The Slanted Media reported today: “On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ co-host Mika Brzezinski stated President Trump ‘could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think.  And that is our job.’”


Pres. Trump is on a campaign against what he calls “Fake News:” the lies, the misinformation, the outright libel that media organizations spread.  The Media is under some misguided delusion that they comprise the “Fourth Estate,’ that their mission is to act as a hedge against corrupt politicians who don’t tell us the truth.


The Media editors and producers consider themselves “the gatekeepers” in the flow of information. They decide what the public needs to know and when they need to know it.  As long as there has been a printing press, there have been editors and reporters who “slant” the news, as it is known in the trade, writing news stories to a certain advantage.


Today’s Mainstream Media is very much the puppet of the government, its champion, not its detractor. That is, if the government happens to be Democrat or pro-totalitarian.  The Media is the champion of the supposedly “helpless” people – immigrants, minorities, Millennials, and anyone else upon whom the Democrats can count for votes in November.


Pres. Trump, at his rally in Melbourne, Fla. on Feb. 18, referred to the civil unrest in Europe, particularly citing Germany and Sweden.


“Look what happened in Sweden the other night!” he cried.


He was referring to an interview he did with Tucker Carlson on Fox News the night before. They were discussing an attack on a filmmaker Ami Horowitz’s documentary on the surge in crime, including rape, since Sweden began accepting large quantities of refugees.


Horowitz accused Swedish officials of being in denial about the problems.


Carlson joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss the fallout, first noting that all U.S. presidents should be “precise” with their words so people know exactly what point they’re trying to make.

But he said the media is ignoring the real story, which is the “massive social cost” and political backlash in European nations as a result of accepting large numbers of refugees.


Carlson said nations like Sweden and France have tried “really hard” and spent a lot of money on integration efforts and it “hasn’t worked very well.”


“Good for Trump and good for anyone else who raises at least that question. Let’s have an honest conversation about how you bring tons of people in and make them fully vested in your society. If they can’t do it, how are we gonna do it?” he asked.


Other pundits have followed Carlson’s example in tasking Trump for his imprecision of speech. Shouldn’t we forgive Trump, however, for thinking that the Media follows his every word and movement and would have been perfectly aware of his appearance on Carlson’s show earlier?


What about the imprecision of the Mainstream Media and the government of Sweden? They immediately mocked Trump for putting out a false alarm, only to have their own report of “Nothing to see here; move along!” belied by riots in Rickleby, Sweden, completely with news footage of burning cars and buildings.


This was a predominantly Muslim suburb of Stockholm. Were they protesting Trump’s criticism of their Sharia Law culture?  Not at all.  They were “protesting” the arrest of a drug dealer.  Considering Sweden’s laxity on drugs, this drug dealer must have been a pretty bad hombre.


If the Swedish government is in denial over its Muslim problem, then they must be keeping it a secret from the real Swedes of Sweden. Or they’re intimidating them into silence.  Trump and his “big mouth” revealed a secret the Swedish government and its state media has been trying to suppress:  that large portions of their suburbs are subject to Sharia Law; No-Go Zones were the police are not permitted to patrol.  Much like Dearborn, Mich.


Pres. Trump was “precise” enough to get the news out. If he had been more “precise” perhaps our Mainstream Media would have shrugged the matter off as typical urban violence that happens everywhere.  We’d never have learned the truth about the Sharia suburbs of Europe.


Just a few nights before, the Muslims were rioting in the port city of Gothenburg, on Sweden’s West Coast. A month before that, they’d been rioting in the same place.  Trump was trying to tell us that what is happening in Europe can and will happen here if we allow Muslim emigrants to enter our country unvetted.


The Mainstream Media is not some “alternative” publishing concern, trying to reveal a “suppressed” truth to the masses. They are an important part of the totalitarian machine meant to keep Americans ignorant and silent.  I had to find out for myself what was really going on in Sweden by doing a Google search for Swedish newspapers.  Alas, they’re mostly in Swedish.  But pictures do tell a thousand words.


What a boon for us that we’re no longer in the Sixties. This is the 21st Century.  21st Century citizens are armed with cellphone cameras that can take stills and video.  We have YouTube.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Instagram.  We have the media and the medium to get the truth out.


Citizen journalists of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan: Arms yourselves with your cameras and the truth.  The truth does not belong to those possessed of a state “license” to spread the truth.  The Media claims that you cannot be “trusted” with the truth.  The police will back them up, but don’t be deterred.


Clearly, it is the Media that cannot be trusted. They are no safe guardians of the First Amendment.  The First Amendment protects their right to spread their propaganda.  That does not mean that we cannot challenge them, however.


Every Media organization is a company with a place on the stock exchange. They are for hire to the highest bidder.  That makes the New York Times and the Washington Post as corrupt as any financial firm on Wall Street.  Even Facebook and Twitter are private concerns.  They could shut us down in a moment, and have vowed to do so.


Even if they did, another door or window would open for us. Paul Revere did not ride out alone on April 18, 1775.  A number of riders were dispatched to make certain that the outer boroughs of Massachusetts Colony got the message that the British Regulars (professional soldiers) were on their way to confiscate the colonists’ munitions and arrest certain rebels.


They didn’t shout because there were at least as many Tories living in that area as Rebels. They knocked and spoke softly.  Today, Republicans and fusty pundits would have us speak softly so as not to arouse the wrath of the Left.  Well, that day has long past.  Our college campuses are on free-speech lockdown.


We have a gutsy president. He may not speak softly or warily, as befits a typical politician.  He just blurts out the truth and lets the facts – like Rickleby, Sweden – speak for themselves.  Who cares if Trump wasn’t “precise”?


He was right about Sweden. I already knew that (as I had done my research, as every good reporter should).  And now you know it, too, for yourselves.





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