Ramadan Bombathon – Day 8: London Bridge

According to TheReligionofPeace.com website, 451 innocent people have been killed in 41 attacks in the name of Islam. Last night’s attack on the world-famous London Bridge (the one in London, not Arizona), a simple, flat span, seven people were killed and over 45 were in injured when a white van sped across London Bridge and onto the sidewalk, mowing down pedestrians.


The van came to a crashing stop in front of a church. Between three and five terrorists emerged from the vehicle and ran into nearby Borough Market, an area filled with pubs and restaurants.  Once there, they began stabbing people.  Local bars shut their doors in an effort to keep the terrorists out.


Metropolitan police evacuated hotels and residential apartments in the area, shouting at people to keep down until they could determine whether any terrorists were in the midst. Later news video showed frightened tourists and residents hurrying down the sidewalks, their hands on their hands so the police wouldn’t shoot them.


Mark Rowley, head of counter-terrorism police, said eight officers had fired about 50 bullets to stop the attackers, who appeared to be suicide bombers because they were wearing what turned out to be fake suicide vests.


London’s Metropolitan Police arrested 12 people in the Barking district of east London in connection with the attack and raids were continuing there, the force said. A Reuters photographer saw another raid take place in nearby East Ham.


A third incident – another stabbing – was said to have occurred in Vauxhall. But police said the incident was not related to the London Bridge/Borough Market attack.  They claimed it was a false alarm reported in good faith.  However, the Metro Police issued this tweet at 7:51 p.m. EDT confirming that there had been a stabbing:


Metropolitan Police

✔ @metpoliceuk

The incident at #Vauxhall is a stabbing and is not connect to the incidents at #LondonBridge & #BoroughMarket

7:51 PM – 3 Jun 2017


There is a bridge over the Thames at Vauxhall, London, and on the south side of the river, the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, a park that once served as an entertainment venue two or three centuries ago.


Once again, the authorities are wringing their hands over this vicious attack. According to the Muslim Mayor of London,  Sadiq Khan, there’s “nothing to be alarmed about” and that ‘if President Trump doesn’t allow Muslims to migrate into America, there will be more attacks.’


British Prime Minister Theresa May admits that security must do more to make London and Great Britain safer from terrorist attacks. Numerous experts on Islamic terrorism say, however, that there are 23,000 known terrorists in England.  In order to monitor them, the United Kingdom would need to deploy over 1 million security experts – about 60 for every terrorist.


The Media, of both varieties, proudly point to our secular, multicultural society that cherishes its freedom. Do we cherish freedom?  Or are we attracted to license, to do anything and everything that comes to our addled brains without considering the consequences?


We love our freedom so much that, while we castigate Kathy Giffin for posting a picture of herself holding a modeled head of Donald Trump, while we deplore what she did, and while we express our disgust, we don’t go so far as to actually outlaw her freedom of speech – although the Secret Service certainly should investigate because she certainly crossed the red line in issuing a threatening photo of our President.


Last night, I was assigned to photograph a local carnival. A carnival being what it is, filled with high-flying amusement rides, since I can’t afford a photo-drone, I was forced to take the pictures from the ground up.  I had to take the pictures very carefully because the children, particularly the girls, were glad in extremely short shorts.  When short-shorts were first introduced, worn by adult women, the more decent elements of society were outraged.  Guys liked them fine.


The argument is that parents should be able to dress their children anyway they please and photographers trying to capture a family event, at a church carnival, no less, be damned. ‘Why are you looking at my kid, anyway!?’  No one wants to look at your damned kid, especially so scantily clad.


Needless to say, I avoided the unseemly shots and got respectable pictures of kids on the ferris wheel. I’m convinced that modern parents have very little common sense, especially parents who take their kid to an Ariana Grande concert, or worse, to hear Katy Perry sing.  No one’s saying you have to dress your kids in shrouds, but for crying out loud, can’t you cover them a little better than that?


However, our culture stands behind its right to bare it all, let it all hang out, as they used to say in the Sixties and Seventies. It’s all hanging out and enraged religious fanatics are cutting it off.


What we have here is not a War on Terror or Terrorism – what a ridiculous phrase. This is a war on our culture and our way of life.  The fact that we point to our status as a “secular” culture or society says a lot about why we aren’t winning “The War on Terror.”


We demand secular solutions – more cops, more concrete barriers, more security, more surveillance, more and better immigration rules (that’s about the only solution that’s correct). Apparently, the one thing our secular society hasn’t tried in this religious war – that’s what it is, folks, plain and simple – is prayer.


Oh, we send our sympathetic prayers to victims’ families and survivors. But no clergy, to note, has prayed to God – Jehovah God (he has a name which the clergy used to use; just watch the movie “Drums Along the Mohawk” with Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert – the preacher not only says it, he shouts it) to deliver us from our enemies.  As a matter of fact, the minor prophets of the Bible wrote that God would send the Chaldeans after the unfaithful (technically, the Syrians) in the end of days.


The Muslims shouldn’t feel too smug about that, even though they believe they’re the messengers of Allah. According to the Bible, while He’s angry with those who have turned from His way and finds the Chaldeans useful, He’s going to fix them too for worshipping another god.


Our security is only human and we’re quickly being outnumbered. Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to anyone to ask God for His help.  Really, God is so angry with us that we’d be better of praying to His Son, Jesus.


Prayer is problematic for the secular, for they would have to search their souls for the answer and they would find that they have a good deal to atone for. We don’t believe in blaming the victim, nor does the New Testament sanction eye-for-an-eye justice or the slaughter of innocent children (their parents are another matter altogether).  We are not innocent in God’s eyes, though, and He’s not going to help a people who don’t generally go to church and, in fact, disdain the practice as a waste of valuable time.


Since the 1960s we’ve done everything possible to offend him. The Bible says that women shouldn’t wear men’s clothes (guilty as charged).  Women’s clothing has gotten skimpier and skimpier, while men are sporting pocketbooks and man-buns.  God is so opposed to homosexuality that He sent an asteroid crashing down to Earth to rain fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah.


What is our answer to God’s view of homosexuality (and adultery, pornography, prostitution, and idol worship – otherwise known as multicultural diversity)? He’s so “insensitive.”  Those who’ve read the Bible are horrified by God’s violence.  Doesn’t bother Him in the least.  He’s God and who do we think we are criticizing Him.  He created us, not the other way around.


The emptier our churches become, the emptier our lives become. Not that our society would notice.  We have 24/7 cable, I-phones, computers, SUVs, vacation homes, landscapers and nannies to finish our every chore.  Our jobs generally don’t require much, if any, physical labor and when we get home, we can just plop on our couches and vegetate.


We’re also amazingly connected to one another. People are so attached to their I-phones that in the future, humans will probably have some sort of USB hub surgically implanted so that they can literally use their I-phones hands-free.  Just say the word, and a Google screen will appear before our eyes.  Say the search word and you’re done; start reading.


The Bible says that God stopped talking to Man eons ago – or was it that we stopped hearing him because the fat around our brains had grown so dense that we could no longer hear Him; just our own voices.


“Go home and rethink your life,” Obi-Wan Kenobi told a bar patron in “The Attack of the Clones.” Good idea.  Nobody’s condoning Muslim violence or insurrection.  While I’m a teetotaler myself, everyone else need not give up alcohol altogether (except adults when they drive and minors no matter where they are).  No one should have to fear being slaughtered like a sheep just because they want to have a glass of wine or beer.


Nor should women have to wear shrouds. But it would be nice if they did a better job of covering up their lady parts.  Nothing in Heaven or Earth or Undersea will ever persuade some young women not to wear mini-skirts that reveal everything “down to Florida,” as Carrie Fisher described the metal bikini she had to wear in Return of the Jedi.  But even just a smidgeon of modesty would go a long way in ameliorating God.


Please God. Not the Muslims.  They don’t deserve any special deference for murderous piety.  The only reason their women wear the hijab is because their menfolk would beat them to death.  Girls are frequently mutilated in the Middle East and are not allowed to get a proper education.


Think this is only about a relatively small number of fanatics? Think again.  Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of all this jihadism, is a strictly conservative Muslim country.  When our military was still based there, the female soldiers would go to parties in the cities when they were off-duty, scantily clad and flirting with the wealthy, male party-goers.


The local religious police were so upset that they complained to the Army post and the women had to be confined to base unless they could promise that they would abide by the local dress code. They weren’t even allowed to drive in-country.  Women aren’t allowed to drive, divorce or be seen with any man not related to them.  They’re really not supposed to go outdoors at all, but in this matter, the Kingdom has become somewhat more liberalized.


Nearly every Muslim country that had a secularized, Westernized culture has been destroyed by the religious fanatics. We’re talking about Muslim countries.  Beirut was considered the Paris of the Mediterranean.  By the end of the Seventies, the city was in shambles.  Since those days, it has been rebuilt.  But it features very few, if any, resort hotels for Westerners.


Saudi Arabia’s monarchy welcomes Westerners. In particular, it welcomes their business.   Saudi Arabia is rather harder on terrorists than other Islamic nations.  Jordan, too, is still a Westernized, secular nation, with an English-speaking, English and American-educated monarch.  King Abdullah is said to welcome the fight against radical Jihadism.


The Diversity Doctrine simply isn’t going to work with the Islamists. They want war.  They live for war.  They hate us.  They hate our culture.  They hate (with a passion) our bikini-clad, hip-hugging, short-short-sporting females.  They hate Judaism (for rejecting God) and Christianity (for letting Jesus down).  They believe the only way to ensure compliance is through fear and – yes – terror.  They’re willing to terrorize even their own people.


Are all the Muslims terror-minded? Or terrified.  Probably the latter.  The peaceful hope to persuade us to “cross the bridge” and convert before it’s too late for us.  Given last night’s attack, it’s not hard to imagine in the future, given a Muslim majority in London – they have a Muslim mayor right now – that London’s famous pubs and taverns will be shut down; for “security purposes,” of course.  London’s East End will go dark.  England’s “culture” will vanish and along with it, tourism.  The monarchy will be abolished and Christians will be executed for resisting Islam.  Those who refuse to submit (that’s the definition of Islam) will either pay the jizya, the Muslim tax, or be jailed.  Or beheaded.


Converts will be expect to use the right hand to eat, touch and present gifts. As in much of Asia and the Middle East, the left is generally regarded as unclean, as it is used for unclean activities (i.e., going to the bathroom.)

Middle Easterners often greet each other with a number of ritual phrases and fixed responses. Ancient custom governs these interactions. To Western eyes, profuse greetings, inquiries about health and well-being often take up inordinate amounts of time but it is important in establishing friendly relations. Remember, however, it is insulting to ask about a Muslim’s wife or another female family member.

Eye contact during discussions–often long and direct–is important. Staring is not necessarily rude (except gazing at women).

Be aware of appearing to be in a hurry when you are among Arabs. For example, during a business appointment or social visit with an Arab, do not look at your watch or otherwise act as if you have little time to talk. Arabs can be very offended by this. Time is much less rigidly scheduled in Arab countries than in western countries.

Pointing your finger or a pen at anyone while speaking, or beckon anyone with your finger. It is considered a threat, and only animals are treated in this manner. Harrison Ford, take note.

Take care when sitting. Avoid stretching legs in front of or sitting up higher than others, sitting with the left hand behind the back, or positioning oneself so the shadows fall upon half of one’s body.

Avoid putting feet on tables or furniture. Show respect. Refrain from leaning against walls, slouching in chairs, and keeping hands in pockets. Keep from pointing with the feet. Do not show the soles of the feet, as they are the lowest and dirtiest part of the body.

Muslims worldwide in secular countries have shown a strong disinclination to assimilate. They are never going to accept our secular culture.  Ever.  There is never going to be a moment of unity.  The peaceful Muslims know they cannot assimilate, no matter how eager they might be to extend a friendly (male) hand.  The Islamists are like the Brown Shirts in 1930s Germany – they’ll kill anyone they regard as apostate.

What peaceful Muslims there are might have more respect for us if we at least followed our own religion(s) – Judaism and Christianity. We used to be a Christian nation and radical Muslims like Sayyid Qutb still hated us.  We’re too moderate, too liberal for their tastes.  Even back during World Wars I and II, they despised us.


The truth is, if you read the Old Testament, God hates us. Jesus loves us.  God, not so much.  That is, He hates apostates as much as the Muslims do.  The world “loathe” is used innumerable times in the Old Testament and He used a dirty word that meant “dung” in Hebrew to describe the idolaters, homosexuals, adulterers (and that means everyone who does it without benefit of marriage) and other Jews who failed in their faith.

Then along came Jesus, who intervened between an angry God and the people with whom He was furious. That angry God had – and still has – no problem with wiping out the unfaithful.  Revelations is filled with the warnings of what is to come.  Nor will Jesus be the meek, mild savior of old.  Revelations tells us he’ll have a new name and he’ll be just as angry and vengeful as His father.  Can you blame him?  Did he die on the cross only for us to let Him down?

There is always hope for the repentant. Only our society isn’t very humble.  We’re being led by a satanic-like “entertainment” industry that teaches us to mock and reject God.  America expelled God from school in 1962.  Nativity scenes and Christmas concerts have been banned.  Easter Sunday features a pagan custom in which children run one another down to grab the Easter Eggs out of the hands of toddlers.

If we won’t pray to God, then there’s only one other answer to our dilemma, one we don’t especially care for as a “free” nation.

Suppose you have a hornet’s nest near your children’s swing-set or sandbox. What do you do?  Do you remove it (legally, that is!!!)?  Or do you say, “Well, not all the hornets are violent.  Some of them are just worker-hornets (like worker-bees, only they have bigger stingers); they’re not looking to harm anyone.  They just one to live in peace and be left alone to gather whatever it is they gather.

“Let’s just look out for the ‘dangerous’ hornets, the ones that pose a danger to our kids. They’re really only a small percentage of the nest.  If we can catch them, the rest of the nest can live in peace.  Our children will learn to live in harmony with the hornets.  The idea of burning the nest (the most effective means of destroying a hornets’ nest) is so violent and cruel.  The hornets have just as much right to be here as we do.”

And so the multicultural diversity argument drones on.


Do you just wait to pick out the “dangerous” hornets? Or do you remove the entire nest (with the clear understanding that the disturbed hornets will rally and attack you, which is why people generally burn the nests once out of harm’s way)?


First, our society, our culture needs to “get right with God” again, as the saying goes. Our God, Jehovah, not Allah.  We need to clean up our act, reject the Kathy Gibbins of the world, the Katy Perrys, the Whoopi Goldbergs.  We need rework our wardrobes.  A little more modesty and a little less flesh would go a long way in gaining God’s good-will.  And a stronger mouthwash, to cleanse our tongues of our addiction to profanity might be nice.


A little more fear of God might make the terrorists a good deal less fearsome. Christianity is the best answer to Islamic radicalism.  If our own consciences are clean, then we owe them nothing.  Not that we owe them anything.  But we will not prevail.  We are as weak and degenerate as they claim.  That shouldn’t give them the right to murder us, although they believe it does.


However, if we go on blindly as we are, wearing rose-colored glasses about our licentious, libertine society, we’ll fare no better than Adam and Eve. The Islamic terrorists will come with their slaughtering knives and destroy us to the last man, woman and child.


And God will just shrug.

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