A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Trump Paid Lots of Taxes

MSNBC’s disclosure of some of President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return proved one amazing thing:  Donald Trump not only paid his taxes in 2005, but it was 24 percent of his income, compared with 19 percent of Obama’s income.  He paid $36.5 million in income taxes on $153 million in earnings.


What Rachel the Marxist Maddow was after was not really whether he paid taxes, but how much money he makes in a given year. For Limousine Liberals, the sky’s the limit on high-income brackets.  But if you’re a Republican, especially a nouveau Conservative Republican like Trump, your income status gives the Liberals free rein to target you as a greedy, evil Capitalist.


Wow. Donald Trump is a Capitalist?  Who knew?


My older brother’s taxes are high. Not in the millions.  But he pays plenty for the privilege of working hard, owning his own home, and saving for the future so he won’t have to depend upon anyone else.  I’m not good at math, but I believe that Trump’s taxes are equal to about 2,000 people in my brother’s income bracket.


The question is: where does all that money go?  Do Trump’s sizeable taxes go to building up the military?  Evidently not. Have they brought down our debt?  Nope.  Have they repaired or rebuilt a single interstate bridge?  Have his taxes accomplished a single thing set down in the Constitution?


No. What Trump’s money and my older brother and his 2,000 income-tax bracket companions are paying for are bureaucratic salaries.  Northern Virginia underwent an incredible building boom shortly after Obama was elected in 2008.  Thousands of IRS agents were hired while our military was decimated, our border was relaxed, and those of us unfortunate enough to lose our jobs have had to rifle through our savings or take four part-time jobs in order to get by.


The time has come to tune out those chattering monkeys on the Fake News shows. How anyone can believe a word they say is simply unbelievable.  They must either be on public assistance, drugs or the snowflake baby bottle, filled with the Leftist Kool-Aid.


Donald Trump – a rich guy. Imagine that?





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