A Day Without a Woman

Suffering from one of those infections to which women are prone, I wasn’t going to post a blog today.


But then I remembered it was A Day Without a Woman Day. There was no way I was going to be part of this Communist Holiday (March 8 is International Women’s Day).  The American Communists thought they were so clever, renaming the holiday for American women.  Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, however, the information got out.


International Women’s Day is just another one of those “days” the Communists use to sew division between women and men, women and their companies, women and their male co-workers, wives and their husbands, sisters and their brothers.


Thank goodness, I just happened to speak to my younger brother today. Take that, International Women.


I’m not your international sister, wife or mother. I happen to like men.  I happen to think men are superior to women in some ways.  This morning, the UPS truck pulled up.  A man was driving.  He picked up the package and brought to the common doorway.  Sometimes I see female drivers.  But not often.  Even if they could handle the packages (and there are some women who, God bless them, can tote a heavy load), they often can’t handle the stress of UPS’ demanding schedule.


As a species, women can leave a lot to be desired (not usually in that department). We talk too much.  We whine too much.  We complain too much and argue too much.  We’re very quick to pick out the faults of the other sex, but rarely examine our own.  We think temper tantrums are a natural, God-given right.  A Day Without a Woman?  Just think of the exquisite silence men must be enjoying in Woman’s absence.


We demand equal pay. We may demand it, but we don’t necessarily earn it or deserve it.  The one thing we can do that men can’t tends to get in the way.  We cost companies a good deal of time in terms of productivity (especially if one of our specialty “productions” shows up; work comes to a screeching halt).


Women have proven that they can do pretty much anything a man can do (including swear; still, I defy you to produce the woman who can naturally grow a beard) – and then they blow it by opening their mouths.


Show the importance of a woman? Show me the baby to which she gives birth and I’ll show you an important woman.  The rest is all pocket change.  Who cares if you’re the CEO of a company?  Who cares if you can weld a steel pipe?  Who cares what you do, “sister”?


If you were all that you say you are, you wouldn’t be giving yourselves a holiday, another excuse not to work while the men do.


International Women’s Day? Give me a break.


Here’s to my brothers, who are busy working today, and to the good women silently working beside them. I only wish I was.


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