud in 37 separate districts in Detroit alone.  Imagine what a recount in California would reveal.  Undoubtedly, we would soon unveil the mystery behind that 3 million vote lead Hillary enjoyed.


Yet, the HillBillaries hope to overturn the Elector College count by misleading young constituents into believing that they were somehow cheated out of a victory. Some moderate and even Conservative pundits are trying to ponder the vagaries of the 2016 election and account for Trump’s win.  It wasn’t the WikiLeaks – it was this; or it was that.  It was the economy.  It was the loss of jobs.  It was illegal immigration.


Yeah, it was all those things. But most of all, Hillary’s (and Bill’s) misdeeds, which caught up with them, after years of successfully fooling the people, succeeded in alienating the American people, along with Obama’s gutting of the suburbs and the U.S. economy.  Citizens United began way back in Clinton’s first administration and Hillary has been battling them all the way.


That will be next – it’s the fault of Citizens United. She did sue them, after all, for negative campaign ads.


The E-mail Scandal is just the latest in a long line of –Gates following in the wake of the Clintons. James Comey flip-flopped all through the summer and into the autumn over whether or not to investigation the allegations suggested by the disclosed e-mails.


Hillary cried foul; that such revelations just before an election were not only unfair, but illegal.


In the end, Comey backed down, supposedly not because the investigation was “illegal” but because he just couldn’t find any evidence in all those thousands of e-mails of any wrong-doing, even though Hillary’s personal computer was illegally used to transmit government information.


She blames the Russians for hacking U.S. government e-mails? Well, she certainly made it easy for them, didn’t she?   James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reports directly to the U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.


Back in the 1990’s, Loretta Lynch was a Clinton Campaign attorney sent to Arkansas to defend Bill – and more precisely, Hillary – against the Whitewater charges. Lynch was said to be uncomfortable in her role.  She suspect, from the evidence gathered by New York Times Washington Bureau reporter Jeff Gerth, that the charges were true.


Still, Lynch’s job was to protect the Clintons and do anything and everything possible to discredit the story, the evidence, and the witnesses. In the end, however, Lynch resigned from the campaign.


According to Bloodsport: The President and His Adversaries, by James B. Stewart (1996; Simon & Schuster):  “’But not everyone in the campaign felt the [Whitewater] issue could be buried through [Jim] Blair’s efforts [to quietly “retire” the Whitewater loan, canceling out Jim McDougal’s and the Clinton’s debt on Whitewater, which was hemorrhaging money and bankrupting retirees who bought into the land scheme].  Lynch quit the campaign in June, in part because she thought Whitewater would continue to cause problems for the Clintons.  As she explained later, “I did not want to remain responsible for keeping a lid on the issues that were on my plate, including Whitewater.  I did not believe I could keep a lid on it.’”


Still, through dismissive denials and newspaper editors and broadcasting producers who killed numerous stores, HillBillary escaped the flood of Whitewater relatively unscathed, winning a second term in office.


Hillary then moved on to the United States Senate, and then to her position as Secretary of State under Obama, after losing the 2008 presidential primary to him. Who did Obama appoint as his attorney general?  Why, none other than Loretta Lynch.


Whitewater – now – is small potatoes (or watermelons, the unofficial fruit of Arkansas) compared to the Clinton Foundation and e-mail scandals. Trump’s voters couldn’t care less who released the e-mails or how they came by them.  Some of the e-mails were not hacked at all – they were uncovered by investigators examining Hillary’s illegal computer servers.


Physically smashing the computers simply didn’t do the job (Hillary should have been held criminally responsible for that alone – destroying, or ordering the destruction of, government property). Investigators still found plenty of evidence against her.  However, that evidence could be covered up.


The WikiLeaks could not be covered up. They were made publicly available by this group of unknown hackers, whether they were Russian professionals, disgruntled Sanders supporters, or a vast right-wing conspiracy of computer geeks.  The point is, the public found out, just in time.


Kimberly A. Strassel, a columnist with the Wall Street Journal, in her Nov. 4, 2016 Potomac Watch column, “Clinton’s Justice Department,” summed up the e-mail controversy fairly efficiently.  In the blow-out, she writes, “E-mails on WikiLeaks show a top federal lawyer giving Hillary a quiet heads-up.”  The very same thing happened with the investigation into Madison Guaranty during the Whitewater Era.


“The most obnoxious spin of the 2016 campaign,” Strassel began, “came this week as Democrats, their media allies and even President Obama accused the FBI of stacking the election. It’s an extraordinary claim, coming as it does from the same crew that has – we now know – been stacking the election all along in the corridors of the Justice Department.


“This is the true November surprise. For four months, FBI Director James Comey has been the public face of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server.   He played that role so well, putting the FBI front and center, that the country forgot about Mr. Comey’s bosses.  Revelations this week build the case that President Obama’s politicized Justice Department has been pulling strings and flacking for Mrs. Clinton all along.


Strassel continued, “One piece of evidence comes from WikiLeaks, in a hacked e-mail between the chairman of the Clinton campaign, John Podesta, and Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik. It was sent in May of 2015 via a private G-mail account, which has become the favored way for Obama employees to hide communications from the public.


“’Heads up,’ Mr. Kadzik warned, informing the campaign about a coming hearing and a recent legal filing about Mrs. Clinton’s e-mails.


“Don’t let Mr. Kadzik’s fancy title fool you;” Krassel warned, “He is a Clinton partisan. Before joining the Justice Department in 2013, Mr. Kadzik spent 30 years at the (now-closed) law firm Dickstein Shapiro, engaging Democrat causes – and Clinton causes.  Mr. Kadzik’s wife, Amy Weiss, was deputy press secretary in Bill Clinton’s White House and a communications director for the Democrat National Committee.  Mr. Kadzik also represented the DNC.  Campaign finance records show the two variously donated to Hillary’s Senate Leadership PAC, to her 2008 presidential campaign, and to her current campaign.


“Mr. Kadzik is also an old buddy of Mr. Podesta’s. The two go back to Georgetown Law School.  When Marc Rich was lobbying Bill Clinton for a pardon, according to a 2002 House Oversight Committee report [not WikiLeaks], the fugitive financier recruited Mr. Kadzik ‘because he was a long-time friend of White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.’  Mr. Kadzik even represented Mr. Podesta during the Monica Lewinsky saga.”


Later in the column, Strassel noted, “The Justice Department has tried to dismiss Mr. Kadzik’s tip-off to the Clinton campaign as a note ‘about public information’ sent ‘in his personal capacity, not during work hours.’ But Mr. Kadzik is a senior government official.  He does not get to feed any information to a potential target of an investigation at any hour of the day or night.”


Who’s to say who should or shouldn’t influence the voters, or what they should be influenced by? The Liberals certainly don’t mind the Millennials being influenced by Hollywood, rock stars, and drugs.  The Presidential Election is a jury trial.  There’s no judge (or should be no judge) deciding what evidence the American people may or may not see or how close to an election they may see it.


The Democrats are experts at the so-called “October Surprise” (which, these days, thanks to the Internet and 24/7 cable news, carries over into November, right up to Election Day). The e-mails were hardly an “October Surprise.”  WikiLeaks was more like a “March Surprise.”  Voters had plenty of time to hear all the evidence and make up their minds.


I have in my possession 28 – that’s twenty-eight – books on the Clintons. I’ve read 26 of them, and there may be a few others in my library that I don’t realize I have simply because the titles don’t have “Clinton” in them.  If I’d never heard of a single WikiLeaks e-mail, I already have a pretty good idea of Hillary Clinton’s character.


Even the so-called “Valentine” books, like Blood Sport, Spin Cycle, and the book I’m reading now, The Clintons of Arkansas: An Introduction by Those Who Know Them Best, compiled and edited by Ernest Dumas (1993; The University of Arkansas-Fayetteville Press) are revealing, often unintentionally.


The Clintons of Arkansas is a compilation of short essays by people who knew the Clintons back when. The most interesting (and unintentionally funny) essay is by Bob Lancaster, a free-lance writer and columnist for the Arkansas Times (at the time of publication).


Lancaster actually gives an interesting and well-written history of the state of Arkansas. If one has to purchase such a saccharine tribute to the Clintons, at least you get a well-researched history of the state for your money.  He begins with geographic description of Arkansas:  “The Arkansas component of the area where three states conjoin [Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas itself presumably] – a flat expanse of ancient sea bottom now dotted with small towns separated by pine forests an cow pastures and drained sluggishly by the sluggish Red River – wasn’t settled until the second decade of the Nineteenth Century, only a little more than a century before the future forty-second president was born there.”


Yes, well. Lancaster writes about the 19th Century town of Washington, Ark., which would eventually become subsumed by the town of Hope.  Washington, Lawrence tells us, was Hempstead County’s “hub town.”  He describes those who settled in Arkansas – retired civil war soldiers, farmers, tradesmen, those settlers who were “Texas-bound” and those who stayed to settle Arkansas.

Among the settlers, he writes, were “a handful of ‘professional men’: preachers, doctors, and lawyers.”


“At least two things about the community suggest that it might someday turn out a Bill Clinton: How many of those lawyers there were; and how crazy people were for politics, which was their chief public entertainment, and was, for the lawyers, much more than that.


“A town with fewer than two thousand residents in 1860, Washington had twenty [Lancaster’s italics] resident lawyers.  At least a dozen of them are lionized in the Arkansas annals, including Grandison D. Royston “grandiloquent Grandison,” Zachary Taylor’s cousin and first grand old man of Arkansas politics; and Augustus Garland, a home-grown, just-getting-started youngster who would one day become attorney general of the United States under Grover Cleveland, the highest an Akansawyer ever got in executive politics until Bill Clinton.


“There was great enthusiasm for the law and for lawyering among these frontier barristers. For the older ones, like Royston, it offered the only hope of distinction; and for the young ones, it offered the only way out or up from the coarse and sometimes stultifying life that provincial villagers were too often heir to [Abraham Lincoln found the same outlet].  The law let a man develop a professional personality and style, and politics gave him a bigger venue for showing them off.


“A lawyer in a town not far from Washington, Arkansas, described the attraction of lawyering in 1853:


Those were jolly times. Imagine thirty or forty young men collected together in a new country, armed with fresh (law) licenses which they had got gratuitously, and a plentiful stock of brass which they had got in the natural way; and standing ready to supply any distressed citizen who wanted law with their wares counterfeiting the article…The clients were generally as sham as the counselors.  For the most part, they were either broke or in a rapid decline.  They usually paid us the compliment of retaining us, but they usually “retained” the fee, too…The most that we made was experience.


“Actually,” Lancaster goes on to tell us, “nearly all of them made good livings and were the most likely men in communities like Washington to get rich. They prospered not so much by courtroom practice as by land speculation.  The ownership of most of the land in antebellum [post-Civil War] Arkansas was disputed, often by many claimants, and the lawyers who didn’t grab off great acreages for themselves made hefty percentages on lawsuits filed for and against those who did.  One element of their keen interest in politics was the desire to manipulate – either judicially or legislatively – the government offices and agencies that finally decided the disposition of Arkansas real estate.”


There you have it – from an early Clinton supporter no less. That paragraph pretty much sums up the Whitewater deal and the Clintons’ approach to politics.  Bill Clinton never wanted to be a lawyer; he wanted to be a politician, and specifically, President of the United States, as every single one of his biographers attests.


Bill Clinton was ambitious for power. Hillary Clinton was ambitious for money.  She was the one who stubbornly ignored repeated advice to dump the Whitewater deal.  By golly, she had invested her money in that deal, and she wanted the return on her investment.  What the Clintons got, instead, was the next best thing:  a loss which they were able to write off on their taxes against their profits from other investments such as Hillary’s miraculous cattle deal as well as other commodities trades.


Hillary would probably be the first woman President of the United States by now, if it weren’t for the Internet. The Democrats didn’t control the reports – they controlled the editors of the newspapers and producers of the news networks.  They’ve been hard pressed, though not for want of trying by Barack Obama, to kill the Internet.  Their latest effort is to brand any news that is critical of them or their candidates as “Fake News.”


It’s an old ploy they’ve been using for awhile. That’s how they refer to Fox News – “Faux News”.  However, 28 books, some of them favorable, don’t lie. Clinton Cash, the book Hillary complains about the most as being “undocumented”, features 58 pages of footnotes in its paperback version. Clinton, Inc., features 18 pages of footnotes.


Facebook and other social media are promising the Democrats to more carefully ‘monitor” the news which they publish. They mean to publish news that fits the Democrat narrative and suppress stories that do not, tagging them as “lies” or “fake news.”


Never fear, though, readers. I have just about every book published on Bill and Hillary, as well as the printed versions of the Wall Street Journal concerning the recent e-mail scandal.  We are in a battle for the most essential of our freedoms:  the freedom of speech.  The criticism of politicians and elected officials is the primary reason that freedom of speech came first in the Bill of Rights.  The U.S. Constitution was not to be signed until the government guaranteed this and other rights in writing.


Someday, this Fake News warning will be an addendum to the book Spin Cycle; just another example of the elites – media, political, and otherwise – trying to control the flow of information through suppression, distortion, and minimization to the public.


The truth will always out, however.  For those who wish to rewrite history and the 2016 election, let them begin with rewriting this sentence:  “At this point, what difference does it make?”








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