Trump is Still My President – from David’s Wandering Mind

Guest blogger David Bandel was watching the Feminist Protests on Saturday. While I occupy myself with mastering Excel Pivot Tables, here he is with his take on the so-called “Women’s March.”  If he really wanted to get the feminist women riled, he’d tell them his U.S.S. Enterprise theory (!).

I watched with disappointment over the past weekend at the “peaceful” protests put on by the “tolerant” Left. I swear we’re going to have to write a new dictionary to encompass the Left’s new meanings for these terms. Every hour, some news regarding the peace, elegance, and eloquence of the march reached my eyes or ears. But even the fake news (alternative truth?) media had a hard time putting a good face on this one.

A number of pundits circulated among the throng asking a very simple question: “What issue(s) are you protesting?” and most were met with blank-faced stares or incoherent babbling. Perhaps my favorite was the woman who summed it all up with her sign that read simply: “Fuck you fuckety fucking fucks.” Ah the elegance. Oh the eloquence. And she got it all done without being overly loquacious. Clear, concise, coherent. The Left has come so far. (Yes, my terminal is dripping with sarcasm).

Seriously, though folks, really? I understand you don’t like the outcome of the elections. I understand not everyone agrees with Trump on all the issues. But pick an issue (“fuckety fucking fucks” is not an issue), state the issue, tell us what your stance is (and maybe include a concise why). I am open to reason. And on each issue I have an opinion (I also have a navel). More importantly, I can tell you why I believe the way I believe. Be it the 2nd Amendment, the U.N., the illegal immigration issue, the health care issue. But I can speak plainly and clearly.

I also make my sentiments known to my congressmen. I write them (and none of what I write contains words like “fuck” or “you”). I don’t make it personal, I tell them what I want them to support and why. I tell them we should defund the UN because the UN is little more than a soapbox for anti-US sentiment and not something I think we should be paying to hear. They do nothing for us. Boom. No he knows how one of his constituents feels. Same for the 2nd Amendment, which says in part “shall NOT be infringed” (my emphasis). Need I say more? I have added that guns have no place on aircraft as even an accidental discharge at cruising altitude would be catastrophic and we do need to protect everyone on board. Reasonable and reasoned.

Yes, I do support the 1st Amendment. I believe we have the right to assemble peacefully, the right to free speech, the right of the press, and the right of religion (but I temper this with the proviso that your religion cannot infringe the US Constitution or state or federal laws, which Islamic Sharia Law does). Honor killings? Really? Sorry, murder is murder, and that woman is equal to any man. Care to debate that with me?

The past few days protests (I was being facetious calling them peaceful) had nothing to do with women’s rights or any other sane issue. I’d like to call your attention to history. Let’s stick to the past century as it postulates enough examples to shed light on what is really going on. In 1907, the puppet-master Stalin (along with the Bolsheviks he stabbed in the back) organized the lemmings to stand in front of the sabers and pistols of the Czar’s forces. They successfully overthrew the Czar of Russia. Once that was accomplished, Stalin murdered his fellow puppet masters (they had served their purpose) and established his iron-fisted rule.

Fast forward to the late 1930’s. This time, just one puppet master succeeded where several were previously required. Hitler gained power in Germany and the rest is history. It happened in Cambodia (the Khmer Rouge), and other places whose names you may not remember. You’d think as many times as it has happened, someone would point out that history is attempting to repeat itself.

This time the puppet masters have names like Soros (former Nazi), Zucker (owns CNN), and Islam (the Imams with their jihadists). They’ve recruited the arrogant elite of Hollywood (duped is more the term, but I’m trying to be gracious), and have Democrat lemmings doing their bidding, providing cover for the violent protesters and the actual goal of the demonstrations. The puppet masters have the same goal, but each has their own end-game. One that doesn’t involve us as other than their subjects.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working. The Trump administration does need to be sure it doesn’t cross the line and become too heavy handed. This is what the left is trying to goad them into. Yes, the next few months will be challenging. But we need to challenge the left back and be ready to counter their “fuckety fucking fucks” with something a little clearer and more coherent. But don’t rise to their bait. Americans are better than this. Or I’d like to think so.

As always, your comments, criticisms, witticisms are encouraged when you contact your legislative representatives. They’ll be so grateful.  😉


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