Heading Up the Anti-Trump Campaign

First, the Media posted a fake news story about First Lady Melania Trump “brushing away” her husband’s hand in a fit of pique. When the GIF clip finally surfaced, what the video showed was the First Lady lifting her hand to brush her hair out of her face as they descended the stairway onto the tarmac, just as Trump was reaching for her hand.

While the truth lay dormant for as long as possible, the Media had a field day.

Then there was the covfefe nonsense over which the Media and Hollywood stars are gloating, even though there’s nothing to the story at all. Trump was simply trying to type “coverage” at the end of his sentence, he made a typo and when he tried to correct it, Twitter’s correction went kerflooey and kept repeating the typo and the correction – f e f e.

Another non-story that had the Left accusing Trump of all sorts of nonsense, from suffering a stroke to speaking in tongues.

But the worst, which has been hidden behind Handgate and Covfefe Syndrome, is D-List “comedienne” Kathy Griffin posing with a grisly mock-up of the President’s head, suggesting that Trump should be beheaded for threatening to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accord and for “discriminating” against women.

Why Griffin wasn’t immediately arrested by the Secret Service is a mystery. There is word on Breitbart.com that the Secret Service has opened an investigation into the incident. She hasn’t been arrested (yet) but CNN fired her for the horrific posting. Such a backlash arose even from the Left over her criminally tactless photo that she was forced to issue a cringing apology. She is a pariah even in the over-the-top, under-the-radar, pushing-every-button Celebrity universe.

Barron Trump, President Donald Trump’s 11-year-old son, reportedly “panicked” and became distressed after seeing Kathy Griffin’s now-infamous “beheading” photograph because he didn’t know who Griffin was or understand the context of the photo.

According to Breitbart.com, TMZ reported that Trump’s youngest son was watching television Tuesday when he saw the image of Griffin holding a fake, bloody decapitated head meant to resemble the president’s head.

Sources told the gossip outlet that Barron “panicked” and began calling for his mother, First Lady Melania Trump.

“He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad,” the source told TMZ.

The photo of Griffin holding up Trump’s severed head, taken during a photo shoot with L.A.-based artist Tyler Shields, was first published Tuesday morning by TMZ and sparked a firestorm online, with backlash coming from both sides of the political aisle and thousands of people calling for a boycott of Griffin’s national comedy tour.

While the Left can’t very well support Griffin’s reprehensible photography, they are attacking the President’s 11 year-old son for having a panic attack over the bloody picture of his father’s head. They can’t imagine why he’s so upset. Can’t he tell the difference between reality and “fantasy”?

Is this an admission on the part of Leftist Hollywood that they’ve so desensitized children to violence that no child should be horrified at seeing a representation of their father being beheaded? Kids see that stuff all the time, don’t they? In the new Netflix series, “The Last Kingdom” about the life of Alfred the Great, a Viking shows up on the castle doorstep holding the head of young Alfred’s brother. By the way, it’s a great series, although probably not for children.

The Left would argue that children in 862 A.D. England saw such things all the time and modern children see it in the movies and on television, so that must make poor Barron Trump a wimp. Maybe they’re just preparing us for the real thing when we finally discover that there’s no such thing as the War on Terror; terror being just a method, it’s the goal of the particular terrorists that poses the problem to Western civilization – a worldwide caliphate.

Maybe Barron’s “mommy” doesn’t want to let sonny watch violent movies. That’s what the Left would say, and they ought to know because they’re the ones producing this garbage. As far as they’re concerned, at age 11 he should be embracing the horror movie cult, not cringing in fear at it. That’s their target audience.   In a subversive counter-culture, desensitizing the young to sex, drugs, rock n’roll, and horror movies is the ultimate goal. The younger the better. Eleven is the new thirteen. Why do you think school districts have moved 5th graders into the middle schools?

In short, the Left wants to make Barron out to be a sissy.

Nothing personal, there, Barron, the Left seems to be saying. All in good fun (and bad taste), don’t you know? Still, CNN did fire the debauched Griffin and it was high time. Her trademark is the lowest form of humor – profanity, insults, “dishing the dirt” on other celebrities. I watched her – once.

The good news is that the Left has finally been caught in its own petard. Breaching the wall of decency, they went just too far this time. No apology can atone for it, no excuses can be made for it, and no contrition should be accepted. We should push back on this all the way to condemning partisan violence, raising our cultural standards again, and returning to more civilized discourse that recognizes both sides of any issue.

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