Dems Seeking Watergate Sequel


Former FBI Director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced yesterday that he is impaneling a jury to “investigate” the involvement of the Russians in the 2016 Presidential election. The investigation is honing in on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer and others, according to Fox News.


“Grand juries allow prosecutors to subpoena documents and get witness testimony on the record. They also can seek indictments.


“Ty Cobb, special counsel to the president, told Fox News on Thursday he wasn’t aware that Mueller had impaneled a new grand jury but said, “We favor anything that brings this investigation to a swift conclusion.”


Forty-five years ago, another Republican President suspected the Democrat opposition of accepting foreign donations in the 1972 Presidential Election. The Republican was favored to win, but all the same, accepting foreign money was against the law.


Those facts were buried in the story published by the Washington Post that year. The “burglars” who broke into the Watergate Hotel (hence the scandal name, “Watergate”) used duct tape to hold open the locked doors until they could get out again.  A security guard found the duct taped doors and, of course, notified the police.


The rest, as they say, was history.


The suspected CIA operatives (mostly Free Cuba activists) never got the dirt on the Democrats. Instead, the Republican president was brought down in a circus trial that held the promise of an impeachment for the Democrats and everlasting shame for the Republicans.  Although the President’s worst crime was lying, Nixon resigned rather than subject the American public – and his party – to an even longer political nightmare.


Today, the Democrats are hoping for a sequel to the 1974 drama. They’ve been beating the drums since before the Republicans even held their convention.  Various shady figures were named.  But now the culprit is Donald Trump – Junior.


Trump advisers urge Conservatives not to worry.


However, Fox News reports that, “Mueller, who now has a team of 16 attorneys, was brought on as special counsel in May. Prior to his involvement, federal prosecutors reportedly had been using another grand jury, in Alexandria, Va., to help with their criminal investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The Flynn case focuses on his work in the private sector on behalf of foreign interests.


“Trump and his allies have in recent weeks openly criticized Mueller, with one Republican lawmaker even calling for him to step aside.


Other lawmakers have responded with proposals that could serve to shield Mueller from being fired.


“Trump also has fumed about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia case, which cleared the way for Mueller’s eventual appointment — though Sessions has recently been told by the White House his job is considered safe.


“Thomas Zeno, a former federal prosecutor, told the Journal that impaneling a grand jury is ‘confirmation that this is a very vigorous investigation going on.’”


Undoubtedly, there is a vigorous investigation going on by the Democrats. Trump is moving forward on undoing much of the Obama administrations handiwork.  They also need to give Trump a black eye before the public realizes that the charges against Hillary Clinton are much more serious.  That was the information which his son obtained from the Russians.


The Democrat bureaucracy is hard at work building unscalable legal walls around their favorite Black Panther cheerleader and hurling accusations at Trump. They have the bureaucracy, the Media, and the “Minorities” on their side, which will support no matter what their candidate has done.


Trump has the American people on his side. What did his son do but what the Democrats do all the time – dig up the dirt on their opponents?  If it were a criminal act, all politicians, beginning with Barack Hussein Obama, would be in prison.


What Hillary did was nothing short of treasonable – selling American uranium to the Russians. Nuclear fuel which they can sell to the highest bidder:  Iran, North Korea, Syria.  Yet, Donald Trump, Senior, decided to lay low on the charges.  Or perhaps it was Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, who urged him not to pursue the charges.


The Fake News Networks are not going to publish Trump’s side of the story, any more than the Washington Post took the trouble to inform readers of what it was the Watergate “plumbers” were after. Thanks to their cover, the Democrats demurred, ‘Why we don’t know what in the world they were after.  George McGovern was losing at the time of the election and he lost to Nixon in a landslide.’


Mr. President, and fellow Conservatives, we should know better by now than to depend upon the Fake News Networks to publish the real story. They’ll defer to the Democrat party line and claim that Hillary never contacted the Russians at all – but Trump Junior did.


That’s what they do – deny, deny, deny, until everyone believes the lie. The FNN has taken every opportunity to discredit Trump so that his approval numbers would go down.  The Liberal Republicans are playing along, opposing his repeal of Obamacare, among other matters.  They took his excellent Boy Scout speech and left in tatters in the public mind (it was an excellent speech, just like all his others).


For Conservatives who were young at the time of Watergate, we’re a little older and a little wiser now. We’re not taking any Democrat’s word for anything.  Our economy is roaring, with the Dow Jones reaching a record 22,000 in short order.  Amazon is becoming a monster.  They couldn’t find enough people to fill their Robbinsville, N.J., distribution center, and they’re building another one in Mahwah, N.J., at the junctions of Rt. 287, Rt. 17 and Rt. 87 (the New York State Thruway) on the site of the old Ford motor works, and more recently the Sharp Electronics facility.


Maybe Trump does need to more careful in his choice of friends. He wants to be seen as a deal maker and a peacemaker.  To that end, he went back on a campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in order not to offend the Palestinians.  If he read the Bible, he’d find that the Palestinians were immigrants, possibly from Phoenicia. They were no more “native” to the area that is now Israel than the Jews were, led by God Himself (a pillar of dust by day and a pillar of fire by night) to settle there.


No deal will ever satisfy the Muslims, whose leaders want to see the Jews exterminated, any more than Democrats will ever be satisfied with anything less than a Communist government, disguised Socialist labels, with themselves running the show.


That’s not democracy. That’s not freedom.  That’s not what the real American people want.  Trump may be finding it more difficult than he supposed to drain the sticky, smelly, compromised swamp we call our nation’s capital.  Obviously, he can’t do it alone.


We Conservatives are willing to roll up our sleeves and dig in to support him. We New Jersey Tea Partiers will be out in force for him on Saturday – never mind where.  If you’re a Garden State Conservative, you already know where or you’ve only to check Facebook to find out.


Most movie sequels suck. Some have done all right – Back to the Future, for one.  But we’re not going to go back to the past for a second round of Watergate – not without a public outcry.  We’re not our father’s Conservatives.  We’re not the Silent Majority.


We’re loud. We’re organized.  We’ve got signs.  We’ve got courage.  We’ve got Twitter and Facebook.


And most of all – we know we’re Right.

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