Cuomo’s Indecent Exposure Disclosure

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, tweeted more than 90 messages on Thursday in response to the Trump administration’s rescinding of an Obama-era guidance on transgender issues.


One user asked Cuomo, “What do you tell a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”


“I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? Teach tolerance,” Cuomo responded, implying the daughter’s opinion was in fact not hers, but her father’s.


In what altered-state universe does Cuomo think the combination of young or little girls and naked men is tolerable? If a man were to do such a thing in public, he’d be arrested for indecent exposure, at least in a normal universe.  After he was taken to the hospital for the broken nose a righteously outraged father gave him.


Note the phrase “public restrooms” with the emphasis on “public.” The users of the restroom are in a public space.  In the formerly normal universe, that was why bathrooms were separate.  Men use a commode outside the privacy of the locked-door unit.  Women only need to use one commode for all purposes.


Under Cuomo’s irresponsible notions of “tolerance,” any perverted man or teen with a notion to do so could throw on a cheap wig and a dress and enter the private abode of women and girls and expose himself to them (or worse). Women who enter a men’s room can better perpetrate their fraud, at least until they reach the urinal and have nothing to show for it.  They’d be expected to clean up their mess.


The lunatics have taken over the asylum if we must legally suffer mental deficients who can’t adjust to the reality of their obvious gender. Not only must we accommodate them, but we cannot even challenge their presence in an inappropriate rest room, for that would be considered “discrimination.”


Naturally, parents don’t wish to expose their children to such aberrance. A parent’s job is to protect their children, something they cannot do when the children are in school, and where such once unthinkable scenarios are most likely to take place.  School locker room showers and bathrooms are no place to be redefining what is “normal.”  Locker room showers ought never to have been installed in institutions in the first place.  They should not now be transformed into a social justice orgy.


If we are to recover so much lost ground in the cultural wars, we must begin by reclaiming the high ground of “normalcy.” Decency, morality, and common sense must be reseeded back into the swamp of public values.  These problems began, to no one’s surprise, with government organizations defining-down deviancy for the psychiatric profession.


Mayhem is the goal of anarchists, those people you see roaming the streets with LGBQTETC signs. You know, whenever you see them, that the asylum doors have been flung open and the inmates are running riot in the streets while we seem to be helpless to do anything about them.


The Media supports them, so our outcries go unheard, or at best, censored as something-phobic or “intolerant.” Isn’t about time that we stopped tolerating deviancy?  We should not be ashamed to say that we won’t tolerate indecent exposure, sexual assault, and general public immorality, as defined by the most common of America’s religious books, the Bible (and others, as well).


When did we stop answering to God and start answering to the Government? Why on Earth didn’t we tell the atheists, the anti-Christians, and the secular thumb-suckers where to go?  “No,” a father should rightly say, “it’s not okay for you to whip out our manhood and waggle it in front of my seven year-old daughter, you pervert.”  Or 12 year-old.  Or 15 year-old.


Once upon a time, opposite-sex parents didn’t allow their young children to go into a rest-room unaccompanied. Among parents and adults in general, there was a silent understanding when a woman brought a little boy into the women’s room.  Sometimes, a man would wait for a woman with other children and ask her to bring his daughter with her.  Under hardly any but the most serious exigencies did a father bring his daughter into the men’s room.


Pundits have been arguing that we can’t turn the clock back against these issues; that it’s too late for that now. Says who?  Somebody obviously thought it was quite all right to move the clock forward without really asking anyone whether it was all right or not.  They just told us this is how it was going to be and to deal with it.


What the perverts want is license, not freedom. God certainly didn’t grant them the freedom to decide for themselves that they were whatever they thought they were, not how God created them; that takes us all the way back to the Tree of Good and Evil.


The government issues license as it deems politically profitable. But only God grants us freedom – the ultimate freedom from sin, for which none of us has the price.  Only God gets to decide what’s right and wrong.  We get our “rights” from Him; the government gets its power from us.


If we are a God-fearing people, then we have no reason to balk at telling an out-of-control government and a licentious population of profligates where to go.





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The Slanted Media reported today: “On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ co-host Mika Brzezinski stated President Trump ‘could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think.  And that is our job.’”


Pres. Trump is on a campaign against what he calls “Fake News:” the lies, the misinformation, the outright libel that media organizations spread.  The Media is under some misguided delusion that they comprise the “Fourth Estate,’ that their mission is to act as a hedge against corrupt politicians who don’t tell us the truth.


The Media editors and producers consider themselves “the gatekeepers” in the flow of information. They decide what the public needs to know and when they need to know it.  As long as there has been a printing press, there have been editors and reporters who “slant” the news, as it is known in the trade, writing news stories to a certain advantage.


Today’s Mainstream Media is very much the puppet of the government, its champion, not its detractor. That is, if the government happens to be Democrat or pro-totalitarian.  The Media is the champion of the supposedly “helpless” people – immigrants, minorities, Millennials, and anyone else upon whom the Democrats can count for votes in November.


Pres. Trump, at his rally in Melbourne, Fla. on Feb. 18, referred to the civil unrest in Europe, particularly citing Germany and Sweden.


“Look what happened in Sweden the other night!” he cried.


He was referring to an interview he did with Tucker Carlson on Fox News the night before. They were discussing an attack on a filmmaker Ami Horowitz’s documentary on the surge in crime, including rape, since Sweden began accepting large quantities of refugees.


Horowitz accused Swedish officials of being in denial about the problems.


Carlson joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss the fallout, first noting that all U.S. presidents should be “precise” with their words so people know exactly what point they’re trying to make.

But he said the media is ignoring the real story, which is the “massive social cost” and political backlash in European nations as a result of accepting large numbers of refugees.


Carlson said nations like Sweden and France have tried “really hard” and spent a lot of money on integration efforts and it “hasn’t worked very well.”


“Good for Trump and good for anyone else who raises at least that question. Let’s have an honest conversation about how you bring tons of people in and make them fully vested in your society. If they can’t do it, how are we gonna do it?” he asked.


Other pundits have followed Carlson’s example in tasking Trump for his imprecision of speech. Shouldn’t we forgive Trump, however, for thinking that the Media follows his every word and movement and would have been perfectly aware of his appearance on Carlson’s show earlier?


What about the imprecision of the Mainstream Media and the government of Sweden? They immediately mocked Trump for putting out a false alarm, only to have their own report of “Nothing to see here; move along!” belied by riots in Rickleby, Sweden, completely with news footage of burning cars and buildings.


This was a predominantly Muslim suburb of Stockholm. Were they protesting Trump’s criticism of their Sharia Law culture?  Not at all.  They were “protesting” the arrest of a drug dealer.  Considering Sweden’s laxity on drugs, this drug dealer must have been a pretty bad hombre.


If the Swedish government is in denial over its Muslim problem, then they must be keeping it a secret from the real Swedes of Sweden. Or they’re intimidating them into silence.  Trump and his “big mouth” revealed a secret the Swedish government and its state media has been trying to suppress:  that large portions of their suburbs are subject to Sharia Law; No-Go Zones were the police are not permitted to patrol.  Much like Dearborn, Mich.


Pres. Trump was “precise” enough to get the news out. If he had been more “precise” perhaps our Mainstream Media would have shrugged the matter off as typical urban violence that happens everywhere.  We’d never have learned the truth about the Sharia suburbs of Europe.


Just a few nights before, the Muslims were rioting in the port city of Gothenburg, on Sweden’s West Coast. A month before that, they’d been rioting in the same place.  Trump was trying to tell us that what is happening in Europe can and will happen here if we allow Muslim emigrants to enter our country unvetted.


The Mainstream Media is not some “alternative” publishing concern, trying to reveal a “suppressed” truth to the masses. They are an important part of the totalitarian machine meant to keep Americans ignorant and silent.  I had to find out for myself what was really going on in Sweden by doing a Google search for Swedish newspapers.  Alas, they’re mostly in Swedish.  But pictures do tell a thousand words.


What a boon for us that we’re no longer in the Sixties. This is the 21st Century.  21st Century citizens are armed with cellphone cameras that can take stills and video.  We have YouTube.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Instagram.  We have the media and the medium to get the truth out.


Citizen journalists of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan: Arms yourselves with your cameras and the truth.  The truth does not belong to those possessed of a state “license” to spread the truth.  The Media claims that you cannot be “trusted” with the truth.  The police will back them up, but don’t be deterred.


Clearly, it is the Media that cannot be trusted. They are no safe guardians of the First Amendment.  The First Amendment protects their right to spread their propaganda.  That does not mean that we cannot challenge them, however.


Every Media organization is a company with a place on the stock exchange. They are for hire to the highest bidder.  That makes the New York Times and the Washington Post as corrupt as any financial firm on Wall Street.  Even Facebook and Twitter are private concerns.  They could shut us down in a moment, and have vowed to do so.


Even if they did, another door or window would open for us. Paul Revere did not ride out alone on April 18, 1775.  A number of riders were dispatched to make certain that the outer boroughs of Massachusetts Colony got the message that the British Regulars (professional soldiers) were on their way to confiscate the colonists’ munitions and arrest certain rebels.


They didn’t shout because there were at least as many Tories living in that area as Rebels. They knocked and spoke softly.  Today, Republicans and fusty pundits would have us speak softly so as not to arouse the wrath of the Left.  Well, that day has long past.  Our college campuses are on free-speech lockdown.


We have a gutsy president. He may not speak softly or warily, as befits a typical politician.  He just blurts out the truth and lets the facts – like Rickleby, Sweden – speak for themselves.  Who cares if Trump wasn’t “precise”?


He was right about Sweden. I already knew that (as I had done my research, as every good reporter should).  And now you know it, too, for yourselves.





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Kriget Mot Terrorismen

Is there a war on terror in Sweden? Did some Islamic outrage, big or small, occur in Sweden yesterday or the day before, as President Trump claims?  The Swedish Embassy says not.  The propaganda media backs up their account.  According to The Spectator’s (U.K.) Swedish columnist, Toye Lifyendahl, it would be hard to tell; such accounts are relegated to the inner pages of Swedish newspapers.

Six months ago, a British boy of Somali-descent was killed in a grenade attack in the Swedish town of Gothenburg, Sweden. Visiting relatives, he was caught in what Swedish police say is a gang war raging within that town’s Somali community.  The year before, a four year-old girl was killed in a car bomb attack outside the same town.

This is his column about Sweden’s struggle with Islamic migrants:

How Sweden became an example of how not to handle immigration

We’ve taken in far too many people and we’re letting them down badly – especially the children

Tove Lifvendahl


3 September 2016 — For a British boy to be killed by a grenade attack anywhere is appalling, but for it to happen in a suburb of Gothenburg should shatter a few illusions about Sweden. Last week’s murder of eight-year-old Yuusuf Warsame fits a pattern that Swedes have come slowly to recognise over the years. He was from Birmingham, visiting relatives, and was caught up in what Swedish police believe is a gang war within the Somali community. Last year, a four-year-old girl was killed by a car bomb outside Gothenburg, another apparent victim of gang violence.

For years, Sweden has regarded itself as a ‘humanitarian superpower’ — making its mark on the world not by fighting wars but by offering shelter to war’s victims. Refugees have arrived here in extraordinary numbers. Over the past 15 years, some 650,000 asylum-seekers made their way to Sweden. Of the 163,000 who arrived last year, 32,000 were granted asylum. Sweden accepts more refugees in proportion to size of population than any other nation in the developed world — when it comes to offering shelter, no one does it better. But when it comes to integrating those we take in (or finding the extra housing, schools and healthcare needed for them), we don’t do so well.

It may be news to the rest of the world, but gang warfare has been a feature of our country for years now. Stockholm has been witness to Dickensian scenes of young pickpockets and thieves playing games of cat-and-mouse with the police, who feel powerless. Until fairly recently, Sweden was admired for its progressive social policies. Today, one in seven voters supports the Sweden Democrats, a populist party until recently reviled in polite Swedish society.

The problems relating to immigration have been building up for years, but the country’s left and right were united in maintaining employment regulations and rent controls that kept immigrants unemployed in ghetto-like suburbs. As a result, we lost valuable time. Three years ago, there were riots in socially deprived areas of Stockholm, and it’s only got worse since then. A parallel society is emerging where the state’s monopoly on law and order is being challenged. ‘Today, the gang environment is — well, I don’t want to exactly call it the Wild West, but something in that direction,’ says Amir Rostami, an authority on Swedish organised crime who teaches at Stockholm University.


Integrating adults into Swedish society has been tricky enough, but a much more difficult problem is how to deal with all the unaccompanied children. During the Iraq war, about 400 children arrived without their parents each year — and all of them needed a place to live, social support and proper schooling. In 2014, when the number of children arriving annually hit 7,000, there were serious questions about how Sweden would cope. Last year, just over 35,000 unaccompanied children registered with the authorities.

The children are every age and arrive from all kinds of countries. Afghans and Somalis are currently the two biggest groups. Then come Syrians, Ethiopians, Iraqis, Moroccans and Eritreans. Some are fleeing war; many are fleeing poverty and misery. Strikingly, boys outnumber girls by about five to one. And it’s far from clear how many may in fact be adults — unlike other countries, Sweden doesn’t test for age. Whatever age the applicant gives is accepted, unless it’s ‘obviously’ untrue. The definition of ‘obvious’ is unclear. During one recent interview on Swedish radio, several asylum-seekers confessed to lying about their age to improve their chances of settlement. One, called Dawood, put it bluntly: ‘If I say I’m grown-up, they’ll deport me.’

The cost of accommodating our child refugees is enormous: £160 per child per day. That could be money well spent, if it worked. There are serious concerns, though, about children falling victim to predatory adults who have lied about their age. Earlier this year, a boy of 12 was raped in refugee accommodation by another refugee who claimed to be 15. A dental X-ray suggested the attacker was closer to 19. Later that month, a 22-year-old Swede (herself the daughter of immigrants) was stabbed to death by one of the refugees she was caring for — another adult claiming to be 15.

Such horrific stories raise the fear that the authorities have lost control. This is reflected in the extraordinary rise of the Sweden Democrats. There have also been a spate of attacks on refugee centres, some of which have been burnt down. For many, this seems like history repeating itself — similar attacks occurred in the 1990s, after a rapid influx of Balkan refugees. Such acts cast a dark shadow over our reputation for tolerance.

A while ago, I spoke to Lasse Siggelin, a social worker living in Gotland, who is alarmed at how many unaccompanied children are being placed in refugee care homes that seem hopelessly unfit for the task. Carers are instructed not to talk about the asylum process, or even to ask about the children’s backgrounds. ‘We can’t ask about their home, or about their parents,’ says Siggelin. ‘But such things occupy 90 per cent of their thoughts.’

Child refugees are sent to Swedish schools, but they struggle to integrate and are sometimes placed in separate groups, because of their vastly different learning needs. It’s pretty hard to bond with your classmates if you have to return every night to a care home. Even if school staff want to help, they seldom have the time or capacity to offer a shoulder to cry on. Instead, the children are directed to scheduled appointments with a child psychiatrist. As Siggelin explains, ‘If we don’t acknowledge the hurt and sadness that is there, then there are always people queuing up prepared to lead them astray.’

Those ‘queuing up’ include drug dealers, pimps, gangmasters and even jihadists. Sweden’s care homes have become a rich source of vulnerable young men who are full of frustration and hopelessness and lacking in direction. They may be open to the temptation of easy rewards, or of a path that they are promised will bring new meaning to their lives. There have been reports of Islamic State recruitment drives, not just in public places, but inside Swedish government programmes. Last year my newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, exposed how some official schemes had been infiltrated by jihadists.

But stories of shocking abuse, the kind that would be front-page news in Britain, are relegated to the inside pages of the Swedish press. Tragically, the reason for this is that there is so much of it. In the last few weeks, we have heard about child prostitutes being pimped out in parking lots, and a Palestinian 15-year-old who, it is feared, was forced into prostitution while living in a care home in Malmo. For some time now, children in care homes have been notoriously easy prey and many of them simply vanish — over the past five years, well over a thousand have done so. These children face a sickeningly high risk of being sucked into a life of crime or even sex slavery. As their abusers well know, there is virtually no chance of anyone coming to look for the ones who go missing.

‘There is basically nothing we can do,’ says the head of Skane border police. ‘In some cases, we don’t even have descriptions of the children. So there is no means of identifying them… no information about relatives. We have nothing to work with.’ Lisa Green, who monitors human trafficking in Malmo, has reported 40 cases of suspected child trafficking to the police over the past few years but says her complaints were not even recorded. ‘Nobody is dealing with human trafficking,’ says Mattias Sigfridsson, head of the police department that deals with missing persons. ‘We have no ability to do that right now — there are no staff.’

In response to the crisis that threatens to overwhelm it, Swedish politics has become more realistic, less romantic. Passports are now being checked on the famous Oresund bridge that links Sweden with Denmark. As a result, the journey time has doubled, horrifying Malmo residents who like to regard their city as a satellite of Copenhagen, and making cross-border business more difficult. These new checks have helped fight other crimes, such as drug dealing and drink driving. (Sweden’s minister for sixth-form education failed a breathalyser test and later resigned.)

And still the authorities struggle to deal with the problem of what to do with migrants whose asylum claims are rejected. Between January and April this year, the Migration Agency handed over some 2,645 cases to the police for deportation. Just 1,255 of these are classified as complete — two thirds were deported by force, while the rest left the country voluntarily. Police estimate they will deport 4,000 people this year, up a third from last year, but not much of a dent in the 22,000 cases currently under consideration. Many, of course, will have been summoned and then suddenly disappeared into the expanding Swedish underworld.

As the refugees have arrived, ordinary Swedes have responded in an extraordinary way; individuals and families have opened up their homes, donated clothes and supplies, invested time and effort. Businesses have also found ways to help child refugees to integrate properly into Swedish society by offering opportunities for work. But with the best will in the world, it’s still a race against time.

‘If you are not prepared, you are unprepared.’ These are the words of Fredrik Reinfeldt, our former prime minister, and perfectly sum up Sweden’s migration crisis. We still hear politicians defiantly claim that our country is a humanitarian superpower — but they don’t do so as often, and they sound distinctly less smug when they do. The Swedish Way might not shine quite as brightly as a beacon to the world. But anyone who wants to find out how not to handle a migration crisis is welcome to pay us a visit.

More recent news, from The Express (U.K.) states:


By Lizzie Stromme

PUBLISHED: 04:01, Mon, Jan 16, 2017 | UPDATED: 19:22, Tue, Jan 17, 2017


Gothenburg police have been forced implement extraordinary measures to cope with the increased number of incidents, which have left shoppers and business owners terrified of their workplace. 

Nordstan is Sweden’s largest shopping centre in terms of sales and number of visitors, however once the shops close at 8pm, criminal youth gangs take over despite officers turning out in force. 

Jonas Bergqvist, one of the team managers of the city police, told Expressen: “We have seen an increase since last autumn, with mostly unaccompanied minors who are staying here in North Town.

“In the evening they deal drugs and violence between fractions sometimes occur. If there are conflicts from their home countries, they bring them here.”


Swedish police have been hard pressed to cope with the criminal youth gangs

While his colleague Rikard Sorensen added the thugs was experiencing increasing levels of increasingly more aggressive toward police. 

He said: “There is a lot of drugs circulating. I wouldn’t even let my son go down to North Town.

“There is a risk of robbery, but also harassment of girls.”

The shopping centre has become a central hub for youngsters to meet and despite Swedish teenagers also engaging in some of the incidents, the officials argued lone migrants from Afghanistan and Syria, in addition to Moroccan street children, were behind the drastic increase. 

There is a risk of robbery, but also harassment of girls

Rikard Sorensen

Just days after the busy centre was forced to close early on New Year’s Eve as thugs threatened to set off fireworks inside the building, around 150 teenagers also surrounded and threatened police officers, Mr. Bergqvist said.  

“There was an incident at Nordstadstorget and some policemen were surrounded by a large number of young people and they experienced the situation as threatening and called for reinforcements,” he revealed. 

Other incidents at the shopping centre, which is located in south-west Sweden, include a teenager being robbed while a broken glass bottle was held to his throat, and a shopkeeper being threatened after he tried to stop thugs from stealing. 

Mr Sorensen condemned the situation as he made a clear dig at the liberal country’s immigration policy, as many for the foreign youths wreaking havoc lacked identification papers. 

Gothenburg police have been forced implement extraordinary measures to cope with the increased number of incidents, which have left shoppers and business owners terrified of their workplace. 

Nordstan is Sweden’s largest shopping centre in terms of sales and number of visitors, however once the shops close at 8pm, criminal youth gangs take over despite officers turning out in force. 

A month after that story, we found this headline from five days ago:

Migrants clash with each other in overcrowded camps across Europe.

Wed, February 15, 2017

Explaining the lack of documentation forced them to hand the detained vandals over to social services because they could not prove they were adults, the officer said it lead to the crooks being back on the streets within a short period of time. 

“I’ve had people in front of me that look like they are 35, but who claim to be 15. I can’t prove they’re lying so we have to release them,” Mr. Sorensen said.

The admission that Nordstan has become a lawless hotspot comes as Swedish police last year issued a report where it detailed incidents from more than 55 areas which it branded as “no-go zones”.

It detailed brutal attacks on police, sexual assaults, children carrying weapons and general turmoil sweeping across the country. 

Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, has been embroiled in chaos as arsonists have torched cars across the city and on New Year’s Eve it was branded a “war zone” as police admitted they did not have control

Fifty-five areas in Sweden are now designated as “No-Go” Zones, meaning the police effectually have no control over those sections of cities or towns, filled with migrants from Muslim countries. Shopping malls which are no longer safe for Swedish shoppers.


The news wasn’t so difficult to find. In fact, it’s old news, according to the Swedes.  Thugs took over their streets and shopping malls at least 15 years ago.  Their government told them that allowing undocumented migrants – not even asking their age – into their country was now the law and that the citizens would just have to deal with it.


It doesn’t take an airplane filled with maniacal, Islamic zealots to destroy a city. The Vandals and Goths of the 5th Century A.D. did it with torches and clubs.

Ironically, the Vandals were an East Germanic tribe, or group of tribes, who were first heard of in southern Poland, but later moved around Europe establishing kingdoms in Spain and later North Africa in the 5th century.

The Vandals – and the Goths – are believed to have migrated from southern Scandinavia to the area between the lower Oder and Vistula rivers during the 2nd century BC and to have settled in Silesia from around 120 BC.  They are associated with the Przeworsk culture and were possibly the same people as the Lugii.

Expanding into Dacia during the Marcomannic Wars and to Pannonia during the Crisis of the Third Century, the Vandals were confined to Pannonia by the Goths around 330 AD, where they received permission to settle by Constantine the Great. Around 400 the Vandals were pushed westwards again, this time by the Huns, crossing the Rhine into Gaul along with other tribes in 406. In 409, the Vandals crossed the Pyrenees into the Iberian Peninsula, where their main groups, the Hasdingi and the Silingi, settled in Gallaecia (northwest) and Baetica (south central) respectively.

Despite their origins – and behavior – in the Dark Ages, the Swedes became a peaceful people along with the other inhabitants of Scandinavia. Now, a new Dark Age has been launched upon them, propagated by a media vested in the havoc of Communism and the lust for one, centralized government.


Pres. Trump is quite right when he deplores the violence in Sweden. In fact, all of Europe is ablaze.  These nightly riots, which have been going on these 20 years until the Media regards them as ‘nothing more’ than the frustrations of an alienated, displaced, despised ‘youth’, may not fit the spectacular definition of terrorism as we defined it on Sept. 11, 2001.


It’s worse. Worse, because our own politicians not only permitted this incursion of an alienated, seditious people bent on hammering their intolerant religion into law and our Media propagates it, inculcated as they are in the blandishments of Communism.  They are for “the people,” the Media brays.  The free press serves as the “Fourth Estate” (a societal or political force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized), the voice of “the people” holding the government accountable on our behalf.


What rot, as the English say.


Americans have always known the Media is but the propaganda arm of the Socialists and Communists. In the Sixties, they tried to laugh such charges off as “paranoia.”  Even when Walter Cronkite told the biggest lie of the Sixties, if not history itself, when he declared that the “TET Offensive” had failed and that we had lost the Viet Nam War.


The TET Offensive was a campaign launched on Jan. 30, 1968 by the North Vietnam People’s Army and the Viet Cong (also known as the National Liberation Front, a political organization and army that operated in South Vietnam and Cambodia) against the South Vietnamese Army of the Republic of Vietnam, the United States Armed Forces, and their allies. It was a campaign of surprise attacks against military and civilian command and control centers throughout South Vietnam.


The name of the offensive comes from the Tết holiday, the Vietnamese New Year, when the first major attacks took place. Though initial attacks stunned both the U.S. and South Vietnamese armies, causing them to temporarily lose control of several cities, they quickly regrouped, beat back the attacks, and inflicted heavy casualties on North Vietnamese forces.


“Walter” never bothered to report the fact that the South Vietnamese and U.S. Army beat back the attack. He simply declared that we had lost.  To this day, when students hear of the TET Offensive, they believe it was a loss for the U.S. Army.


The Media would have us believe that these migrants and refugees want to be here in the United States of America, that they’re proud of the privilege. They are not.  They are burning the cities of Europe to the ground and given a chance, will burn our cities as well.

According to, “Islamic extremists have seized control of cities across the United States and have enacted sharia law, according to a speaker at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting who spoke about current and emerging threats to American gun owners.

“Author Steve Tarani said during a presentation in Nashville on Sunday that he has witnessed the alleged ‘no-go zones’ — areas where police cannot enter — while shadowing a friend who serves on the Detroit Metro SWAT Police on a drive in Dearborn, MI. He described pulling up to one of the alleged Muslim-controlled areas:

The street signs suddenly went from English to Arabic. There wasn’t a single English word on any shop or any street sign. And in fact, these little yellow signs were posted all along the edges. Jeremy said to me, ‘this is it. We don’t go past this line.’ And I said to Jeremy, ‘what do you mean? You guys are Detroit Metro. You’re the SWAT team. You can go anywhere you want. What if you get a call over there?’ He said ‘this is it, it’s hazardous for our team if we go past this line.’


Sarasota, Fla., is another city with a “No-Go” Zone in which two British tourists were shot dead in April 2011.


The goal of the Media – and those who support Big Government – is nothing less than totalitarian, one-party state. Far from supporting the Constitution’s freedom of the press, the Media would prefer that news organizations be licensed, giving only certain privileged news organizations access to and permission to print information.


Note the difference between “news” and “information.” You can’t fool someone who has worked in company public relations.  In public relations (or public affairs), there is no “truth,” as it were.  There is no “negative” news.  Heavens!  You write the positive stories the company wants you to write and that’s all.


In a government-sponsored news culture, reporters will write only the stories their government handlers approve them to write. Right now, their job is to write “positive” stories about illegal immigrants, drugs, climate change, and gun control and denounce any comments to the contrary.


Reporters are given wide berth to discredit, marginalize, and even insult any critics as “crazy,” “raving,” “off-the-wall” and so forth. They have their sources within the government, adverse to the current administration of Donald Trump who can confidently “leak” information to make Trump look back.


When Trump fights back, as is his nature, the Media gleefully paints him as anti-Constitutional and authoritarian. Operatives within his own party fret about his lack of discipline, fearing a backlash if he continues to swat at the Media instead of ignoring them.


The American people have long known the nature of “their” Media. We know they’re not for “the people” – not the American people, anyway.  Their stories read like just so much propaganda.  They might as well be selling soap.  Their articles are so slanted that you can dismiss reams of pages until you come to either the sports or the comics section.  That’s about all you can count on the print media for.


Television news is for the mindless, of course. We used to depend upon Fox News to give us the true American view of what’s happening in our country, not saccharin socialism. Fox News seems to have gone over to the “dark side” since the Election.  We’ve switched over to Fox Business News with Stuart Varney.  But it seems, Fox has caught on because there was Juan Williams the other night on FBN.


Local news is no better. I mentioned that I got a police band radio for Christmas.  Oh, the things you learn on the police band that you never read in the local newspaper.  While the Suburban Trends waxes positive about the five-storey apartment buildings the town of Pompton Lakes is about to inflict on its residents, the PBR reports on drug activity on Riverdale Road in Riverdale, where similar apartment complexes were built a few years ago.


Some girl, evidently, had overdosed on drugs. The responding officer had to warn headquarters not to alarm the rest of the little rats, lest they run before they could be questioned.  The local fast-food restaurants and Seven-Eleven and Quik-Check stores serve as illegal drug outlets.  They also have a tendency to be robbed, something that never used to happen.


Still, the Suburban Trend happily keeps us updated on our ‘urbanization’. Isn’t it wonderful?


That’s the Media – turning dire news into happy fluff. Oh, just look at these lovely five-storey apartments.  Oh yes, the garbage trails.  Well, never mind that.  That’s the fault of our consumerist society, not the low-life that consumes the stuff,  who first carefully remove the drugs hidden inside the bag, and then throw the bag and the rest of its contents out the car window.


It’s all good. Really.  Trust us (the Media).  If you don’t trust us or believe us, then you must be racist, Islamaphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, Capitalist, pig-loving troglodytes who want their squeaky clean, leafy-suburb Fifties back.  Well, our precious Federal Hill is gone (mostly into the pockets of your politicians) and you’re going to be an urban blight zone whether you like it or not, because it’s just what you White-Privilege paragons of virtue deserve.


And the Media has the nerve to complain when President Trump declares that they’re the enemy of the American people, of freedom, of liberty, of prosperity, of peace?


You tell ‘em, Mr. President!






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Is There Hope for America? Removing the Burka Blinkers

Our good friend, David Bandel, while he says he’s not connected in any way to the Department of Homeland Security, is still alarmed at our government’s laxity towards Muslim immigrants, in general, and particularly those who pose a security threat to our nation.

Just yesterday, the state of Illinois stated that Muslim women will be permitted to wear the full burka when having their driver’s license photos taken. What kind of insane, upside-down world have we fallen into?  Adults in the United States are not allowed to cover their faces in public, except when participating in certain sports, like skiing.  If the purpose of the driver’s license is for identification, then the burka defeats the purpose.  There is also the matter of safety.  Can a driver see properly wearing that kind of mask?  A general rule of thumb in photography is that if the photographer can’t see you, then you can’t see the photographer.  The burka-wearing individual, it might be argued, can see.  But probably not well enough to drive safely.

Meanwhile, another group of Muslim women protested against Americans walking dogs. In 2012, a Canadian man was arrested for walking his dog near a group of Muslims.  In Bartlett Park in East London, a popular place for dog-walkers, someone posted a sign that read, “Do not walk your dogs here.  Muslims do not like dogs.  This is an Islamic area now.”  Local police took the sign down.

Then, this afternoon, our local police had to track down a suspicious vehicle with Michigan plates. The driver had stopped at a gas station just off the local interstate.  According to the report (on police band radio), he began nervously chain-smoking cigarettes and acting in such a peculiar way as to make the gas station attendants suspicious.  When he saw that they were calling the police, he jumped into the van and headed up my road (which reconnects with the highway one more exit north).

Happily, the police stopped him in time. The van was registered to a deceased couple from Detroit who apparently had left the van in their estate to some charitable organization.  Who the driver was, I didn’t expect to hear.  But anyone who thinks we’re not in danger should invest in a police-band radio (before all the police departments transfer over to Project 25, that is; a private-band radio subscription service) and listen in and listen up.

Here’s what David has to say about Muslims, Shariah law, and the Quran (let’s see how long it takes for this post to be banned):

Imagine if you will going to the nearest maximum security prison and finding (on death row, of course), the most vile, dangerous rapist and murderer you can. Bonus points if he’s also a pedophile and has beheaded thousands (not a few, not hundreds, but thousands) of people.  Now imagine you let this scum of the earth out and start worshipping this low-life as a prophet of God.

Sound a bit far-fetched? I have just described the prophet Mohammad, the man Muslims worship. Let that sink in for moment. Mohammad, the man who wrote the Koran (or Quran depending on your spelling) was one of the most violent warlords to come out of the Middle East. This man beheaded anyone who would not follow him. He was also a rapist and pedophile. To this day, the order to behead anyone who refuses to worship this vile cretin stands, and is carried out.

Anyone who is not familiar with the history of Islam might want to at least look at this video (Facebook login required): and pay attention to everything. Get any legislators at the state and federal level to watch. Anyone know who this woman is? I have been unable to find her name.

I wrote to my Representative, Rick Miller. His letter back to me was as clueless as it was disheartening. These legislators seem to think Islam is a religion. But if I equate the following, folks would be understandably upset: Quran == Mein Kampf; Mohammad == Hitler; Mecca == Berlin; Muslim == Nazi; Islam == Fascism. Yet there are more similarities than differences.

Following is the representative’s letter and David’s response (address omitted):


Mr. David A. Bandel


Dear Mr. Bandel (David):


Thank you for your recent e-mail voicing your concern regarding the public use of burkas. It is a pleasure to hear from concerned constituents like yourself.  Voicing your opinion on important issues is crucial to a thriving democracy.


I agree with your thoughts about the possibility of terror-related actions that could result from wearing a full-face covering with the burka. I also agree that by wearing a burka, law enforcement are at a disadvantage when they need to use face recognition to prove a person’s identity.


However, from a religious freedom perspective provided in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a ban of the use of burkas in public would not be upheld under constitutional scrutiny.


Thank you again for taking the time to contact me with your thoughts. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance to you.





Rick Miller

State Representative

District 26




Honorable Rep. Miller,


I received your letter dated February 6, 2017 (no subject, copy attached).  To say the least, I was disappointed. You wrote in pen at the foot of the letter that you shared my concerns regarding the use of burkas. However, you don’t appear to be concerned enough to do your homework regarding burkas and their use. So let me help you out.


You asserted that burkas are covered under freedom of religion. In fact, nowhere in the Koran (Quran) does the term burka appear. If you look around, you will find many Muslims wear a hijab (head scarf), but if you look further you will find many who only wear the hijab when they go to the mosque (my Muslim co-worker’s family, with his wife and 2 daughters among those so counted). Please take the time to read regarding the Islamic dress code for women.


Rep. Miller, when you see a burka-clad woman in public, this woman is screaming “F*ck America” at the top of her lungs. She (and her family) not only does not have a desire to assimilate into our culture, but is among those enemies of the state who will stop at nothing (and yes claim the burka is religious garb when it is not, taking advantage of “useful fools” and our own laws to further their goals) to subjugate us.


This video of Brigitte Gabriel is long (close to an hour), but as a retired Army CW3 who spent his career primarily in Special Operations Intel, this information is not psyops; there is a war on between Islam and the West.  Please take the time to watch this:


Let me hear your thoughts/questions. I stand ready to serve again, but hope never to see this war progress to the shooting stage here.  Although, if you fail at your profession, I will not fail at mine.


Let me leave you with 3 quotations from the Quran:

Koran 3:28  – Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.

Koran 3:85  – Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.

Koran 8:12  – Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran.

just 3 of the over 100 calling for war against non-Muslims (religion of peace my a$$)


Back to David’s blog:

I don’t hear anyone worshipping Hitler. Had he declared Fascism a religion, Nazis would be screaming for 1st Amendment protection. Their “honor killings” would be being allowed under their beliefs to burn Jews in ovens. Tell me how Muslim beheadings of anyone who doesn’t accept Islam and become a Muslim differ? Muslims demand freedom of religion so they can behead anyone who does not accept Islam. So, we need to give them 1st amendment protections to allow them to murder anyone who want to exercise their religious freedoms.

Until folks understand that Islam is a political ideology and NOT a religion, the sooner we can deal with the slaughter that has already begun in this country. Why can non-liberal news outlets find these massacres happening in our own back yards, but the mass media remains silent?

We are playing into their hands. We need to get people to wake up. Yes, I know some “moderate” Muslims” who tell me they believe in the Constitution and that Sharia Law should not be implemented here, the two are 100 percent incompatible. How much of that is taqiyya I don’t know. I can tell you, when the fundamentalists come, I am sure that my Muslim friend will tell me: I won’t kill you, but the fundamentalists will if you don’t convert. I am also sure he will stand with them when the time comes.

I implore folks to start taking a look at the Quran and Sharia Law. But I will provide a few passages for the lazy [or who can’t find a copy of the Quran]:

Koran 2:191 – Slay the infidels wherever you find them. Koran 3:28 – Muslims must not take the infidels as friends. Koran 3:85 – Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable. Koran 5:33 – Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam. Koran 8:12 – Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran. – I will cast terror into the hearts of infidels. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. Koran 8:60 – Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels. Koran 8:65 – The infidels are stupid; urge all Muslims to fight them. Koran 9:5 – When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you find them. – …slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush… Koran 9:14 – Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people. Koran 9:29 – Fight those who believe not in Allah … Koran 9:30 – The Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them. Koran 9:123 – Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood. Koran 22:19 – Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies. Koran 47:4 – Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them. Koran 66:9 – Fight against the infidels and the hypocrites, and kill them.

FYI: hypocrites refers to Muslims in name only who refuse to actually murder infidels. Only the disabled and infirm are given leeway to not join the slaughter.

The above passages are just a sampling and are rough translations, but are what Muslims are taught in concept. They must force their religion on you and you must accept or die. Some useful few are allowed to pay a jizyah (protection tax or dhimmitude) for not converting, but a 50 percent tax is a bit onerous for most folks.

Just how many religions of peace do you know that call for any non-believers (infidels) to be beheaded? Remember, their prophet was a warlord who conquered lands by force and personally beheaded many people. How anyone can say this is a religion is beyond me. It is the most violent religion I’ve ever heard of. Muslims murdered many times as many people as Hitler, who looks like a boy scout next to Mohammad.

In 1979, while Jimmy Carter (D) was President, the Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Shah of Iran. This was no surprise to folks who understood that people in that region of the world have no respect for a leader who does not slaughter a bunch of folks regularly just to show his strength. The Shah made the mistake of listening to our Democrat President and stopped his slaughter of those who opposed him. This made it easy for Khomeini (then hiding out in France) to call for the Shah’s own palace guard to rise up against him, which, because they saw the Shah as weak, they did.

If you believe that I am exaggerating in the least, keep an eye on Iran. They care not about our “sanctions” and will break any treaty as soon as they are ready. If we want to slow what is coming, we need to drop a nuclear device on Tehran. But as this is so repugnant to our Western way of thinking, it will never happen. So in the near future (certainly before any treaty we have with them is up) they will attack. Make no mistake, only the complete destruction/subjugation of the West is acceptable to them. I would say “war is coming” (a take-off on the Game of Thrones “winter is coming”), but for those who are not in complete denial, you can see by looking at Europe that war is already here.

In fact, dare any mass media channel to do an expose on Dearborn, Mich., and it will become obvious, war is already here. They start with simple things like insisting on teaching Islam in the schools (to brainwash young minds), demanding burkas and modest clothing for all women (raping those that don’t comply), and pushing for Sharia Law to be the law of their area (areas which keep expanding). They are patient. They’ve been at this for 1400 years; a few more won’t make any difference.

Is there hope for America? Just one: legislators become convinced that Islam is a political ideology and outlaw its practice here forever. Otherwise, we’ll see Islam as the only ideology here in my grandchildren’s lifetime. That, for me, is a horrifying thought. Hitler’s only shortcoming was not declaring fascism a religion or it would also be on the rise today. Denial only helps our avowed enemy. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a political ideology of conquest.


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We need to take off our burka blinders regarding the true nature of Islam. Otherwise, we’re as blinkered as though we were wearing just such a garment.


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N.J. Senate Seeks to Defy Trump’s Illegal Alien Ban

Thanks to the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (enacted June 30, 1968), also known as the Hart–Celler Act, changed the way quotas were allocated by ending the National Origins Formula that had been in place since the Emergency Quota Act of 1921.  Representative Emmanuel Celler of New York proposed the bill, Senator Philip Hart of Michigan co-sponsored it, and Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts helped to promote it.

The Hart–Celler Act abolished the quota system based on national origins that had been American immigration policy since the 1920s. The new law maintained the per-country limits, but it also created preference visa categories that focused on immigrants’ skills and family relationships with citizens or U.S. residents. The bill set numerical restrictions on visas at 170,000 per year, with a per-country-of-origin quota. However, immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and “special immigrants” had no restrictions.

The Hart–Celler Act amended the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (McCarran-Walter Act) while it upheld many provisions of the Immigration Act of 1924.  It maintained per-country limits, which had been a feature of U.S. immigration policy since the 1920s, and it developed preference categories.

  • One of the main components aimed to abolish the national-origins quota. This meant that it eliminated national origin, race, and ancestry as basis for immigration.
  • It created a seven-category preference system, which gave priority to relatives of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents and to professionals and other individuals with specialized skills.
  • Immediate relatives and “special immigrants” were not subject to numerical restrictions. Some of the “special immigrants” include ministers, former employees of the U.S. government, foreign medical graduates, among others.
  • For the first time, immigration from the Western Hemisphere was limited.
  • It added a labor certification requirement, which dictated that the Secretary of Labor needed to certify labor shortages.
  • Refugees were given the seventh and last category preference with the possibility of adjusting their status. However, refugees could enter the United States through other means as well like those seeking temporary asylum.

Naturally, no one asked the residents of New Jersey how they felt about this imposition. Our cities quickly filled with Hispanic residents who, feeling grateful to the Democrat Party for allowing them to invade the United States unhindered, vowed undying fealty to the Jack-Ass Party.


Now, according to


New Jersey lawmakers from immigrant-rich Hudson County on Tuesday have announced a bill that would provide state aid to sanctuary cities denied federal funds for failing to comply with immigration rules.


The bill was introduced in both houses of the legislature on Tuesday by State Sen. Brian Stack, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, all Democrats from the 33rd District.


The three held a press conference in the garage at City Hall in Union City, where Stack is also the mayor. 


“Union City, technically, has always been a sanctuary city,” said Stack. “We have never turned away anybody, documented or undocumented, when they come in looking for help.”


Or who would ensure lifelong political loyalty.


The difference now is that Pres. Donald Trump issued a Jan. 25 executive order intended to, “ensure that jurisdictions that fail to comply with applicable Federal law do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by law,” specifically targeting sanctuary cities and states.


“Sanctuary jurisdictions across the United States willfully violate Federal law in an attempt to shield aliens from removal from the United States,” the order asserts. “These jurisdictions have caused immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our Republic.”


But the bill’s proponents say the order violates the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which they assert prevents the federal government from requiring state or local agencies to implement federal law or regulations.


The legislation, S-3007 in the Senate and A-4590 in the Assembly, would allow municipalities or counties denied federal funds to apply to the state Commissioner of Community Affairs for a “dollar-for-dollar” match to compensate for the withheld federal money.  However, the lawmakers said there is no specific appropriation to go along with the bill.


In the event a municipality sued the federal government to claim funds that were denied and won, Stack said that municipality would then reimburse the state for the matching funds it had received. 


However, what the Constitution actually states is: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution confers upon Congress the power to establish an Uniform Rule of Naturalization. Since this power is delegated to the United States Congress, neither the state of New Jersey nor Union City have the legal right to defy the president’s executive order.


New Jersey’s preparation for this wave of illegal immigration is right on schedule for the year 2020. That is when the towns of Pompton Lakes and Bloomingdale are prepared to turn into “modern” versions of Union City.


In Pompton Lakes, the Salvation Army store, always much-hated and deplored by the municipal government, will make way for a four-storey apartment complex. The new sanctuary will include 26 one-bedroom apartments and 26 two-bedroom rental units.  According to the Suburban Trends, the development is the dream child of Lakeside Commons Realty.


“This is the latest redevelopment project being considered by the borough in a multi-year effort to transform a ‘depressed’ downtown area and create tax revenue streams. Officials are also reviewing plans for two five-storey apartment buildings with first-floor retail.  These projects, if approved, would face each other on…Wanaque Avenue,” the newspaper story reported.


City officials acknowledge that parking “will be a problem” until they are able to turn what is known as the “pond hole” into a five-storey parking garage near the high school. Town planners claimed that the effect on Pompton Lakes’ schools would be “negligible.”


These developments coincide with a previously published plan for Pompton Lakes to be turned into a “sustainable housing” community by 2020. The plan called for the apartment buildings indicated above and for the narrowing of Wanaque Avenue, in order to force the community into using public transportation rather than private automobiles.


Meanwhile, the town of Bloomingdale has just announced similar redevelopment plans for its Main Street. Bloomingdale is already the site of an Avalon Bay development, towering above Union Avenue.  Eventually, by 2050, the two towns assume that Federal Hill will be demolished, allowing for even more apartment building complexes.


The towns will be connected by a New Jersey Transit bus line of its own. The towns will then be connected to various envisioned retail stores, restaurants, and the Wanaque extension of Passaic County Community College.


By 2050, Pompton Lakes and Bloomingdale will, theoretically speaking, be merged into one community that will look – and sound – like nothing so much as Union City. Bloomingdale Mayor Jonathan Dunleavy has promised that the new Bloomingdale apartments will not tower up to five storeys as Pompton Lakes’ units will.  However, that is a piecrust promise as solid as his once-upon-a-suburb promise (which he now denies making) that Federal Hill would never be developed.


As we speak, the quarry owners have broken through the southern side of Federal Hill (Washington Hill, actually) and it will not be long before they make the long-expected connection to Route 287 at the Hamburg Turnpike. At the same time, another connection is expected to be made at Route 287 and Union Avenue.  The entrance and exit ramps are already in place there; all that is needed is a road connecting the Federal Hill development to Union Avenue.


Once Federal Hill is demolished, we can expect that Union Avenue will be widened. Pompton Lakes is about to lose any semblance it ever bore to a suburban community; it already has all the drug problems of a first-ring city.  With the additional rental units and the expected “immigrants” that “dream” will be realized in full.


The mayors of these two towns are not fooling anyone with their promises of tax revenue. These are rental units, not condos.  Their residents will consume utilities, not support them and the owners of the buildings will not care, any more than building owners in Union City care, what their tenants do, so long as the federal government comes through with the Section 8 rent money.


The New Jersey State Senate will provide the illegal aliens and Pompton Lakes and Bloomingdale will provide the housing, the current residents of these two towns be damned.


And damned we will be, cursed to be transformed in a decade or two (or less) from leafy green suburban towns to a crime-ridden urban blight zone.


Adios to Pompton Lakes and Bloomingdale, as we knew them. Immigrant rich?  That’s rich, indeed.








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Islam: Religion or Political System?

Our guest blogger, David Bandel, is on hand today to advise us on the dangers of Islam in America, the danger lying in its legal code, Sharia Law. David is a U.S. Army veteran, where he served for years in the Intelligence division.  David has been a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security (in addition to being a computer genius).

Here is his take on Islam:

A lot of people have heard of Islam but don’t really understand what it is. Muslims, followers of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad, will tell you it is a religion. Most will also tell you that Muslims follow Sharia Law, a set of laws laid out by the Prophet Mohammad in the Koran (or Quran, depending on your spelling).

But is Islam a religion or a political system? That fundamental question is the crux of the problem plaguing Western Nations at this juncture. It is important for America as the 1st Amendment guarantees four fundamental rights, among them, freedom of religion.

But the Islamic “religion” demands obeisance to Sharia Law which contradicts the US Constitution in many fundamental ways. Many Muslims will tell you Sharia Law is above the Constitution (but without the Constitution, they could be denied the right to practice their religion and Sharia Law, a law which denies religious freedom and demands everyone adhere only to Islam). And so it goes.

You can look up the differences between religion and politics, but that only muddies the waters as both are belief systems, one principally (but not solely) defines the individual relationship between God and man (religion) and one defines the relationship between men (political system, although it also includes economic and geographic elements) and religious clerics. Problem is, these two overlap so much it is difficult to separate them this way, because religion also defines relationships between men, especially as all religions condemn certain activities such as murder, theft, adultery, et. al.

Perhaps it would be more beneficial to examine what religion and political systems are not. A political system does not define man’s relationship to God. A religion, while defining social behaviors, does not define corporeal punishment for transgressions against other men or God (sins). It is the realm of a political system to define what corporeal punishment to exact for any given transgression. Religions do not define corporeal punishments; this is always left to God. And in every religion God is always more than capable of meeting out His justice when, where, and how He sees fit. He has done this with Sodom and Gomorroha, with Egypt when the Pharoah would not release the Jews, and any other occasion God saw fit (Noah and the Ark also comes to mind).

God, and any religion has never found the need to rely on man to exact punishment. The threat is always present, but to be meted out in the afterlife unless God sees fit otherwise.

Not so with Islam. The Koran does exact punishments. Over 100 verses are dedicated to making war or otherwise punishing (usually with death) anyone who does not follow Islam. This makes all Muslims enemies of anyone who is not Muslim and does not follow Islam.

The Koran also states that Muslims may lie to non-Muslims (infidels) in the furtherance of Islam. In fact, Muslims will even lie to other Muslims under many circumstances. The term for this deception in furtherance of Islam is taqiyya.

Previously, I alluded to the fact that Sharia Law (Muslim law based on the teachings of the Koran) was in conflict with the Constitution. In fact, it is completely and utterly contradictory to many facets of Western culture.

Just to name a few, a woman is worth only one half of a man. Women cannot divorce their husbands, only a husband may divorce his wife. Women can be stoned to death for any of a number of “crimes” and in Islamic countries often are. Anyone who does not follow Islam must either be converted or put to the sword.

Mohammad found that this did not sit well with large non-Muslim populations where Muslims had conquered, so he allowed for useful citizens to pay a tax of 50 percent (jizyah or dhimmitude) of their earnings for the Islamic army (something else reserved to political systems).

Sharia Law also permits arranged marriages of young girls to men (the girls are basically sold to the men, they have no say), the rape of non-Muslim women, and any number of other atrocities against women and infidels. Women also cannot go out unescorted by a male from their household or be uncovered in front of other men. This ranges from a head scarf (hijab) to full body covering with only slits for the eyes (burka). The latter interferes with facial recognition in our society. A woman cannot testify against her rapist, five men must testify against the rapist. And anyone speaking against Mohammad is to be executed.

To anyone from a Western culture, Sharia Law is a barbaric, inequitable, unconscionable set of Laws. But many Muslims and Muslim organizations are determined that Sharia Law WILL be the only law in the U.S. (indeed, in the world). Some of those that have so declared include the leaders of CAIR (Committee on American-Islamic Relations) and some 60-plus other Islamic organizations. As Sharia Law is diametrically opposed to the U.S. Constitution and many of us (all veterans and most public officials) have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, these organizations and individuals have proclaimed themselves enemies of the U.S. and all those who have taken said oaths.

War is a political, not religious undertaking (despite the Crusades, which were in response to Islamic attacks on the Catholic Church). Nations must defend themselves. Make no mistake. We ARE at war. Islam has declared war on the U.S. and all non-Islamic countries of the world. This is a war we must win at all costs. If this does not remind you of Communism, then you didn’t live through the Cold War.

It is imperative that U.S. citizens understand that Islam is a political entity bent on the complete subjugation of Western Culture. It is a political system disguised as a religion. But our Constitution does not guarantee freedom of politics or freedom to attack the Constitution and our way of life. However, it is happening. Those that don’t believe need to visit the no-go zones in Europe or even just go to Dearborn, Michigan. Women are warned to go heavily armed or not at all, and be prepared as you will have to defend yourself.

How many of you have ever heard a Muslim speak out against ISIS or Sharia Law? And you never will. Muslims may not condone violent attacks against infidels, but they will never condemn them. If they were to, they would be on the execution list. But more likely, they don’t speak out because they don’t actually condemn the attacks (see taqiyya above).

We need to demand of our legislators in Washington to declare the Islamic Sharia Law unconstitutional and unlawful to be practiced in the U.S. now or ever in the future; that Islam is not a religion but a political system and as such unlawful. This will not sit well with many, but if it comes to a choice between the U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law (which it will), we must already have declared Sharia Law null and void here. Muslims are demanding Sharia Law more and more, and it is being implemented in places like Dearborn. This infestation must be stopped before it takes hold or we will once again see war within the United States. We dealt with this once before with the spread of Communism, and we must deal with Islam in the same way.

In summary, while Islam looks and is touted as a religion, it is in fact a political system. The aspects of Islam that make it a political system are in the way it insists that the word of Islam is spread. All religions “spread the word” but only Islam demands conversion or death (i.e., world conquest). All religions deal with the social aspects of human interaction, but leave punishments up to God in the afterlife, except Islam, which mandates physical punishments in this life, anything from losing a hand to stoning or being put to the sword for not accepting conversion. Conquest and physical punishments are the sole realm of political systems, not of religions. In this respect, Islam should be categorized along with Communism. Islam has more in common with Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism than it does with Christianity or any other religion.


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Sacking the Presidential Quarterback

If New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady had boasted before Super Bowl LI that he would win the game in the first fifteen minutes of play, a la Mohammed Ali, he’d have been likely laughed out of the stadium in Houston.


It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Instead of winning the game in the first 15 minutes, Brady won it in the first overtime in Super Bowl history, in about fifteen minutes.  Some disgruntled Atlanta Falcon fans say that they were cheated, posting photos of what they claim is Brady’s – or someone’s knee – touching the ground just short of the goal line.


President Trump hit the ground running after Inauguration Day. A number of his nominations have gone through.  Even Betsey DeVos has run the gauntlet and, thanks to Vice President Pence’s tie-breaking vote, has been confirmed by the Senate as our new Secretary of Education.


Still, Trump’s Hail Mary pass to stem the tide of unvetted immigrants – Muslim immigrants – into our country has been intercepted by a lower court. The appeal has gone to the dreaded Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, that black hole in the federal judiciary where all Constitutionally-grounded laws meet their fate.


President Trump was said to be very upset at this setback. Critics jeer that Trump’s executive order will run afoul of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  This piece of federal legislation is not actually part and participle of the U.S. Constitution, but merely a federal law that could just as easily be declared unconstitutional as Trump’s executive order, in defiance of it, could be.


Trump was eager to hit the ground running. But just as in the first half of Sunday’s Super Bowl game, the Patriots’ failed to set up a sufficient defense for their strategy.  Trump needs to get his federal court in order, from the bottom up, to ensure that his orders don’t go down the 9th Circuit Court’s toilet bowl.


The President rightly fears that a failure to stem the tide now rather than say, a year from now, could result in a tragedy right here in the United States. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is one of those algae blooms in the cesspool of Washington that seriously needs to be cleared away before the much of the Washington swamp can drain.


So dark and impenetrable is that swamp that scarcely a handful of Republicans are willing to plumb the depths of that muddied cesspool to clear away the bureaucratic growth.   They fear demons both real and imaginary.  The specter of the minority vote appears before them, for one thing.  The Media delights in dredging up these hobgoblins before the image-conscious GOP who draw back in dread, eyes bulging and mouths agape at the vision.


Trump needs braver divers. He also needs to be certain that his orders won’t be strangled in the drain.  Thus, the need for the time to build a solid, conservative judiciary from the ground up.  Lower and appellate courts teem with long-ago appointed liberal civil servants who need to be removed, if removed they can be and replaced by true constitutionalists rather than political appointees.

Trump must exorcise these ghosts of the liberal past before he can proceed on to claim victory. He should not be blamed, or blame himself, if victory can’t be won in the first fifteen minutes.  The Patriots left the field at half-time thinking they were the losers.  Returning to the field, they fought their adversaries to a tie at the end of the game.  Going into overtime, Brady led a veritable touchdown train to Super Bowl victory.


Clucking conservative pundits are having a field day touting Trump’s failure in the court. They fear to offend any sensitive minorities or to appear hypocritical in flouting our nation’s long-standing attitude about freedom of religion.


In this, Christians are not the aggressors. Christians, while they are mandated by their Lord to make disciples of all men (and women), Christ also gave them leave to wash their hands of those who would not heed His call.  Islam has a sterner mandate.  Those who decline the invitation to convert to Islam have two choices:  to pay a steep tax on non-Muslims, the jizyah, or face death.


Islam threatens apostates and non-believers with the as-sirat, the pencil-thin, razor sharp bridge to paradise over which all must successfully cross or fall into the fires of hell.  Islam is comprised of two sets of believers – those who follow the Koran of Medina and those who follow the Koran of Mecca.  The Meccan Koran is the more tolerant, less violent of the two books.  Mohammed wrote the Koran of Medina after he was driven from Mecca.  In this book, he promised the violence of Allah would befall all those who rejected him.


Muslims are therefore, of two minds. One is conversion by persuasion; the other, conversion by the sword.  The first would prefer a peaceful conquest through immigration, overwhelming the populations of non-Muslim nations and depending up their more civilized forms of government to prevent those populations from open, violent rebellion.


The other…well, we know all about them. We’ve seen their handiwork everywhere from Beirut, Lebanon to New York City to Orlando, Fla.  Squeamish American politicians don’t wish to confront them either here or abroad.  Thanks to Constitution squashing, our borders are porous and indefensible.  Our current courts will not countenance defiance of the paper-thin rule of separation of church and state, which exists only in jurisprudential, not constitutional form.


Trump has the support of the American people. But he knows the clock is ticking on his ability to restore law and order before illegal immigrants overwhelm our borders and put into place a lawless government completely devoid of any constitutionality.  If a bare Muslim majority can overwhelm enough cities and enough Congressional districts, our rule of law will be overthrown.


Already, in Prospect Park, N.J., its Muslim mayor has declared the town a sanctuary city for illegal alien Muslims. New Jersey has Muslim justices who will support him, put into place very foolishly by Gov. Chris Christie.


Where Muslim do not enjoy jurisprudence, Hispanics and other majority-minorities will. The center of the country is all that holds us together, presently.  Holding the center alone will not avail us if we lose our port cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., in the West, the Port of New Orleans in the South, and the Port of New York-New Jersey in the East.


Is it only now that we are aware of our folly in sleeping while LBJ wrote into law wave immigration and blame Donald Trump for our irresponsibility? Who is to blame for a cultural decadence that has allowed abortion, homosexual marriage, and now gender “sensitivity” to govern our discourse – Donald Trump, or the American people and their craven obsequiousness towards Hollywood “royalty” and Media scolds?


We want to look the other way on social issues. What other people do in the privacy of their homes, we believe, should be none of our business.  But they’ve now invaded our privacy, instead,  and won’t render us the same courtesy we’ve extended them.  They insist on our extended to them an equal status they don’t deserve, any more than Lilith deserved of Adam.


Though considered equal in the eyes of their Creator, Lilith would not yield to Adam and ran away from him, for which she was forever cursed. Legend says it was she, Lilith, turned into a serpent by God for her disobedience, who tempted Eve into rebelling against God, and Lilith whose off-spring represented the evil on Earth.


Our culture is turned wholly upside down, as early 20th century Dadaists had intended.  Trump has resolved to restore law and order to the United States.  As far as he is able, we must do our best to support him, even when times our difficult.  This is only the beginning of a long struggle for him, and for ourselves.


The sensible realize there is no guarantee that good will triumph. Still, we must try with all our might to resist evil and return the United States of America to its station as a leader of what is good and right in the world, resisting and rejecting counter-normative definitions of the word “good.”




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The Struggle for “Free Speech” at City College of New York 1931-1942

I used to love reruns when I was a child in the Sixties. I couldn’t get enough of “I Love Lucy” for instance.  But now we’re watching real-life reruns of The Sixties themselves.  It seems as though we will never escape the 1960s altogether.

The University of California-Berkeley is on fire. Again.  In 1964, they began what they called “The Free Speech Movement” which actually was simply a rerun from the 1930s, when the City College of New York began the first student protests against what they were taught was “fascism” and “militarism.”  They claimed to be fighting for racial equality and social justice.

CCNY was a free college. All poor students – including my father – who couldn’t afford college tuition went to school there.  My father graduated in 1937, at the height of the protests, spawned by Marxist operatives seeking an overthrow of the U.S. government.

So there’s nothing new at all going on at Berkeley that hasn’t been going on since the Bolshevik Revolution. My father described these “protests” as extremely violent and reprehensible to any free-thinking student.

Radical students are typically heroes in their own minds. They envision themselves astride flaming barricades, leading the way to a better world by burning down the old world.  The military is anathema to them; they want to give orders, not take them.  The fascist police state prevents them from carrying out their plan, protecting the peaceful, adult working world from their adolescent narcissism and overblown temper tantrums.

The Berkeley bonfire of vanity burns unchecked; the campus police standing by under orders from the administration, the Old Guard of the Sixties. They were hauled off in manacles when they perpetrated this same kind of violence.  Now they can stand some five or ten storeys above the fray and watch with satisfaction as a new generation carries the arsonist torch of anarchy.

Their Soviet handlers realized revolution in America would take more than one generation. Lenin only had to take down a monarchy by murdering the czar, his wife, son, and daughters.  We have a fairly sturdy constitution that carefully documented our freedoms.  Our government is one of civilized order, written on dictator-proof paper.  The U.S. Constitution was designed to thwart the kind of tyranny today’s Marxists, young and old, would thrust upon us.

No wonder they want to get rid of the Electoral College, a constitutionally-ordered entity.

The Bill of Rights is a particularly noisome piece of legislation to them. They chew and twist on it like frustrated young pups, trying to tear it to shreds.  The First Amendment causes them particular angst.  An obstruction to their goal of world domination, it is also a useful tool for them to carry out their propaganda campaign against freedom, capitalism, and individualism.

Collectivism is an appealing ideology for young people. As adolescents, they long to be part of the greater collective and yearn to be independent of their family unit.  Biologically, what human beings want is to reproduce, hence the yen to shun their parents.  Psychologically, they’re not quite ready yet and so the youth collective offers them a measure of safety and collective autonomy while still attached to the childhood unit of the family.  They gain solace from one another in their predicament.  They yearn for freedom, but really know nothing of it.

Along comes a “sympathetic” Marxist teacher or professor who finds a nursery of useful idiots whom he or she can easily indoctrinate. Society is unfair, especially white, Western society.  Not only are the idiots useful, but so is ancient American history with its stigma of slavery which all the whiteout (an old-fashioned chemical used in manual typewriting which covered over mistakes; once dry, the typist could type over the whited-out area) in the world cannot erase.

The fires of revolution must be continually stoked. So, never mind how far blacks have come in the area of civil rights.  Worse yet, never mind the millions who died in order to bring about the Workers’ Paradise in the former Soviet Union.  Never mind the horror stories those who escaped told of starvation, of betrayal, and of torture in the Soviet gulags.  Never mind that when the Soviet Union joined World War II, they were able to re-arrest the Russians who had escaped and either executed them or threw them into gulags for life for spreading “lies” about the glories of Communism.

That’s the kind of “Hate Speech” that the Marxists at Berkeley and other colleges and universities across the country are trying to stifle. “Hate Speech” is not about what the speaker hates; it’s about what listeners “hate” to hear.  Marxist philosophy states that whoever controls public and private speech and thought controls the nation.  Speech control was a huge problem with the Civil Rights Act of 1964; not only did the Civil Rights Act dictate that merchants and employers could not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, and so forth, but citizens could not use offensive speech (i.e., the “N” word) in regard to any of the protected political classes.  Such an offense could bring about a civil lawsuit resulting in excessive fines and possibly even imprisonment.

We are reaping the harvest of the Free Speech movement. College student activists are dictating the terms of third-person speech, which should be unconstitutional; it is tantamount to censorship.  Free speech, as it was deemed by the Founding Fathers, has been corralled into small, “safe spaces” on college campuses everywhere.  If free speech – and those who wish to engage in it – is barricaded into a bull pen, it is no longer free or protected.

Free speech about freedom is not tolerated at Y.U. at all. Attached as it is to Capitalism (which is what makes freedom possible), freedom is a pariah.  Freedom is cruel, insensitive, intolerant, and socially injustice.  If someone has the freedom to make a billion dollars, as our current president has, then it is a greedy monster that shuts out or enslaves the millions who did not have either the opportunity or the ability to do so.

Such is the thinking of adolescents. Life’s not fair.  No, it isn’t.  It isn’t fair that millions of people my age (57) have been thrown out of sustainable work and must resort to service work (Wal-Mart, Target, Shop-Rite) that only pays a little bit above minimum wage and wreaks havoc on our aging, often arthritic limbs.  A 65 year-old lady must stand upon arthritic limbs at the local Home Depot, swallowing pain killers that will eventually destroy her liver, in order to pay her bills and make ends meet.

I will soon follow her. I have utterly failed to find work in an office.  No one will hire me, even though I have proven (finally) that I possess the requisite skills and experience (I earned a degree in Secretarial Science back when I was 20).  Therefore, I’ve been studying the help wanted job sites, trying to judge which service sector job requires the least amount of standing. 

Perhaps Petco. The dog-washing job requires constant standing.  But I’d rather work with dogs and their fleas than rats in the rat race.

We were put out of work because Obama and his ilk looked into the future and saw that Social Security was already bankrupt. How best to bring this entitlement program into line again and continue funding illegal immigrants while not funding white, suburban workers?  Tax their companies out of the country and put the older, suburban workers out of work.  No work, or less work, no Social Security, or at least, a good deal less in payments.

The Marxists were dealt a blow when Trump won the election. They just thought Hillary had it in the bag.  But she lost and while it’s a bitter set-back, the loss is also an opportunity to rile up the useful idiots, get them starting fires in Berkeley and marches on Washington. 

Thanks to the useful idiots on the Supreme Court back when Hillary was in school in the Sixties, burning the American flag (and pretty much anything else that’s flammable) became a right of free speech. Violent riots, burning, looting, and running amok are frightening images to the peaceful American public.  Between terrorism and white guilt, the Marxists figure they have the bourgeoisie in a bind.  The general thinking from Karl Marx on down to Saul Alinsky and George Soros is to rout the peaceful suburbanites out of their comfort zones.

Push their noses into the dirt. Destroy their economy.  Rob them of their jobs.  Besiege their neighborhoods with drug dealers, prostitutes, and ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous minorities.  Lure their late-adolescent students into the ghetto, fill their heads with idealistic nonsense about social justice and white privilege.  Get them to commit social suicide and genocide (via abortion and sexual immorality).  Jumble their white-privilege English language so they can no longer speak coherently.

Most important of all, seduce them into rejecting the God of their grandfathers. “Now the serpent was the craftiest of all the wild animals of the field that Jehovah God had made.  [Some ancient texts say that she was originally Adam’s first wife, equal to Adam.  In her sense of equality, she insisted she was also equal to God, so the Almighty turned her into a serpent as punishment.]  So it said to the woman:  “Did God really say that you must not eat from every tree of the garden?”  At this, the woman said to the serpent:  “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden.  But God said about the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden:  ‘You must not eat from it; no, you must not [even] touch it; otherwise, you will die.’”  At this, the serpent said to the woman:  “You certainly will not die.  For God knows that in the very day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

The young only know what their professors – who may as well be priests of the state – tell them. In their rebellion, they absorb the Marxist teaching with delight.  At last, they have a chance to get even with the parents who have been hectoring them since the day they were born.  The professors are the wiliest of serpents, smirking as they watch the turnings of young minds and making examples of those who challenge them.  Grades are a great motivator in these classes.  One always needs to polish the apple and students are all too happy to excoriate their non-conforming classmates.  They polish the apple with sarcasm, ridicule, and superiority.

Our culture, well-versed for decades in Marxism, lends these useful idiots a good deal of credibility. After all, if Harrison Ford, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, promotes climate change and all the rest, you can’t go wrong if you’re a Marxist student.  Meryl Streep?  Orpah Winfrey?  Ben Affleck?  Who’s going to argue with the most beautiful people in the world?  After all, they’re beautiful – and you’re not.  Shallowness will never show if you have a well-written script in front of you.

So our young, useful idiots march out into the world to protest and there are the Marxist propaganda cameras to record them for posterity and Marxist stars to congratulate them. How could they not think themselves successful?  Their cause must be just if they’re receiving all this attention and all these accolades.

Their final step is silence the opposition and they will have won the ground. Climate change:  this piece of ideology is now pretty much set in stone.  Climate “deniers” have been fired or threatened with lawsuits and even prison for challenging the status quo.  The Marxists have spoken:  Man is evil and is killing the planet, sunspots and underwater volcanos notwithstanding. 

Now just shut up and accept it, all of you out there. Even President Trump has been marginalized on this subject.  Yes, he’s willing to “admit” that mankind is responsible for the some of the climate change.

Women’s rights. We’re women, so shut up, the rest of you who don’t agree with them.  They’re “fetuses” not “babies”, if you please.  A girl can be a boy, if she wants to be, so shut up, Boy Scouts and their defenders (the New Jersey Boy Scout troop has relented and accepted this girl as a “boy” scout).  Never mind reality; it’s “her” – er, “his” “reality”.  If she thinks she’s a boy, then she’s a boy.  So shut up.  If men want to marry other men, and women, other women, it’s none of your business.  So shut up.  “Shut up, God.  We don’t believe in you anyway.”

You photographers out there who are uncomfortable catching wives kissing wives and husbands kissing husbands during a marriage ceremony? Tough luck.  If we offer you money to take our pictures, you have to accept it.  That’s the law.  You can’t pick and choose your customers, even if it is against your religion.  “The love of money is the root of all evil – heh, heh, heh!”

Back in the Sixties, the activists developed what they called “street theater.” They would stage protests, demonstrations, and even riots, all scripted and camera-ready for when the press showed up, on time, as scheduled, to advance the cause.  Activists would actually send out press releases ahead of time to promote these supposedly “spontaneous” events. 

The media – particularly the editors, producers, and broadcasters – are the “gatekeepers” of the Marxist message. Of course, since the Sixties, the advent of cable television and the Internet has allowed other “gatekeepers” to write, produce and post counter-messages.  Most hated of all the counter-activists is

Breitbart News Network (known commonly as Breitbart News, Breitbart or is regarded by Wikipedia as a “far-right” American news, opinion and commentary website founded in 2007 by Conservative commentator and entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart. It also has a daily radio program on the Sirius XM Patriot channel called Breitbart News Daily.

Breitbart News is headquartered in Los Angeles, with bureaus in Texas, London, and Jerusalem. Co-founder Larry Solov is the owner and CEO, while Joel Pollak is the senior editor-at-large, and Alexander Marlow is managing-editor.

Conceived by Andrew Breitbart during a visit to Israel in summer 2007 as a website “that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel,” Breitbart News later aligned with the European populist right and American “alt-right” under the management of former executive chairman Steven K. Bannon. The New York Times describes Breitbart News as an organization with “ideologically driven journalists” that generates controversy “over material that has been called misogynistic, xenophobic, and racist” by its critics.  Bannon declared the website “the platform for the alt-right” in 2016, but he has denied all allegations of racism and later stated that he rejected the “ethno-nationalist” tendencies of the alt-right movement.

The owners of Breitbart News deny their website has any connection to the alt-right or has ever supported racist or white supremacist views. Breitbart News voiced support for Donald Trump, and political scientist Matthew Goodwin described Breitbart News as being “ultra-conservative” in orientation.

The last thing Marxist want to do is concede that Conservatives might actually be “mainstream” America. They’ve done such a thorough job of linking Conservatives with extremist groups like the KKK that mainstream Americans, who really are Conservative in every sense of the word, shun the title, and prefer to think of themselves as “Moderates.”  That is what language control does to a political climate.  Conservative news organizations like Breitbart must apologize for or distance themselves from views they never held in the first place.

Conservatives are often misrepresented by the Left as being anti-immigration when, in fact, they are opposed to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. They are against gay marriage as it affects clergy and merchants who engage in the matrimonial trade.  We look with concern on the flood of Muslim immigrants entering our country without any background checks as to who they are.  We are opposed to paying for abortions, which Conservatives consider nothing less than murder.

For these views and others, Conservatives are being marginalized and slowly criminalized. The thought police are on the march, just as they were (and are) in the former Soviet Union.  In the early days of Communist Russia, every apartment house (home ownership was forbidden) had a landlord whose job was to check the speech and sentiments of the tenants.  Anyone speaking against the state was arrested and promptly sent to a gulag (a prison) for a minimum of 25 years.

Once inside the gulag, prisoners were subject to unspeakable conditions and torture. Even if they’d done nothing wrong, they were induced to plead guilty in order to stop the torture.  Escape was futile even if they could.  In Russia, there was no place to go.  Communism, enforced, encouraged and even rewarded, was everywhere.

As we watch the college hooligans on television, we should keep these conditions in mind. This is the aim of the well-established Marxists within our country.  They are everywhere, as they were and are in Russia.  They’re in our schools, our corporations, and our government from the local to the federal.  They’re in our labor unions, our hospitals, and, of course, in our Media.

Recognizing the existence of this corruption (at last), the American people rejected Hillary Clinton and elected Donald Trump president instead. His election is a good start.  But we must be aware that his term is limited.  Whether it’s four years or (hopefully) eight, our style of government requires a constant turnover lest we rot from the bottom up. 

Everything depends upon educating the young. The Marxists know that all too well.  We are still the adults in the room.  Their education will depend upon us.  Our education system can no longer be trusted (not that we ever could trust them).  It’s up to us to educate our own children.  That education includes the very young, the school-age young, the teen-age young (a most difficult demographic), the college-age young, the young adults and even the young family young.  The indoctrination goes that deep. 

Somehow we must impress upon young parents that they don’t know it all, especially not about Communism. We cannot afford to let them brush us off as being old, no longer with it, or generationally biased and insensitive.  We know more about history than they do primarily because we lived it.  Remind them of the Sixties riots.  The burning of the American flag.  Remind them of how activists threw bags of feces at soldiers returning from Viet Nam.

We’ve recaptured a portion of the media. We must begin telling our own stories.  Since we have the Internet – while we have it – we can do it.  We have blogs, Facebook, YouTube.  Right now, our adversaries are mounting a campaign that Facebook is no longer “fun.”   We can be fun.  But we can also be serious.  We can mount some very funny cartoons about the Left.  We can use it to teach the young what they’re reluctant to learn otherwise and make them laugh while we’re doing it.

The young resent being gainsaid; being told that they’re wrong. But we must do it.  We must disabuse them of any notions that Communism, Marxism, Socialism are beneficial to humanity.  They are not and the evidence of history proves it to be so.  Freedom is not free, but it so good, not evil, fascistic or bigoted.  Prosperity is not greedy, selfish or privileged.  Limited government is not unjust, racist or cruel.  No government that values freedom has ever cast millions into insufferable prisons, subjected anyone to torture, or robbed its citizens of their homes and property.

No government that values freedom has ever tried to deny the existence of God or silenced anyone who does.

Following is a history of the Marxist movement at the City College of New York during the 1930s. My father was a student there.  This little history demonstrates just how far back the activist movement reaches and how determined they were to succeed in halting the march of true freedom and how far into the future they cast their net, with the indoctrination of the teachers of future teachers.  This time-line history comes from CCNY’s own website.

During the years of the Great Depression, when capitalist economies throughout the world are in crisis, the Communist party and the Socialist party offer alternative political visions that gain widespread support among American workers and intellectuals. In 1932, Norman Thomas, the Socialist party presidential candidate, receives almost a million votes, while the Communist candidate, William Z. Foster receives over 100,000 votes. Communists and Socialists play key roles after 1934 in organizing a number of new unions in industries such as steel and auto.

At the same time, fascism is on the rise in Europe. Adolph Hitler comes to power in Germany in 1933, and later forges an alliance with Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime in Italy, which had taken power in 1922.

The nation’s economy virtually collapses during the Great Depression. By 1933, over 25 percent of the work force is unemployed. Hunger and homelessness are widespread throughout the country.

The Communist party is active during the years of the Great Depression in the national student movement and in struggles for the rights of workers, African-Americans, and the unemployed.

Most City College students are painfully aware of the vast inequalities within American society, and know that even a college degree provides no guarantee of gainful employment in the midst of the depression.

Of those workers who continue to hold jobs, millions are employed at sub-standard wages, with little if any job security. Millions of workers participate in massive union organizing campaigns to raise their wages and improve their working conditions.

The student rebels of the Depression era rank among the most effective radical organizers in the history of American student politics. They built a large and influential student protest movement, organized America’s first national strikes, and shaped political discourse on campus for the better part of a decade. No college generation before them and only the New Left insurgents of the 1960’s after them ever had as much impact on student politics in twentieth-century America.

-Cohen, When the Old Left Was Young, 1993


National Student League (NSL) is formed in 1931 as a Communist-led coalition of radical and progressive students to create a nationwide, militant student movement that seeks solutions to the double-barreled crisis of the Great Depression at home and war and fascism abroad. The impetus for this organization comes from student activists at CCNY.

The American Student Union (ASU) is established in December 1935 when the National Student League merges with the Socialist Student League for Industrial Democracy. The ASU becomes the largest national student organization ever created to that point in time, with over 20,000 members. ASU leaders champion federal aid to low-income students and would later ally themselves with the New Deal.

The Student League for Industrial Democracy (SLID) is the student section of the League for Industrial Democracy, which can be traced to the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, founded in 1905 by CCNY graduate and popular writer/activist Upton Sinclair. Here, SLID members demonstrate to encourage office workers to support their union during the summer of 1935 in NYC’s garment district.

The Young Communist League (YCL) is the youth division of the U.S. Communist Party. Its program includes support for unemployment insurance, full racial equality, no funding for militarism, training programs for young people, and a workers’ government in the United States, based on the model of the Soviet Union.

The Young People’s Socialist League (YPSL) is the youth affiliate of the Socialist Party. Its main rival on campus is the Young Communist League. This flyer advertises an anti-war meeting in Harlem.


October 26, 1932 Oakley Johnson, an English instructor publicly known for his Communist sympathies, is dismissed. Over 1000 students rally. President Frederick B. Robinson calls the police, who club the demonstrators and arrest four students. This is the first time during the Depression years that a college president called the police to an American campus. Over 1000 students attend a “mock trial” to condemn President Robinson. Nineteen student organizers are suspended.

May 29, 1933 Students protest use of police on campus and to reinstate students suspended and expelled after an anti-ROTC demonstration.

This alumni petition (June 1933) endorsed by several prominent graduates, supports free speech for students , protests the firing of Oakley Johnson, the banning of the progressive student clubs and the suspension of two student newspapers.

April 30, 1936 One thousand students stage a sit-in at Shepard Hall to protest the firing of faculty activist Morris Schappes of the English department. This is the first organized sit-in of this magnitude on an American college campus. The sit-in continues for several days.

May 12, 1936 The Student Council calls a conference with delegates elected from each classroom to organize support for Morris Schappes.

May 1936 Students organize a mock trial of President Robinson to protest the firing of Morris Schappes. June 1936 As a result of the massive opposition by students and the Teachers Union, the NYC Board of Higher Education reinstates Schappes and twelve other dismissed faculty activists. Because of this campaign, the New York State legislature agrees to new tenure rules for New York City’s public colleges.

December 19, 1938 President Robinson submits his letter of resignation

The Teacher-Worker, the newsletter of the CCNY Communist staff, dedicates its February 1939 issue to Ralph Wardlaw, an instructor in the Department of Public Speaking, who dies in Spain fighting in defense of the Spanish Republic.


After 1935, faculty at CCNY is increasingly concerned about the spread of fascism in Europe. Many of the young, untenured faculty members also feel concerned about job security. In response, they form the Instructional Staff Association and the College Teachers Union and join the campus’s Anti-Fascist Association and the Communist party.

Two-thirds of the faculty at the city’s public colleges are instructors or tutors. Instructors teach fifteen hours a week at substandard salaries. They have no tenure and can be dismissed at any time. Most of these faculty members are young, many are graduates of the City College and, like their students, they come from poor immigrant backgrounds. Younger activist faculty creates the CCNY Instructional Staff Association in 1932 to fight for increases in salary, promotion procedures, and tenure for the lower-paid teaching staff. By 1937, the association claims that more than 100 faculty members have been promoted from the rank of tutor to that of instructor as a result of their efforts.

In 1935 faculty and staff organize the Anti-Fascist Association at CCNY. It holds monthly educational meetings and publishes a monthly newsletter. Some 200 individuals join, including senior faculty. Representatives frequently spoke at student anti-war rallies

During the Civil War in Spain, CCNY faculty and staff establish a committee to provide humanitarian aid to the Spanish population. After the defeat of the Spanish Republic, faculty organizations aid refugees from Spain.

The New York College Teachers Union is organized in 1935 as the College Section of the Teachers Union and two years later becomes Local 537 of the American Federation of College Teachers.

The most important achievements of the College Teachers Union at the city’s public colleges in 1938 include winning the right of tenure for the lowest paid full-time faculty, as well as securing major democratic reforms, such as department chairs elected by fellow faculty, faculty responsibility for departmental curricula, and a representative faculty governance council that gave faculty an administrative voice on each campus.

College Teachers Union members march in their caps and gowns in the May Day Labor Parade on May 1, 1938, along with several hundred thousand workers from other unions

Some of the younger faculty and staff join the U.S. Communist Party at CCNY or participate in its activities during the 1930s because they see it as the most effective political vehicle to combat fascism, unemployment, and social and racial injustice. The City College unit of the Communist party never reveals the names of its members for fear that public acknowledgment of their affiliation might cost them their jobs. The party’s members are active in the College Teachers Union and in the campus Anti-Fascist Association. “Neither dupes nor conspirators, the academics who passed through the American Communist Party during the 1930s and the 1940s were a group of serious men and women who sincerely hoped to create a better world. They opposed Hitler, supported the Spanish Republicans, and struggled, as best they could, to build a movement for social change within the United States.” — Schrecker, No Ivory Tower, 1986

The Communist party unit of City College faculty and staff publishes a monthly newsletter, the Teacher and Worker, beginning in March 1935. The articles, anonymously written, discuss local campus issues, as well as national and international issues.

The CCNY Communist party newsletter encourages all faculty, staff and students to participate in the annual May Day Labor Parade at Union Square.

Many biting critiques of the college administration appear in the Teacher and Worker.


The recent Berkeley “Free Speech” riots began, ironically, as a protest of an appearance by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. He’s been touring colleges to fight political correctness.  The result has been fiery protests of what is regarded as Yiannopoulous’ “inflammatory” rhetoric.  CNN accuses him of trying to make “hate speech cool.”

“I am speaking on college campuses,” he told CNN, “because education … is really what matters. It’s a crucible where these bad ideas are formed. Bad ideas like … progressive social justice, feminists, Black Lives Matter … that I think is so cancerous and toxic to free expression.”

“People are tired of being told how to live, how to speak, what language they can use,” he said. “The strength of feeling in my crowds, the enthusiasm for me from the audiences is the same — the same instinct, the same sort of motivating force (that) put Trump in the White House.”

Freedom-loving Americans spoke pretty loudly on Election Day 2016. Up until then, no one had been listening.  Not even National Review, the most conservative of Conservative magazines.  Were they not listening because we didn’t hold sit-ins, break windows, and burn down the United Nations or firebomb the headquarters of the ACLU?

Those are acts of violence, not freedom of speech. When the Tea Parties held their rallies back in 2009, they were urged to take down their home-made signs, a clear act of censorship on the part of Republican and even Conservative elites (I told my tea parties not to listen; but they didn’t listen to me).  They were told to take down their signs because they might offend other parties or they might be used against them by the Media.

What we need to do is hold more rallies, not fewer. We need to hold up our own signs again that carry our own messages of love of liberty and freedom, prosperity, and limited government.  Milo Yiannopolous needs to keep pressing his message about free speech, no matter how perturbed the opposition becomes.  He must be brave and so must our conservative college students.

Fortunately, we now have Donald Trump for president and champion. We should follow his example and Tweet.  Facebook.  E-Mail.  Blog.  We must speak up for real free speech before we’re cowed again into becoming the Silent Majority.





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Trump Nominates Supremely Qualified Judge to High Court

Columbia University. Harvard University Law School.  University of Oxford.


Judge Neil Gorsuch, born in 1967 in Denver, Colo., has all the bona fides for a competent, Constitutionalist, Conservative supreme court judge.


“The independence of the judiciary depends upon people in both parties being willing to serve, good people willing to serve who are capable and willing to put aside their personal politics and preferences to decide cases and to follow the law and not try and make it.”


The quote is from his 2006 confirmation hearing for the 10th Circuit Court.


Gorsuch began his esteemed career as a law clerk for the Hon. David Sentelle, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Court in 1991. Two years later, he went on to clerk for the Hon. Byron White and the Hon. Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court.


For the next ten years (1995-2005), he worked in a private law practice in Washington, D.C., Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans and Figel. In 2005, he then became the principal deputy associate attorney general at the Department of Justice.


Much to the dismay of Liberals everywhere, he is a Constitutional originalist and textualist.


Originalism is a way to interpret the Constitution’s meaning as stable from the time of enactment, and which can only be changed by the steps set out in Article Five of the Constitution. The term originated in the 1980s.  Originalism is based on formalist theory, and when applied to meaning, is closely related to textualism.


Originalism is an umbrella term for interpretative methods that hold to the “fixation thesis”—the notion that an utterance’s semantic content is fixed at the time it is uttered. Originalists seek one of two alternative sources of meaning:


  • The original intent theory, which holds that interpretation of a written constitution is (or should be) consistent with what was meant by those who drafted and ratified it. This is currently a minority view among originalists.
  • The original meaning theory, which is closely related to textualism, is the view that interpretation of a written constitution or law should be based on what reasonable personas living at the time of its adoption would have understood the ordinary meaning of the text to be. It is this view with which most originalists, such as the late Justice Anton Scalia, are associated.


Legal formalism is both a positive or descriptive theory of adjudication and a normative (relating to an ideal standard or model) theory of how judges ought to decide cases. In a descriptive sense, formalists believe that judges reach their decisions by applying uncontroversial principles to the facts. Although the large number of decided cases implies a large number of principles, formalists believe that there is an underlying logic to these principles that is straightforward and which legal experts can readily discover. The ultimate goal of formalism would be to formalize the underlying principles in a single, determinate, system that could be applied mechanically (hence the label “mechanical jurisprudence”). Formalism has been called “the official theory of judging”. It is the thesis to which legal realism is the antithesis.


As a normative theory, formalism is the view that judges should decide cases by the application of uncontroversial principles to the facts.


In A Matter of Interpretation, the late Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia, who died suddenly last year, defended textualism — and, by extension, formalism — saying:


Of all the criticisms leveled against textualism, the most mindless is that it is formalist. The answer to that is, of course it’s formalistic! The rule of law is about form . . . A murderer has been caught with blood on his hands, bending over the body of his victim; a neighbour with a video camera has filmed the crime and the murderer has confessed in writing and on videotape. We nonetheless insist that before the state can punish this miscreant, it must conduct a full-dress criminal trial that results in a verdict of guilty. Is that not formalism? Long live formalism! It is what makes us a government of laws and not of men.


Scalia’s strongest claim on Formalist credentials can be found in an essay entitled The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules.


Liberal Feminists have been up in arms since Trump was elected back in November. Their initial weeping and wailing has turned into public hysteria.  A block of Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration.  They’ve been threatening to block Trump’s nomination, although to not much effect.


Five of Trump’s picks have already been confirmed. Most, if not all, of his nominees are on the Conservative side of limited government.  Gorsuch, his first Supreme Court nomination – there will probably be more if Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who is failing health, retires, and if some of the other justices in their late seventies or early eighties also decide to go into the sunset.


Retirements are bad news for the Liberals and their agenda but a good prospect for the rule of law in this country. Trump really hit the ground running and has been keeping all of his campaign promises.  This has to be a first for a United States president.


Liberal women are swiftly losing their credibility, although they will never read it in the mainstream media headlines. They’re especially concerned about losing their “rights” – that is to say, their reproductive rights.  They’re terrified a Conservative justice like Gorsuch, if he’s joined by more Conservatives, will overturn Roe v. Wade.  Woe are they.


We Conservatives really should reconsider our stance on abortion. Yes, it’s a horrific crime against humanity in the service of feminist selfishness.  It’s an abominable practice.  Women who do such things shouldn’t have children at all.




Consider this: who is agitating for abortion rights (which, so far, are intact)?  Liberal Feminists.  Whose babies are being aborted?  Those of Liberal Feminists.  What portion of the population is over-represented?  Liberal Feminists.


If Liberal Feminists want to reduce their gene pool, why should we Conservatives be so concerned about it? If they really want to commit this horrible crime, which affects only their demographic, why stand in their way?  Does the world really need any more Liberal Feminists?  No, it certainly doesn’t.


So, let them have their right to mass abort future generations of Liberal Feminists – and their weak-spined, transgender sons. What the heck do we care?  In a generation or so, we could return to producing normal, gender-correct children who can accept reality, go to work and produce the next generation of normal Americans.


By the 22nd Century, transgenderism could be nothing but a freak footnote in the annals of Western Culture along with transgender bathrooms.  Boys will be boys, play with boy toys, and wear blue.  Normal girls will gravitate to their favorite color – pink, play with baby dolls, wear their princess costumes, and have absolutely no desire whatsoever to join the Boy Scouts.


So, please. Let the Feminists do what they want – abort themselves into oblivion.




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