The Hissy Fit Feminist March

One million women marched on Washington, D.C., or marched in their own cities in solidarity on Saturday for feminist rights. Meanwhile, a million men had a peaceful day off.


White House Spokesman Sean Spicer got himself far too worked up over the official in-person and television numbers for Inauguration Day. Official television ratings numbers put Trump only behind Presidents Richard Nixon (at his second inaugural), Ronald Reagan (his first) and Barack Obama (his first).  That’s not bad.


The Marxist Media is making hay of the fact that the inaugural route for President Trump was sparsely populated. Given that it had begun to rain, that the temperature was in the forties, and that the parade had begun late (no doubt, thanks to the antics of the protestors), it’s not surprising that there were so few people along the line of march.  By the way, they were the ones who made a big deal out of it, not Trump or Spicer.


No one was going to sit on wet, aluminum bleachers. In this age of television, the spectators who watched the swearing-in in person, went home to dry off and watch the rest of the events on television.  By the time the parade was over, it was 6 p.m.


Give Trump and his family credit for this: they watched the entire inaugural parade and Trump stood for 99 percent of it.  One of few times he sat down was when his newly-minted Secretary of Defense entered the viewing booth to thank his Commander-in-Chief.  What Trump missed while sitting down were the Kings Point Marching Band and their cadets, the official service branch of the Merchant Marines.  The other time was to admire the tractor division with his son, Barron.  (That’s Barron, by the way, not “Hilton”).


Trump was then right back on his feet, watching the parade.


My band has marched in quite a few very wet parades. Yes, the spectators were few and sparsely located.  This is the Northeast, not Southern California.  We had to march because we were under contract to whatever organization or fire department hired us – rain or shine, like the Post Office.


Trump didn’t have as many spectators as Obama did at his first inaugural? So what?  Obama had better weather and the resources of a legion of fawning illegal immigrants.  People weren’t about to stand in the wet and gloaming on Friday with young children who were getting hungry and tired by the time the motorcade arrived.  If they’d stayed, Millennial protestors and the Media would soon have learned what a genuine temper tantrum looks like.


The Media may have been counting heads at the Hissy Fit March and making comparisons. The rest of us soon changed the channel.  We therefore have no memories of pink hatted Marxist Mommies at once declaring their pride that their mothers had “the right” while standing there with their own, selected-birth children.


How many of them are baby-killers? The Pro-Life Women, who also had issues with our new president’s attitude towards women, were not permitted to participate in the protest march.  There isn’t a single “right” they can claim to be missing.


Free tampons? Free birth control?  Free abortions?   That is their idea of “freedom” and rights.  The Constitution allows them the freedom of speech to voice their opinions.  The Constitution says nothing about the rest of us having to listen to or agree with them.


What these protestors do have in common with their grandmothers is the same ideology preached by Saul Alinsky. Freeze and personalize the target.  It’s all about “Trump” the same way it was all about “George W. Bush,” “George H.W. Bush,”  “Ronald Reagan,” “Richard Nixon,” and “Barry Goldwater.”


It’s all about heading to the center of government to protest, instead of making an appointment with their U.S. Senator or Congressional representative. It’s all about being where the cameras are to gain maximum exposure for their “cause.”  It’s all about disrupting normal life and castigating those who stay home quietly and live their lives.  Saul Alinsky hated those people with a passion.  He hated us – the Middle Class, as did Lenin.


We “women” of America take exception to the Feminists declaring their protest a “Women’s March.” They didn’t speak for me.  They didn’t speak for my friends.  This was strictly a political leftist march.  These were Leftist Women, not all American women.  These were Feminists.


Their march represented a whole host of causes beyond abortion and free contraceptive care. There were women against guns.  Women against deportation of illegal immigrants.  Women for equal pay.  Women for ERA, the Equal Rights Amendment.  Women against shaving.  Women against wearing dresses.  Women against wearing high-heeled shoes.  Women against wearing anything at all.  Women against cooking dinner, vacuuming, and doing the laundry.  Women Against Heterosexual Men.


Anything a woman can do, they’d rather not do at all. Women Against Being Women.


Most of all, they were women against Donald J. Trump being President of the United States. Women Against the Electoral College, in other words.  Those deplorable Founding Fathers created the Electoral College as a buffer against just this sort of populism.  Donald Trump did not win a majority of an extremely dubious popular vote.  He could have – and probably should have – demanded a recount.  But since he won the Electoral College, he didn’t have to.


Hillary won a majority of the female vote overall, but not a majority of White Women. Those white women who considered Trump a misogynist stayed home.  Those who didn’t care about his Trumpisms and ignored them, voted for him.


White women for Trump didn’t care about his policy on women. They cared about his policies on illegal immigration, jobs, national security, and ISIS.  They cared about their families, particularly their children.  They cared whether they and their husbands had jobs.  They cared whether they could walk safely on the streets of their own towns.  They care whether a politically-correct government will give believers of a decidedly misogynistic religion license to take over our country and brutalize them into submission.  They’re welcome to take on the feminists.  But generally, the mothers of America deserve better than to be treated as though they’ve been walking up and down the streets of America baring the breasts for all to see.


American “women” are generally modest, patriotic, and law-abiding. American “women” don’t take misogynists too seriously, as long as all these Neanderthals are doing is shooting off their mouths.  American “women” don’t need Big Government to take care of them; they can take care of themselves.


That’s where American “women” differ from American “feminists.” Feminists want the government to take care of their every need.  A big, bureaucratic government can be controlled.  A big, bureaucratic government can control “women” who don’t agree with feminists and can shove men around at will.  A big, bureaucratic government can fine, imprison and generally punish political opponents.


The feminist march is, in reality, decidedly undemocratic. It is populist democracy – mob rule.  Government by intimidation and ignorance.  With the assistance of a propagandist media, there is no intelligible answer to their charges.  Or at least, there wasn’t until social media.


American women can now answer back. They can reply that Saturday’s Feminist March does not represent their views on any issue.  They can even be outrageous and state that in the Seventies protestors accused soldiers coming home from the Viet Nam War of being “Baby Killers.”  Today, Pro-Life women can accuse Pro-Choice feminists of being “Baby Killers.”


What goes around, comes around. American women don’t have to accept the current gender choice agenda.  They can have their daughters play with pink girly toys and their sons play with blue boy toys.  Most normal girls do prefer pink to blue, dolls to guns, carriages to trucks, princess gowns to cowboy outfits.


American women don’t have to bend their tongues around today’s aberrant grammatical changes. There’s “he”, “she”, and “it.”  Those are the time-tested pronouns.  If you want to be an “it,” go ahead.  But that’s what normal people are going to call you, whether you like it or not.


The proper term for a man who dresses like a woman is “transvestite.” No one wants to return to the days of the Sodomy Laws, when people could be arrested in their homes for engaging in abnormal sexual relations.  For decades, normal Conservative people have observed the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Look, and Don’t Tell” rule.  Please don’t tell us what you are, or think you are; we really don’t care and more importantly, don’t want to know.  Seriously.  Leave us alone; we certainly want to leave you alone.  Please feel free not to share with us your bedroom life.


My advice for anyone watching television on Saturday was to just not turn on the news. That’s all we had to do.  We certainly had plenty of warning that the Feminists were going to be on the march on Saturday to give their hysterical opinions on every imaginable issue and blame their grievances all on Donald J. Trump, the current Whipping Male.  Just turn them off.

If we American women had wanted a female president, we would have chosen someone with a better resume than Hillary Rodham Clinton. We would have chosen a woman with whom our husbands, boyfriends, brothers and sons could also be comfortable.


American women don’t want to “rule” the country. We want to share it peacefully with the other half of the country who shares our values – our guys.  Trump improved significantly in the last month of the campaign.  He’s still given to bouts of Tweetermania.  He still has to learn how to adhere to the 140-character guidelines of Twitter by using Twitter shorthand and abbreviations.


Trump’s a pretty good listener for a guy. That trait comes from his business experience.  All we need to do is speak up for our families, our Capitalist economy, and our country.  We can best counter Feminist tripe by disowning their Marxist ideology and making our own stand for life, liberty, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness.


Happiness begins right here in our own backyards, in our town squares, and on our computers.


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