Dems Play Hardball in Anti-Trump Campaign

If you had a dog as vicious as the Democrat Party, its propagandist Mainstream Media Machine, and its Campus Cohorts, you’d have had it euthanized. In just the last two weeks or so, Trump has been beheaded by D-class comedian Kathy Griffin, stabbed in absentia in Central Park’s Shakespeare-in-the-Park summer production of Julius Caesar, and denounced in a dead assassin wannabe’s final Facebook Post:  “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.,” James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Ill., wrote in a March 22 post.


But because we’re Conservatives, we don’t resort to violent tactics or rhetoric. We believe in the First Amendment.  If the Democrats want to hang by their own petard (politically-speaking), so be it.  If they think they stand any chance of winning in 2018 after this week, they’ve been smoking too much of their legal marijuana.


Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter who had previously been arrested for assault (the charges were later dropped), decided to take it to the next level: unable, apparently, to penetrate the President’s Secret Service ring, he targeted the Republicans at a practice for the annual Republican-Democrat baseball game in Alexandria, Va.


Was he just a lone gunman, a nut who went off the reservation? Was he just a lunatic who was hearing voices?  Voices, such as the following?


Not quite a month ago, Democratic National Party Chairman and former Labor Secretary under Obama Tom Perez called President Trump “the most dangerous president in U.S. history” and declared that he “has to go.”


New York City Mayor DeBlasio, not to be outdone, histrionically cried, “Children will die (!)” under Trump’s budget.

According to an article in the U.K. Independent, “Women and children will die after the Trump administration instituted a new “global gag rule” that blocks aid groups from providing information about abortions if they receive US funding, it has been claimed.

“The restriction now applies to groups receiving US funds to fight HIV/Aids or even malaria and covers nearly $9 billion (£7 billion) in aid, rather than the $600m (£465 million) restricted by the original Mexico City Policy.

“The Mexico City rules, brought in by President Ronald Reagan, force NGOs to agree to ‘neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations’ if they want to apply for federal funds.

“Suzanne Ehlers, president of the PAI reproductive health NGO, said the move would ‘cause unspeakable damage to integrated care efforts across all health sectors.’ She added: ‘It will cost many around the world their lives, especially women.’”

Hodgkinson had been in the Alexandria, Va., vicinity for some time, so it’s doubtful that he saw the Shakespeare in the Park production, where an actor who looks like Trump is murdered on a nightly basis. Alec Baldwin was there, though, to support the troupe’s assassination of someone they consider a modern-day Caesar.  Who do they think they’re kidding?


Remember, they believe that people who voted for Trump have never read or seen Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. If they had, they would  have said that Barack Obama fit the character much better than Trump or any other United States president, except perhaps Franklin D. Roosevelt (“Grace [FDR’s secretary], I want to dictate a bill!”).


Surely, Hodgkinson had seen Kathy Griffins’ gruesome Trump beheading video.


Six days ago, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she was “worried about Trump’s fitness for office” and that she thought he needs more sleep. So said the Wax Lady of Capitol Hill.

In April, a Democrat from Arizona claims he “wanted to punch” a female Republican Senator who sponsored a bill to give more school choice to families in the state.

Jesus Rubalcava, a Democratic Representative, said on social media that he wanted to commit violence against Republican Sen. Debbie Lesko because she celebrated and was “prancing around” after her school choice bill got passed, the Arizona Central reported.

The main victim of Hogdkinson’s anti-Republican attack was the third-ranking Republican in the House, Steve Scalise. The Media did its usual job of underreporting Scalise’s injuries; initially it was reported that he was struck in the hip.  However, it seems the bullet penetrated some vital organs and the Congressman is far from being out of danger.  He could still – God forbid – die.


Law enforcement, on the first reports of the attack, refused to identify the attacker (who was already dead) or give any definitive motive for the shooting. This despite the fact that a witness reported that the shooter asked whether Republicans or Democrats were on the field.  When he was told they were Republicans, the shooter opened fire.


On being asked by the New Orleans Times-Picayune to assign Barack Obama a letter grade for his first 100 days as President, Scalise awarded him an L (for “Liberal”).


Let us ask a question Liberal Hollywood is always fond of asking: “Where does all this hatred come from?”


Are they born with it? Or are they taught to hate so violently and with such vitriol?  Rarely, if ever, do we hear reports of Conservatives shooting, or attempting to shoot, Democrats.  Despite this obvious misconception, the Liberals are desperate to totally remove guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.


It’s Hollywood that produces the violent movies and music. The shootings overwhelmingly happen in urban, gun-free, Democrat strongholds by criminals who use illegally-obtained weapons that obviously aren’t registered.  The greatest number of deaths by legally-owned firearms are suicides.


Pelosi piously prayed with other Democrats and Republicans on the House floor in the wake of the shootings for all the victims. Sen. Paul Ryan declared that it was time for all members of Congress to unite in non-partisan unity and to put an end to the divisiveness dividing the country.

Surely, they cry, we can live with our differences, they pander, without resorting to violence? Really?  Has the Shakespeare-in-the-Park shut down its production of Julius Caesar and taken up, say, As You Like It (the original climate change/LBQRSTUVWXYZ play) instead?


Nervous ninnies are pleading with Trump not to tweet anymore, that he’s sounding more like Candidate Trump instead of President Trump. They’re calling on whoever has “influence” with The Donald to advise him not to tweet.  Why?  Because (I believe) he called Obamacare “Mean.”


Do the Ninnies understand nothing? “Mean” is the favorite word of the Lefty Liberal Propaganda Korps.  If I were his adviser, I would have told Mr. Trump long before he even took office to fire FBI Director James Comey immediately, on Day One; that Comey is trouble and that the longer Trump kept this snake at his side, the more likely it would be that this Obama serpent would bite him.


Personally, I would never advise the President not to Tweet. He wouldn’t take such advice, even if offered by the “wisest” person in his Cabinet or his Press Office.  Those are career people looking to a future when some Moderate Republican or Liberal Democrat is in office and they have to “explain” themselves.


The word “Mean” has five syllabic categories:








Undoubtedly, the Lefties, in their Marxist fervor, define “Mean” as “Selfish”.


But here are the others.


Contemptible – paltry, poor, contemptible, puerile, sorry, meager, shabby, miserable, wretched, vile, scurvy, beggarly, worthless, cheap, trashy.


Stingy – parsimonious, stingy, miserly, shabby, close, sparing, grudging, illiberal, ungenerous, churlish, sordid, mercenary, venal, covetous, avaricious, greedy, grasping, extortionate, rapacious.


Shabby – beggarly, pitiful, petty, shabby.


Ignoble – common, mean, low, base, vile, sorry scrubby, beggarly, vulgar, low-minded, snobbish, parvenu, low-bred, menial, servile (you’d have to ask Roget, in a séance or something, how you could be snobbish and beggarly at the same time).


Selfish – illiberal, mean, ungenerous, narrow-minded, mercenary, venal, covetous.


That’s what the Left thinks of Trump when it says he’s “mean.”


Fortunately for us, the Thesaurus is a reference book of both opposites and similarities. If one were Trump’s Twitter advisor, one would advise him to look towards the categories of Economy versus Prodigality.


Economy – economical, frugal, careful, thrifty, chary, spare


as opposed to


Prodigality – profuse, lavish, wasteful, thriftless, improvident, extravagant, lavish, dissipated.


The President of the United States is charged with leading the American economy, although Congress controls the actual purse-strings. Democrat and Republican Deep Staters are horrified at the thought that Trump might actually succeed in bringing the country under-budget.  His budget-cutting will cost thousands of bureaucratic, government jobs.  They’ll do anything, including drawing up Articles of Impeachment to stop him in his progress.


Some say the Democrats are looking to a second Trump term to prevent him from winning by smearing him mercilessly. Ronald Reagan was smeared just as relentlessly but still won.  They know that every win for Trump is a loss for the Obama legacy.  By ginning up conspiracy theories about some collusion with Russia against Trump before the Republican Convention had taken place, they hoped to hamstring Trump into keeping Comey on.


Fire Comey, and they could bring charges of Obstruction of Justice against Trump. Now he has fired Comey and the Democrats feel justified in bringing impeachment charges against him, even though there is no evidence that Trump was ever involved in any collusion with Russia or had anything to do with influencing the election (other than to be the better candidate).


Meanwhile, the Establishment Republicans, who could shut down this whole convoluted business in a heart-beat, sit there twiddling their thumbs instead and talk about “unifying” Congress, even though that was never the mandate of the election. The violence of the shooting, unmistakably instigated by Democrat palaver, vitriol, and propaganda, ought to have shown the Republicans that some divides simply cannot and should not be bridged.


You reap what you sow. The Democrats have consistently, since the Sixties, have sown violence, discord, and strife.  They will not get away with casting their harvest upon the Republicans, particularly not the peace-loving suburban and rural Conservatives.


If I were Trump’s communications adviser, what would I advise him to tweet?


“Habeas corpus.”









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