How Could Hollywood Get Any Worse?

Actress Meryl Streep abandoned reality for fantasy when she made a political speech criticizing President-Elect Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night. She was accepting Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, when she denounced Trump’s campaign rhetoric and criticized him, in a nearly 6-minute address criticized him for mocking a disabled reporter.


She predicted that once Donald Trump becomes president, Hollywood will become a wasteland.  What does she mean, “Will”?


“Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts,” Streep said to huge applause from the room.


This past Christmas, I went to Wal-Mart looking for a last-minute DVD for some family friends who have teenage daughters. They’re musically-inclined and I was searching for a non-Disney musical DVD.  Classic or modern, it didn’t matter.


What I found on the racks was a dreadful collection of post-apocalyptic horror movies, teen vampire flicks, gut-splattering action films, and a smattering of decidedly unfunny comedies and chick flicks.


What on Earth is Streep talking about? Hollywood is already a vast wasteland of gender-bending vampire movies, walking dead zombies, teen prostitutes, and how-to recreational drug movies and television shows.  Hollywood has spent the better part of the last forty years or so deviating our culture down to an intimidated acceptance of deviant cultural norms.


We’re WAY past simply tolerating homosexuality. Gay marriage is passé.  Everybody’s doing it.  We’ve moved on to the latest trend of transgender schoolchildren.  Pot has been basically legalized in Colorado and California.  Hollywood is happy to jump on the anti-heroin bandwagon because it involves drug-addicted suburbanites, not junior hippies stringing themselves out at the local strip mall or behind the elementary school.


Vampires are everywhere. Zombies regularly trade body parts every night on television.  Deviant culture is even a regular part of live-stream television.  Hollywood is a nightmare.  The only decent television drama America gets is from Great Britain – and the UK is a socialist state.  Even on Brit TV, the writers regularly drag gays out of the closet on Fifties and Sixties-Era programs, including “Father Brown”.


Hollywood can pin all the medals on itself that it wants. But its programming – and its brainwashing – still sucks.  Meryl Streep is a case in point:  of the 20 or so films she’s made in the last ten years, only one – “Mama Mia!” – was worthy of any note.  In 2006, she made “The Devil Wears Prada.”  The rest of her films were strictly straight-to-DVD.  “Iron Lady” only gained note because of the subject she portrayed, not necessarily for her accuracy in portraying Margaret Thatcher.  “Iron Lady” (2011) was strictly a political hit piece for the liberal Streep.

Not that many people really care what Meryl Streep thinks at all. Her box office will not overcome her politics, the way Harrison Ford’s has.  Harrison Ford, in 2003, paid homage to teen-rapist Roman Polanski in a rousing speech; Streep was simply filmed standing up in ovation to his speech.  Ford, it should be noted, was paying tribute to his director/boss from the 1988 box office flop, “Frantic”.  Ford has experienced few flops in his career, but “Frantic” was one of them.


Average Americans love their Hollywood royalty. But only up to a certain point.  American girls, in particular, might gush over the latest starlet’s revealing clothing or hairstyle.  Americans lap up the latest Hollywood gossip – the latest of which happened to be about an affair between Ford and his 19 year-old Star Wars co-star, the late Carrie Fisher.  We even give them a pass on such shenanigans.


We might note that while Fisher was Hollywood royalty and Ford a star, the least gossiped-about (although still Loudly Liberal) member of the original Star Wars trio, while the poorest was probably the smartest. Mark Hamill made a few good movies but mainly stuck to voice-overs for animated series and films (although he admits to preferring villainous roles of heroic). A child of the suburbs, he kept himself close to home and can boast of one of the longest (37 years) Hollywood marriages.


One can admire the talent of someone like Harrison Ford, or the general good sense of actors like Mark Hamill and others who apparently realized Hollywood’s glamor was a trap, or the inherited abilities of a child-of-star-turned-star like the late Carrie Fisher without being too perturbed by their political persuasion.


We all have Liberal Democrat co-workers, after all. Plenty of them.  Would we quit our jobs because of their proclivities?  Not in this economic climate.  We just tune them out.  If one of these puppets turns up on your television screen, change the channel.


What you should be more concerned with is the terrible product that Hollywood actors, writers, producers and directors are putting out. We were thrilled with Star Wars back in 1977 precisely because we’d become disenchanted with ten years’ worth of mostly horrible films.  “Ryan’s Daughter.”  “The Midnight Cowboy.”  “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”  “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.”


Does anyone recognize those movies and what they have in common? They all won Academy Awards in the year 1969 and 1970.  The only decent movie that year was “True Grit” in which John Wayne won the Best Actor award.  The next year, an Academy Award went out to “Ryan’s Daughter” (Best Supporting Actor, John Mills) and “Women in Love” (Best Actress, Glenda Jackson).  Another 1969 film, the harmless enough “Cactus Flower,” won a Best Supporting Actress award for Goldie Hawn, but the film itself never really went anywhere.


We shouldn’t boycott movies for the political views of their actors, directors, producers, and other assorted culprits; we should boycott these movies because they stink. “Star Wars:  Rogue One” definitely didn’t stink.  Nor did “13 Hours.”


But “Bad Mom”? “The Hateful Eight?” “Ghostbusters” (the reboot)?  “Sausage Party”?  “Trumbo” – Hollywood’s paean to its Communist self?  Really?  How many billions did Hollywood waste on this garbage?


If that’s entertainment, then the sooner Hollywood clears out, as Streep promised, the better for the United States of America.



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