Raunchy Fox News Rejects O’Reilly

A long-held theory states that if you’re a woman and want to join Fox News at its New York headquarters, you have to have a legal degree, journalistic credentials, long legs and blonde hair. Short, average-looking, intelligent women need not apply, even if you have no desire to be an on-air personality.


After settling numerous sexual harassment lawsuits against him, Fox News has announced that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to his 8 p.m. Fox News show, The Factor. The company claimed that the accumulation of sexual harassment allegations had had its effect and that half the company’s advertisers had dropped their sponsorship of the program.


Can anyone say “Rush Limbaugh” or “Glenn Beck”?


Roger Ailes preceded his favorite male employee in being fired by the network. One glance below the screen line of the Fox News website will tell you why:  scroll down past the Latest News section and you’ll often find smuttiest, pornographic and salacious photos and stories ever to disgrace a website.


One day, not too long ago, just when I thought Fox News could sink no lower, one of the features of that below-par “entertainment” section was a naked man dressed in nothing but a pair of pink tights. The section regularly features voluptuous, scantily-clad starlets with everything above the waist hanging out, the bigger the better, apparently, and not much below the waist, either.


Clearly, O’Reilly wasn’t going to go quietly into that good night of double standards. He – and Fox News – would and did pay through the nose.  Doing so, they lost the battle.  Fox News’ girlies had no trouble with being hired for their looks.  They dangled themselves in front of the Fox cameras every night, apparently without complaint; certainly not from the advertisers.


For all that, O’Reilly was still the main attraction and the biggest draw on Fox News. Whatever he may or may not have done behind the scenes, before the camera he did his job and did it well enough to make The Factor the highest-ranked cable news show in its time slot.


Why does one get the feeling that these high-heeled harpies had more in mind than simply giving an alleged “letch” the what-for? Could it be that they are also hard-core Feminists seeking redistribution of wealth, female revenge, and social justice?


Fox News has certainly taken a hard left turn since the election last year. Many of the show’s hosts came out of the Liberal closet:  Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, and of course, Megyn Kelly.  After the election, she left Fox to bat her railroad-tie false eyelashes at another set of cameras on a true Liberal network.


Perhaps the advertisers, always a nervous lot, were scared off by the hissy-fit allegations of the discontented damsels-in-distress.


If the viewers have left – and they will – it’s because they just fired the most-popular on-air 8 p.m. host any station ever had. Seriously, who really watches the news after the 7 p.m. broadcast?  Most people are sick of the news by that point and are ready for entertainment.


But Bill O’Reilly – he was worth staying tuned to Fox News for. Fox News has taken a self-destructive wrecking ball to its best program.  And for what?  A group of underdressed, overstuffed, Amazonian Barbie dolls?  Was O’Reilly a nitwit, if the allegations are true, and he debased himself on their account?


Men will be men and Barbie dolls will be Barbie dolls and take advantage of the men, if they let them. Fox News’ website speaks volumes about this whole controversy.  A serious news organization on top and a sleaze factory below.


Indiscriminate women – or men, for that matter – deserve no sympathy for any discrimination they suffer.






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