DeBlasio Paints Himself into Red Corner

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio initially supported the anti-police protesters, allowing them to block traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and other bridges and tunnels leading into Manhattan.  He didn’t put a stop to their activities, citing their right to free speech, even when they sent two New York police officers to the hospital on Dec. 13th after a riot on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Even in the latest incident, the death of two cops in Brooklyn, shot in cold-blood while they sat in their patrol car, DeBlasio would only appeal to the protestors’ “humanity” and at least put off their protests until after the funerals of the two officers.

The protestors refused and continued to paint the town red.

The protestors continue to protest in New York’s Times Square, brandishing signs that read:  “End White Privilege,” which has nothing whatsoever to do with blacks being shot by police.  One woman, interviewed by a Fox News reporter about calling off the protests to honor the two dead officers, replied that they would stop when blacks were no longer killed.

The reporter failed to ask her, “Killed by whom?”  The majority of blacks are killed by other blacks, not cops.  What’s more, these two cops were of Hispanic and Chinese descent.

DeBlasio has earned the wrath of the policemen’s union, which has denounced DeBlasio for not supporting the men in blue.  Former Mayor Rudolf Giuliani stated on Fox News that had this happened when he was mayor, the protestors would never have been allowed to block traffic.

Furthermore, since when is calling for the deaths of law enforcement officers (or anyone else, for that matter) considered part of “free speech”?  Seems to me, death chants are on the same order as yelling “Fire” in crowded theater or threatening to assassinate a U.S. president; it’s against the law.

At least the protestors are no longer carrying the hypocrticial “No Justice, No Peace” signs.  Now their signs read, “I Can’t Breathe.”  Okay.  No problem with that.  Although Eric Gardner shouldn’t have resisted arrest, his death was horrible and the protestors’ right to that particular speech should remain intact.  As long as they keep out of the way of traffic.

But their other signs, such as “End White Privilege,” while protected under the First Amendment, also makes one question whether Times Square is now the New Red Square?  Bill DeBlasio is known to be a communist sympathizer if not, in fact, a Communist.

Nevertheless, calls are beginning to go out to demand his resignation or recall the mayor.

If DeBlasio thinks America, and Manhattan, are ready for Communist repression, he should take a look at a sign of the times:  the controversial movie, The Interview, is being released by Sony on Christmas Day, after all, in a limited number of theaters across the country.

Nor are Americans particularly happy about resuming relations with Castro’s Cuba, which Raul Castro has vowed will always remain a Communist country.

There is hope yet for Manhattan, a known bastion of Socialist and Communist fervor.  Maybe if enough New Yorkers become enraged, not only will Bill DeBlasio be recalled, but anti-protestor protestors might just tear down the statute of Che Guevara at Columbus Circle.

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The War on the Police

The War on the Police

It’s said about the Devil that his greatest achievement is convincing people that he doesn’t exist.

A war on police has been declared since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., of which Police Officer Darren Wilson was acquitted by a grand jury by reason of self-defense.  With the death of Staten Island, N.Y. resident Eric Garner by medical examiners concluded that Garner was killed by “compression of neck, compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police”, (although according to the New York Post, no damage to his windpipe or neck bones was found) the War on the Police has gone from a civil rights protest war to a shooting war. The medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide but a grand jury also acquitted Police Officer

According to CNN, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, an Islamist who shot and killed two New York City police officers as they sat in their patrol car, arrived in Brooklyn by bus from Baltimore but had a home in the Atlanta suburb of Union City, Georgia.  Brinsley had shot and seriously wounded Shaneka Nicole Thompson, 29, an ex-girlfriend, in Baltimore on Saturday morning.

Baltimore authorities alerted New York police at the 70th Precinct Sunday at about 2:10 p.m.  that the phone of a suspect wanted in Thompson’s shooting was pinging at a location in their precinct.

The two police departments discussed an Instagram post, allegedly by Brinsley, that read, “I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today.” The posting made reference, police said, to the high-profile deaths of Brown and Garner.

“They Take 1 Of Ours, Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post said, according to authorities. The account also displayed a handgun and a message that said it might be the poster’s last message.

Black activists agitate and demand to know why blacks get shot but whites don’t.  Actually, white criminals do get shot, especially if they’re deranged or high on drugs.  But white people don’t get harassed by the police, generally, because they’re taught from childhood not to do anything wrong in the first place, and if they do something wrong that garners the attention of the police, not to wrangle with the cops and resist arrest because they might get shot.

White people also aren’t asking why they can’t have everything for free.  What they have – and admittedly, some people have plenty – they work for.  They have, at the very least, a high school diploma, and probably a bachelor’s degree.  They might not like some of the laws (especially pertaining to speed limits), they don’t argue with a cop for giving them a speeding ticket they know very well they deserved.  They keep their mouths shut and pay the ticket and live to see another day.

That same cop whom they silently curse as they drive off could very well be the first cop on the scene on that inevitable day when, speeding yet again, they overturn their car on a snowy day.  It could be the same officer who speeds to their expensive house to prevent a burglary or saves their daughter from a rapist or their wife from a mugger.

The other day, while at the veterinarian’s office, an off-duty cop came in to talk to the vet.  He’s a patrolman in one of our ugliest cities.  On days when he isn’t chasing down car thieves, murder suspects, drug dealers and all that ilk, he volunteers his time at the city’s Social Services center, mentoring fatherless boys or boys with useless, incarcerated fathers, serving as the role model these kids lack in their lives.

This cop puts his life on the line every day to protect ours and save others from trodding down that same violent path their fathers and uncles took.  He has his job cut out for him, countering the lure of dealing drugs and the “sympathy” of activists who stir up resentment in young blacks for what seems like (but needn’t be) an endless plight.

Blight and plight.  That’s what these kids know.  That’s all they’re told.  Police officers are their enemies because the cops arrest them for stealing and dealing and worse.  It just isn’t fair, they’re told.  They’re very put upon by Society, young blacks are told.  No one would blame them for being angry.  No one would blame them for these (very subjective) injuries on account of their race.

No one would blame them if they rioted.  This is a society they’re told doesn’t care about them so they needn’t feel any responsibility towards it.  In fact, activists encourage them in their vindictiveness, right up to encouraging them to kill police officers.  The facts don’t really matter.  All that matters is social justice.  Getting even.  Evening things out.  Leveling the playing field.

New York City Mayor De Blasio did very little to denounce the murders of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.  One Hispanic, the other, Asian.  But they were “Blue” as in police blue.  The Media has predictably tiptoed around the fact that these weren’t even white cops (not that that would make the crimes any less heinous).  Brinsley did us a favor and took his own life at a subway station shortly after the murders.

I saw the policeman at the veterinarian’s office on Friday or Saturday, before the killings of the two NYPD officers.

As he left, I urged him to be careful.

We should say a prayer for all of these brave heroes.  They’re our foot soldiers in the war to keep society civilized.  When you attack one of them, you attack all decent people everywhere.  We take great exception to the fact that communist agitators and comrade mayors are encouraging these murders.

Without the police, the lunatics would be running the asylum.  But, I suspect, that’s exactly what the communist agitators want.  Without the police, and without civilian gun rights, America will be ripe for the taking.

It will be Christmas for the criminals.

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Kim Jong-Un: The Movie

What were Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal, the co-CEOs of Sony Pictures Entertainment, thinking when they opted to make the movie, The Interview, a “comedy” about the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un?

We already had 2012’s The Dictator, starring Sacha Cohen, as the dictator of a fictional Middle Eastern country, a thinly-disguised send-up of Saddam Hussein.  Or was it Moaamar Gaddafi?

We can go all the way back to 1940’s The Great Dictator starring Charlie Chaplin as Adenoid Hynkel, the dictator of the fictional country of Tomainia.  Chaplin’s film followed only nine months after Hollywood’s first parody of Hitler, the short subject You Nazty Spy by the Three Stooges which itself premiered in January 1940, although Chaplin had been planning his film for years before. Hitler had been previously allegorically pilloried in the German film by Fritz Lang, The Testament of Doctor Mabuse.   In his 1964 autobiography, Chaplin stated that he would not have made the film had he known about the actual horrors of the Nazi concentration camps at the time.

What these parodies all had in common was that their characters and locations were all fictionalized.  Let’s face it, if someone made a movie, even just a comedy, about assassinating Obama, the Secret Service wouldn’t find it very amusing and the screenwriters would find themselves behind bars rather than movie cameras.

Let’s take assassination out of the formula here and change a few names and locations. In our film, The Occulation, we find ourselves in a fictional country in the Far East called “Left Kornea”.  Left Kornea has, for sixty years, observed an uneasy truce with “Right Kornea,” a bastion of democracy.  Left Kornea is ruled by a ruthless dictator named Sillyeog Ol-un.

The capital city of Left Kornea is Pyulandu Dosi, or Pyulandu City.  At the center of the city is the Zhahojeon Nun Sinjeon, or Shrine of the Left Eye.  The shrine contains the purged right eye of Left Kornea’s Beloved Dictator, which was removed at birth as a symbol of the purging of all right-wing, freedom-loving ideology.

Citizens of Left Kornea have their children’s right eyes removed at birth as a sacrifice to the Shrine.  Therefore, all but a handful of rebellious, liberty-loving citizens are blind in the right eye, and students are forced to learn to write left-handed (Asian languages are actually printed right to left).  Those who do not comply are imprisoned and blinded in both eyes.  Eyepatch searches are a frequent occurrence in Left Kornea.

The CIA enlists the help of  an ambidextrous, near-sighted, blonde, blue-eyed female photojournalist from New York to infiltrate the country, document Sillyeog’s atrocities against his own people and steal the Nin Sinjeon as a symbol of Left Kornea’s desire for freedom.  Its removal will serve as a signal to the Left Korneans to rebel against Sillyeog and overthrow his Leftist, Communist regime.  The CIA’s name for the plot is called “Operation Eyepatch.”

That would be the treatment for the script.  Sony Entertainment can contact me via this blog to discuss the proposal further.  Don’t know where I would put my future Oscar in my crowded little apartment.

But I’ll make room for it.

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The Cuban Exile Crisis

Now that Obama has normalized, by fiat, international relations with Cuba, all is right with the Communist world.  Proponents argue that we normalized relations with Vietnam and with China, thanks to Richard Nixon, of all presidents.  So why not Cuba?

Revisionists hold the United States was responsible for Castro turning against the United States after it supported his rebellion to overthrow the corrupt Cuban Pres. Fulgencio Batista in the 1950’s.

Fidel Castro became premier on Jan. 1, 1959.  He immediately nationalized all industries and banks.  He instituted a program of sweeping economic and social changes, according to the World Almanac’s summary, without restoring promised liberties.

“Opponents were imprisoned, and some were executed.  Over 700,000 Cubans emigrated in the first years after the Castro takeover, mostly to the United States.  By 1960 [the year JFK was inaugurated], all banks and industrial companies had been nationalized, including over $1 billion worth of U.S.-owned properties, mostly without compensation.

“In 1961, some 1,400 Cubans, trained and backed by the CIA, unsuccessfully tried to overthrow Castro’s regime.”  The failure became known as the Bay of Pigs Fiasco and left a black mark on JFK’s record.  He rebounded from the disaster by blockading the USSR from installing nuclear missiles on the island in 1962.  Thirteen days later, Nikita Kruschev withdrew the missiles.  The agreement, however, called for the withdrawal of U.S. missiles from Turkey.

And that, boys and girls, is what the Cuban Missile Crisis was all about.  Castro had no role in the crisis, other than serving as a willing puppet for the Soviet Union.  The attempt to assassinate him came only after he already betrayed the United States.

Older Cuban exiles can tell you how, as schoolchildren, they were forced to take the very same Pencil Test U.S. schoolchildren were taking back in the Sixties.  They can tell you horror stories of relatives, mainly male, who were murdered by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, or disappeared, never to be seen again.

Those are factual stories you’ll never find in any contemporary U.S. history textbook.  The textbook industry has been overtaken by Penton Media, which has bought up every American textbook publisher and rewritten our history to match Common Core standards.

That is to say, America is always wrong.  America is wrong to resist Communism.  Resisting Communism is a form of oppression.  Communists feel they have the civil right to be Communists and force the rest of us into the same red shackles.

Now that we have a Communist Commander-in-Chief, the Communists have achieved their goal of establishing “normal” relations with the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

Cuba was once a paradise.  During the Twenties and Thirties of the 20th Century, cruise lines made regular runs to Havana, with its tropical beauty, nightclubs and casinos.  Even middle class tourists could sail to Havana in relative style aboard ships like the S.S. Morro Castle (the ship that was torched by a disgruntled crew member and run aground at Asbury Park, N.J.).

Entrepreneurs have been longing for this Cuban-American business reunion.  Big donors – big GOP donors – knew what they were doing when they backed the communistic Obama and placed before Republican voters the most ineligible candidate since Bob Dole – John McCain.  Big money lies along the New York-Havana route.  They’ve enlisted a good deal of money in backing Obama and in cruise lines and Cuban hotels and nightclubs to bring this about.

My great-grandmother was a cabin stewardess working the New York-Havana route back in the Twenties.  One of her best friends, Fanny Kirby, was a stewardess aboard the Morro Castle, returning from Cuba.  She was in her Sixties at the time, but still managed to save a little boy who’d been separated from his parents.

“Aunt” Fanny told the little boy to cling to her neck as she slid down one of the anchor lines, tearing the flesh from her arms.  She injured her hip banging against the side of the ship.  They made down into the choppy water and swam about for awhile until a boat picked them up.

“Aunt” Fanny was double-listed on the ship’s manifest as both a passenger and a stewardess.  “Aunt” Fanny came from a wealthy New York family who disowned her when she married a ship’s captain.  Captain Kirby was crushed when he slipped between the dock and his heaving ship.

Fanny had a baby.  She begged her family to take her in, but they refused.  Homeless, Fanny wandered the streets of Boston.  Her infant daughter died of pneumonia.  The D line took pity on the captain’s widow and gave her a job for life (and apparently her own cabin) as a cabin stewardess.

Not long after the Morro Castle fire, “Aunt” Fanny died.  My mother, who was a girl at the time, thought that the escapade was too much for Fanny.  When my great-grandmother and my mother arrived at the funeral home, the funeral home director was pacing up and down the sidewalk.

He said it was nearly closing time and not a soul had come to see “Aunt” Fanny.  My great-grandmother had called Fanny’s family to find out what they wanted to do with her.  Fanny’s sister told Nonny that they didn’t care what my great-grandmother did with poor “Aunt” Fanny.  They’d had nothing to do with her in years and weren’t about to start now.

Being poor herself, my great-grandmother opted for a cremation.  My mother’s uncle was a Navy corpsman and, per Fanny’s wishes and with his captain’s permission, quietly scattered her ashes at sea (Nonny’s children all knew “Aunt” Fanny very well, as did my mother and her cousins).

Today, America is about to shake hands with yet another Communist country for the sake of shady business deals.  We haven’t, it seems, learned our lessons from China, where products and ideas are frequently copied and stolen.  A company, such as Westinghouse Elevator, builds a factory in China, where there are no property laws (obviously).  The Chinese then turn around, build the same factories and products at lower prices, and put the Western companies out of business.

Still, business is business.  The heck with political ideologies; we’re talking big money, here.  Who cares about freedom, liberty, and civil rights?  So this Castro guy murdered thousands.  So what?  He’s out of power now and so is his brother, Raul.  Pirates – er, Political donors  – have a lot of money invested in opening Havana up for business and they don’t like to lose.

Their ship has finally come in, and they’re bound for Havana.  Any mutineers, agitating for freedom, will be keel-hauled by the Media and Fidel’s Hollywood Beach Bunnies.

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Michelle O Gets on Her Racism Soapbox

Two years ago, the First Lady was slumming in a Target store.  A woman approached her.  FLOTUS preened herself fussily.  Oh, the charade was all over; she’d been “outted” as the First Lady.

Michelle prepared herself for an autograph request or perhaps a photo-op.  But the diminutive peasant only asked Lady O to fetch a bottle of laundry detergent that was on a high shelf.  Then the peasant went on her way, without as much as a by-the-way-aren’t-you-the-First-Lady.

She complied and her assistant later on went on television to tell the “charming” story.

But that was two years ago.  The mid-term election is over.  The Republicans have won back the Senate and bolstered their presence in the House of Representatives.  We’ve since had to endure the riots in Ferguson over a justified killing of a black thug and the acquittal of the police officer in that case and the not-quite-as-justified killing of a black man on Staten Island.  The man on Staten Island, incidentally, did not die from a chokehold but from a half-ton or so of overzealous cops sitting on him and smashing his face into the sidewalk.

These two incidents have set up the perfect stage for Racism Theater.  Lady O now claims that the short, white woman in North Carolina was a racist who selected FLOTUS not for the fact that she was tall, that she was standing where the laundry detergent was, and the FLOTUS had dressed like a frumpy hausfrau.  No one would have mistaken her for a Target employee.

Nevertheless, that is what FLOTUS now claims and decries:  that this racist white woman mistook her for a Target employee because she’s black.

How ironic that Lady Obama should choose the Christmas season to become huffy about this incident.  She’s willing to assist her husband in fleecing the white (and black) middle class with the Affordable Care Act.  That only involves making television appearances and giving soapy speeches about the poor and downtrodden.

When one of them actually applies to the First Lady, incognito as one of us, for help, she reluctantly helps the woman.  But now uses the incident as a soapbox to make a case for white racism in America.

So much for helping your fellow man, or in this case, your fellow housewife.  How embarrassing to be mistaken for a Target employee instead of the First Lady of the Land.  Perhaps it hadn’t occurred to her that no one would expect to see a First Lady in a Target discount store.

A woman claiming to be the shopper’s sister said that her sister told her of the incident.  Evidently, FLOTUS handed her a floral scented detergent.  The shopper was buying the detergent for her son, according to the caller.  She said she would have asked for another one but at the moment didn’t think it was a good idea.  Did FLOTUS give the shopper the impression that her assistance was given grudgingly?  Is that when she didn’t think it was a good idea?  Did FLOTUS give her an imperious scowl as she handed down the bouquet-scented detergent?

The woman said that her sister went away without even thanking the tall black woman.  But that, too, she thought, wasn’t a good idea.  She just wanted to get away as quickly as possible.

I’ve been mistaken for a store employee at times.  I’m not black but I look like someone who could only get by on a store employee’s salary.  Actually, thanks to Obama, many workers who once had good-paying, managerial positions are working in retail these days.  So let us not insult these hard-working people who’ve been thrust down into these positions by none other than FLOTUS’s husband.

I was once 5 foot 7 inches and have been asked to fetch things down from high shelves at stores like Wal-Mart and Target.  Having more of the milk of human kindness in my veins than FLOTUS evidently has, I gladly helped the other shoppers.  I knew one day, I wouldn’t be quite as tall and might need help.  In fact, that day came in rather short, painful order this summer.  At the beginning of summer, I was 5 foot 7.  I’m now 5 foot 4 and can no longer reach the high shelves myself.

M.O. went into that Target store to bolster her image as a working-class woman.  When she was treated like one, she had a hissy fit.  The next time I’m in Target and find myself in need of help, I certainly won’t beg help from imperious-looking, tall black women in loud shirts with special assistants in their wake.

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The Difference Between Justice and Injustice

We here in the New York City metropolitan area have known about the Eric Garner case for some time.  You’ve seen one of the video clips, with the cops on top of him as he’s yelling for air.

If the outcome hadn’t been so tragic, it would almost be laughable the way this particular gentle giant brushed off New York City’s Finest as if they were flies, telling them, “Get off me.  I’m not gonna let you arrest me.”  One of the cops, standing on the back of another, apparently, grabs him from behind, and Garner drags the whole line of cops along like Ewoks in the Star Wars movie trying to take down one of the four-legged armored Empire vehicles.

There’s also the video you did not see – and apparently neither did the grand jury that acquitted Office Daniel Pantaleo.  The individual with the camera – or another videographer – got inside the store.  He got down on the floor and recorded Garner gasping out, “I can’t breathe!!”

Leaving us New Yorkers and Garden Staters figuring at least one of the cops would be indicted on some degree of manslaughter.

But no.  The grand jury delivered a bill of no-indictment.

Wait.  What?!

What was that jury thinking?  What could they possibly have seen that we didn’t?  Or were they prevented from seeing these videos?  True, Garner was arrested 37 times.  But the only law he broke (besides resisting arresting) was selling “loosies” – single cigarettes to poor people who can’t afford an entire pack.

What were the cops thinking?  Well, being from the New York area (I live in Jersey, I was born in Yonkers, N.Y., one train stop up from the city line; my parents were both from the Bronx), my guess is the cops got carried away.

That’s a paltry excuse for choking a man to death who was selling cigarettes while ignoring all the junkies and other criminals in the Big Apple.  He was so big it took – what, eight or ten – cops to bring him down.  He was ratted out by local minority business owners who complained Garner was ruining his business.  Plus, the Nanny/Empire State took umbrage at its tax laws, designed to make lots of loot and discourage smoking, being defied.

According to Rush Limbaugh, a black precinct chief sent the cops out to arrest Garner, and they were under the supervision of a black female sergeant.  Also, out of 238,000 misdemeanor arrests occurred in New York in the past year, none of which resulted in the death of a suspect.

So we can thank the Nanny State for its contribution to Garner’s death.  Was the jury directed to consider that Officer Pantaleo was under orders to arrest this guy?  The NYPD policy forbids the use of chokeholds, but they’re not illegal.  The one Pantaleo used, which he learned in training, was not supposed to cause a fatality. But it did.

But it did.  Garner is dead.  Whether or not he had contributory health issues – asthma, heart disease, whatever – we should not have to be discussing his death today.  Pantaleo’s supporters say it was a legal take-down and that when Garner said, “I can’t breathe” he was talking, which meant he was breathing.

Anybody who’s had asthma, COPD, pneumonia, or a heart attack, or even just an anxiety attack, can tell you that while your breathing is failing, you can certainly talk, although it’s more like a rasp than a yell.  Watching Garner face-to-face via that video sure gave me the willies.  This is not a clear-cut case where you can simply brush off the death.

Stuff happens is just not going to cut it.  Maybe Pantaleo and the other cops were acting on orders.  If Pantaleo can’t be held legally responsible for Garner’s, then somebody up the line must.

It sounds like the cops, encountering a huge, linebacker-sized suspect resisting arrest, went into Giants mode.  Suddenly, they were on the field at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. rather than on a street in Staten Island.

So, the race card looks like this:  the suspect was black, the arresting officers were white, the supervisor and precinct chief were black, and the business owners were minority.  There are minorities and then there are minorities, not all of whom, shall we say, like one another?

This homicide sounds like it was accidental.  But not wholly free from accountability, as Officer Wilson, who was defending himself, was.  Pantaleo has been suspended.  But the accountability shouldn’t stop there.  This is a case where community counseling may be in order.

Garner was a martyr not to a racist state but to a bureaucratic state.  He was being arrested for being bad for business, for giving the State of New York (which issues the license and the stamp to sell cigarettes) competition.

Garner’s death is a more righteous cause to protest than Michael Brown, a true criminal.  We hope the Black community notices the distinction.  Michael Brown, high on pot, robbed a store, strode down the middle of a busy road, and attacked a police officer.  Eric Garner was selling “loosies” in front of established businesses, owned, you will note, by minorities.

The protesters would gain more sympathy if they changed the slogan they chant and print on their signs.  Yelling “No justice, no peace” is no way to get people on your side.  Neither is making an issue of race.  Yelling “racist cops” only puts a barrier between you and people of other skin colors who might otherwise sympathize with an Eric Garner.

Burning buildings will not avail the activists.  They’re the ones who tried to make a coalition of all minorities.  Some of those minorities became successful and have no sympathy with less successful.  All of them voted Democrat, ensuring an enduring bureaucratic, administrative state which went ahead and restricted, partially by taxation, the sale of cigarettes.  They’re working on other items such as soda and salt, which will create, if you will pardon the expression, a “black market” for these goods.

Find another slogan, make sure the cause is righteous, and we’ll support you here on this blog.

Our sympathies to Eric Garner’s widow and his family.

Smoking cigarettes is generally a death sentence.  Selling them shouldn’t be.

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