The End of Fox News As We Knew It

Since Rupert Murdoch’s Liberal sons took over Fox News Network, its programming has leaned so far to the Left that viewers have been dropping off. The most recent ratings put the network at number 3 in its demographic.  For seventeen years, Fox was the number one news network in that demographic and number two overall among news stations.


The end began months ago. More and more, Liberal voices were taking over.  First, the network fired Glenn Beck.  They replaced it with The Five.  Greta Van Sustern left to be replaced by Tucker Carlson.  Carlson claims to be a Conservative.  But his performance in debates with Liberals and Democrats is weak and ineffective.  The Liberals basically walk all over him.


Carlson has now taken over Bill O’Reilly’s old spot. I had to check Fox News’ website to see who’s on because I stopped watching Fox News around the time of the inauguration.  I’ll watch Fox if there’s a genuine news story on, like the Manchester Massacre.  But for political balance, they’re now worse than useless.


The drop in ratings shows that many other Conservatives feel the same way. I recommend Fox Business Network.  Their anchors are surprised to find themselves in the Conservative seat and they occasionally remind the audience that their first mission is the business news.


That’s okay. Capitalism is good.  Nor do Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto or Lou Dobbs seem to mind stretching the news envelope.


Bill O’Reilly was railroaded out of Fox News on the basis of some rather spurious sexual harassment claims. The next target is Sean Hannity, who has been pursuing the alleged murder of Seth Rich, a DNC operative who leaked thousands of DNC e-mails, causing harm to the party.  Fox News is now seeking grounds to terminate Hannity’s contract as well.


For 17 years, Fox News was a reliable source for the Conservative viewpoint. We could depend upon them to tell us the other side of the story, which was nearly always the truth.  They were the counterpoint to the Mainstream Media.


Fox News executives were pilloried at industry conferences and meetings. They were treated like pariahs.  No one “networked” with the Fox News team.  That is the price we pay for telling the truth in a corrupt world.


Fox News couldn’t be destroyed from the outside. Fox constantly beat its competition.  So enemies from within gradually wrested the reins of power and corrupted the network.  Those of who were alert saw the signs of its demise early on and switched to Fox Business News.


No doubt, they’ll force Hannity out eventually. News networks are not public institutions.  The owners can hire and fire at will.  Those with enough money were able to buy their way into ownership of the network and change its Conservative course.


Let us hope and pray that another network will arise to take its place in the realm of television news (we would suggest they not go public with their stock). The stakes are too critical not to have a major Conservative news network on the air.  We cannot let the Liberals win this war.  Truth must prevail.


Fox News is dead. Best of luck to Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and the others.  We hope to see them again soon.  Long live Conservative news.



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