Islam: Religion or Political System?

Our guest blogger, David Bandel, is on hand today to advise us on the dangers of Islam in America, the danger lying in its legal code, Sharia Law. David is a U.S. Army veteran, where he served for years in the Intelligence division.  David has been a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security (in addition to being a computer genius).

Here is his take on Islam:

A lot of people have heard of Islam but don’t really understand what it is. Muslims, followers of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad, will tell you it is a religion. Most will also tell you that Muslims follow Sharia Law, a set of laws laid out by the Prophet Mohammad in the Koran (or Quran, depending on your spelling).

But is Islam a religion or a political system? That fundamental question is the crux of the problem plaguing Western Nations at this juncture. It is important for America as the 1st Amendment guarantees four fundamental rights, among them, freedom of religion.

But the Islamic “religion” demands obeisance to Sharia Law which contradicts the US Constitution in many fundamental ways. Many Muslims will tell you Sharia Law is above the Constitution (but without the Constitution, they could be denied the right to practice their religion and Sharia Law, a law which denies religious freedom and demands everyone adhere only to Islam). And so it goes.

You can look up the differences between religion and politics, but that only muddies the waters as both are belief systems, one principally (but not solely) defines the individual relationship between God and man (religion) and one defines the relationship between men (political system, although it also includes economic and geographic elements) and religious clerics. Problem is, these two overlap so much it is difficult to separate them this way, because religion also defines relationships between men, especially as all religions condemn certain activities such as murder, theft, adultery, et. al.

Perhaps it would be more beneficial to examine what religion and political systems are not. A political system does not define man’s relationship to God. A religion, while defining social behaviors, does not define corporeal punishment for transgressions against other men or God (sins). It is the realm of a political system to define what corporeal punishment to exact for any given transgression. Religions do not define corporeal punishments; this is always left to God. And in every religion God is always more than capable of meeting out His justice when, where, and how He sees fit. He has done this with Sodom and Gomorroha, with Egypt when the Pharoah would not release the Jews, and any other occasion God saw fit (Noah and the Ark also comes to mind).

God, and any religion has never found the need to rely on man to exact punishment. The threat is always present, but to be meted out in the afterlife unless God sees fit otherwise.

Not so with Islam. The Koran does exact punishments. Over 100 verses are dedicated to making war or otherwise punishing (usually with death) anyone who does not follow Islam. This makes all Muslims enemies of anyone who is not Muslim and does not follow Islam.

The Koran also states that Muslims may lie to non-Muslims (infidels) in the furtherance of Islam. In fact, Muslims will even lie to other Muslims under many circumstances. The term for this deception in furtherance of Islam is taqiyya.

Previously, I alluded to the fact that Sharia Law (Muslim law based on the teachings of the Koran) was in conflict with the Constitution. In fact, it is completely and utterly contradictory to many facets of Western culture.

Just to name a few, a woman is worth only one half of a man. Women cannot divorce their husbands, only a husband may divorce his wife. Women can be stoned to death for any of a number of “crimes” and in Islamic countries often are. Anyone who does not follow Islam must either be converted or put to the sword.

Mohammad found that this did not sit well with large non-Muslim populations where Muslims had conquered, so he allowed for useful citizens to pay a tax of 50 percent (jizyah or dhimmitude) of their earnings for the Islamic army (something else reserved to political systems).

Sharia Law also permits arranged marriages of young girls to men (the girls are basically sold to the men, they have no say), the rape of non-Muslim women, and any number of other atrocities against women and infidels. Women also cannot go out unescorted by a male from their household or be uncovered in front of other men. This ranges from a head scarf (hijab) to full body covering with only slits for the eyes (burka). The latter interferes with facial recognition in our society. A woman cannot testify against her rapist, five men must testify against the rapist. And anyone speaking against Mohammad is to be executed.

To anyone from a Western culture, Sharia Law is a barbaric, inequitable, unconscionable set of Laws. But many Muslims and Muslim organizations are determined that Sharia Law WILL be the only law in the U.S. (indeed, in the world). Some of those that have so declared include the leaders of CAIR (Committee on American-Islamic Relations) and some 60-plus other Islamic organizations. As Sharia Law is diametrically opposed to the U.S. Constitution and many of us (all veterans and most public officials) have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, these organizations and individuals have proclaimed themselves enemies of the U.S. and all those who have taken said oaths.

War is a political, not religious undertaking (despite the Crusades, which were in response to Islamic attacks on the Catholic Church). Nations must defend themselves. Make no mistake. We ARE at war. Islam has declared war on the U.S. and all non-Islamic countries of the world. This is a war we must win at all costs. If this does not remind you of Communism, then you didn’t live through the Cold War.

It is imperative that U.S. citizens understand that Islam is a political entity bent on the complete subjugation of Western Culture. It is a political system disguised as a religion. But our Constitution does not guarantee freedom of politics or freedom to attack the Constitution and our way of life. However, it is happening. Those that don’t believe need to visit the no-go zones in Europe or even just go to Dearborn, Michigan. Women are warned to go heavily armed or not at all, and be prepared as you will have to defend yourself.

How many of you have ever heard a Muslim speak out against ISIS or Sharia Law? And you never will. Muslims may not condone violent attacks against infidels, but they will never condemn them. If they were to, they would be on the execution list. But more likely, they don’t speak out because they don’t actually condemn the attacks (see taqiyya above).

We need to demand of our legislators in Washington to declare the Islamic Sharia Law unconstitutional and unlawful to be practiced in the U.S. now or ever in the future; that Islam is not a religion but a political system and as such unlawful. This will not sit well with many, but if it comes to a choice between the U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law (which it will), we must already have declared Sharia Law null and void here. Muslims are demanding Sharia Law more and more, and it is being implemented in places like Dearborn. This infestation must be stopped before it takes hold or we will once again see war within the United States. We dealt with this once before with the spread of Communism, and we must deal with Islam in the same way.

In summary, while Islam looks and is touted as a religion, it is in fact a political system. The aspects of Islam that make it a political system are in the way it insists that the word of Islam is spread. All religions “spread the word” but only Islam demands conversion or death (i.e., world conquest). All religions deal with the social aspects of human interaction, but leave punishments up to God in the afterlife, except Islam, which mandates physical punishments in this life, anything from losing a hand to stoning or being put to the sword for not accepting conversion. Conquest and physical punishments are the sole realm of political systems, not of religions. In this respect, Islam should be categorized along with Communism. Islam has more in common with Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism than it does with Christianity or any other religion.


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