Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States

His was the most improbable presidential candidacy in the history of the United States. From his first announcement as a candidate, pundits to the left and right cast aspersions on his chances of winning the 2016 election.  He’d never get back to 270, the number of electoral votes needed to win.


Right up until Election Day – indeed, even on Election Day – polls indicated that he would lose. Not a necessarily eloquent speaker, he sometimes didn’t help his own cause.  However, his true followers didn’t want another eloquent speaker who would lie to them and betray them.  They wanted someone who would listen to them and not be irradiated by the insular world of Washington, D.C.


For about a year and a half followed a wild, raucous, and often pugnacious campaign. College-educated voters, particularly Millennials, looked askance at him.  The working class voters, however, liked what they say and heard.  The more bellicose, the better.


Some of us voted for someone else during the Primaries. But once he was nominated, we dutifully lined up behind Mr. Trump, hoping some lightning bolt of erudition would strike and he would give one – just one, please? – soaring speech to justify our faith.


And that’s just what he did. He gave a soaring speech, little noticed by the Media or the Millennials – or for that matter, the working class – that solidified his candidacy.  Of course, the Democrats, being the bulldog Marxists that they were, weren’t about to let go.


But then another miracle happened – WikiLeaks, which exposed Hillary’s e-mail scandal and the machinations of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative (which has since gone out of business due to a lack of a donors).


Can a businessman succeed as President of the United States? Well, it’s a funny thing about businessmen (and businesswomen).  They have this credo that the customer is always right.  Trump went from the typical political candidate, talking about himself to talking about the people whom he was going to serve.


Having taking an interest in the Tea Party movement, he discovered the Tea Party-inspired painting, “The Forgotten Man.” Painted by Utah-based artist Jon McNaughton in 2010,  the image depicts the whole panoply of U.S. Presidents up to Barack Obama debating over a man sitting forlornly on a park bench in front of the White House.


A savvy marketer would say, cynically, that Trump had found his audience.


Or is it that the “audience” – the forgotten men and women – found their leader? Donald Trump didn’t wake up back in January 2015 and suddenly decide he wanted to be president.  He’d been considering the run for some time.


Trump is rather like a Conservative man’s Bill Clinton, minus the drugs and drinking. He wants to be friends with everyone.  However, he doesn’t want to be friends so badly that he becomes a fool instead.


A frequent guest of John R. Gambling on New York’s WOR-710 AM, Trump would sound of about the current problems facing America. Why aren’t we doing this, he would ask, and why aren’t we doing that?  He was furious at the destruction on 9/11/01.  He even offered to rebuild the Twin Towers.


One can question whether he can deliver as president, never having held office before. But no one listening to his voice on those radio broadcasts could doubt his sincerity, his patriotism, his business savvy or his concern for the military.


Still, it was hard to picture the same man I’d seen on countless trips down to Atlantic City, first with my bus-driving mother and later as a company event photographer, looming over the city entrance on an enormous billboard jumping down from the neon lights into the reality of public life.


Donald Trump? Are you kidding?


But once he got past the primaries and giving serious consideration to those decades-old radio interviews, maybe he was the one. These other empty suits certainly weren’t doing anything for us.  The only other serious candidate was Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and he needed more seasoning.  We’d already made an error in electing one one-term U.S. Senator to the presidency.  Cruz still had time.  Besides, he’d make an even more awesome Supreme Court justice.


The Tea Party movement helped sweep more Conservatives into Congress, although some of them – most notably, Nikki Haley – betrayed us in the end. We were a great, leaderless movement.  We just hadn’t found the right person.  But apparently, the great neon man was looking us over, looking the situation over, and seeing no one else coming forward to claim the mantle, put himself forward.


The Forgotten Men and Women are delighted that he tweets. We hope he keeps on tweeting.  He seems to be someone with a good, solid work ethic who really doesn’t much like speechifying; he believes in getting things done.  Specifically, he has promised to get the very things done that he promised he’d get done for us.


Like deporting the illegal immigrants, especially the ones who push drugs. Oh, what a pleasure it would be to walk the streets of my town once more without having to run into a drug dealer every two blocks or so.  Last week, I saw one lurking in an alleyway near the vet’s office just as the local high school was letting out for lunch.  He started when he saw me looking at him.  Idiot.  He’d been bobbing around in the alleyway; how could I help but notice him?


Trump gave a firm, no-nonsense, minimally eloquent inaugural address. No beautiful words, just solid promises.  A sort of no-frills inaugural address.  Melania, now the new First Lady, was absolutely stunning in her powder blue Ralph Lauren dress.  Donald Trump Jr.’s littlest girl was adorable.


The crowds were not as immense as those who came out for Obama. But when you eliminate the illegal immigrants…  The forgotten men and women may have been underrepresented, but they were faithful.


Who in the world put Charles Schumer up on the podium to bloviate is beyond comprehension. Don’t the Republicans rule both houses now?  The poor young lady tasked with singing the Star Spangled Banner was very nervous and not at all encouraged by the clanging sound from the United States Marine Band accompanying her.


It had begun raining and the band’s orchestra bells – or perhaps it was their chimes or maybe even a vibraphone – got wet. Once the metal bars get wet, there’s no salvation, as I can attest from having marched in the rain with a glockenspiel for about 35 years.  Instead of a lovely ringing peal, once the brass mallets hit the metal, you get a dreadful clanging sound.  My marching mallets were hard plastic.  But it sounded like this bell player was using brassies.  Hence the clank-clank-clank.


I would have told the director immediately (even if I was demoted for insubordination) that if it rained, the bells were not going to happen, at least not in any musically-pleasing way. Better to be demoted a rank than to have the newly-minted President of the United States and his guests frowning, wondering what that hideous noise was (!).


Last night’s Pre-Inaugural Concert was fantastic. The finale was the Battle Hymn of the Republic, played by the U.S. Army Band and song by the U.S. Army Chorus.  This particular arrangement is much beloved by band musicians and choirs everywhere.  The ending absolutely soars.


A more hideous noise is happening now, as protestors make a serious attempt to obstruct the Inaugural Parade. Not content with merely throwing garbage at the new president, these protestors want to keep it from happening at all.


These protestors ought never to have been given permits to protest at all on this day. We can only imagine what Washington, D.C.’s Democrat mayor was thinking.  This is the hint of things to come that we cautioned about yesterday.


Once the parade does get going, a good whop over the head of anyone who gets in the way of the band with a chime mallet will take care of the situation swiftly. Parade rules state that no one may obstruct someone in the line of march, except parade judges, and musicians, it is generally judged, are permitted to use their discretion in removing obstacles.


Trombone slides, bass drum beaters, batons.


But chime mallets are the best. They’re really heavy and do a credible of job of clobbering.  I had a chime mallet – a wooden one – break in mid-solo and clonk me on the head and then land with a thud on the floor behind me.  I kept on going with the remaining mallet and thanked goodness it was the wooden mallet, not one of the hard rubber jobs.


Congratulations to our 45th President, Donald John Trump.  We look forward to great things in his administration.  God Bless President Trump.  God Bless First Lady Melania and all the Trump children and grandchildren.


And God Bless America.


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