Senate to Comey: May We Ask You Some Leading Questions?

Sounding more like a disgruntled employee whose boss had fired him than a highly-placed official testifying for the public good, James Comey admitted in yesterday’s Senate hearings that he’d leaked a memo through a friend to the New York Times because he was “afraid” Pres. Trump may not have recorded their private conversation behind closed doors regarding the investigation into fired NSA head James Flynn.


Comey admitted Trump never asked him to stop the Flynn investigation.


Comey admitted there was no evidence of collusion with Russia.


And in response, Comey gave them some leading responses: ‘I started taking notes during our meetings because “I was concerned” he “might lie” about what we discussed.”


Comey also called the president a “liar” for claiming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was in a shambles under Comey’s leadership, even though he dropped the ball on every accusation against Hillary Clinton, including her Uranium deal and the leaked e-mails which revealed nefarious dealings in the Clinton Foundation.


The Democrats persistently believe that someone cost Hillary the 2016 election. Aside from Hillary herself, the prime suspect is none other than James Comey himself.


On his radio program yesterday, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that:


The Russians tried to hack the RNC and DNC networks. They were unable to hack the RNC but were able to penetrate the DNC.


DNC turned to CrowdStrike a domestic computer forensic service. CrowdStrike’s founder is an anti-Putin Ukrainian.  He’s anti-Putin.  The founder despises Putin.  The DNC accepted what CrowdStrike said.  Then Comey reported to the Democrats in his own voice what they wanted to hear.


“Mr. Comey, you never had access to the DNC server’s investigators?”


Comey called them a high-class operation even though CrowdStrike was caught lying about a Russian hack. It all turned out to be a lie.  There was no Russian hacking.  There’s no evidence for any underlying “crimes.”


The basis is a fake Russian “dossier.” He said he believed that the “dossier” was created by the Russian using MI6.  The Washington Post ran a story that the dubious Russian document led Dems to launch an investigation.  They reported that this dossier was unreliable, possibly a fake.   Comey said he didn’t want to “hamper” the investigation.


“My gut feeling was that I was alone.”


Comey admitted he was insulted that “Trump chose to defame me and the FBI by saying that the FBI was in disarray and poorly organized.”


The FBI director, Rush noted, is not an independent agent; he reports to the president.


Yet, Comey declared, “He had no business forcing me to be alone with him in a room.”


Former FBI executives and agents whom Limbaugh say they are not at all on the same page with Comey. Many are disturbed at how Comey has politicized this issue.  Serious legal minds cannot believe that “it” happened – exonerating Hillary.  That’s never, ever done.


He admitted he let Loretta Lynch shape the language in the Hillary Clinton investigation and that Lynch pressured him and that he orchestrated a memo leak. Comey only started writing memos after he met Trump.  He thought Trump was “mean” and that he was “uncomfortable with him.”


Comey then asked a friend at Columbia University to “share” his memos, which ended up an s news stories. He admitted to leaking documents that were his.  He admitted leaking them because he wanted a special prosecutor, a special investigator appointed.  He also admitted that there hadn’t been a criminal investigation of Trump previously, but there is now.


He wanted a special prosecutor because he claims Trump said, “I hope you can let this Flynn thing go…because Flynn is a good guy”


Why didn’t he report it? “I guess I just wasn’t courageous enough.”


Jim Shudo said on the Anderson Cooper program on CNN, “You know, Anderson, this Russian dossier, I’m told there might be something to it and that Comey would answer questions abou tit.”


But it was fully discredited and manufactured like a novel. Total fiction. reported:


) Trump was not under investigation by the FBI

When questioned by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Comey answered that President Donald Trump was not under investigation by the FBI. It was also revealed that congressional leaders had previously been briefed on this fact.

This morning Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joined Breitbart News Daily and predicted this fact. Fitton called allegations against Trump “gossip” and “a nothing burger.”

2) James Comey leaked documents to the media

Comey admitted to orchestrating leaks from the investigation to the media using a network of friends. Reponse was swift on social media:

3) The obstruction of justice case against Trump just went up in smoke

Senator James Risch (R-ID) questioned Comey early in the hearing about the possibility of obstruction of justice regarding the investigation of General Michael Flynn. Risch repeatedly questioned Comey about the exact wording used by President Trump to him in private, which Comey recorded in his much-discussed memo.

The exchange leaves  Democrat’s hopes of impeachment for obstruction of justice considerably dimmed:

Comey: I mean, it’s the President of the United States with me alone, saying, “I hope this.” I took it as this is what he wants me to do. I didn’t obey that, but that’s the way I took it.

Risch: You may have taken it as a direction, but that’s not what he said.

Comey: Correct.

Risch: He said, “I hope.”

Comey: Those are exact words, correct.

Risch: You don’t know of anyone that’s been charged for hoping something?

Comey: I don’t, as I sit here.

Risch: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

4) Comey says the New York Times published fake news

James Comey had a few things to say about the reporting of the New York Times which reported on collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Senator Risch questioned Comey about the Times, asking “So the American people can understand this, that report by the New York Times was not true, is that a fair statement

5) Loretta Lynch meddled in the Clinton investigation

Comey discussed the involvement of President Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, in the investigation of Hillary Clinton. He stated that Lynch made an odd request for how the FBI investigation should be described.

“At one point the attorney general had directed me not to call it investigation, but instead to call it a matter, which concerned and confused me,” Comey said.

Comey added that Lynch’s infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton during the campaign was the reason he decided to make a statement when the decision was made not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

“In an ultimately conclusive way, that was the thing that capped it for me, that I had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation, which meant both the FBI and the Justice Department,” Comey said.

6) James Comey sounds like every disgruntled former employee ever

Comey had quite a bit to say about his firing, which leaves him looking like a disgruntled former employee.

Comey accused President Trump and his administration of lying about him, and “defaming him and more importantly the FBI.”

Comey also explained that his discomfort with the President and the belief that Trump would lie about him led to the creation of his memo on the meeting.

“I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting, so I thought it really important to document,” Comey said. “I knew there might come a day when I might need a record of what happened not only to defend myself but to protect the FBI.”

Comey did not comment on how his leaking of the memo through his personal network helped the FBI.

Breitbart News will continue to pursue the many stories emerging from Comey’s testimony. Read through our livewire of the testimony for interesting commentary on the Comey hearing as it occurred.

Does Comey’s memo represent circumstantial evidence? Trump said he hoped there was a recording of what had been said. The memo is still only Comey’s word against the president’s. There were no witnesses and Comey’s own written memo could hardly constitute solid evidence. Comey’s object, and that of the Democrat inquisitors, seemed to be defamation rather than an inquiry for truth.

Meanwhile, Trump’s twitter machine remained silent. His response to Comey’s testimony came through his capable attorney, who denied all of Comey’s charges.

There is no evidence that Trump committed any crimes. He was perfectly within his rights as President to fire his FBI director without cause. Expressing an opinion about the state and moral of the FBI is not a crime, either. Comey may have felt insulted, but that’s just too bad. There’s plenty of evidence in that regard that Comey is guilty as charged and that Trump used sound judgment in firing him. He should have fired him on Inauguration Day as a matter of course.

Comey refused to answer any questions that might have shown Trump in a favorable light. Time and again, he responded that he could not answer this or that question in an open forum; he would only answer in a closed-door, private session. Why?

Criticizing the FBI is hardly an impeachable offense. In fact, there is no evidence that Trump has done anything that meets the Constitutional grounds for impeachment. The Democrats seemed to be backing away from the Russian collusion charges, no doubt because the allegations sound absurd to a public that is well aware of the Democrats’ Marxist tendencies.

They have not proven motive in that case. Why would Vladimir Putin, a former head of the KGB and a staunch Communist who wants to see the return of the Soviet Union, want to rig the American elections in favor of a patriotic, Capitalist businessman? In fact, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, the Russians successfully hacked the DNC, but not the RNC.

If the Democrats have a problem with being hacked, perhaps they should investigate their own internal security. Hillary herself had an unsecured personal computer which she used for government business as Secretary of State. She made a deal with Rosatom for 20 percent of the United States’ uranium.

The Democrats and their Media, along with their Liberal Conservative Congressional cohorts have been shaking the trees for a year now with unsubstantiated rumors that somehow Trump and his cohorts were making deals with the Russians. The narrative has been out there long enough to give them the semblance of credibility without the proof. What did Goebbels say? Tell the public a lie long enough and they’ll believe it?

Congress and the Washington bureaucracy on both sides of the aisle are shaking in fear that Trump will make good on his promise to clean the swamp. They would lose their jobs. Trump’s tweeting is putting the Media in danger of losing their jobs. Why bother holding White House Press Conferences when Trump can use Twitter to speak for himself?

Trump’s tweets make Republicans extremely nervous. He’s undermining their alliance with their Democrat counterparts. Desperately, they’re trying to smear him and vilify his messages. He criticized, via Twitter, the Muslim mayor of London, Sidiq Khan, who’s had ties in the past with defending suspected Muslim terrorists.

He removed the United States from the Paris Climate Accords, vowing to negotiate a better deal that doesn’t involve the redistribution of American wealth, while other nations pay nothing. He’s fighting with the U.S. District courts to reapply his travel ban, especially in the wake of the London bombings. Trump was right here in New York City when 9/11 happened.

Republican donors and lobbyists are not happy. They see millions and maybe billions of dollars in deals going down the swamp drain if Trump is successful. Trump may represent us, the American people, but Congress represents the guys with the wallets.

By the way, this “witch hunt” is also a message to us, the American people. Congress, the activist courts, the lobbyists, and the Republican Party want us to get the message: make no mistake – they are in charge and we’re just sheeple pipsqueaks who should remember we each only represent one vote.

Trump is the only guy who’s represented us since Ronald Reagan. The Deep State is determined to destroy him at all costs. Even Conservative pundits like Stuart Varney cry, “Don’t tweet!!” The President didn’t tweet yesterday; he allowed his lawyers to speak for him, out of an abundance of caution, not guilt. That’s the way the MSM will portray it.

“He wasn’t under investigation,” Comey intoned, “but he is now.”

Says who? Why shouldn’t President Trump tweet? Varney accused him of not being funny. No rules exist on the content of Tweets, other than against profanity, libel and so forth. His messages are serious. His speeches have been tremendous. Have you noticed? The Media certainly has given him no credit for his excellent Paris Climate Accord speech.

We should contact our Senators – if they’re approachable; they’re not here in New Jersey – and let them know that we’ve had enough of this ridiculous witch hunt trial. Those of us in the business of blogging should slam this investigation for all it’s worth.   The Democrats are unwittingly at their worst and their obsequious, partisan performance should prove useful fodder in the 2018 Congressional elections.


















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