Just One More Day of O

In about 24 hours, the United States of America will have a new president. He’s a businessman and anti-Capitalist Democrats are so upset that a cadre of them are refusing to attend the inauguration tomorrow.


Led by Congressman John Lewis, somewhere between 55 and 60 Democrats – some estimates are as high as 80 – have decided to sit out the inauguration in protest of what they consider Trump’s “illegitimate” recollection. While they recognize the legality of the Electoral College, they point to what they consider Trump’s “racism” (he wants to deport illegal immigrants), “sexism” (he once sponsored a beauty pageant and is married to a model), “homophobia” and other character traits they feel are unworthy of a president of the United States.


Trump is in good company. The Liberal Democrats pilloried Ronald Reagan, mocking his acting career and hooting at him on network news programs and late-night comedy shows.  Reagan took it all in stride and returned the country to a greatness it hadn’t seen since World War II.


Pres. George H.W. Bush didn’t fare much better than his predecessor. Both he and his wife will not be attending the inauguration because of respective cases of pneumonia and bronchitis.  Bush 41 tried to take a more moderate approach to government, only to be betrayed by the Democrats on a pledge of no more new taxes.


Forty-one’s son was also ridiculed for his battle with alcoholism and lack of education. The Media never looked to closely at the education of either Clinton.  During their college years, both agitated for and succeeding at instituting pass-fail grades at Yale University and other schools.  The Clintons were not interested in practicing law at all; they merely saw the degree from a prestigious law school as another step in their ultimate goal of becoming presidents of the United States.


At this goal, he passed, but she failed. A Yale professor secretly kept the numerical grades of all his students.  Bill Clinton passed his course, and undoubtedly others, with a marginal effort, and received a grade of “C” in that class.  Hillary earned a B.  Bill was known for last-minute cramming.  Evidently, what he did was memorize the minimum amount of information to pass a test.


George W.’s inauguration parade was an outrage in the history of presidential inauguration parades. Protestors lined the route, shouting, catcalling and throwing garbage at the presidential limousine.


President-Elect Trump has promised a much shorter parade route and far fewer costly inaugural balls. The Democrats can be sure that their invitations are not, and never were, in the mail.


My father’s Catholic relatives were greatly aggrieved that he was marrying a Lutheran, that is, a Protestant. Her future mother-in-law and her two sisters declared that they would not attend the church service; only the reception.


My mother replied, “If I’m not good enough for you to attend my wedding, then you’re not good enough to attend my reception.”


Not wanting to be cheated out of the free meal, and probably at the protestation of my grandmother, who certainly didn’t want to miss her son’s wedding, they attended the wedding ceremony but wore black.


Meanwhile, Hollywood celebrities have been boycotting the inauguration festivities. Some vowed outright that they would not perform.  Others who initially accepted the invitation have since backed out, having received warnings from Hollywood producers and even death threats from various malcontents.


Pettishness does not begin to describe the behavior on the part of the boycotting Democrats. We are a representative republic (not a democracy, as is commonly believed, though our government practices democracy).  By that representation, Donald J. Trump won the election – whether they like it or not.


Their refusal to attend the inauguration is not just an insult to the incoming president, but a denigration of our political way of life. We are a two-party system.  We don’t always like the outcome but the alternative – tyranny – is unthinkable.


Men and women have given their lives to protect our way of life. A protest of this sort not only augments the immaturity of the party that’s out of power but suggests that they believe in only one way of governing – their way – and the desire of the other half of the country be damned.


If this isn’t terrorism, it’s at least intimidation. That is the kind of government they would thrust upon us, which is why they lost the election.  There is nothing fair or just about the way they would rule.  Let them boycott this inauguration, but let us not forget it, the way we’ve forgotten the disrespect they’ve shown towards every Republican president since Ronald Reagan.


Each successive generation loses a memory and so the malcontents can return to the same methods their brothers and sisters, their mothers and fathers, and their grandparents employed to disrupt a civil society.


One iota of good news is that we are about 24 hours away from being relieved of the worst president in the history of the United States – Barack Hussein Obama. Let his legacy be that he sought every opportunity to thwart the will of the people, the democratic process, and the Constitution of the United States through countless executive orders and acts of fiat.


Obama reignited the nearly extinguished flames of discontent in the Middle East, insulted our allies, made allies of our enemies, and desiccated out military. He ruined our economy, undermined our educational system, and made us the laughingstock of the civilized world.  He rendered asunder what remained of our social fabric and welcomed evil right into the White House.  He seized our health care system, making health insurance unaffordable for millions of working class people.


We’ve been waiting far too long for this day to come – it ought to have come much sooner – since January 20, 2009. The soon-to-be 45th president will have much work ahead of him to undo his predecessor’s damage.


Don’t think for a moment that this will be a peaceful transition. Trump’s presidency will not be Calvinistic in nature on either the part of the new president or those who oppose him.  Those of who remember the Reagan Administration recall waking up every morning to some new jibe by the Marxist radio hosts.


But this is the 21st Century and technology has afforded Conservatives many new and unexpected platforms for countering the Marxist platform.  College campuses have become the new gulags, where dissenting students can be suspended for expressing opinions not in line with the politically-correct mantra.


Washington, D.C., meanwhile, is the same swamp it was when Reagan took office. Congress still spews political pollution into its muddy waters.  We can only hope that Republican senators and represents will hew to the Conservative side of the aisle now.


They should be aware that as of tomorrow there will not be a new sheriff in town but a new alligator in the swamp; a “yuge” alligator with a very noisy maw. He’s our alligator and we love him precisely because he’s a big guy who will wrestle you and roll you and have you for lunch.







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