Sacking the Presidential Quarterback

If New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady had boasted before Super Bowl LI that he would win the game in the first fifteen minutes of play, a la Mohammed Ali, he’d have been likely laughed out of the stadium in Houston.


It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Instead of winning the game in the first 15 minutes, Brady won it in the first overtime in Super Bowl history, in about fifteen minutes.  Some disgruntled Atlanta Falcon fans say that they were cheated, posting photos of what they claim is Brady’s – or someone’s knee – touching the ground just short of the goal line.


President Trump hit the ground running after Inauguration Day. A number of his nominations have gone through.  Even Betsey DeVos has run the gauntlet and, thanks to Vice President Pence’s tie-breaking vote, has been confirmed by the Senate as our new Secretary of Education.


Still, Trump’s Hail Mary pass to stem the tide of unvetted immigrants – Muslim immigrants – into our country has been intercepted by a lower court. The appeal has gone to the dreaded Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, that black hole in the federal judiciary where all Constitutionally-grounded laws meet their fate.


President Trump was said to be very upset at this setback. Critics jeer that Trump’s executive order will run afoul of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  This piece of federal legislation is not actually part and participle of the U.S. Constitution, but merely a federal law that could just as easily be declared unconstitutional as Trump’s executive order, in defiance of it, could be.


Trump was eager to hit the ground running. But just as in the first half of Sunday’s Super Bowl game, the Patriots’ failed to set up a sufficient defense for their strategy.  Trump needs to get his federal court in order, from the bottom up, to ensure that his orders don’t go down the 9th Circuit Court’s toilet bowl.


The President rightly fears that a failure to stem the tide now rather than say, a year from now, could result in a tragedy right here in the United States. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is one of those algae blooms in the cesspool of Washington that seriously needs to be cleared away before the much of the Washington swamp can drain.


So dark and impenetrable is that swamp that scarcely a handful of Republicans are willing to plumb the depths of that muddied cesspool to clear away the bureaucratic growth.   They fear demons both real and imaginary.  The specter of the minority vote appears before them, for one thing.  The Media delights in dredging up these hobgoblins before the image-conscious GOP who draw back in dread, eyes bulging and mouths agape at the vision.


Trump needs braver divers. He also needs to be certain that his orders won’t be strangled in the drain.  Thus, the need for the time to build a solid, conservative judiciary from the ground up.  Lower and appellate courts teem with long-ago appointed liberal civil servants who need to be removed, if removed they can be and replaced by true constitutionalists rather than political appointees.

Trump must exorcise these ghosts of the liberal past before he can proceed on to claim victory. He should not be blamed, or blame himself, if victory can’t be won in the first fifteen minutes.  The Patriots left the field at half-time thinking they were the losers.  Returning to the field, they fought their adversaries to a tie at the end of the game.  Going into overtime, Brady led a veritable touchdown train to Super Bowl victory.


Clucking conservative pundits are having a field day touting Trump’s failure in the court. They fear to offend any sensitive minorities or to appear hypocritical in flouting our nation’s long-standing attitude about freedom of religion.


In this, Christians are not the aggressors. Christians, while they are mandated by their Lord to make disciples of all men (and women), Christ also gave them leave to wash their hands of those who would not heed His call.  Islam has a sterner mandate.  Those who decline the invitation to convert to Islam have two choices:  to pay a steep tax on non-Muslims, the jizyah, or face death.


Islam threatens apostates and non-believers with the as-sirat, the pencil-thin, razor sharp bridge to paradise over which all must successfully cross or fall into the fires of hell.  Islam is comprised of two sets of believers – those who follow the Koran of Medina and those who follow the Koran of Mecca.  The Meccan Koran is the more tolerant, less violent of the two books.  Mohammed wrote the Koran of Medina after he was driven from Mecca.  In this book, he promised the violence of Allah would befall all those who rejected him.


Muslims are therefore, of two minds. One is conversion by persuasion; the other, conversion by the sword.  The first would prefer a peaceful conquest through immigration, overwhelming the populations of non-Muslim nations and depending up their more civilized forms of government to prevent those populations from open, violent rebellion.


The other…well, we know all about them. We’ve seen their handiwork everywhere from Beirut, Lebanon to New York City to Orlando, Fla.  Squeamish American politicians don’t wish to confront them either here or abroad.  Thanks to Constitution squashing, our borders are porous and indefensible.  Our current courts will not countenance defiance of the paper-thin rule of separation of church and state, which exists only in jurisprudential, not constitutional form.


Trump has the support of the American people. But he knows the clock is ticking on his ability to restore law and order before illegal immigrants overwhelm our borders and put into place a lawless government completely devoid of any constitutionality.  If a bare Muslim majority can overwhelm enough cities and enough Congressional districts, our rule of law will be overthrown.


Already, in Prospect Park, N.J., its Muslim mayor has declared the town a sanctuary city for illegal alien Muslims. New Jersey has Muslim justices who will support him, put into place very foolishly by Gov. Chris Christie.


Where Muslim do not enjoy jurisprudence, Hispanics and other majority-minorities will. The center of the country is all that holds us together, presently.  Holding the center alone will not avail us if we lose our port cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., in the West, the Port of New Orleans in the South, and the Port of New York-New Jersey in the East.


Is it only now that we are aware of our folly in sleeping while LBJ wrote into law wave immigration and blame Donald Trump for our irresponsibility? Who is to blame for a cultural decadence that has allowed abortion, homosexual marriage, and now gender “sensitivity” to govern our discourse – Donald Trump, or the American people and their craven obsequiousness towards Hollywood “royalty” and Media scolds?


We want to look the other way on social issues. What other people do in the privacy of their homes, we believe, should be none of our business.  But they’ve now invaded our privacy, instead,  and won’t render us the same courtesy we’ve extended them.  They insist on our extended to them an equal status they don’t deserve, any more than Lilith deserved of Adam.


Though considered equal in the eyes of their Creator, Lilith would not yield to Adam and ran away from him, for which she was forever cursed. Legend says it was she, Lilith, turned into a serpent by God for her disobedience, who tempted Eve into rebelling against God, and Lilith whose off-spring represented the evil on Earth.


Our culture is turned wholly upside down, as early 20th century Dadaists had intended.  Trump has resolved to restore law and order to the United States.  As far as he is able, we must do our best to support him, even when times our difficult.  This is only the beginning of a long struggle for him, and for ourselves.


The sensible realize there is no guarantee that good will triumph. Still, we must try with all our might to resist evil and return the United States of America to its station as a leader of what is good and right in the world, resisting and rejecting counter-normative definitions of the word “good.”




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