Cuomo’s Indecent Exposure Disclosure

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, tweeted more than 90 messages on Thursday in response to the Trump administration’s rescinding of an Obama-era guidance on transgender issues.


One user asked Cuomo, “What do you tell a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”


“I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? Teach tolerance,” Cuomo responded, implying the daughter’s opinion was in fact not hers, but her father’s.


In what altered-state universe does Cuomo think the combination of young or little girls and naked men is tolerable? If a man were to do such a thing in public, he’d be arrested for indecent exposure, at least in a normal universe.  After he was taken to the hospital for the broken nose a righteously outraged father gave him.


Note the phrase “public restrooms” with the emphasis on “public.” The users of the restroom are in a public space.  In the formerly normal universe, that was why bathrooms were separate.  Men use a commode outside the privacy of the locked-door unit.  Women only need to use one commode for all purposes.


Under Cuomo’s irresponsible notions of “tolerance,” any perverted man or teen with a notion to do so could throw on a cheap wig and a dress and enter the private abode of women and girls and expose himself to them (or worse). Women who enter a men’s room can better perpetrate their fraud, at least until they reach the urinal and have nothing to show for it.  They’d be expected to clean up their mess.


The lunatics have taken over the asylum if we must legally suffer mental deficients who can’t adjust to the reality of their obvious gender. Not only must we accommodate them, but we cannot even challenge their presence in an inappropriate rest room, for that would be considered “discrimination.”


Naturally, parents don’t wish to expose their children to such aberrance. A parent’s job is to protect their children, something they cannot do when the children are in school, and where such once unthinkable scenarios are most likely to take place.  School locker room showers and bathrooms are no place to be redefining what is “normal.”  Locker room showers ought never to have been installed in institutions in the first place.  They should not now be transformed into a social justice orgy.


If we are to recover so much lost ground in the cultural wars, we must begin by reclaiming the high ground of “normalcy.” Decency, morality, and common sense must be reseeded back into the swamp of public values.  These problems began, to no one’s surprise, with government organizations defining-down deviancy for the psychiatric profession.


Mayhem is the goal of anarchists, those people you see roaming the streets with LGBQTETC signs. You know, whenever you see them, that the asylum doors have been flung open and the inmates are running riot in the streets while we seem to be helpless to do anything about them.


The Media supports them, so our outcries go unheard, or at best, censored as something-phobic or “intolerant.” Isn’t about time that we stopped tolerating deviancy?  We should not be ashamed to say that we won’t tolerate indecent exposure, sexual assault, and general public immorality, as defined by the most common of America’s religious books, the Bible (and others, as well).


When did we stop answering to God and start answering to the Government? Why on Earth didn’t we tell the atheists, the anti-Christians, and the secular thumb-suckers where to go?  “No,” a father should rightly say, “it’s not okay for you to whip out our manhood and waggle it in front of my seven year-old daughter, you pervert.”  Or 12 year-old.  Or 15 year-old.


Once upon a time, opposite-sex parents didn’t allow their young children to go into a rest-room unaccompanied. Among parents and adults in general, there was a silent understanding when a woman brought a little boy into the women’s room.  Sometimes, a man would wait for a woman with other children and ask her to bring his daughter with her.  Under hardly any but the most serious exigencies did a father bring his daughter into the men’s room.


Pundits have been arguing that we can’t turn the clock back against these issues; that it’s too late for that now. Says who?  Somebody obviously thought it was quite all right to move the clock forward without really asking anyone whether it was all right or not.  They just told us this is how it was going to be and to deal with it.


What the perverts want is license, not freedom. God certainly didn’t grant them the freedom to decide for themselves that they were whatever they thought they were, not how God created them; that takes us all the way back to the Tree of Good and Evil.


The government issues license as it deems politically profitable. But only God grants us freedom – the ultimate freedom from sin, for which none of us has the price.  Only God gets to decide what’s right and wrong.  We get our “rights” from Him; the government gets its power from us.


If we are a God-fearing people, then we have no reason to balk at telling an out-of-control government and a licentious population of profligates where to go.





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