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Mayors and public officials from around Northern New Jersey attended a public hearing on court-mandated affordable housing obligations in Paramus on Thursday evening. They had gathered to register their complaints about the burdensome regulations that could lead to the destruction of their suburban communities.


Republican N.J. Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, of River Vale in Bergen County, led the meeting along with other state officials. Representatives of the Cherry Hill-based Fair Share Housing Center, the group that created the obligations and led in the original Mount Laurel housing lawsuit, were not present at the meeting.


According to the Bergen Record, Upper Saddle River Mayor Joanne Minichetti stated that the analysis (by Fair Share Housing) leading to the obligations were “stupid” and “ridiculous.”


“It is long past time for the Legislature to act, and block, Fair Share Housing from their objective of destroying our suburban communities,” Minichetti said. Upper Saddle River has an 827-unit obligation.  The obligations are structured so that the emphasis is on market-rate units with a minimum of Affordable Housing units.  With each development, a community’s general population increases and with it the exponential obligation for even more affordable housing.


“We really need action. Nobody has done what they need to,” she added.


“Many [mayors] represent towns still struggling to fulfill their obligations,” the Bergen Record reported. “Others spoke for municipalities locked in judicial review of their housing plans due to a 2015 State Supreme Court ruling that put judges in charge of providing guidance on how much affordable housing they [the municipalities] must accommodate.”


Schepisi called the hearing because the state legislature leadership (all Democrat) has refused to review the issue. Schepisi had vowed that if the legislature won’t hold meetings, she will.


“At the hearing,” The Record continues, “Schepisi ticked down a list of the obligations facing municipalities, and asked how towns were expected to cope. Where were the thousands of units supposed to go, she asked, in built-out Bergenfield or tiny Dumont?”


Schepisi invited the Fair Share Housing Center to the meeting. They responded with a letter stating that they declined to appear because they regarded the meeting as a “political stunt” designed to “create hysteria” and “encourage discrimination.”


“Schepisi has sponsored legislation,” the newspaper reported, “aimed at slowing the implementation of affordable housing rules. This includes a pair of recently-introduced bills that would impose a moratorium on affordable housing litigation through the end of the year and establish a commission to generate new guidelines.


“Assemblyman Kevin Rooney, who sat alongside Schepisi on the dais, said the state should ‘take a deep breath, slow down the process, put it back into the Legislature and take it out of the hands of the courts.’”


Interestingly, the Bergen Record literally “buried” the story on page 5L (the Local section of the paper) in the Obituaries section.


The next day, the Fair Share Housing Center assailed Schepisi, claiming she “misrepresented” several facets of the affordable housing issue in order to “stoke fear” and “encourage xenophobia.” They charged her with making false claims about the manner in which affordable housing is built, how settlement agreements establishing municipal obligations are being reached, and the total number of units the “housing center” wishes to see constructed across New Jersey.


However, Schepisi noted that her numbers came directly from the Fair Share Housing Center itself and “asked why housing center representatives declined to attend if they had qualms with her statements.


The Left is masterful at side-stepping conflicts in its ideology. They decry “man-made” climate change.  Yet, as the towns of Bloomingdale and Riverdale proceed to decimate the landscape, blowing up hills that quarry rock for roads and highways to make driving by the hated automobile easier, dislocating wildlife, destroying their habit, to make way for more human pollution, they are silent.


In this case, Man is no longer the reviled enemy; not if means kickbacks for mayors, town planners, developers and quarry owners in exchange for an inequitable brand of Affordable Housing that changes not only the physical, but the political, landscape, so much the better.


Federal Hill will be completely wiped out. Already, wild animals driven from the Federal Hill site are seeking refuge in the empty spaces of the Riverdale quarry as well as vagrants.  What was green and good in Bloomingdale will be no more.  Housing prices are falling in Bloomingdale.


Infernal towers are being planned for the town of Pompton Lakes. Driving along Wanaque Avenue through the main business district, it’s hard to imagine these five-story behemoths towering over that narrow street.  The street already only sees daylight for about half the day.  With the new developments, no daylight will ever reach Wanaque Avenue again.


Curiously, in the same edition of The Bergen Record, in the main section, was a story about the University of Virginia student, Otto Warmbier, who was arrested in North Korea for removing a communist propaganda poster. Warmbier has been returned to his family, suffering severe nerve trauma and other injuries.  Warmbier lives in Wyoming, Ohio.


The Cincinnati Enquirer originally reported the story, and the Bergen Record reprinted. The reporters, Jason Williams and Hannah Sparling, saw fit to end their story with the following information about Wyoming, Ohio.  What this information had to do with Warmbier’s arrest bears inquiry:


“Wyoming is a small, affluent community of about 8,400 people just north of Cincinnati. The poverty rate is only 2.2 percent [Editor’s note:  So what?].  The schools are among the best in the state.


“Warmbier [the father], a small business owner, spoke to reporters at Wyoming High School, Otto’s alma mater. Otto graduated in 2013 as a salutatorian.”


What does the town’s population, its poverty rate, or its school ranking have to do with the fact that the North Korean’s imprisoned Warmbier and sent him back physically debilitated, possibly for life.


Do the reporters regard his imprisonment and torture just punishment for his “white privilege”? That’s what Fair Share Housing feels about the defoliation of the “white” suburbs.  For them, this is social justice against the white people who fled urban blight decades ago and whose hard work and achievements have allowed them to live in better, safer neighborhoods.


To Fair Share, this is “racism” and they’ll blow up every green hillside in northern New Jersey and across the United States, destruction of wildlife habitat and the incursion of more people-polluters notwithstanding, in order to achieve their goal of destroying civilization as we know it.


Their white, liberal Democrat supporters couldn’t care less about the suburbs. They actually prefer living in condos and townhouses where they don’t have to rake leaves, shovel snow, or paint the house – or pay illegal immigrants to do the work for them.  They love birds and wild animals that are in the wild.  That doesn’t mean they want to live anywhere near them.  In fact, it is these very same New York Democrats, who have jobs in the city, who make up the majority of the residents of these warehouse developments.


The residents of Bloomingdale and Pompton Lakes either slept through the bombing of Federal Hill or were outright ignored by corrupt town councils. Voter participation in the recent primaries was disconcertingly low.  They toe to the old saw that you can’t fight city hall and that their votes don’t count.


A preponderance of Democrat, Liberal propaganda does nothing to disabuse them of that notion. There are more of us than we realize, if we would just come out of shells.  Right now, Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi is something of a lone ranger.  She’s under threat not just from Fair Share but the N.J. Legislature as well.


If we don’t do something, the next time you happen by the Obituary section of the newspaper, you may find an encomium for your own town, with some pablum about the “blessings” of diversity and multiculturalism.




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