Backtracking on the Election Hacking

Obama held a news press conference today to make one thing perfectly clear: Russian cyber hackers and “domestic propagandists were responsible for hacking the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election.  But he wanted to make perfectly clear that the hacking had nothing to do with voting machine hacking.

No, no, no. He meant propaganda “influenced” three million more voters (as Michael Savage pointed out on his radio show this afternoon) to vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald J. Trump.  No.  Wait a minute.  That doesn’t work out, either.  Does it?

The cry of “The Hackers Are Coming! The Hackers Are Coming!” led Green Candidate Jill Stein to demand a recount in Wisconsin and Michigan, with disastrous results for the Democrat Party.  The recount revealed major voting fraud in Detroit, Mich., in favor of the Democrats.  The Wisconsin recount gave Donald J. Trump an additional 138, or was it 152, additional votes.

This was a national emergency (for the Democrats) leading Obama to call an emergency press conference to set the record straight. This “hacking” of voters’ minds was a clear case of a Russian/Right-Wing Conservative conspiracy to turn the vote towards Donald Trump.

Oh yes. The Russians and Right-Wing Conservatives are well-known political bedfellows.  Never mind Bill Clinton’s trip to Moscow.  Never mind his wife’s uranium deal with Rosatom.  No, no, no.  It was blogs like this little blog (which somewhere around 2009 or 2010, somehow managed to make Russia Today’s Top 20 Most Dangerous Conservative Blogs) that twisted voters’ minds, leading them to run amok on Election Day and vote for Trump.

Listen, if Hillary and Obama and the others are so concerned that the Russians may have “hacked” the election, by all means, let’s have a recount of every state, beginning with this one. Let us, indeed, recount the votes in Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken, Paterson, Passaic, Hackensack, Trenton, and Camden.

Then move on to California, where illegal aliens really have run amok and the sanctuary cities openly encourage the illegal immigrant vote. What would happen to Hillary’s 3 million popular-vote advantage then?  You bet Obama, as the de facto head of the Democrat Party, wants to discourage a recount.

What Obama wants is to overturn the Electoral College vote and he’s ginning up support for it by claiming Russia is behind the discrepancy between the popular vote and the Electoral College.

Were the Electoral College to be overturned, the new voting map would look something like this:


States with large cities, filled with illegal aliens, blacks, young useful idiots, and other Democrat “minorities” would overwhelm the elections. That is why the Founding Fathers – Alexander Hamilton among them – proposed the Electoral College, so that populist cities like New York City and Los Angeles could not inflate and dominate the rest of the country.

Charges of propaganda on the part of Democrats are absolutely risible considering their influence in Hollywood and in the culture in general, as well as the mainstream networks and big city newspapers.

They must face the fact that they didn’t see two things coming: the survival of the Tea Party and the silent contingent of discontented, unemployed suburbanites behind them, and the advent of Donald Trump, the most unlikely presidential candidate in all of U.S. history.

Of course, the Democrats never “face” anything – they just continue to deny, deny, deny. Must be the pot in their heads or something.  If you can’t win the game, change the rules until you do.  Why in the world would the Russians, for instance, back a Conservative (albeit, unpronounced) candidate who believes in freedom?  Especially a former Soviet KGB agent who wants to see the Soviet Union restored?

Putin himself has reportedly declared the charges ‘ridiculous.’

The Democrats are reaching. Or rather, they’re overreaching in their ambition to overturn the Electoral College.  The United States is not, and never was intended to be, a pure Democracy, for a pure Democracy lacks the restraints to prevent tyranny from overruling the people.

Before any Electoral College votes are changed, there must be a recount in every state.

Beginning with California.

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