Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s career as a weather forecaster is forever tarnished.  The current mayor of New York City predicted that yesterday’s storm would be one of historic proportions, would be one for the record-books, and would be one that would dump three feet of snow on Manhattan.

A blizzard?!  No way! Three feet of snow?! Gedouddahere!  I thought.  The city isn’t going to see three feet of snow – this is a Nor’easter.  Not that we haven’t had some blizzards.  It’s just that they usually come from some other direction.  Nor’easters follow the warm-water Gulf Current, which takes the storms north and east of the Metropolitan Area, which is how they got their name – “nor’easters.”

Don’t be too hard on DeBlasio for getting carried away, though – at least not for this mistake.  He was born in Manhattan, sure.  But he was raised in Cambridge, Mass., just outside of Boston, where two-foot blizzards are common.  Boston’s a heck of a lot colder than New York City (weather-wise, at least).  If DeBlasio is so fond of blizzards (perhaps he was homesick for Boston blizzards), he should go back to Boston and become mayor of Beantown.  Leave New York City to the real New Yorkers.

Gov. Christie, to his credit, knew better than to make fantastic weather predictions.  He knew it probably wasn’t going to be the blizzard of the century, even if Hurricane Sandy did make that highly unusual left-angle turn at Atlantic City instead of going the way of all northeast storms.  He was born in New Jersey and has lived here all of his life.

Still, he took command of the state’s highways, even though he probably knew this wasn’t likely to even be a major storm.  He not only knows New Jersey weather; he knows New Jersey drivers.  After the 600 hundred-plus accidents from last Saturday’s storm, he wasn’t taking any more chances; he shut down all the highways in the state.

He reluctantly reopened the highways this morning.  Within ten minutes of reopening a highway somewhere in South Jersey, there was an accident.  The New Jersey News 12 reporter had it right:  The driver was a knucklehead.

In New Jersey (and New York City and Long Island), it’s not the snow.  It’s not the ice.  It’s the drivers.  Metropolitan area drivers don’t slow down for anyone or anything.  They’ll fly down Waughaw Mountain on Route 287 in an ice or snowstorm like it’s the Fourth of July.  They cut off 18-wheelers as though the sun was blazing away in a blue sky.

News 12 New Jersey has cameras mounted on numerous key highway overpasses.  The snow-covered roads were pretty much abandoned.  Which meant, to the lone cowboy passing the camera, that it was okay to be doing about 60 m.p.h.  Who cares?  No one else was on the road, right?

Alaskans have laughed at New Jersey’s notion of a “blizzard.”  Two feet of snow?  Try ten.  Here in New Jersey, the most densely-populated state in the nation with the most idiotic drivers per square mile, a mere 8 inches of snow is pretty much like ten feet of snow in Alaska.

Too many cars squeezed onto two few roads driven by too many careless drivers in an average snowstorm equals Snowpocalypse.  Gov. Christie was probably hoping it would be a blizzard because that’s about the only way to keep Jersey drivers off the roads in bad weather.

The little children in us are disappointed that we didn’t have a blizzard.  No school.  Snow forts, snowmen, and snowball fights, followed by hot chocolate with marshmallows and cinnamon graham crackers.  The old adults in us are grateful we didn’t have to shovel three feet of snow off our cars and driveways.

Let Boston have their blizzards.  Here in the Garden State, three inches of snow is just right; enough to be pretty without giving residents a backache and DOT officials a headache.

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A Blizzard of Marches

Thought I’d given up, hadn’t you, you kiss-butt Moderate Republicans?  Don’t think I haven’t been watching what you’ve been up to.  I heard how you gave your official “blessing” to the global warming theory in order to get Obama to sign onto the Keystone Pipeline.

I’ve been paying attention to the 2016 Presidential line-up, too, with that purple dinosaur, Jeb Bush, in the lead, and with New Jersey’s very own Gov. Christie in talks for a deal for the Vice Presidential ticket.  They’re both advocates of illegal immigration; Christie appointed a Muslim to the highest court in the state; and they’re both proponents of Common Core, as are some other idiot Moderates out there.  Gov. Christie served as the head of the Board of Governors that approved the implementation of Common Core.

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been busy on a project to a) help my chances in New Jersey’s dismal job marketplace and b) let the people of Northern New Jersey know the real score on Common Core.  I’ve been working to add the 2014 scores to the database.  Garden State Parents:  wait until you get a load of the drop in scores on the 2014 Math tests, now that your kids are forced to “show their work.”

In order to finish the project (and get back to a paying job, if there are any left here in New Jersey), I had to put my blog aside.  But even dedicated anti-Communist,  anti-Common Core activists need a break and have a little fun.

So, in honor of the oncoming blizzard that’s about to strike the Metropolitan area, I have compiled a list of links of my favorite blastissimo blizzard marches for the enjoyment of my favorite readers and my favorite arch-enemies.  The list comes from the CD entitled, “Screamers:  Circus Marches” produced by Mercury Living Presence.  The links to the marches will be from wherever I can find them.  But the list itself is from this recording.

There’s no better way to watch the snow flying by than to the accompaniment of marches by famous circus march composers as Karl L. King (who ran away to join the circus band when he was a boy), Henry Fillmore, and James Fucik.  If the links don’t work for some reason, just google them in; they’re either the first or second matches (depending upon what grou made the recording).

Have fun!

In Storm and Sunshine

Whip and Spur


The Big Cage

Them Basses

The Circus Bee

The Screamer

Thunder and Blazes


The Squealer

Rolling Thunder

Circus Days

Bennett’s Triumphal




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